Chapter Twelve: Baited and Hooked and Home

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Hannibal sat down at the park bench, waiting for whomever harmed Will to show up and "take the bait" as Jack had said. He looked at his watch, 1 o'clock. Alana would be with Will, watching over him as he slept. Hannibal just hoped the woman remembered not to mess with what he deemed 'his'. And as far as Hannibal was concerned, Will was his, just as he deemed many others 'his'. Perhaps even more so with Will, a special case for a special man...

Hannibal glanced up from reading his newspaper, noticing a man staring at him with what seemed to be an interest. The man appeared to be talking in a hushed tone to someone, though Hannibal could not see anyone close enough. Perhaps the man saw things or hallucinated...

Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal

Jeffrey looked at his blonde companion. "Are you sure? He... He's older than most of those who need punishment... I don't know if I could do it..."Jeffrey spoke. She laughed.

"Jeffrey. Jeffrey. Listen to me. He deserves it. He's a man eater. A cannibal. He doesn't deserve to live, he needs to be punished."the woman told him. She smirked as an idea came into her head. "I've never tasted flesh before... And neither have you... Perhaps... When we are done with him, we should eat him... Let him suffer as his own victims did..."the woman taunted the idea. Jeffrey licked his lips.

Sure, the man was a good deal older than those he usually went after, but he looked good for his age. And the taste of flesh... He had never ate it before, wondered what it tasted like...

Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal

Jack stayed near Zeller, watching the video footage from the park. More specifically, he was watching Hannibal, to make sure the psychiatrist would be safe. "See anything unusual?"Jack asked into the mic, wanting to hear the man`s input. After all, no one knew if something was off better than oneself.

"Define unusual Jack. Many things in nature and in the nature of humans could be deemed 'unusual'."Hannibal answered. Jack rolled his eyes.

"Enough of the psycho-babble Doctor. Just tell me if something makes your skin crawl."he responded. He heard the older man chuckle.

"Jack. I deal with people many people who have suffered the most awful of tragedies. Few things makes my skin crawl anymore. However, I have noticed a man watching me as if I were a delectable meal."Hannibal answered back. Jack nodded.

"Stay cautious Doc. We don't need you in the hospital too."Jack answered.

Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal

Will glared at the other man, the other him. "Just because you don't care about us, about me, doesn't mean others don't."Will snapped. The other Will chuckled.

"Will. Think about it. If he does care, it's just because of the way you think. How you get into other's minds. That's all. You mean no more to them than a rat does. That is what you are... Isn't it? A rat. Someone who feeds the snakes..."Other Will responded, pushing Will against the wall of darkness. Will struggled.

"No. No. I have been compared to mongooses and snakes themselves, but I'm not a rat. I'm Will Graham."Will tried to use the technique Hannibal had given him when he began to doubt himself...

Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal

Hannibal sighed as it got later, putting up the newspaper. He rose and started walking towards his car, when he felt himself being pulled. Next thing he knew, he was slung into the ground, a man straddling him. "I know what you are. And you are going to pay."the voice murmured in his ear. Hannibal felt himself growl as flipped them, holding the other man down.

"Will Graham. Are you the man who injured him?"Hannibal asked. The man smiled.

"He was a death bringer. He needed to be dead. To show he could be saved..."the man responded. Hannibal glared, reaching for his knife, being careful not to really touch it with his hand, but with his handkerchief. The man started to fight back, surprisingly strong compared to the doctor. Hannibal felt himself pushed to the ground again, face first, a scrape from gravel. 'Perfect. Shows that I did kill him in self defense.' the doctor thought as he got up again.

The man was talking to the air beside him, curious of what he should do next, when Hannibal stabbed him. He carefully made sure to stage the scene, with the man on top of him, his prints on the knife (as well as his hand, after all, he could have stabbed himself). Hannibal then began to call for help. "Jack! Someone! Please! Help! He... He attacked me!"he called out. Jack ran from the van he was staking out in, swearing.

"What happened?"he asked as he and Zeller helped him out from under the body. Hannibal made himself tremble slightly.

"I... I thought it was a bust so I began to start towards the hospital... He... He jumped me... I fought back... And... I think... I... I stabbed him... I'm... Unsure..."Hannibal spoke, shaky. Jack nodded, sighing.

"At least we got him..."Jack answered. "Why don't you go home? Rest? It's been a long day and it's only the afternoon..."Hannibal smiled.

"As nice as that sounds... I think I will shower and go back to the hospital... Will may wake up and panic if someone he does not know is there."Hannibal answered, going towards home.

Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal

Will struggled out of the other Will's grasp. He glared. "My name is Will Graham. I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. And you are a figment of my, Will Graham's, imagination. You only have as much power as I give you."Will growled at him. The other him chuckled.

"Will. You can't be sure you are Will Graham. You may Garret Hobbs. Or even the Angel Maker. Or the Chesapeake Ripper."the other Will taunted. Will glared.

"No. No. NO! I AM Will Graham. And you are nothing."Will spat, grabbing a knife from the floor. The other him smirked.

"Going to make me your first victim Oh Great Serial Killer?"he teased. Will glared, and crushed the knife.

"No. I'm just taking away your power."Will said finally, smiling...

Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal Hannibal

Hannibal walked into the hospital room, just as Will's eyes shot open. He immediately went to Will's side, keeping him to the bed. "Will... Don't move too quickly. Okay? You are at Mercy Hospital. You have been sedated with anesthesia and possibly morphine. Moving too quickly will make you sick..."Hannibal talked him through. Will nodded slowly, his eyes looking at everything, taking it in.

"H-how long... Was... I... Gone?"he managed to ask. Hannibal sighed.

"A few days... Weeks at most... Don't worry about your... Pets. Alana and I took turns helping to get them fed and walked and bathed."Hannibal answered. Why lie to the man who just went through Hell? Will nodded.

"T-thanks... I... Don't know... What to say..."Will spoke. Hannibal smiled, sitting beside the younger man.

"Nothing. After all, I am your friend. That is what friends do."Hannibal spoke again, glad to see his friend was alright, that he was awake. Will nodded, closing his eyes.

"Tired..."he murmured. Hannibal smiled.

"Rest Will... I'll be here when you awake..."