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Without further ado, we give you Assward and Tartella.

Show Me Something More

The sharp rap of her heels on the marble floor echoes through the nearly empty lobby. A few hotel guests turn briefly toward the sound and then look away, the men's eyes lingering on the woman's body. Without question, she's beautiful, with the kind of figure that women envy and men covet.

She carries herself with easy grace, walking confidently toward the hotel bar from the elevators.

The dark-haired woman checked into the hotel earlier, careful to project the image of an out-of-towner staying over for business. She has to be prudent, never staying at the same hotel too often or letting it slip that she's anything but what her meticulously cultivated image suggests. In her line of work, one can never be too cautious.

When she steps into the hotel bar, she pauses for a moment, surveying the room, looking for the man she's supposed to meet.

He's sitting at the far end of the gleaming bar. She walks toward him, aware of the hungry eyes of the other men in the room ... as well as one woman. Interesting. The man at the far end of the bar is the one she's here for, though.

The man tugs at the cuffs of his button-down shirt as he watches her saunter toward him. She's even more beautiful than her picture. He likes the length of her dark hair and her smart grey wrap dress, as well as the quiet confidence she exudes and the curve of her smile. She's attractive, but it's more than that.

The dark-haired woman slides gracefully onto the bar stool two seats over from him, giving him a small smile as she sets her purse on the bar. The bartender appears in front of her immediately, turning away almost at once to fill her order.

The man has a square, masculine jaw set off by high cheekbones and beautiful, large eyes. He's handsome, but she's been with handsome men before. She takes in his relaxed posture, the appreciative way he looks her over, and how comfortable he looks in his own skin. She likes him; something about him puts her at ease.

"Come here often?" he asks, a smirk playing at the corner of his lips.

"Only when I'm in town on business," she quips. They both know it's a lie, but it's a good ice breaker and helps with her cover.

The man angles his body toward her and takes a sip of his drink. They make small talk for a few moments before he holds out his hand. "Edward Cullen."


They shake, and she notices for the first time how large his hands are. They're a little rough and calloused—a working man's hands. She likes them. She can imagine how strong they'll feel gripping her thighs and the rough pads of his fingers rubbing against her clit.

But that's not what they are here for; she has to remember that.

"Would you like to have a seat at one of the tables?" he offers during a brief lull in their small-talk. "We could order another drink, maybe an appetizer if you're hungry?"

The woman nods and stands gracefully, allowing the man to escort her to the small booth toward the back of the bar. It's empty enough that no one will be in earshot, and they can discuss what they're both here for.

They place their orders for another drink and an appetizer to share, and once the waiter leaves, the man looks at her and wets his lips. For the first time, he seems nervous. Not uncomfortable exactly, but certainly a little on edge.

"Not having second thoughts, are you?" she asks quietly.

His lips curl up into a smile, and he relaxes a little. "No, not at all."

"Tell me what you're thinking," she says, smiling encouragingly.

"I've had this fantasy for years," he explains. "For a while, I thought maybe I was gay. I went out on a few dates with guys, kissed them, even fooled around a bit. It was nice, but I wasn't attracted to men. My sexuality had nothing to do with it. I was still attracted to women; I just wanted one to fuck my ass."

The dark-haired woman nods, encouraging him to continue.

He sighs. "I've used toys on myself, used my fingers, but it isn't the same."

"Is there a humiliation aspect to it?" she asks.

He shakes his head. "No, I know there is for some men, but that isn't part of it for me. Nor is there any kind of feminization. I don't feel like less of a man having a woman fuck me."

"I was just curious. I want to do everything I can to make your fantasy happen," she explains.

He nods appreciatively. "I'm happy to answer any questions."

"Why me?" she asks. "You're clearly financially well-off; you have to be in order to afford me …" she pauses and takes one of his hands in hers, rubbing her thumb across the calluses on his palm. "Although, I admit, I'm curious. What do you do for a living? Something with your hands, obviously."

He laughs warmly, liking the way she hasn't let go of his hand and the fact that she's blunt. "I'm a woodworker. I make violins—high-end, custom designs."

"Violins? Interesting." Her eyes light up at the unexpected answer. But rather than ask the thousand questions that have popped into her head, she continues with her original thought.

"Why do you want me to do this to you? You're a handsome, well-off man who could attract women easily. Why hire me?"

He shrugs, his expression rueful. "Because finding a woman who is interested in pegging is much more difficult that you'd think. None of the women I've been in relationships with have been interested. In fact, several were downright horrified or disgusted by the idea."

She strokes his palm unconsciously, seeing the lingering hurt behind his eyes. He curls his fingers around her thumb, taking comfort from her touch.

She nods understandingly. "That makes sense, I suppose. Their loss, too."

Their drinks and appetizer arrive, and they sip and nibble while they talk. They discussed his expectations for the evening when they set this up, but she's found that it helps when she can see his reactions. The subtle cues he gives off with his body and eyes tell her so much.

Forgotten food and drinks get pushed aside as the tension between them builds. The man and woman grow silent and look at each other for a long moment, knowing exactly what will happen when they go upstairs.

"Are you ready?" she asks finally.

He nods, once. "You have no idea."

The woman grins when she sees excitement flash in the man's eyes, and she chuckles when he smiles in return, his cheeks flushing pink. Discreetly, she takes a keycard from her purse and slides it over the table, nodding when the man covers it with one large hand.

"Room 98331," she says, gathering her purse. "Give me fifteen minutes or so before you follow."


The muted beep of the keycard at the door alerts the woman of her client's arrival. She has just finished neatly folding the bedspread, tucking it off to the side, and laying towels on the soft white sheets. She turns from her task to meet his eyes as he enters the room, a soft smile crossing her face when she sees both his excitement and nerves.

"Hi, again," he says, pocketing the keycard absently as he advances.

"Hi, yourself," she replies, holding out her hand in greeting and reassurance. "Come on over here, so we can talk a little bit more."

That tantalizing blush colors the man's cheeks as he comes to stand at the woman's side in front of the desk, holding her much smaller hand in his own. His eyes widen as they move over the objects she has laid out: a bottle of lubricant, a wide black scarf, and an incredibly sexy strap-on with shiny black straps and a purple dildo attachment. The boxes the toys came in are there too, stacked by the edge of the desk and out of the way.

"Jesus," he murmurs, his lips parting slightly. His heartbeat speeds and warmth runs under his skin at the realization that what he's wanted for so long is finally going to happen.

The dark-haired woman tilts her head as she watches him, nodding in approval when his free hand reaches out to touch the strap-on, his large fingers gently brushing the edge of the harness. "Do you like what you see?" she asks.

"Yes, very much." His voice is hoarse, and he swallows hard before turning to meet her eyes. "What's the scarf for?"

"It's a blindfold," she replies easily. "It's here in case you feel more comfortable wearing one. Your choice, of course."

He nods mutely, his chest tight with nerves and yearning. The light touch of the woman's fingers on his jaw steady him slightly, as does the more serious expression in her eyes and face.

"We'll go slowly, so that we can both understand what makes you feel good. If you want to stop or become uncomfortable at any time, don't hesitate to tell me. There's no shame in anything we're doing here today, Edward. I'm here to make you feel good."

"All right," he murmurs, drawing a deep breath as the tension in his chest loosens.

Dropping his hand, the woman uses her hands to turn the man toward her and then runs her fingers over his shoulders, smoothing the cotton shirt against his skin. She wants to please this man, not only because he is her client, but because she likes him and wants him to enjoy this experience. The idea of fulfilling his fantasy is more appealing than she would have imagined.

"Are you ready?" A warm feeling stirs in her as she watches the man's pupils dilate with desire.

"Yes," he replies, raising his hands to rest on her waist. He leans forward before pausing, and the corners of his mouth quirk up in a smile. "May I kiss you, Isabella?"

"Of course." The woman returns his smile, charmed by the question and his obvious desire to treat her with respect.

The man leans forward again, brushing his lips over the woman's. He lingers for just a moment, learning her taste, before deepening the kiss. Pleasure zings through him, making his breath quicken, and he pulls the woman closer, his hands pressing into her body. He groans softly when her tongue slides against his lips, and his cock twitches as their mouths move together.

The dark-haired woman hums, winding her arms around the man's neck as they kiss, and heat rushes through her when he catches her lower lip gently between his teeth. His big hands move over her body, grabbing her waist and ass with an edge of roughness that she likes.

She pulls away, smiling at the man's low murmur of complaint before trailing kisses along his jaw. He tilts his head to the side, holding still while she presses her mouth to his throat, and her fingers move to unbutton his shirt.

"Fuck," he rasps, goose bumps rising on his skin when the woman slides a hand over his bare chest.

"Soon," she replies, smiling when she feels a laugh rumble through the man's chest.

With sure hands and steps, the woman steers him toward the bed, peeling away his shirt as they move before unbuckling his belt. They pause when his calves hit the edge of the mattress, and he pulls back to watch her unzip his fly. He licks his lips as she slides his trousers and boxers down over the curve of his ass, enjoying the playful expression in her eyes.

She helps him sit on the edge of the bed, removing his shoes and socks before his trousers with quick, graceful movements, stroking his thighs and calves as she goes. The man leans back on his elbows when she rises, one hand coming to rest beside his cock as he watches her. He's hard, achingly so, and every inch of his skin feels alive.

Reaching to untie her dress, the woman feels a touch of shyness for the first time. She steps out of her heels with a grin, shaking her head when her cheeks heat, while the man's soft laughter fills the air. There's no reason she should be shy or flustered, but he brings that out in her for some reason.

She lets the dress slip from her shoulders, and his laughter stops abruptly. His eyes caress her, his lips parting as he stares at her. Unconsciously, his hand moves to his dick, stroking with slow, idle purpose as he watches her undress.

The dark-haired woman strips slowly out of her lacey panties and matching bra, watching the way the man's hand tightens on his cock. She saunters over to him, braces her hands on the bed on either side of his torso, and leans forward. He can feel the heat from her body against his, and his hand stills on his cock.

"Do you want a shower before we get started?" she asks.

The man shakes his head no. "As much fun as we could have in the shower together, I took one right before I came here. I'm squeaky clean."

Her lips curve up in a knowing smile. "Excellent."

She dips her head to kiss him again, enjoying the way he responds to her. Reaching behind him, she snags a pillow as she draws the kiss to a close. She moves her mouth to his firm chest, tonguing the crisp, sparse hairs as she kisses down his torso.

The man's eyes lock on hers as she looks up at him and he groans, a shudder running through him when her nipple drags across his aching dick. With a grin, she drops the pillow on the plush carpet at the foot of the bed, kneeling gracefully between his legs.

She teases him at first, with little licks to his shaft and nibbles on his inner thigh. The man's chest tightens when she uses one hand to press his cock up and flat against his body in order to reach his balls.

The woman likes that he's well-groomed; the skin around his cock and balls is shaved clean and still smelling faintly of shaving gel. She licks him enthusiastically, gently taking one of his balls into her mouth for a moment, liking the sounds of pleasure that rumble low in his chest.

When the dark-haired woman sits back, the wetness between her legs surprises her. She's always enjoyed bringing her clients pleasure, but something about this man's responses is intensely arousing.

"Edward, I want you to stand up and turn around." Her voice is a little husky, and the man's breath catches in his throat, while his heart beats faster with anticipation.

He rises and turns, positioning himself in front of the woman. She runs her hands up his thighs and presses on his lower back, urging him forward. "Bend over."

The man leans to rest his palms on the crisp white sheets, his breath hitching as he feels her warm breath on the back of his thigh. She runs her hands up and down his thighs again, and then smoothes her palms over his ass. Gently, she tugs his cheeks apart with her thumbs, making him shiver with anticipation.

"Tell me if you don't like this, Edward," she whispers as she leans in.

The shudder that rips down his spine at the first touch of her warm, wet tongue makes him gasp loudly. "No, it's good," he assures her, his belly clenching at the feeling. "Really good."

She licks lightly at first, teasing him, but assured that he is indeed enjoying this very much, she grows bolder. Her tongue becomes more insistent, and when it actually penetrates him, his cock throbs. His knees weaken, and he lurches forward with a grunt to crawl up onto the bed. Resting on his forearms, he pushes his ass up and back, widening his stance so that she can continue. The woman laughs softly and follows him, the movements of her tongue growing more forceful. She snakes one hand between his legs and gently tugs at his balls, drawing a low, tortured groan from the man in front of her.

She wraps her hand around his cock, feeling it throb. The man is squirming on the bed a little and seems unaware of the way he's fucking her fist. He makes a sound of complaint when she draws back, but she soothes him with a slow stroke of her hand on his lower back.

The man pants harshly, his mind spinning with pleasure. His belly clenches in anticipation as the woman gets up off the bed. She's gone for just a moment, and he closes his eyes as the bed dips under her weight when she returns.

He feels something silky trail up his side and over his back as the woman kneels behind him. "Do you want the blindfold, Edward?" Her voice is soft and reassuring, as is the hand she runs across his hip.

He nods once, so eager he can barely speak. "Yes," he manages to choke out as he sits back on his haunches, resting his ass on his heels.

The woman kisses his bare back before winding her arms around his chest in a brief embrace. The man lets go a shaky breath when he feels her cheek against his shoulder, running his palms over her forearms before she moves again. She lifts the scarf to cover his eyes, and then ties it securely behind his head. She smooths the silky mess of the man's red-brown hair around the scarf with her fingers, and then runs her hands across his back and shoulders when she sees that he is trembling.

"How are you feeling?" she asks, her voice soothing.

"Eager," he answers promptly. "A little nervous."

"That's normal," she reassures him. "Remember, I'll stop any time you want me to, just say the word."

"I know." He draws in a ragged breath. "I trust you."

The woman runs her hand up the man's spine, stopping at the base of his neck, gently pressing him forward. He yields easily, allowing her to guide him as he settles forward onto his hands. The soft snick of the lube bottle opening catches his ear, and he takes a deep breath when the woman places a hand on his lower back. He feels a cool, wet finger slide against his crack, slowly circling before pressing gently forward.

The pressure is so light, the man can hardly feel it, but knowing what comes next makes him tense a little. He's done this countless times, pleasuring himself with his fingers and toys, but having someone else penetrate him is new and slightly nerve-wracking. He shifts on the bed, nodding unconsciously when she makes a low, soothing sound, her finger circling again.

"Relax, Edward," she urges, her breath warm against his skin. "Remember to push out when you feel my finger."

The man wills his body to relax when she applies a bit more pressure, pushing to open himself to her. He sighs when one slim fingertip breaches his body. His next breath seems loud in the quiet room, and the woman presses a kiss to his back.

"I need to know how you're feeling," she reminds him gently. "I need to know if anything is uncomfortable. We have all night, and I'll go as slow as you need."

The man nods, his head hanging low between his braced arms. The pose tightens the muscles of his ass, and the woman wets her lip at the sight of this strong man bent over for her. He trusts her, and she finds his vulnerability deeply arousing.

"I feel good," he manages. "Please, keep going."

The woman presses forward, feeling the man's body tense and then relax. She slides the finger all the way in, and he groans low in his throat when she does. His hips shift, widening his stance while she fucks him slowly with her finger, easy, gliding movements in and out of him. By the time the man begins to rock back onto her finger, his cock is throbbing.

He's dreamed about this for years, but the fantasy is easily surpassed by the actual experience. He groans with disappointment when her finger slides away, but shudders a moment later when a second finger joins the first at his entrance, both freshly slicked with lube.

The man wills himself to relax when the fingers press forward, the sting making him shift on the bed. The woman pauses, reminding him to let her know how he's doing. "I'm okay," he grits out. "Please, don't stop."

"Thank you," she murmurs, stroking his hip and back with her free hand as her slick fingers sink into him. His breath hitches as the two fingers breach the inner ring of muscles.

"I wish you could see this," she tells him. "You have no idea how arousing it is watching my fingers disappear in your ass, Edward."

She presses deep inside him, and he stops breathing altogether for a moment. "Fuck, I feel so full," he chokes out.

"Think about how full you'll feel when I'm sliding the toy into you. When I'm fucking you, Edward," she purrs.

Deprived of his sight, all the man can focus on is the warmth of the body behind him, the gentle teasing in the woman's voice, and the way her fingers feel buried in his ass. Her words sink in, and he swallows hard, clenching around her fingers at the thought. The edge of fear that runs through his body heightens his arousal, as does the promise in her words.

She leans forward, kissing up and down his spine to distract him. Her fingers scissor open, and the sound that leaves his mouth makes her eager to know what he'll sound like when she's fucking him. Pegging clients is nothing new to her, but there's something about this man that makes it even more enjoyable than usual.

"Christ," he swears between gritted teeth.

The woman moves her fingers again, pulling out and sinking in at a maddeningly slow pace. "You like that, don't you, Edward? The thought of me taking you like that. Of my cock pushing in to you."

She hopes she's reading him right and that he'll find her choice of words arousing, but when he freezes, she bites her lip, worried that she's just killed the mood. For several agonizing seconds, he's silent and still, and so is she.

At last, he blows out a long breath and groans. "Jesus, that's hot."

Her body almost sags with relief, and she resumes thrusting her fingers in and out of him. He presses back against her hand, his movements becoming needier. "You like that, huh? You like the idea of taking my cock."

The man is bewildered, unsure of exactly what he finds so arousing about her words. "Yeah," he says breathlessly. "You're so beautiful, but imagining you wearing that strap-on and fucking me with it is so fucking sexy, I can hardly stand it."

The woman smiles, pressing a kiss to the man's hip as her fingers move. "I like the idea, too. The idea of my cock in this beautiful ass, pressing so deep inside you."

"I want it," the man gasps, his balls drawing tight.

"I know you do," the woman croons. She curls her fingers then, searching for a moment and smiles when her fingers meet their mark.

The man jolts, his eyes clenching shut behind the scarf. "Fuck!" he cries softly, his arms trembling as the desire in his belly intensifies almost painfully.

"Not quite yet," the woman replies, "though something tells me you won't mind if we take our time getting there."

She works the man's ass, fingertips brushing his prostate again and again until his moans are constant. He gives in when the strength runs out of his arms, dropping onto his elbows to bury his face in the sheets.

"Oh, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck," the man whines, his voice growing thin as he starts to soar.

"Will you come for me?" the woman asks softly, her fingers sinking deeper. "Let me see you, Edward. Let me feel you come from the inside."

Pleasure unlike any he's ever known crashes through the man, wracking his body. His mind empties as every nerve in his body screams, his cock painting the sheets with come.

"Jesus," the woman breathes, mesmerized at the sight of this man writhing against her hand. His abandon is beautiful.

Long moments pass during which the man knows nothing. He floats bonelessly, while the dark-haired woman cares for him with efficiency and tenderness. When he comes back to himself, the blindfold is gone. He is lying on his side, while a warm, damp cloth moves over his skin, cleaning the lube and come.

"Holy shit," he mumbles, smiling lazily when he hears a soft laugh. He peers up through sleepy eyes at the beautiful woman sitting by his side. "What the hell did you do to me, Isabella?"

"That was nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you later," she teases before cocking her head, watching his expression intently. "This may be a stupid question, but how do you feel?"

"I feel fucking good right now." He grins when the dark-haired woman laughs again. "Honestly, that was fucking amazing."

"It was amazing to watch." She smiles warmly as she gets to her feet. "You're very responsive, Edward."

The man laughs softly, rolling onto his belly to pillow his head on his arms. "Thank you, I think."

He closes his eyes, skirting the edges of sleep while the woman returns the washcloth to the bathroom. She watches her reflection in the mirror while washing her hands, smiling at her own bright eyes and the spots of color high on her cheeks. She looks pleased with herself and feels an unfamiliar eagerness to return to the man in the other room. To his pleasure and, perhaps, her own.


The corners of the woman's mouth curl up in a smile when she approaches the bed. The man is dozing, his handsome face flushed in sleep, lips softly parted over his soft breaths. She watches him for a few moments, taking in his long, relaxed limbs. Her eyes move over his body, taking in his strong shoulders and back, the curve of his bare ass making her lick her lips.

Quietly, she crosses the room to the desk, taking the strap-on harness in one hand and the dildo in another. The man's eyes are open when she turns to face the bed again, his gaze growing heated as it moves over her body and then to the toys in her hands.

"Are you ready for more, Edward?" Her voice is light, almost teasing, though the man knows she expects him to answer.

"Yes," he replies at once, his voice hoarse. Desire is stirring in his belly again already, and the sight of the strap-on and dildo make his heart thump and his dick harden.

The dark-haired woman crosses the room to stand beside the bed, laying the toy on the mattress in front of the man. Taking the harness in both hands, she bends forward gracefully, lowering her arms to step through the waist and into each leg hole. She moves with deliberation, pulling the harness up and around her hips and pelvis, her eyes often returning to meet the man's as he silently watches her, desire flashing in his eyes. She adjusts the straps on each side with nimble fingers, while the man admires the gleam of the black leather against her fair skin.

"Beautiful," he says quietly, shifting on the bed when the woman reaches for the dildo.

"You like this," she says, no question in her voice, taking a moment to run her hand over the base resting on her pelvis. The man's soft intake of breath is his only answer, and she nods in understanding.

He rolls onto his back, his eyes locking on the toy when the woman slips it inside the harness's waist and then through the hole in the base. The man's eyes widen, his cock growing almost painfully hard as she tightens the straps, the changing angle forcing the dildo to jut forward and up.

His voice wavers when he speaks. "Oh, fucking hell." His heart thunders in his ears, heat blazing in his body as he looks at the beautiful woman before him, wearing a cock just for him.

"Looks good, doesn't it?" she asks, one hand coming up, her finger and thumb closing over the toy at its base.

"Fuck, yes," the man mumbles, dropping his own hand to mimic her action, slipping his fingers around himself.

She steps closer, leaning over the man where he lies, her hands pressing into the mattress as if to kiss him, though she lets the tip of the dildo graze his belly instead. His groan is long and low, his mouth falling open as desire shoots through him. The woman kisses him then, bending to press their mouths together, and she hums when his tongue slides against hers. The kiss is deep and wet, and the man's hands move to grasp her hips, drawing her down to settle between his legs. He shudders hard when the dildo meets his cock, moaning into the woman's mouth before she pulls away.

"Can I fuck you, Edward?" she asks, rocking into the man beneath her, enjoying his gasps and trembling touch.

"Please," he grits out, his hands moving to squeeze her ass, "God, please ... yes. Fuck me."

"It would be my pleasure," she tells him, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth before she raises herself up. "Let's get you ready."

Climbing over him and then off the bed, the dark-haired woman holds out a hand to the man, guiding him up to sit before she reaches to the nightstand for the bottle of lube and the black scarf.

"You'll tell me if you need to stop," she prompts, pleased by the man's noise of affirmation.

Sitting down, she raises the blindfold between them, offering it to him wordlessly. She smiles when he takes the scarf, his cheeks burning with color and his glance almost shy when he raises his arms to tie the fabric around his head.

When his eyes are covered, she takes his hands in hers and stands, guiding him up and then turning his body to face the bed. Dropping one hand to the small of his back, she rubs warm circles into the skin, reaching around to place the other hand over his belly and pressing her chest against his back.

"Lean forward now," she murmurs, "and put your hands on the bed." She tips him forward slowly, watching until he's braced himself against the mattress before she lets go of his body. "Are you ready for me?"

"Yes." The man's low voice is steady, but he jumps slightly when the lube bottle snicks open. He breathes deeply to calm himself and hums under his breath when a slick finger slides against his crack.

The finger presses gently, stroking and slowly opening him as the man's stomach curls with yearning. He tries to be patient as the finger teases him a little, but his desire is too strong—he needs more. Unconsciously, he rocks backward against the fingers, seeking more pressure, wanting them inside him, and he grunts when the fingers slide away.

"So eager," the woman chides playfully. "I expected a little more patience from you, Edward."

"More." His voice is rough and he ducks his head, pressing his cheek to his shoulder with a long groan when one finger slips inside him. "Oh ... oh, God."

"More like that?" she asks, moving her finger slowly in and out as the man rocks backward to meet her hand.

"Fuck, yes. I don't need to be stretched any more," he says, trying not to plead.

"Easy," she urges, her other hand creeping between his legs. The man lets out a broken curse when her wet fingers meet his balls. "Just let me make you feel good."

"I'm ready," he says after a minute, clenching his teeth when she ignores him and instead adds a second finger.

His head is hanging forward when he speaks again. "Okay, I'm ready." He swears when she adds a third finger, clenching his eyes behind the blindfold and sighing as his body stretches and stings.

The man's body is trembling by the time he speaks a third time. "Please," he begs, unable to feel anything outside of the need to be filled. "Please, Isabella."

The woman sits back on her haunches and then leans forward again and up to press a soft kiss against the man's hip when he groans in protest. "Patience," she murmurs, a small smile playing over her lips.

Taking up the lube bottle, she slicks the dildo, enjoying the way the rubber feels beneath her hands. She climbs to her feet, stepping closer to the man. She steps into her heels again so she'll be tall enough to square her hips with the man's ass. She notes the way his back muscles tense when her hip brushes his hamstring, and his body jolts when she drizzles more lube between his cheeks.

"Christ," he grits out, biting his lip when she spreads the lube with slow firm strokes. His breaths come faster when he feels the woman's hands on his hips, knowing that she's aligning herself behind him.

She leans forward to scatter lazy kisses across the man's back, murmuring quietly against his skin until some of his tension begins to drain away.

"Relax, Edward," she reminds him, straightening back up to stand. "Remember how good my fingers felt inside you earlier. Do you have any idea how sexy you are like this?"

He shakes his head no, gripping the sheets with his fingers.

"You are," she assures him. "Your willingness to be vulnerable in order to get pleasure is very arousing. Your strength is incredibly sexy."

The man laughs breathlessly. "I'm blindfolded and being bent over the bed; how does that make me strong?"

She rocks her hips forward gently against his ass, tantalizing him with her touch. "You're confident enough to know that having a woman fuck you doesn't make you less of a man."

"I—" the man begins before he stops abruptly, making the woman frown.

"What is it?" she asks, leaning to the left and craning her neck to get a look at his face. Her concern increases when she sees that his lips are pressed in a thin line, a flush creeping over his neck and chest. "Edward," she prompts, "I need you to tell me what's going on in your head right now."

He nods, drawing a steadying breath before he replies. "I think I'd like to lie down. On my back, I mean," he says, his voice growing more certain. "I want to feel you that way, between my legs."

The dark-haired woman smiles, pleased that he trusts her enough to explain his desire. "Of course. Thank you for telling me that, Edward."

She steps back, tapping his hips with her fingers in a signal to move. The man lowers himself, his sigh barely audible when his chest meets the sheets, then rolls to the left, settling on his back with his legs hanging over the edge of the bed. The woman makes a low sound of approval as she steps forward again, using her hands to urge him to scoot backward up the bed. When he's still again, she brings his knees up, watching them fall open with admiration.

"Mmm. Edward, you are so beautiful like this." She ghosts her fingers along the inside of his thighs, watching his chest rise and fall as his breaths steadily grow more rapid. "Your legs spread open for me ... this gorgeous ass." The woman runs her finger along the crease of his ass, making him shiver. "I wish you could see yourself right now."

Grasping the dildo at its base, she aligns their bodies once more, this time pressing forward to ease the tip of the toy inside him.

"Oh," the man breathes, his voice catching in his throat as pain sears through him. His eyes widen behind the blindfold, and his hands curl into fists as he fights to relax. Dimly, he remembers to push back against the toy to open himself, and he pulls in a long breath when he feels the toy move gradually deeper. "Oh, my fucking God."

The woman moves forward slowly, pressing her hips into the man's as gently as possible, and watching his every reaction closely. His mouth forms a perfect "o" of surprise, and sweat beads on his skin, gleaming in the lamplight. His breaths are shallow and quick, broken up by tiny moans that could be pain or pleasure.

She freezes, her hands firm on the man's hips. "Edward," she calls, making her voice gentle but firm to cut through whatever headspace the man has worked himself into. "Tell me how you're feeling."

The man says nothing for a long moment, his hands balling into fists as he pants. His struggle to remain calm against the pain is evident in his hoarse voice when he manages to reply. "I'm okay. I ... fucking hell. That's a lot bigger than your fingers."

"It is," she agrees, rubbing small circles into the skin over his hips. "Shall we keep going?"

"Yes. Fuck yes, please." He draws a long, shaky breath in and blows it out. "It's okay. I'm okay, really."

The woman nods, humming gently to let him know he has been heard. She trusts this man to be honest with her about this experience, just as she knows he trusts her to guide him through it. "All right. I'm going to move forward again now."

The man forces himself to exhale when she gently presses forward again breaching the ring of muscle inside him. It stings, oh God how it stings, but it's so good, too. He's flushed and trembling, his whole body on edge. The mix of pleasure and pain has his head swirling. The blindfold helps, letting him focus on the woman's voice and touch. He trusts her. His heart is thundering in his chest as her hips finally reach his inner thighs. She's all the way in now. She takes a moment to let him adjust, trailing her finger up and down his strong legs. The tickling touch is both soothing and arousing. It's just enough to distract him and help him relax.

The woman wasn't trying to flatter him when she told him she finds his strength arousing. And no matter what other women have told him, or what doubts have crept into his head, this man is strong. It takes more strength to admit your desires and go after them than to suppress them out of fear.

She reaches down and wraps her hand around his dick. Despite his earlier orgasm, the man is hard again. She slowly strokes up and down his cock, hoping the pleasure will help distract him from the discomfort. "Fuuuck." He groans, his hands scrabbling at the bedcovers for a moment before he grips them in his fists.

"Talk to me, Edward," she coaxes, watching him relax. "How do you feel?"

"Full. God, so full." She shifts the dildo just a fraction of an inch within him and he lets out a low groan. She pulls out a little more, feeling him tremble against her, then sets a slow rhythm, sliding in and out of him. "It's good. Fuck, I've imagined this so many times …"

The woman smiles at the admission and slides her hands along the back of his thighs, hooking them under his knees. She can move much more easily now, no longer fighting the resistance in his clenched body.

"Yes," she hisses, and she sees him smile. The pain he felt has become pleasure.

He takes a slow, deep breath, and she knows exactly when he surrenders to her completely. No longer tensing in anticipation of her thrusts, but welcoming them. She moves more fluidly now, sinking into him and retreating.

The man is flushed and still panting. He lets out a low laugh of relief when she rubs her thumbs against his knees. He knows he's splayed wide open, and he wonders what he looks like right now. He wishes he could watch her fuck him. That thought, and a particularly deep thrust, makes him moan low and long.

"You should see your cock right now, Edward," she says. "So hard, it's leaking at the tip. I want to taste it, suck it while I fuck you."

The sound he lets out is barely human. It's deep and visceral, primal almost. It's the sound of desperation and need, as old as time.

"You're doing so well," the woman croons, rewarding him with a swivel of her hips that makes his back bow up off the bed. "The way you take me is beautiful."

She can't stop staring at him, trying to catalogue every reaction he has. He's so abandoned, so willing to let go and revel in what he's feeling. Her eyes travel from the top of his head where his hair is growing damp with sweat, down over his wet, parted lips. She sees him swallow, his Adam's apple bobbing in his throat. She changes the rhythm and angle and he throws his head back, the flush on his chest deepening. She feels him start to fuck back against the dildo and she speeds up. His thighs are trembling against her hands and his breathing is growing quicker and shallower.

"I'm …" he says breathlessly. "I'm getting close."

Truthfully, so is she. Not close enough; without some direct stimulation she won't actually come, but it wouldn't take much to make it happen. Her muscles ache and her skin is damp from exertion, her breasts feel heavy and full, her nipples hard, aching peaks.

She braces herself against him and pulls his wide-spread legs higher, tilting his pelvis up. "I can't," he groans. "Isabella, I … I … Fuck. It's so …"

Her thighs are slapping against his, and she can see his cock bouncing on his stomach. "I want you to touch yourself, Edward," she says breathlessly. He reaches immediately to take himself in hand, his fist roughly moving over the hard length. She stills, and he whines with disappointment, his hand reluctantly slowing. "Keep your legs up. Hold out your hand, palm up."

She lets go of his legs when he complies, and leans over to reach for the bottle on the bed beside him. The man is puzzled, frowning slightly, and he flinches when she squirts a generous amount of lube into his hand. She stills his hand before he can move to slather it on his cock and leans forward, making him hiss.

It's awkward, bending forward like that when the toy is still buried inside of him, but the woman wants to taste him. His cock is tight against his belly, pre-cum smeared on his skin. She lifts him to her lips, swirling her tongue over the head. She loves the sound he makes when he feels the wet heat of her mouth, but she loves his disappointed groan when she pulls off even more. She guides his hand to his cock, and once his fist is stroking up and down she lets go, hooking her hands under his knees once again.

The man gasps when she begins to move; the dual sensations of fucking his own hand and being fucked by her are almost too much to process. He knows he's chanting, "More, more, more," but he isn't sure if it's in his head or aloud. As small as the dark-haired woman is, there is real force behind her hips. She drives into him, grazing his prostate when she leans forward slightly. The pleasure that spikes through him is unreal. His balls draw up, the tension in his lower belly and groin growing to an almost unbearable level.

The woman can't look away from him, her focus narrowing in on his face as she fucks him harder. "You're going to come so hard for me," she promises as she watches him struggle; he's so close, but he doesn't want to let go quite yet.

She puts more of her weight into fucking him and is rewarded when his back arches up off the bed again. The straps of the harness are biting into her thighs, and rubbing along her wet lips. The friction feels good, but it's not enough, not in the right place. More than her own pleasure though, she wants him to come. His fist is flying over his cock, twisting on the upstroke, squeezing on the downstroke, and she can see and feel every inch of his body trembling.

The man's head falls to the side, his free hand coming up to press his palm against his forehead. Abruptly, he rips off the blindfold, his blazing eyes meeting hers. The woman's hands tighten on his legs, driving in deeper.

"I'm fucking you, Edward," she says, her own chest heaving. She's staggered by the naked want in his gaze and the intimacy of staring into a man's eyes as she fucks him. It's never been so good before, so intense. "You're so fucking gorgeous like this. I want you to come for me. I need you to."

The man lets out a ragged moan, and she leans in just a little harder, seeing the exact moment he starts to fall apart. He grits his teeth, making the already strong lines of his jaw pop and his cheekbones hollow. It's unreal how beautiful he is taking his pleasure from her. She wants a picture of this, so she will never forget the way he looks in this moment.

The come arcs out of the man's cock, landing with a splatter against his belly and chest. He lets out a sound of pleasure so raw it sends a shiver down her spine. He is writhing against her, fucking her back wantonly and without shame. He is pure need and pleasure. The woman's whole body is exhausted, but she continues to fuck him through the orgasm, pushing against the resistance when his ass clenches rhythmically around the toy.

The man is out of his mind with pleasure, drunk on it, his head spinning as the sensations overwhelm him. There are white spots in his vision, and he's struggling to breathe; he briefly wonders if he'll black out. Even though the man's torso is streaked with come, his cock is still hard, leaking a little at the tip. He's never come so hard or for so long. The toy's movements within him are gentler, but still enough to make him twitch. He feels like his body has been turned inside out, his bones shattered, his muscles melted.

He can't take his eyes off the woman moving against him though. She's fucked him hard, and her skin is shimmering with sweat, her hair curling at her temple from the dampness. Her cheeks are rosy, her eyes shining but slightly unfocused.

The dark-haired woman's hips gradually slow and finally still against him. She smiles when the man lets out a heavy gust of air. He smiles back, liking the way her eyes are sparkling at him, and the way one side of her mouth lifts higher than the other. His chest heaves as he struggles to breathe, and his muscles are sluggish and uncooperative. He can hardly move, but he twitches when she gently withdraws from him. She has to help lower his legs to the bed, his muscles are tight and cramped. He winces when he realizes his ass is sore. It's nothing he can't handle though, and he should be fine tomorrow.

It thrills him to know that he's been that well fucked.

The woman steps back, staggering for a moment before turning and sinking to the edge of the bed. She leans back, bracing her hands on the mattress and tilts her head back, her hair tumbling down her over her spine. The man can barely lift his body, but he does anyway, wanting to touch her. He's struck by the incongruity of the hard length between her thighs and the feminine swell of her hips and breasts. He finds it overwhelmingly beautiful.

"Thank you," he says, curling forward to press a kiss to her bare shoulder, his lips lingering. The words are soft, reverential. He can't tell her what the fulfillment of his fantasy means to him or how joyous and light he feels. How complete. Ten years of dreaming and wanting, aching and pining for this are over.

"You're welcome, Edward," she says softly, turning her head toward him. Their temples press together for a moment, and he runs his fingertips down her arm. They linger like that for a long moment, neither wanting to pull away. With a small shift, their lips meet, and the kiss lengthens, going on and on.

Eventually the woman sighs and shifts, forcing him to lift his head. She kicks off her high heels, flexing her toes for a moment in relief of being out of them. Her fingers fumble for the straps of the harness, arousal making her momentarily uncoordinated and clumsy. She's simultaneously relaxed and strung-tight, the pleasure of making the man come warring with her own need for release. He brushes her fingers out of the way, pausing for a moment to look the harness over, and then in a few quick movements it's loose around her hips, allowing her to lift up and slip it off. The woman tosses it on the bed beside them and turns to face him, trying to get a read on what he wants right now.

The man is covered in lube, come, and sweat. He should want nothing more than to get in the shower, but at the moment his only desire is to wrap his arms around the small, dark-haired woman beside him. He shifts on the bed, drawing her with him so they're both stretched out fully. He rolls half onto her and lowers his lips to hers. She responds immediately, her lips meeting his eagerly, continuing their earlier kiss. Neither of them cares about the mess they're making of each other's bodies.

The woman smiles against his mouth, liking the way he kisses her. It's warm and affectionate, almost playful. She slides her fingers through his hair and pulls him closer. They kiss for a long time, mouths moving and meeting as if they've done this a thousand times before. She likes the low sounds he makes in the back of his throat and the way his hand tangles in her hair, tugging gently.

The man likes the way she tilts her head so he can kiss her deeper and the softness of her lips. He likes the teasing little nips she takes with her teeth, and the way the tip of her tongue curls around his.

"I came twice," he murmurs in her ear when he finally pulls back. "I think it's your turn, isn't it?"

"Tonight is about you," she reminds him gently.

He shrugs and rubs his thumb against the side of her long neck. "You more than fulfilled my fantasies."

"That is what I'm here for," she says teasingly.

"Yes." He nods his agreement. "And you getting off will be the perfect way to wrap up the evening."

The woman presses a kiss to his cheek and nods. She's surprised. Most of her clients are so focused on their own pleasure that hers is an afterthought. They like that she's easily aroused, and that she orgasms—that has never been a struggle for her—but she can't think of one who would have offered to get her off if they were in this man's position.

He shifts to the side, propping himself up on his elbow while she lays on her back. The flat of his hand moves down her ribs to the curve of her hip and then to her thigh. "Will you tell me what you like?"


The man's hand is gentle as it moves over her soft skin, pulling her right leg up to rest on his so she's open to him. His hand slides up her thigh, and the contrast of that light movement with the roughness of his calloused fingertips makes her squirm. His touch is teasing at first, slowly working her up, and she lets out a low moan when he finally slips his fingers between her lips.

"Did it make you wet when you fucked me?" he asks as his thumb slides across her clit.

The woman nods, feeling heat grow in her lower belly.

"How much would it have taken for you to get off while you were doing it?"

"Not much," she admits. "Giving you pleasure was very arousing."

A groan rumbles in the man's chest at her words, and he dips a finger inside her, sliding in easily. She wasn't flattering him with her earlier statement. Fucking him was the single most arousing experience she's had in her years doing this job.

"I would have loved to watch you come while you fucked me."

His hand moves away, and she lets out a whimper of disappointment, but he soothes her with a quiet murmur. Shifting backward, he props himself up against the headboard and lifts her easily so she's seated between his thighs, her back against his chest. His hand returns immediately to her pussy.

With his arms and legs around her like this, she's aware of how tall the man is, and of the broadness of his shoulders. She feels his lips on her neck, the teasing nibbles making her shiver. His touch grows rougher as a second finger joins the first, and her own low, desperate sounds shock her as her head lolls back on his shoulder.

Her hands settle on his strong thighs, the crisp hairs tickling her palms as she drags them slowly up and down, her eyes closing. The fingers of the man's right hand move in and out of her pussy, the movements sure and steady, while his left thumb drags over her clit, making her buck.

She doesn't know what it is about this man, but his touch is setting her on fire.

"I wish I could tell you how good you made me feel tonight."

She laughs breathlessly, her hips rocking against his hands. "Believe me, I could tell."

"No, not physically." His fingers curl inside her, and she lets out a choked gasp. Fuck, his fingers are so good. "I felt good mentally. I've been fantasizing about this for nearly ten years now. No matter how many times I fucked a woman, or jerked off with a toy in my ass, I never felt the release I craved."

His teeth sink gently into the soft skin where neck and shoulder meet. She shudders, a hot streak of pleasure tearing through her. "They didn't give me the psychological satisfaction. I've been imagining this for a decade. Wondering what it would be like to come with something ... someone in my ass. Wondering how it would feel to have a woman take me."

Her voice is breathy. "And now?"

The man leans forward, his forehead pressing to the back of her head briefly. Although they aren't looking at each other, this position is strangely intimate.

"Now I know," he says simply. "I know that wanting this is as natural as breathing. There's nothing wrong with me."

Snapping out of a haze of desire, the woman covers his hands with her own. She hates that he ever had those doubts.

"Of course, there isn't," she reassures him. She cranes her head to see him, and he presses his forehead to her temple, his lips brushing softly against her cheekbone as he speaks.

"I needed to experience it for myself before I could be sure," he explains, and she nods in understanding.

"I'm glad I could give that to you." She lets go, and his hands begin to move again, the desire rising and rushing through her the moment his touch resumes.

The man speaks quietly in her ear. "Let me give this to you."

He grows quiet then, focusing on her. His cock is hardening again, pinned between their bodies; he can feel the pressure as her hips shift restlessly against him. He pushes his need aside, allowing her pleasure to take precedence. He knows she is just doing her job, but she's given him something no other woman has, and he's grateful. An orgasm for her is the least he can do.

One of the woman's arms comes up to wrap around the back of his neck, her fingers threading through his hair. She is slick and open to his fingers; he can feel her thighs trembling when his thumb hits just the right spot on her clit. He isn't gentle with her, though she knows if she gave him the slightest hint she was uncomfortable, his touch would instantly soften. She likes the rough way he's manhandling her body and the confidence of his touch.

She cups one of her breasts in her other hand, her thumb toying with the stiff peak of her nipple.

"Yesss," he hisses in her ear as he watches, his hands moving faster when he feels her body tense against his.

"Edward," she pants, the familiar buildup rushing over her.

"I want you to come," he whispers. "Come as hard as I did, Isabella. I need to see that."

The dark-haired woman rarely feigns pleasure with a client; she's more likely to tone them down to make them prettier and more appealing. But this is raw and all her. This is the way she comes when she's in bed with a man she's dating or alone. This is the way she feels when she's utterly and completely herself.

She's hardly even thinking anymore as she rocks against him, seeking out his touch and the pleasure it brings. By the time the orgasm hits, she's mindless, falling apart with one curl of his strong fingers.

The woman's head is whirling, her body trembling in the strong circle of the man's arms. She can do nothing but gasp and struggle to breathe for a moment, while he gently lifts her and lays her on the bed beside him. His palm is warm as it settles onto her stomach, his thumb rubbing soothing circles onto her skin.

Drifting, untethered—except for his arms around her—she wonders how it is that his touch has brought out this side of her, when she was the one who was supposed to be teaching him something new.

The man tucks her closer, his breathing deep and steady, although she knows he's still awake. Her eyes are closed as she turns to him, blindly seeking his lips. They meet hers immediately, soft and sweet, and she loses herself in the kiss.

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