Hey guys! So I did the time skip in this chapter. Draco has just turned 14 and Harry's 14th birthday is coming up soon. Harry is still innocent and Draco is still super possessive. They haven't explored the romantic side to the bond yet, but they've started to figure out that something odd is going on (they're crushing on each other). I don't think this chapter is too confusing, but I've never done a time skip like this before, so please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for all the reviews and support! You all are amazing! :)

Harry turned in my lap so that he was straddling my thighs and looking straight at me. "I'm yours Draco. We'll be together forever."

"Anyone want to place bets on which ones submissive?" A chorus of laughter followed, but I didn't care. All I care about is that Harry is mine. He's here in my arms and we're going to stay like this for forever. I love him.

Summer Before 4th Year:

Harry POV:

"Mmm, Dray," I rolled over, trying to get closer to the heat. As I did, I hit the person sharing the bed with me, causing them to move.

"Harry, we have to get up," I buried my head further in the pillows, moaning at the loss of my favorite pillow. "Harry, come on."


"What? Use your words, love. I'm fluent in many languages, but mumble isn't one of them."

I lifted my head and glared at Draco. "I said, if you're not going to get back in bed, then go away! I wanna sleep!" I promptly buried myself under the mountain of pillows and sheets that I demanded to be on our bed at all times. I like having lots of things to cuddle with. I just wish the best cuddle object hadn't gotten up. Stupid idiot.

"Hadrian Alexander, if you don't get out of that bed this instant I'll be forced to use drastic measures." Uh-oh. That's not good. But more sleep is so worth it. "You have until the count of three, and then I'll be calling Mother." Fuck!

I jumped out of the bed immediately. "I'm up! I'm up! You don't have to be so mean Draco!"

Draco was standing at the foot of the bed in nothing but his black silk boxers. Lightly sunned skin with chiseled abs and strong arms, my mate is a god. He's so beautiful; I wish that I could be like him. Instead I'm really tan but skinny; Father calls me effeminate looking. Draco's hair is like gold, and I've fallen asleep running my hand through those golden tresses.

The only bad part of a drop dead sexy Draco is that it makes me feel funny. My stomach starts to twist itself into knots, and sometimes I can feel my heart beat faster. It's been happening all through this past year (3rd year) and I don't know what it means. Of course, I went to the library to try and see if I could find the answer, because the answer is always in a book. Well, that's not true for this. I was going to ask Draco about it, but that just made my symptoms worse. I think it might be some sort of disease. If I'm right, then Draco's going to get even more over-bearing than before! It'd be horrible! So, then I went to Neville and asked him about it, but he didn't know what it was either. The whole situation was a little confusing and went like this.

"Hey, Neville!" Neville looked up from his books in the library where he had been siting alone.

"Hi Hadrian, what's up?"

"How do you know that something's up?" I'm not acting suspicious at all! I think.

"Draco's not with you, you have more protective spells placed over you than ever, and you just put up 20 privacy wards." Huh, I guess I am obvious.

"Well, it took forever for me to convince Draco that I was just going to go to talk to you and then right back. These past couple months he's been so, so-"

"Overprotective?" Neville offered.

"That's it! Overprotective!" Ever since Draco's fourteenth birthday in March he doesn't let me leave his side. It was nice at first because I knew that if he was there with me he'd protect me from everything, but when he didn't even let me shower without telling him, it got to be a little much. It's only gotten worse since. "But anyways, whenever we're together, I start to feel funny."

Neville leaned it closer, "What do you mean?"

"I start to get this odd feeling in my stomach, as if it's being pulled in a dozen different directions. My heart will start racing faster than ever, and it causes my hands to shake. I feel really nervous, as if, if I can't mess anything up while I'm with him. What do you think?"

I already asked Father, but he was so vague about the situation. I wrote three pages about what was happening to me and all he was responded was "We'll talk when you get back". What kind of an answer is that? So I went to Uncle Sev. He started to get really nervous and just told me to wait until I talk to Father. But that got me even more concerned. What if I have some sort of magical disease? That made me freak out more, and so I came to Neville.

"I think that I need to ask Blaise." He said. But that's another person that'll know. If too many people know then they might start to think that I'm weak. That definitely cannot happen!

"No! This can't get around!" Neville gave me a look.

"Either we don't find out what's wrong with you, or we ask Blaise who knows everything and won't tell anyone." He has a point.

"You have to make him promise to not tell Draco."

"Are you sure that's such a good idea? Draco will go crazy if he finds out that you kept something from him and I helped! He'll kill me!" I chuckled at that. Draco is okay with Neville being my best friend (other than him) but he still thinks that the Longbottoms are traitors and is always messing with Neville because of that. It's quite funny when you're not on the receiving end of things.

Neville then went to get Blaise while I stayed in the library. I had a book in front of me, but I wasn't reading it, I was just so nervous. Eventually Neville came back with Blaise in tow, and so the interrogation began.

"So you start to get butterflies in your stomach whenever you're near Draco?"


"Fast heart rate? Fuzzy thoughts when you're near him? Always thinking about him when you're not with him?"


Blaise broke out into a smile. "I think I know what's wrong with both of you."

"There's something wrong with Draco as well?" I jumped up, prepared to run to Draco and make sure that he's okay but Blaise grabbed me by the hem of my robe. "Let. Go. Of. Me." I was no longer in friend mode. Now I was their Prince, and disobeying me is ill advised.

"No." What? "You need to talk to the Dark Lord first." No! "If you go rushing to Draco while he's still figuring things out for himself, I can promise you it will not end pretty. Neither of you are ready."

"Ready for what?" This is getting too cryptic, and Blaise isn't the cryptic type. "You talked to Father didn't you?"

I smirked when I saw the tops of his ears go red. "Well, yes… he flooed me after Draco's inheritance and again after he got your letter."

"Why?" Father's going behind my back? I'm his heir! The Dark Prince! He should trust me!

"I'm Draco's best friend, aside from you, but I'm also close friends with you, so I was a better pick than anyone else. At least, I think so."

"Better pick for what?"

"I've said too much, really." Blaise turned away and headed towards the door to the library. "Just talk to the Dark Lord and things will start to make more sense. I promise. Draco's going to be talking to both his father's as well when you both return home. So please, just wait it out. Draco will be fine as long as you're with him." And with that he left.

Once Draco and I were out of bed we went down to breakfast together. It's the first time we eat together with the rest of the family since we left for school in September. As I entered the family dining room I saw Father sitting at the head of the table and seeing him made me realize how much I truly missed him.

"Father!" I ran over to him and attacked him with a bear hug. He lifted me up like a child and looked me in the eye.

"I don't believe that this is the proper behavior for the Dark Prince," He turned towards the other adults at the table. "What do you think, Lucius?"

I turned towards Lucius who was smirking. "Well my Lord, I believe that under the circumstances it is acceptable. However, in order to avoid a situation like this in the future, you must spend more time with your heir."

Father smiled and turned towards me, "Well, Lucius' word is law. We shall have a private breakfast this morning, Harrison."

Still carrying, Father proceeded to walk out of the room. I giggled. "Bye bye Draco!" I waved at him as we left. Draco gave me a small wave and a smile in return, but I could tell that he was anxious. If Blaise was to go by, it was probably about the talk that he's about to have with his fathers. I wonder if Father and I will be talking about my disease as well. Maybe it's a curse! Someone might have cursed us!

"Harrison? Harry, what's wrong?"

Father had placed me on one of the many sofa's in the library, and was looking at me as if I were going mad. He sat down next to me and rubbed my back gently. "Breath, Harrison, breath. It's all right. You're okay."

I was hyperventilating. As soon as my breathing calmed down and I was able to speak properly, I looked up at Father, "Is Draco dying? Am I?"

"Oh Harrison, you're not dying. And neither is Draco. You both are just going through a difficult time. It'll all be over soon; most likely in a couple of months."

"What's going on?"

"Harrison, do you remember when I explained to you that you and Draco are soul mates?" I nodded. "Well, besides from being best friends and always wanting to be with each other, there is a more sexual side of things."

"What do you mean?"

"Has anyone given you the talk?" Father pinched the bridge of his nose as if he had a headache. I hope it's not because of me.

"I don't really know what you're talking about. I've talked to tons of people, which one are you talking about?"

"This is going to be a long day. Mipsy," The house elf promptly appeared in front of us. "Bring me some coffee, and mix in something a little stronger in there as well. I'm going to need it."

"Can I have some pancakes please, Mipsy? With blueberries! And in the shape of a smiley face!" I love blueberries! And the Malfoy house elves make all the food so perfectly! It's always super delicious!

"Oh Harrison," Father said as he gave me an amused look. "You're so innocent."

"Draco says that too! But he calls me childish as well. It's not very nice. I'm not childish!"

"He says it because it's true."

"But I'm not childish! I tortured that Abbot girl until she was bleeding from her ears! I would've killed her if Draco hadn't made me stop!"

She had been sending Draco love letters, saying that she thought he was handsome and how she would love to go out with him. I kidnapped her and tortured her in the Shrieking Shack almost immediately after Draco got the letter. Of course, Draco found me and made me stop, because Dumbles would find out if she died. So we placed a strong memory charm on her and sent her on her way. However, I was able to modify her memory so that she doesn't remember having liked Draco, nor will she ever like him. Draco doesn't know about that.

"Yes, and we have to talk about that at a latter date as well. You must reign in your temper, especially when it comes to Draco. He can take care of himself." Father gave me a smile, but it didn't reassure me. Draco belongs with me, an nobody else can have him. "For now, what do you know about the reproductive system?"

And so that morning I got the talk. I think my face went red the entire time.

Finally it was coming to an end. "So what I'm feeling is lust?" I didn't like the sound of that. Draco's more than some stupid sexual desire. I blushed again as I thought about Draco and sex in the same sentence.

"Yes, but you and Draco are special. You both will only ever be sexually attracted to each other because you are mates. However, I expect that you will not be doing any of these things until you are older. Am I clear? Draco is being talked to by his fathers as we speak.

Draco POV

"So, Harry and I will eventually get married?" This is so surreal.

I'm not as innocent as Harry, I already knew what sex is but I had no idea that Harry and I would ever be that close.

"Eventually yes," Father said. "However, you are maturing much faster than Harrison, most likely because of his past." I growled at the mention of those horrid people. As soon as the Old Goat realized that his Savior wasn't his, he hid the Dursley's from us. How he did it, we don't know, but we can guess as to why. Harry is supposed to grow up to love his family, even though they abused him. And with the Dursley's hidden, we can't bring them to court as Father had originally planned. Now we just plan on torturing and killing them. I hope I have the honor of killing Vernon. I can't stand what he did to my Harry. He hurt what's mine and he will pay.

"But Draco, you must remember that you have to take things slow. Harrison has a war to plan with Tom and you will be playing an important role as well." Papa always tries to be the more sensible one, but with the smirk Father's giving me, I know that they both know Harry will be fully mine soon enough.

"Draco, get that smirk off your face right now. I need you to practice and memorize these two spells. One is a contraceptive, the other is for lube and stretching. The second is the best spell you will ever learn." That comment got Father elbowed by Papa.

I don't know why they think I don't know they're always fucking like rabbits. I think I've accidentally run in on them at least once in every room in the manor.

"Wait, contraceptive? That makes a girl not get pregnant, right?" Why would I need it with Harry, we're both boys, even if Harry does look a girl a bit.

"Harrison was born fertile. That means that if you wanted to get him pregnant you could. He doesn't go through menstruation as a woman does, but he a womb will form on his fourteenth birthday."

"That's next month!"

"Yes, it is. At fourteen, the bond begins to develop more. For you, you became more possessive with Harry. Harry's body will form a womb, and will most likely need to be in some form of contact with you for a while. That means he will be clingy." A clingy Harry, I like that. Harry would be with me at all times, and need me. He hates to admit that he needs me, but he does. He may be a Dark Prince, but he's my mate! Mine to protect and love for forever!

Father and Papa smirked at each other when a shit-eating grin appeared on my face at the thought of the clinginess.

Once they finished making sure that I wouldn't jump Harry anytime soon (I've started making plans for later dates) I left the dining room and went back to Harry and I's room. I hope Harry doesn't mind sleeping in the same bed anymore. He was so innocent before, it was adorable. Whenever Blaise or Theo would make some sexual joke, Harry would laugh along with the rest of us, but then he'd give me this look that said "what just happened". It was adorable.

I opened the door to our room and saw Harry lying down on the bed with a book in his lap.

"Oh, hello Draco," He blushed and looked back down at his book nervously. He wasn't even reading it, just staring at the page. This is going to be difficult, but at least he's still a little innocent.

"Harry, I know that Uncle Tom talked to you earlier." I smirked and sat on the corner of the bed. "I just wanted to tell you that nothing's going to change until you want it to. Okay? This is going to be about you. I'm here to take care of you."

He looked up and smiled. "You promise?"

"Pinky promise," I wrapped my pinky around his, and using this as leverage, pulled him towards me. His head fell in my lap and he turned bright red.

"Harry, look at me," I tipped his face so that our eyes were locked together. "I love you."

"I- I love you too, Draco," And Harry slowly brought his face closer to mine.

My eyes fluttered shut, and suddenly there was something pressing against my lips. I smiled and kissed him back slowly, just relishing in the feel of Harry. It's our first kiss, and I know that this memory will stay with me forever.

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