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Now where do I start first? Oh right, where I had left off.

Nurse Joy adjusted the hospital mask on her face carefully and proceeded to the process she was doing. She immediately turned off the heart monitor and the breathing machine. Since the young man in the bed just passed away, there was no need to keep them on and there's really nothing she can do to save an already dead person's life. Sighing, she took one last glance at the deceased young man. He looked alive and strong in her eyes, and she wondered how in the hell a single bullet shot in the chest could kill someone that looked this way. But, no matter how strong or weak the person looks, nobody is unbreakable. Everyone is breakable, especially with death.

She ran a hand through her pink curls and then removed the hospital mask from her face. It was time to take him to the morgue, but before she does so, she needs the help of others to help take him there.

Nurse Joy let out another breath and grabbed a hold of her glass of water. She was tired as hell considering she was working all day, so of course dehydration was going to form somewhere inside of her. She took large gulps, and then removed the glass away from her lips.

Biting down on her lower lip, she left her mask on the bed and swiftly exited the room.

When Nurse Joy was off getting help from others, Paul's hands twitched slightly along with his eyes. However, he remained still for a few seconds and then moved his head slowly, letting out a low and heavy breath. As his eyes opened, he saw nothing but a blur and confusion filled in his face immediately. Where the hell was he? He took a brief look around his surroundings and realized he was in the hospital. Why was he in the hospital? No one was in the room to answer him.

As he took a glance through the window, spotting Nurse Joy speaking with other doctors, he overheard her speaking with other nurses and doctors. "I got everything settled and made sure everything was off. All that I need to do now is take him to the morgue, but I need your help." In panic, Paul's eyes widened when he realized she was talking about taking him to a morgue. A morgue? He thought, more confusion filling his face. He wasn't even dead! And they're talking about taking him to a morgue?

Shaking his head momentarily, he immediately ripped off all the cords that were connected onto his body and as he did so, he let out a soft hiss towards every rip. Stumbling off of the bed, he fell onto the floor hard, and he groaned lowly, cursing to himself. He had hoped the nurses or doctors hadn't heard that loud thump…

He noticed a back door in the room and he immediately went for it, placing his hand on the handle. He had pushed his way through that door and closed it so Nurse Joy or the others wouldn't have any suspicions.

When he realized it lead to someone else's room, he discovered a body resting on the gurney. Determined to not wake the person up, he slowly walked towards the front door of the room and exited. Whipping his head around, he discovered the nurses and doctors following Nurse Joy into his room and as they did so, he immediately ran for the front doors of the hospital and made his escape.

Suddenly, the glass of water that was in Nurse Joy's hands immediately dropped just by the second she landed her eyes on the bed; and the glass crashed into billions of pieces. Glass pieces were surrounded by her feet, and water was flooding half of the floor. The other nurse and the doctor looked at Nurse Joy in surprise. When Nurse Joy discovered Paul was nowhere to be found on that hospital bed, she can only manage to choke out such little words, "Wh-where… is Paul?"

Dawn concentrated hard on her notebook, studying as much as she can to Ace her finals on her exam for Geometry. Since the tragic news about Paul was revealed, she had been trying her hardest to focus on something else besides the fact that he is gone. Her idea of that was by getting into college again. It took her a long while to find a college that would accept her, but when she got accepted, she immediately went for that college and hoped to focus on brand new things in life.

She moved out of Drew's house and went off to Twinleaf Town just to go to college. However, she had her own dormitory and shared it with her first and only roommate, Lyra. She settled into college again because she wanted something productive to do, and not in the place where all the haunting memories lie in… she wanted to be here in Twinleaf Town, where she had grown up in since she was little. So many wonderful memories were here in Twinleaf that she couldn't even count them all. Besides that, her days had been better, well at least, a little better.

Every time she tried to think of something happy, she always ends up depressed because the first happy thing she thinks of always reminds her of Paul…

Groaning at her thoughts, she could feel tears brimming at the corner of her eyes and she pushed them back immediately. She slammed her notebook closed and settled it down on her bed, running a hand up her head and through her blue locks. She swiftly climbed off of her bed and mumbled, "Get out of my head, get out of my head," over numerous times. She did that every day when she felt herself coming close to her break. No, she wasn't going to let herself break down again, she was going to be strong, and she needed to be strong.

Lyra cleared her throat, bringing Dawn's attention immediately to her. "Isn't it time for school?"

Dawn blinked. When she set her eyes on her clock, her eyes immediately widened once she realized what time it was. "Shit," she groaned through her teeth. "Professor Hetson is gonna kill me,"

"I'd better hurry if I were you!" Lyra beamed, flashing a bright smile at her blue haired friend. In a hurry, Dawn took a quick shower and rushed into her clothes faster than a car beginning to drive after a stop sign. As she got settled into her clothes, she wrapped her hair into a tight ponytail, leaving her bangs flinging against her forehead. She then scattered into her remaining needs, yelling out "I'll be back later," and hurried out the door.

As soon as she made it outside of the door, she was off in a hurry just to make it to Platinum University. When a few minutes flew on by, she rushed through the doors and into her first class room.

All eyes fell on her in a matter of seconds, and Professor Hetson stopped speaking with the class, his attention on her as well. An awkward silence filled into the room, and Dawn just simply pursed her lips and smiled awkwardly. Spotting an empty seat just across the room, she quickly rushed to that seat and settled down. "Late again, Berlitz?" Hetson flashed his eyes at her.

She smiled partially, "I, uh… was studying hard for my final in Geometry. I guess I lost track of time." She pulled a strand of hair behind her ear and picked up her book bag, retrieving her binder from the inside.

"Remember when you assigned me to send a letter to your boyfriend? Oh, well, I was going to, but I was having sex with some whores at a club. I guess I lost track of time, and he never got the letter." Hetson sarcastically responded, a smirk playing on his face. He was a young Professor, and he was known for making such rude comments about anyone and everything, which Dawn, indeed, hated about him.

"Whatever," she muttered through her teeth, narrowing her eyes at her binder and opening it. She retrieved her phone from her purse after a moment, and began playing around with it, out of his sight.

"As I was saying, I assigned all of you to write an essay about anything in this damn world. Doesn't matter," he adjusted his glasses and looked down at the papers in his hands, "A ton of you have awful grammar which needs to be fixed immediately. Felt like I was reading from a child's work." He spat out with such bitter taste, and Dawn rolled her eyes with annoyance.

"Explain to me what the fuck 'yours truly,' or 'sincerely' has anything to do with this assignment?" Hetson hardened his eyes on a specific student, and Dawn recognized the student as one of her friends, Leona. "I asked to write an essay, not a fucking diary entry."

Leona remained quiet, and her lips trembled as she tried her best to avoid eye contact with him. Why does Hetson always have to be so mean? Dawn guessed he must have had a pretty messed up life, but that doesn't give him the right to treat everyone like ultimate shit.

Hetson continued to ramble and ramble on cruel comments about each of the students mistakes, or so he calls, on the essays. Dawn wouldn't be surprised if he even bashes her essay as well. "I thought every essay that I have read last night was shit, BUT luckily, I found one that almost wasn't completely shit."

"Wow, what a surprise." A sarcastic voice, none other than Lucas, the boy with bright blue hair that almost matched the same tone as Dawn, responded.

Ticked, Hetson lingered his eyes onto the young adult. Lucas smiled confidently, showing no kind of emotion towards what Hetson has to say. "Would you just shut the fuck up?"

"No. Hasn't anyone ever told you that teaching cruelly against anyone in this school shows poor behavior in a teacher?" Lucas let out a blow as a gigantic pink bubble began to form around his mouth; it was gum. It popped quickly and an irritated vein popped out of Hetson's forehead. Dawn chuckled lightly from her seat.

"Oh yeah? Well, hasn't anyone ever told you that if you keep talking back to me you'll get dropped out of this class?" Hetson had his eyebrow raised, a sarcastic smile on his face. Lucas' face fell flat and he groaned quietly, becoming extremely pissed off with this guy.

Hetson soon resumed back to what he was explaining, remembering that he was just about to discuss the essay he had found interesting.

Dawn yawned and narrowed her eyes down to her binder, and pressed her finger down on her iPhone screen, swiping left in her photo app. She soon came across a picture of her and Paul. Her mind completely fell blank once she realized she still had a picture of them saved onto her phone…

When her phone was snatched out of her hands, she shouted "hey!" in conflict, realizing Hetson had taken away her phone. He slammed her essay down on her desk in front of her and called out a demand. "Read this out loud to the class."

She furrowed her eyebrows together; taken into a turn of anger and frustration. "No," she spat.

"Read it, or I'll give out a referral."

"You can't give out a referral just 'cause I don't want to read a personal essay of mines." She recalled in defense, her nerves beginning to come in.

"Then why did you write something personal from the start?" he asked, raising his eyebrows at her. The blue haired girl closed her lips, saying nothing else. A light chuckle left his lips and he grabbed her paper in his left hand, her phone in his right. He began reading the words that were plastered onto the paper aloud for everyone to hear and Dawn saw her whole world flash before her eyes.

"I fell in love quickly, and I fell hard. When I first met him, he saved my life from a bunch of guys who were hungry to grab a taste of me. He'd taken them down one by one, and that's when I knew I fell in love. We're opposites. He's more of the dark, short-tempered, kind of guy and I'm more of a soft-hearted, optimistic kind of girl. I thought there would never be a me and him, but I was immediately proved wrong.

"As days went on by, it soon turned into a relationship and then, eventually, problems arrived and disturbed our relationship, destroying it. We decided to try again after a long and heartbreaking argument, aiming to get a new and refreshing start, until death came into the picture and stole him away from me."

Dawn's heart was racing second by second, her breathing becoming heavier. She felt that large block of emotions building inside of her, practically trying to force its way out of her.

Hetson had stopped reading and a devious smile was on his face, his arms raised as he narrowed his eyes onto the picture on Dawn's phone. "I'm guessing this is the guy you loved so dearly?" he called, his eyebrow raised as he settled his eyes on the young woman. "He's pretty handsome," he had smiled at the picture, his eyes leaving hers.

Tears soon taken over her and it collided down her face. "Fuck you," she responded bitterly. Letting out a breath of air, she immediately got up on her feet and rushed out of the class. Blinking in surprise, Hetson chuckled awkwardly and raised his shoulders. "What's her problem?"

Lucas got up from his seat and made his way up to Hetson, snatching Dawn's phone out of his hands. "Take a guess, you dumbass." He spat harshly into Hetson's face, turning briefly and exiting out of the room as well.

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