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"Where are we going?" Harry asked as he watched the Doctor pilot the TARDIS into the Vortex. "I know you're not just going to leave it at that, so what are we doing now?"

"What we always do!"

"What, go investigate strange happenings and end up running for our lives? If memory serves, we did that already today."

"No," the Doctor grinned manically around the consol, "Save the world, of course! And the universe, if needed."

Harry gave a grin twin to the one the Doctor wore. "Sounds about right to me!"

The Doctor laughed. "Well, then, Harry! Allons-y!"


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was Pissed. Off.

Not only had the Boy-Who-Lived vanished from under his nose and remained hidden for seven years despite his best efforts to find the scrawny lad, but then as soon as Dumbledore had finally come up with a secondary plan that would end in Voldemort's final demise and probably more deaths than would have occurred if Harry had stuck around, he finally turns up again at Privet Drive, too old, too smart, and too much of a smartass to be of any help anymore. And that doctor man he treated like a father was just another wrench in Dumbledore's Master Plan B! How was Dumbledore supposed to mold Harry and the rest of the students into perfect little soldiers if people like the Doctor, wild cards, if you will, actually let them think for themselves and form their own opinions about the world? Children had to be raised carefully in a very structured environment (though it mustn't appear to be too structured or they would just rebel) if one was going to successfully implant ideals in their wonderfully moldable little minds.

And now, three whole days after that debacle on Privet Drive, Harry and the Doctor were still nowhere to be found. Despite being one of the most powerful and talented wizards of the modern age (if he did say so himself) with access to all the magical equipment Hogwarts had to offer, Dumbledore was still nowhere close to finding even a general area where his two wild cards might be.

Wild cards were a tricky thing. They could win you the game, or they could kick you in the shins and run away laughing.

Dumbledore hoped that, if the right strings were pulled, the right people involved, Harry and the Doctor would help him win what was, in his mind, an epic chess game between himself and Voldemort.


Captain Jack Harkness was idly spinning in his chair when he heard the TARDIS materialize. Wondering what the Doctor was up to now (it had only been a week since they had rewound The Year That Never Was and he was dropped back off in Cardiff), he rushed out to see if danger was imminent or if it was just a pit stop to refuel the TARDIS. Either way, he liked any excuse to look at this new version of the Doctor. He was slimmer and…foxier than ol' Big Ears. Unfortunately, also less likely to flirt back and forth with Jack, but pickers can't be choosers.

"Doctor?" he called as he rapped on the familiar blue doors.

"Hello!" a twenty-something year old kid with messy black hair and a wide smile opened the door. Jack raised an eyebrow.

"Did I miss the regeneration memo again?"

"What?" the 'Doctor' looked confused for a moment. "Oh! No, no, I'm not the Doctor. I'm Harry."

"Don't even think about it, Harkness," the real Doctor gave Jack a look as he came to stand next to Harry in the door.

"I wasn't going to –"

"You say that, but you always do it anyways," the Doctor rolled his eyes before stepping inside and inviting the Captain in, Harry snickering quietly.

"Why is it I can never flirt with your companions even if they don't mind?" Jack complained as he strolled into the TARDIS. "Martha and I were just having a bit of fun flirting and you come along like the 'Oncoming Storm' you are and rain on our parade."

Harry burst out laughing at the description. "That is the best use of that stupid title I have ever heard!" he chortled.

"Well, at least someone around here appreciates my sense of humor," Jack grinned. "So what's going on, Doc? Did you just come to refuel or is an alien invasion imminent?"

The Doctor gave Harry an exasperated look before answering. "We need your help. No aliens this time, well, not really, they are humans, but they're a bit…different."

Jack raised an eyebrow. "Spit it out, Doctor. What are we up against?"

"Magic," Harry smirked. "Witches and wizards, magic wands, flying brooms, the whole shebang."

"You're fighting the Wizarding world?" Jack frowned in confusion, "Why? I know that some of them are selfish pricks, but that's true with any civilization. You, of all people, should know that."

"You know about the Wizarding world?" Harry gaped at Jack, who shrugged.

"Sure," he shrugged, "Torchwood specializes in strange happenings, and magic is pretty strange when you first encounter it. We usually find ourselves just running damage control, but now and then a Ministry of Magic lackey actually sticks around long enough to apologize and give a brief summary of what happened."

"That…that…" Harry rubbed the back his neck, deep in thought. "That actually makes a lot of sense and I have no idea how I didn't make that connection sooner."

"Regardless," the Doctor spoke up from where he was fiddling with the controls, "We need your help, Jack. Dumbledore isn't going to just give up Harry without a fight."

"Why? Who are you?" Jack asked curiously.

"Harry James Potter, but you can call me Harry," he stuck out a hand, "Wizard and time traveler."

Jack shook his hand amusedly. "And Dumbledore's that old guy who runs the magic school in Scotland, right?"

"That's the one!" the Doctor called, just as he threw the materialization lever and the TARDIS left Cardiff.


A young blonde girl of about twelve was idly sitting on the bank of the creek that flowed near her house, her bare feet dipping into the refreshingly chilly water and her wide blue eyes intently watching a bush on the opposite bank. She didn't even flinch when a strange grinding noise echoed around the clearing and a blue box appeared not three feet away from the bush. A head popped out of the door in the blue box to look around, and, spotting the girl, smiled at her.

"Hello. Mind telling me where we are?"

"No, I don't mind."

He waited for a moment, but she didn't continue, or even look directly at him. "Where are we, then?"

"We're on the outskirts of Ottery St. Catchpole, England, and it's August 23rd, 1993, around one in the afternoon."

"Wrong end of the continent," the man muttered to himself, then stared at her, not having expected such a detailed answer. "Why'd you give me the date and time? Not that it's not helpful, but why?"

She spared him a glance before returning her attention to the bush and speaking matter-of-factly. "You look lost. And when I get lost, I like to know exactly when and where I am, just in case of accidental time travel."

"Good idea," the man nodded seriously. She knew he wasn't mocking her, like other people might, and that lifted her pensive mood slightly. He glanced over at the bush she was staring so intently at. "Interesting shrubbery?"

"I'm pretty sure there's a Blibbering Humdinger nest in there, so I'm waiting to see if any come out," she explained. "I can't just go and look in the bush, because the nests themselves are invisible, but the Humdingers aren't."

"So if you see one, then you'll know the nest is there," the man looked impressed. "That's very clever. I've never heard of a Blibbering Humdinger, though."

"Not many people have," she nodded understandingly, "They're very rare. Most wizards don't even believe in them."

"Oh, you're a witch then?" he asked interestedly.

"Going into my second year at Hogwarts," she nodded again.

"Brilliant," he grinned, "Well, then, good luck finding your Humdinger. Maybe I'll see you around…?"

"Luna. Luna Lovegood."

"Maybe I'll see you around, Miss Lovegood," he smiled, "Goodbye."

"Goodbye, Doctor."

As he shut the door, he wondered absently how she had known his name, but decided it wasn't that important. Probably a low-level telepathic field or something.

Luna turned her full attention back to her bush. Those Humdingers had to come out sometime…


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