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Ep.4x02- What if it was Merlin who sealed the veil by sacrificing himself and not Lancelot?

Merlin POV-

"You're time among men is not yet over Emrys," the Cailleach stated as she turned her head to somewhere to my right.

I turned my head to follow her gaze and found Lancelot looking back at me as he stood before the Veil.

"No!" I cried out.

Thrusting out my hand, I muttered "Viento."

Lancelot soared backwards through the air and landed on a nearby pile of rocks, falling into unconsciousness.

Turning to the gatekeeper, who seemed impressed, I said "It seems your wrong."

Taking a deep breath, I turned to face the veil. I could hear the screams of the dead as I walked towards. Just before I stepped inside, I glanced back at Arthur. He was still laying on the ground as if he were sleeping. "Goodbye Arthur."

With that, I stepped forward and was enveloped in darkness as I entered the Spirit world.

Arthur POV-

My head was pounding as I slowly opened my eyes.

What had happened?

Looking around, I remembered. The dorocha. Morgana. The Cailleach. The Spirit World.

I jumped to my feet as I noticed the veil was closed and the gatekeeper was no where in sight. But, if I didn't close it... who did?

I was immediately filled with dread as searched for the knights. Hearing a faint groan, I turned to my left and found Gwaine sitting up and rubbing his head.


Sir Gwaine looked up at me, then at his surroundings. "The veil... it's closed." He whipped his head in my direction. "Who closed it?"

I just stared at him with no answer.

Gwaine pushed himself up and yelled out "Merlin! Lancelot!" We looked at one another for one more second than hurried in search of the two.

Soon enough, we found Lancelot on the ground, sitting up groggily. Gwaine stepped back and placed his shaking head in his hands. Confused, I looked back to Lancelot who's eyes were wide.

"Merlin..." he whispered.

That's when I realized it. Lancelot was here; Gwaine was here; Merlin wasn't. Merlin wasn't anywhere. It had been Merlin who'd sealed the veil.

Suddenly, a memory was triggered at the back of my mind:

"What is the life of a servant, compared to that of a prince?"

Merlin had said that. He'd said that after he'd stated that he would take my place as the blood sacrifice. I told him 'no' but... since when does he ever do what he's told?

I sunk to my knees as the tears poured down my face. "NO!" I screamed in agony.

"Dammit Merlin..." I whispered through the tears.

Merlin... he was my friend, my brother. I can't live without him. Gwen is the other half of my soul, but Merlin was the other half of me. Of my life. He was always there for me, ever since that fight in the court yard all those years ago. He was always the one to make me laugh, and smile. He was there on the outings, on the hunts, even in the battles. Out of everything we've been through, we've always made it out, together. After every battle, every attack, every hunt, Merlin always came out fine. Now? Now he's... gone. He's gone and he's not coming back. Ever.

How was I to explain this to Gaius and Gwen?

Dread coursed through my veins at the thought of announcing to Gaius that the most important person in his life would never come back to him. That he was dead.

How would Gwen take it? Gwen and Merlin had known each other the longest. She was Merlin's first friend in Camelot and she's always cared for him in a brotherly way.

I just stayed there on my knees, head in my hands, sulking. I let the tears stream down my face, not caring about the weakness I was showing. My best friend was gone. He was gone. Dead.

After a while, Gwaine and Lancelot had come to help me up. I saw their tear stained faces and realized how they also must be feeling.

Lancelot had been Merlin's next friend after his arrival in Camelot. He had saved him from an attack in the woods, and to repay Lancelot, Merlin had helped him become a night of Camelot. Being a knight had always been Lancelot's dream. Merlin broke the law for Lancelot by creating a fake birth certificate that stated Lancelot had noble blood in him- which he didn't.

Gwaine had cared for Merlin the most. When Gwaine had come to Camelot all those years ago, Merlin and him were immediately friends. After Gwaine had been banished from the kingdom, they had stayed friends. Together the two of them had come to help me on a quest I'd been meant to complete alone and un-aided. Although, Gwaine had not done it for me- he'd done it for Merlin. He hadn't said so, but I knew it was true. Merlin had been Gwaine's only friend before e'd become a knight.

At this time, was the moment that the three of us had each lost their best friend and brother. We would never be the same.

Together, the three of us made our way back to Sirs Elyan, Percival and Leon.

"Sire, you're alright!" Leon exclaimed. "Is veil closed?"

I nodded slowly.

"Wait," Percival spoke up. "Where's Merlin?"

I didn't meet his eyes. I couldn't. I didn't want to be the one to tell them of Merlin's sacrifice.

It ended up as Gwaine.

"He's gone. Merlin sacrificed himself to save us all. He closed the veil," he said through his tears.

There was shocked silence. Elyan stared wide-eyed at Gwaine as if hoping he was lying.

We rode in silence to Camelot and passed by the cheering villagers as if they weren't there. If only they knew what happened.

"Arthur!" Guinevere yelled as she raced down the castle steps. "You're alright!"

I jumped down off my horse and Gwen threw her arms around my neck, sobbing into my shoulder. "I was so worried."

She pulled back, noticing the tension and uneasiness in the air.

"What's wrong? Where's Merlin?"

"Guinevere..." I started, unsure of how to tell her.

She seemed to get the message and stepped back, shaking her head. "No. N-no. He couldn't have- he can't be-." She broke as the tears poured out of her eyes and she slumped into my chest, grabbing fistfuls of my shirt to keep her standing. I stroked her hair soothingly.

I looked over to Elyan and nodded to him. He came over and gently took his weeping sister from my arms as I mounted the steps to the castle and up to Gaius' Chambers.

Once I reached my destination, I stopped. How do I tell him this?

Just at the thought of Merlin, the tears raced down my cheeks again. I hastily wiped them away as I pushed open the doors and walked in.

Gaius jumped at the sound of the doors. I walked in slowly, trying to look confident.

"Arthur," Gaius looked startled, "Where's Merlin?"

I looked down at the ground and shook my head lightly. "I'm sorry Gaius... he- he sealed the veil."

I heard Gaius as he sank down in to his chair. "Oh... m'boy-" Gaius choked on his sobs.

Looking up, I watched Gaius with sad eyes. "He wasn't meant to sacrifice himself Gaius. I was, and it's all my fault."

Gaius was silent for a few moments then finally spoke up in a raspy voice. "No... it isn't you're fault Arthur. There was nothing you could've done."

"Yes there was. I could have pulled him back and gone through myself."

Gaius seemed hesitant to speak, but finally gave out after moment's thought. "No, you couldn't have. Merlin was too- too powerful."

I froze and tried to meet Gaius' gaze, but he flit his eyes away.

"What do you mean by 'too powerful'?" I questioned.

Gaius took a deep intake of breath, letting it out slowly and raggedly. "Merlin is- was- a sorcerer, my Lord."

My eyes widen and I hastily backed away, pointing an accusing finger at the old man. "You- you're lying to me. This is a lie. Merlin was never a sorcerer. He was just Merlin."

Gaius finally met my eyes. "My Lord, didn't you ever wonder why Merlin always turned out fine through battles and attacks? Why he was always 'out'?' Gauis made a quotations gestured with his fingers. "He never went to the tavern. Not once."

I just stared blankly at Gaius, unable to believe my ears. But I let him continue.

"Merlin didn't need to practice magic. He was born with it. He was called 'Emrys' by the druids and he was, as some say, the most powerful warlock to ever walk this earth."

"But that preposterous!" I exclaimed, but Gaius held up his hand, and I shut my mouth abruptly.

"You and your father believe all magicians to be evil and wrong doers. But, forgive me sire, you are wrong. Merlin has proved thus. Merlin has protected you ever since he set foot in Camelot all those many years ago. It was his destiny. To protect the Once And Future King who will one day unite the lands of Albion. That is you, Arthur.

"Merlin has fought many battles for you, to protect you. During that first week, he took that poisoned Chalice for you didn't he? How many times has he saved you my Lord?"

I was speechless. If I took the time to think about, I realized- it was too many times to count.

Gaius continued on. "He's fought Morgana many times in the name of Arthur Pendragon. He knew about Morgana being a traitor from the beginning, bt he was not able to speak up for Uther would have punished him severely for accusing Morgana of such a thing. He swore to protect and serve you to the day he died."

I chocked back a sob realizing that day had been today.

"He's been poisoned, kidnapped, tortured, fatally wounded. But he never gave up. Never. Some have asked him 'Why do you serve in Camelot as a servant to one who despises magic?'. He did so because he believed you, Arthur. He believed in the future will make for Albion. He wanted desperately to tell you of his magic, he just couldn't find the right time. He would do anything for, even if it meant giving up his life. Please forgive him my Lord."

I was speechless. Did Merlin really do all that for me? Me, who if I hadn't known him, would've sentenced him to death immediately for practicing magic within the walls of Camelot?

"Is this true Gaius?"

Gaius nodded, "Yes my Lord."

I fell back into a chair and placed my shaking head in the palms of my shaking hands as, once again, the tears poured down my face. "Why Gaius? Why? Why all this for me? Why risk his life for me? Why die for me?"

"Because he cared foe you Arthur. He loved you like the brother he never had. And he believed in the world you would create. Don't let Merlin die in vain Arthur. Let him have died knowing he did something right."

I sniffled and wiped away my tears, nodding.

"Thank you Gaius."

I then got up and left the room. I needed to be alone for a while.

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