Winx Club Yu-Gi-Oh! GX crossover

By: FunahoMisaki

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"Ready ladies?" Bloom asked dragging one hand down the left side of her face, causing her body to change in order to resemble something that was similar to Cyber Harpy Lady. Well a Cyber Harpy Lady with a red battle suit, dark black wings, blood red talons, and sky blue hair and eyes. Instead of answering the two non-humans in front of her each smirked, Camula spreading a pair of blood red bat wings and Tania growing her paws and fangs back.

"I'll take that as a yes. Now then. I think it's time for the Demon Women to play." Bloom said sing-songing the last line cheerfully and insanely as she spread her wings. With a shared smirk the three that were definitely not human jumped from the tower and tore off together into the fray.

Faragonda covered her head with her hands when she noticed a decayed claw coming at her head too fast for her to dodge or throw up a shield.

"I thought for sure you morons would be stronger than this. This is hardly a work out!" A familiar but distorted voice said with an insane laugh, causing Faragonda to open her eyes when she didn't feel any pain for a moment. Her eyes widened in shock as she recognized the winged girl that had saved her, it was Bloom! The girl who she began to see as a granddaughter through all their chess games and talks over tea about the differences between Earth and the magical dimensions, the one who's magic had been stolen to create the army of Decay they were now fighting.

"Bloom!" Faragonda said staring at the winged girl in shock as she systematically wiped out any and all Decay Monsters around them, cackling madly the whole time she did so.

"Hey there Teach. Hang tight and I'll be done with these weaklings in two shakes of my wings." Bloom said grinning widely, revealing a row of nearly razor sharp teeth to the white haired woman, over her shoulder as her clawed hands tore through the last two Decay monsters from the small wave that had attacked them.

"Everyone ok?" Bloom asked landing and curling her wings around herself like a cloak as she looked at all the shocked witches and fairies staring at her.

"Yes thanks to your timely intervention. What is going on though Ms. Bloom?" Fargonda asked staring at Bloom shocked and curious as to the changes.

"When I was little on Earth some madman wanted to try and making a living breathing Duel Monster by combining some components of the Shadow Realm with a child who still had room to grow into the components, instead of the body rejecting them and causing the persons death. That child was me and the madman was stupid enough to choose components from different Duel Monsters on accident instead of the same Duel Monster. This is the result." Bloom said shrugging slightly as she motioned to herself with a clawed hand. A large roar from one of the Decay Giants that formed of the remains of the other monsters interrupted whatever anyone else was about to say.

"Trix sighted coming from the East!" A sentry shouted loudly, causing Bloom to grin wickedly and reveal her very pointed and sharp teeth.

"Perfect." Bloom said her eyes glinting as she gave off a low purring like sound at the news.

"You all might want to stay…far away from me right now." Bloom informed the others while her eyes became yellow and with a slit pupil, like an animals.

"In other words. Run!" Griffin said grabbing Faragondas arm and turning tail to run like hell away from the red head. She wasn't stupid; she could sense the amount of power in the girl rising at rather alarming rates. The other witches and fairies must have realized that she knew what she was talking about because they took off after the two head teachers, although a few of them glanced back at Bloom who stood alone among the ten Decay Giants and the approaching Trix.

"Good now everyone is out of harms way." Bloom said smiling slightly as she dodged a large fist from one of the giants, only to be hit in the wing with the fist of another one.

"Looks like you're all alone and defenseless little pixie." Icy taunted with an arrogant smirk on her face as she and her two sisters came onto the scene just as Blooms Cyber Harpie Lady features disappeared and she was sent careening into a tree.

"So says the arrogant ass wipes that need their underlings to do their dirty work." Bloom retorted without missing a beat as she pulled herself up and ducked under a swing from another giant, immediately jumping over another swing from a different giant.

"At least I rely on my own power instead of stealing some elses." Bloom said smirking at their enraged expressions even as she was thrown into another tree by one of the giants. The best part was that the three couldn't dismiss her comment as a lie because it was true; they had stolen her powers to summon the Army of Decay after all.

"That's it you're a dead pixie!" Stormy shouted shooting a bout of lightening at Bloom who grinned widely as it headed straight at her head while the other fairies, witches and heroes watched on horrified and wondering if they should interfere. The few that were about to interfere however were either held back by the Amazoness or Camula before freezing when they saw what Bloom next did.

She ate the lightening. She just gobbled it up like it was jello or made of pudding before letting out a satisfied burp and wiping her mouth.

"Yum. Thanks for the meal. That managed to charge me up completely." Bloom said grinning wickedly up at the shocked witches as the lightening began to cackle and run across her body.

"Now then. Time to bring out the big guns." Bloom said closing her eyes for a second as she began to change again. This time instead of getting a human like figure though, she was a large dragon. A very large and very angry yellow dragon actually. As was evidenced by the large roar and torrent of lightening she let out into the sky as she stomped one large clawed foot and squished four Giants and about three trees too.

"Huh. She turned into Ra this time instead of Slifer, much quicker than usual too. She's been practicing."