Author's Note: If any of you guys are confused for why people are starting to recognize Paul is because Paul died his hair back to its original color. He died it back after he regained his memory.. I was just too lazy to write it during the story because I thought it wasn't so necessary to write. But I'm just letting you guys know.

Now you guys must be wondering why Paul did that, knowing that people would now recognize him. But to be honest, he doesn't really care if people recognize him and he doesn't care what happens next after revealing himself.

I don't want to say anymore because that would just spoil everything. Just know that Paul died his hair sometime around after regaining his memory, and he only did it because he didn't want to pretend like he was someone else anymore. .. which was why he had died it first BLACK in the first place, since he didn't want to be recognized.

Now… Onto the story lol.

"Dawn… You alright?"

Dawn blinked after staring out of space for the longest moment possible. She turned her head to Paul, her mouth hanging low and not knowing what to say.

"You haven't said a word all day." He stated, shoving his hand inside his pocket. He slowly walked over to her and stared down at her.

Dawn blinked again and then slowly closed her mouth shut. She tore her eyes off of his and looked straight at the wall in front of her.

Paul raised an eyebrow. What is going on with her?

He sighed and pulled his hand out from his pocket and touched her thigh to cheer her up, but she immediately reacted to the action and pushed his hand away. "Don't touch me." She muttered bitterly.

Paul's face fell immediately flat on confused. He stared at her for the longest moment, anger suddenly rising inside of his chest, but he remained his cool. "Why are you suddenly afraid of my touch?"

Dawn slowly looked up at him, he saw tears brimming in the corner of her eyes. She just breathed a heavy sigh and muttered, "I wanna go home." She said shakily, "Take me back to my dorm. I want to go back."

Paul stared at her for a little while longer and he sighed, deciding to do as she pleases.

He fixed the bed neatly and gathered their things together in one bag before turning his head to her. "Let's go,"

Dawn pursed her lips and walked out of the hotel room, waiting for Paul to exit the room too. She stared off at the trees and the other hotel room doors and listened as the door closed shut behind her. His hand touched her back and she desperately wanted to slap his hand away, but she didn't wanna make anything more obvious. It was already obvious enough that something is wrong with her.


Letty tossed and turned in her sleep and slowly opened her eyes, letting out a soft cough. She heard the bird Pokémon chirping around her and she furrowed her eyebrows together at the sudden brightness of the sun, taking a look at the trees.

She coughed again and turned her head, expected to see Giselle. But Giselle was nowhere to be found and she blinked multiple times. Letty quickly sat up and looked around from left to right, in search of her. All her things were gone, including her bag.

Letty groaned and quickly grabbed the blanket she was sleeping on and shoved it inside her bag. She then grabbed her sunglasses and placed them on top of her head before getting up on her feet in search of Giselle.

She walked down around Lake Verity, looking everywhere for Giselle. When she saw her climbing over a rock and getting up on her feet, she was quick to say something. "Giselle!"

The brunette whipped her head around toward the black haired girl. She just stared at her for a short while and then shook her head, turning to walk away.

"Giselle no." Letty shouted, running over to her. "No, you can't do this to me, Giselle." She reached for the rock and hoisted herself up.

Giselle rolled her eyes and continued to walk, trying her best to avoid the black haired girl.

As soon as Letty reached the top, she saw Giselle still walking away from her. She groaned and walked as fast as she can to her. "Giselle!"

Giselle continued to walk.

"Stop right now!" Letty yelled.

Giselle immediately whipped her head toward her, already annoyed. "What!"

"Don't you dare leave me alone like that again.." Letty shouted, confused for why Giselle is behaving this way.

The brunette let out a hard sigh and hardened her eyes on Letty. She pursed her lips. "Watch me." She turned away and started walking away again. She wasn't going to turn back this time.

Letty let out a huff and followed behind her. "I know you, Giselle. I really do."

Giselle rolled her eyes, continuing to walk.

"I know you're lonely. I think you need someone to want you."

Giselle continued to walk, but she did listen to what the girl had to say. She heard the pain inside her voice and she almost sounded like she was about to cry.

The brunette hardened her eyes on the road in front of her as she walked though; she felt her own emotions kicking in to those words.

"Not someone who is using you as a rebound… Well, I do want you…" Letty said shakily, stopping in her tracks. "So, be brave…"

Tears were brimming in Giselle's eyes too and they slowly fell down to her cheeks.

"And want me back…"

She shook her head and continued to walk away, never looking back.


Paul ran a hand through his hair and turned away from Platinum University. He sighed, not knowing what is going on with Dawn. But whatever it was, he hoped she'll be okay. He looked over at his car and soon noticed a bunch of policeman surrounded around the school parking lot. He furrowed his eyebrow together, slowly walking over to his car.

"Hey, you!"

Paul quickly stopped in place. The policeman quickly pointed their guns at him and Paul slowly put his hands up.

Of course this was bound to happen.

"Throw your weapons to the ground!" One of the officers demanded.

"I don't have any weapons," Paul spat, rolling his eyes.

Two officers ran up to him and started checking him from the front pocket of his pants and then the back pocket of his pants. He then felt himself being thrown hard to the ground, the side of his face slamming hard onto the concrete. A scar quickly formed on his eyebrow and he hissed in pain. "What the fuck!" He yelled.

"Shut the fuck up." The policeman demanded, grabbing him up easily with the help of other policeman. He glared into the eyes of Paul. "I'm glad we've finally caught your ass. Walking around Sinnoh as if you didn't do a damn thing."

Paul hardened his eyes on the officer and happened to let his eyes wander towards the officer's name tag.

"It's time for you to pay the price." The officer, who was named David, spat, turning him around. It wasn't until a second later he felt his wrists being slammed to his back, a pair of cuffs clamping around them instantly.

The officers behind him pushed him to walk to their car roughly and he did his best to hold his ground. He hated officers with a passion.

As soon as he reached their car, they shoved him inside the back and slammed his door shut.

Paul glared, looking through the metal fence created inside of the car in front of him; he looked at the rearview mirror and saw the policemen talking amongst each other outside.

Paul shook his head and looked down. He knew there was no way out of this. He was going to jail and be confirmed guilty at court. After all crimes he's caused, there's no way he can live the rest of his life hiding from all of this.

It was all over for him…

His life…


He had no idea how she'll handle him being gone. Again. After all, she had lost him once. When she thought he was dead. But now she's losing him again, and he hated the fact that he kept making her feel that kind of pain.

It pained him too, because he knew he wasn't going to be able to see her in such a long time.

Paul broke out of his thoughts as soon as an officer entered the car and slammed the door shut.

The officer started the engine and started driving.

Well, this is it…


"You're pregnant!?" Lyra shouted in surprise.

"Shhhh!" Dawn was surprised with Lyra's reaction. "Nobody else needs to know about this!" She hissed in a whisper.

Geez, there was not one thing she could tell this girl without her having an obnoxious reaction.

"Sorry," Lyra said lowly, pushing her hair to the back. "But I can't believe that you're pregnant…"

Dawn plopped down on her bed and looked down at her hands. "I know," she mumbled. "I can't either…"

"Does Paul know?"


Dawn didn't even want to tell him. She has no idea how he'll react and she does not want to see his reaction either. Will he be angry with her or? For the amount of times they had unprotected sex, it was bound to happen.

"No," she mumbled. It was the truth.

"Oh god…." Lyra stared at Dawn across from her bed, not knowing what to think. "Are you going to tell him?"

"No," she said a bit louder this time. At least, not yet.

"Um… You have to," Lyra told her. "That's his kid. He needs to know that he's going to be a father."

Dawn shook her head, turning away from her brown haired friend. Her eyes fell onto the remote that was sitting on her dresser. "I know, but…" She scratched her head, deciding to grab the remote in her hand before staring down at it for a short while. "Paul's been through a lot, I mean.." She let out a small breath of air and then looked up at Lyra. "He just got his memory back. He remembers everything… I think telling him this would just add another problem to his plate."

"So what," Lyra shrugged. "I can tell that Paul really, really loves you. And I know that he'll be there for you and your child."

Dawn frowned, not knowing what to say. She brought her head up and pointed the remote toward the television before pressing the on button. "Sometimes I don't even know what to expect from him." The news channel cut on and her eyebrows soon furrowed together when she looked real good on the television screen.

"Oh my god," Lyra gasped. "Paul is in court!?"

The remote soon fell from Dawn's hands as she got up on her feet and walked closer to the television screen.

"Did you or did you not murder all of these people?" The judge, whom had been looking down at a paper behind the bench desk asked Paul.

Paul was sitting right next to his defendant lawyer and just kept his eyes on the judge before him, deciding to remain quiet.

A girl, whom had been a witness sitting at the witness stand decided to answer for him. "Of course he has. He's killed a lot of people we all love and would die for. And anyway he really has no way to defend his crime, now does he?"

The camera on the television soon switched to the defendant lawyer, whom had which happened to be Drew.

"Oh just give the guy a break for fuck sakes," Drew argued. "Is that what you do all day?" He said loudly, his eyes on the girl behind the witness stand. "Fuck up people's lives and get on with it?"

"There's a difference between fucking up people's lives than just fucking up one person's." The girl glared at the emerald green haired man. "Your friend here is no innocent man. He needs to stop being a little prick and own up to his senses."

Paul laughed at the girl's statement. "How pathetic." He chuckled.

Dawn bit down on her lower lip and tore her eyes off the television screen, slowly looking over at Lyra, her mind blank. "… I-I have to go." She mumbled, quickly grabbing her bag and heading for the door.

Lyra watched as her blue haired friend left and frowned deeply.


"How dare you defend a careless murderer of a man you call your best friend!? He took all of those people's lives and yet you believe none of that?" One of the prosecutors, whom had been named Lauren, shouted.

Drew just rolled his eyes, adjusting his tie. "My friend here," he placed his hand on top of Paul's shoulder while standing behind the table and his eyes on Lauren. "Is harmless. He hasn't hurt a fly."

"Hasn't hurt a fly? Are you freaking serious?" The blonde behind the witness stand laughed. "He murdered my boyfriend and all of my friends for crying out loud! And you know what's even worse? He murdered my best friend, Effy, which I thought he supposedly loved—"

"And what the fuck are you going on about? Effy didn't die because of me." Paul's eyes hardened on the blonde, whom he known as Mini, a girl he used to have a huge crush on in high school way before he had gotten to know Effy.

"Oh yeah? Then how did she die then?" Mini shouted. "I mean, almost all of my friends disappeared around the same time she did. You got rid of every single one of them just because you were too much of a pussy to stand up for yourself while being bullied."

Paul quickly got up from his seat, his seat being pushed back. His face fell flat on angry. Drew grabbed onto Paul's shoulder to hold him back from moving anywhere.

Judge Mary shook her head and folded her hands together, "And would you like to say something about that, Mr. Sumpter?" She raised her eyebrow, waiting for what Paul has to say about this.

Mini stepped away from the witness stand and brushed past Paul whom had been walking toward the witness stand now. She took a seat next to the prosecutors, and glared at Paul.

Paul adjusted the mic up to his lips and cleared his throat. "You're such a fucking hypocrite, Mini."

The doors of the courtroom soon closed and Paul soon saw Dawn running inside of the courtroom, everyone's attention soon turning to her. But Dawn stopped in place, her eyes only on Paul.

The two stared at each other for a short while before Paul finally tore his eyes off of hers and cleared his throat once more.

"So what do you have to say about that Paul?" One of the lawyers, named Danny, whom had now stood up in front of Paul. "You did kill a lot of people over the years, and yet you still have no way of trying to hide it."

Paul chuckled lightly and turned his eyes to Mini. "… You know, I thought you were amazing back then. I really did. But then, things changed way too fast and you just.. you fucking backstabbed me and treated me like shit along with your fucking boyfriend and his friends."

"Aww, boo hoo." Mini rolled her eyes. "It's life honey, deal with it. But that didn't give you the right to kill them. Especially my best friend."

Paul's fist clenched tightly. "I didn't fucking kill Effy." He spoke with venom.

"You didn't?" Danny raised his eyebrow.


"So you admit to murdering her friends but not this Effy girl?"

Paul rolled his eyes. "Fucking hell. Who really gives a fuck about her friends? They were all fucking dicks anyway."

"See? He just admitted to us right there." Mini laughed. "You're retarded Paul, really."

Paul's glare hardened on Mini.

"You claim that you didn't murder Effy, but then you say nothing about the others." Judge Mary sighed and ran a hand through her black hair. "Did you or did you not murder the others?"

Paul glared hard at Judge Mary, deciding to not say anything.

"I'm pretty sure he did." Lucas, whom had been sitting with the prosecutors, argued.

Noticing that Paul wasn't going to answer any time soon, Drew decided to answer for him. "No, he didn't."

"Yes, I did." Paul answered finally.

Drew's eyes fell wide, narrowing his eyes slowly toward his friend. "You didn't…?"

Paul shook his head, his hand still balled into a tight fist. "Yes, I murdered them. Only because they were all making my life miserable. Throwing me into trashcans, breaking alcohol bottles on my head, fighting me on the streets, kicking and thrashing, leaving plenty of bruises all over my body." Paul said this in anger.

"They fucking destroyed me. I already had a miserable life way before they began doing all of those fucked up things to me. I had no parents, just my big brother Reggie. And now he's gone too. So basically I have no one. Everyone is fucking gone."

Judge Mary nodded her head and just sighed. "I understand that they've put you through a lot, but that didn't give you the right to take their lives. After all, Mr. Sumpter, you're not God. So you can't just go around doing whatever you want."

"Oh, whatever." Paul rolled his eyes.

"Who is this Effy girl by the way? You claim you hadn't murdered her, but you do show some kind of weakness in your face whenever her name is brought up."

"Well, I didn't." He tore his eyes off of the judge. "She died, but it wasn't because of me. She just…" His eyes slowly wandered toward the floor as he began to remember what happened to Effy.

When he climbed over a fence, he got down on the sidewalk once again and discovered Effy in the middle of the streets, his eyes growing in horror. "EFF, GET OUT OF THE ROAD MAN!" he yelled loud enough for her to hear. But she ignored, waiting for a car to hit her.

"I'm not scared!" She repeated. "I wanna be scared!" She yelled again, watching as cars pass by her. She was wondering why a car hadn't hit her by now. What was going on?

"I wanna be hurt! I wanna remember!"

Paul was waiting for the road to clear a bit so he can run into the road and get her out of there. He knew Effy was crazy, but he didn't think she was this crazy.

"I'm not scared, I'm not scared, I'm not scared!"

Paul threw things at cars, hoping for one of them to stop because the traffic was so wild at this time. He was growing highly scared, not for himself, but for Effy.

"Come on!" she yelled, watching as a white car coming by her this time. "Come on!" Before she knew it, her life was being taken out of her as the white car crashed into her, sending her flying before she hit the ground hard.

"EFFY!" Paul screamed in horror.

"Something was going on with her and she just… sort of…" Paul's fists slightly unclenched. "Threw herself in the streets and got hit by a car…" Paul mumbled, forgetting he was in the courtroom after a moment. He didn't realize it yet, but tears were running down his face as he said this.

Drew kept his eyes on Paul, listening to his story. His eyes then turned toward the audience and he soon spotted Dawn, whom had been staring at Paul with a shocked look.

Paul wiped the tears that were rolling down his face, deciding to become strong again. "Effy was the love of my life, and she died to same way my parents did, that's all… So to answer your question, no I didn't fucking kill her…"

Judge Mary pursed her lips and simply nodded. "Well then, that's reasonable." She looked over at Paul. "But obviously that took place in your past. Tell us about your life after Effy was gone? What'd you do then?"

Paul's eyes immediately fell on Dawn, remaining quiet for a while. "… I murdered lots and lots of people.. I was already getting better when Effy was in my life, but ever since she left, I got worse instead of better. And then I started killing lots and lots of people…"

Dawn blinked, taking a breath of air and then tearing her eyes off of Paul and looking down at her lap.

"I did meet another girl years after, but the funny thing is that… she looks a lot like Effy."

Dawn slowly looked up at Paul as soon as she heard him say this, her mind completely confused now.

"But they both have different personalities." Paul continued, his eyes still on Dawn. "This girl was also sort of making me better, but then it became hard for me, because I was being tempted to kill anyone who seemed like a threat to me."

"So you murdered people because they seem like a threat to you?"


"How? What would they say or do?"

"Harassing someone, or bullying in other words, is wrong. And this world is filled with these kinds of people that really need to be taught a lesson."

"So you thought murdering these people will teach them a lesson?"


"That's not the way life works, Paul." Judge Mary shook her head. "You do NOT teach someone a lesson by killing them." She said loudly, and spiteful now.

"Well, Paul's killing did stop when he lost his memory…" Drew spoke up.

Judge Mary's eyes soon reverted to Drew and she raised her eyebrow. "Memory loss?"

"Yes. He lost it sometime around last summer in June, and just started regaining his memory a couple weeks ago…" Drew cleared his throat.

Judge Mary looked at Paul. "And how exactly did you lose your memory?"

"Well, I… I wanted to change into a better person that day. I wanted closure with my old boss." Paul began to remember what had happened with his boss.

Paul's grip tightened; his arm was at his side now. "My head is telling me to kill you, then myself. I have to do it." As he started to raise the gun again, Rick jumped forward to attempt snatching both the guns that were being held in their hands. However, the three of them were so strong that it was a struggle to get the loaded hand-guns from the other.

Suddenly, a bullet shot out of one of the triggers, exploding gun powder falling directly to the floor along with a thick lake of warm, trickling blood; the bang of gun fire echoed throughout the entire crematorium.

"Rick fucked up my head in so many ways. He was the reason why I started killing in the first place.. and I think he might still be alive, walking the Earth." Paul groaned at the thought. "He made it seem like taking people's lives was okay. But it isn't."

Judge Mary simply nodded.

Dawn felt tears running down her cheeks and she quickly wiped them away, taking another breath of air.

"I've heard enough for today." Judge Mary sat back in her seat, looking over at the jury. "I have two questions that the jury will have to answer. Did Paul have a right to murder the people whom had caused nothing but pain and grief to him? And Does Paul deserve to be given a second chance after all the murders he had committed?"

The room fell silent, but Judge Mary looked over at the jury. "Let's hear the jury's answers."

The court clerk walked over toward the jury, grabbed the paper with their answers and gave it to Judge Mary.

Paul got up from the witness stand and returned back to seat, knowing exactly what the answers would be.

The room fell silent once again, waiting for what Judge Mary has to say. She looked real good at the paper and began reading what was on the paper. "Did Paul have a right to murder the people whom had caused him nothing but pain and grief? The jury finds the defendants… guilty."

Dawn nodded her head, dropping her head down, knowing what was coming now.

Paul sat in his seat, not saying a word. "Does Paul deserve to be given a second chance after all the murders he had committed? The jury finds the defendants… guilty."

Judge Mary looked up at the audience. "Well with that being said, this case is closed." She slammed the gavel down and looked over at the police officers so they could now take him to jail.

Drew looked at Paul. "Paul.."

Paul kept his eyes down, not really caring about anything anymore.

The police officers grabbed Paul's hands and hand cuffed them together before turning him around briefly to start heading out of the courtroom.


Paul looked back to hear a familiar voice whom had shouted his name, and he had soon realized it had been Dawn.

"You're leaving me again? How could you.." Dawn said, her mouth trembling as tears fell from her eyes.

Paul wanted to answer, but the police officers behind him ordered him to keep looking forward, and shoved him to quickly make it out the doors of the courtroom. And right before he could say anything back to her, he was soon out of the courtroom.


Paul paced slowly around the jail cell, his eyes on the floor and his mind everywhere. A lot has really happened over the years and now everything is starting to hit him. Here and now.


Paul whipped his head around and looked past the bars that was blocking him from leaving the cell and saw Dawn standing right outside from the cell.

Dawn stared at him for a long while, her palms wrapping around the bars as she kept her eyes on Paul who looked like he had given up on himself.

Paul slowly walked up to her, wanting to shove his hands inside his pockets, but realized he couldn't since he was wearing jail clothes. Paul just sighed before stopping in place when he realized he couldn't move further anymore. After all, a pair of bars was in between him and Dawn.

Dawn stared up at him for a little while longer before placing her palm along his cheek, which had been rather cold. She kept her eyes on his onyx ones, and felt tears beginning to fill in her eyes all over again. "I just got you back, Paul. Why are you leaving me all over again?"

Paul stared down at her, not really knowing what to tell her. "I… I did a lot of crazy things in my life and I need to pay for it."

Dawn shook her head, pulling her hand away from his cheek and looked down. "I literally only have two minutes to speak to you, so I guess I should tell you this before time runs out…"

Paul kept his eyes on her, wondering what she had to say to him.

Dawn closed her eyes tightly before bringing her head back up and looking at him. "… I'm pregnant."

Paul felt his heart immediately ache as soon as he heard her tell him this. Paul blinked, confused. He didn't know what to say or do, so he just let his eyes wander toward her stomach.

Paul felt his nerves beginning to build inside of him. Just when he thought anything couldn't get any worse, it did.

"I'm so sorry, Paul." Dawn's voice cracked as more tears fell from her eyes. "I didn't mean for this to happen.."

Paul breathed heavily and looked down, he felt his body starting to lose it and now he felt like he was about to shut down. Tears started to fall from his eyes—the pain was hitting him hard in the heart now. He placed his hands on each side of Dawn's face and pulled her face close to his, the bars still being in the way. He held her delicate face between his hands and started crying hard.

Why did he feel like he failed her?

"I fuck everything up, don't I?" Paul's voice shook and he closed his eyes again, more tears beginning to fall. "I love you.." He said, his hands now dropping from her face and down to her stomach. "I want to help you raise our child.."

Dawn began crying hard too, placing her palm on his face once more to wipe away the tears that were falling from his face. "I'm so, so sorry…"

"No, I'm sorry." Paul looked up at Dawn. "I'm sorry that I've put you through all of this bullshit.."

Dawn stared at him, her face still wet from crying.

Paul shook his head and pulled away, wiping away the tears from his face. His back was turned to her. "I want you to do me a favor."

"Anything.." Dawn responded, her eyes on his back.

Paul took a deep breath of air before saying this. "My child is going to grow up one day wanting to know who his or her father is… You cannot tell them that I am their father. I don't want my son or daughter to know that their father is a criminal.." Paul knew he was going to regret this, Paul felt another tear roll down his face. "I just don't…"

Dawn opened her mouth to speak, but she was at loss for words.

"And Dawn, I want you to leave Platinum University and move back in with your mother. You need her. And she's the only person who can really help you right now." Paul slowly turned around to look her in the eye. "You got it?" He said, now harshly.

Dawn frowned, wanting to say more but before she could say anything, the police officer was right by her side. "Your time is up Ms, you have to leave."

Dawn stared at the police officer and looked over at Paul.

Paul stared at her for a little while longer too before turning his back to her.

"Come on, Ms." The police officer assured her to leave and Dawn kept her eyes on Paul while being pulled away from him.

"I'll love you forever, Paul…"

Author's Note: It was honestly hard writing that courtroom scene, I still need to do more research on that anyway, but I tried my best writing that scene lol. Anyway, next chapter will be the last chapter, then my new story, Deceived would be up next. (: Can't wait to start writing it.