Notes: We had absolutely no intention of revisiting these two until we found out it was Livie's birthday. Some friends organized a blog with picture prompts, and lots of people wrote short (500 word) stories. None of the prompts spoke to us, so we decided to do 500 words each and do an outtake of this story. Livie has been this story's biggest champion, and Ooza was kind enough to post it on the birthday blog. So, happy birthday to Livie, and we hope you enjoy this brief glimpse of Assward and Tartella.

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The man's breath rushes out of him when his body hits the mattress. He laughs and stretches his arms above his head, anticipation curling in his belly. He bites back a groan when he feels the bed dip, and a warm hand comes to rest on the small of his back.

"Mmm. Look at you, Edward. I love it when you're like this."

The voice behind him is sweet and low, and the man closes his eyes, struggling not to roll his hips into the sheets.

"So impatient," the woman murmurs, shifting closer to place one knee between Edward's legs.

"Bella," he manages unsteadily. "Don't tease me."

Edward holds his breath when Bella moves to hover over him, the tips of her breasts brushing his left shoulder.

"Oh, come on ... you love it when I tease, baby," she says, her lips close to his ear. "Don't you?"

Edward opens his mouth to retort but freezes when Bella lowers her hips, pressing her body against him. Leather straps rasp lightly over his skin before the weight of his favorite dildo comes to rest against his ass cheek. The words that Edward planned to utter are lost in a wanton groan.

"That's what I thought," Bella says, leaning further forward to press a kiss against Edward's mouth.

The smooth slide of Bella's tongue between Edward's lips spurs him to move. He rolls to one side, quickly sweeping Bella's slim form into his arms The moment softens briefly, becoming more gentle as the lovers kiss, murmuring sweetly against each other's lips. Edward's breath catches when the head of the dildo presses against his cock, sending a jolt of arousal through him.

"Oh, God," he breathes, biting his lip as his body throbs.

Bella kisses him once more. "Hold that thought, sweet man."

Edward lies with one arm over his eyes, his excitement mounting as he listens to Bella's movements. The click of the lube bottle, the sound of fingers being slicked, Bella's low hum of encouragement as she urges him onto his back and spreads his legs.

Goosebumps rise along Edward's skin when one cool finger traces his balls, circling his entrance before pushing slowly inside. His breath stutters, his heart pounding harder when another finger slides beside the first. He moans when two become three.

Edward drops his arm, his eyes searching for Bella's, and his chest tightens when she smiles.

Bella kneels before him, aligning the dildo with Edward's body before slowly pressing forward. He breathes deeply, biting his lip against the sting, groaning when Bella's hips meet his. The pain fades when Bella begins to rock against him, becoming the pleasure Edward craves.

Edward's hands tremble at Bella's waist, tugging her against him. He loves this: Bella's weight between his legs, the slide of the toy in his ass, her hands braced against his chest. He raises his legs, gasping when Bella shifts her weight, and his eyes fall shut as pleasure surges through him, expanding almost too quickly.


Edward's voice is thin and strained when he speaks. "Too soon, oh God, too soon."

Bella's movements slow, becoming easy and languid. The toy slides across Edward's prostate, dragging back and forth with exquisite intensity, making him gasp.

"It's so good, Bella," he pants. "God, it's always so good."

The first time Bella pegged him was incredible, but it's that much better now. She knows every tiny nuance of Edward's reactions, and conversely, he knows hers.

Bella looks down at him, her warm brown eyes shining and full of something he can't quite pinpoint. She leans down to kiss him, and Edward cranes his neck to make it easier, needing to feel her lips on his.

Three months have passed in a flash. Bella's life has begun to intertwine with Edward's; she holds lessons at his store, and he sold a violin to one of her students. The nights they spend at the symphony are something they both treasure. Edward worried that Bella would be melancholy, and miss her lost chance to become a concert violinist, but she adores the performances.

Sometimes Bella's happiness is nearly overwhelming; she can scarcely believe it's real.

Her movements are purposeful again when she sits up. She wraps one hand around Edward's cock, slowly stroking. He's hard, so hard, and he gasps, gritting his teeth against the pleasure. Bella loves to watch him like this, on the knife edge of coming.

Bella's cheeks flush as she struggles to keep from thrusting harder inside him. The toy they are using is double-ended, and she can get off while she fucks Edward, something the both love.

They've explored so many fantasies together, but when it comes down to it, the two of them in a large, comfortable bed, touching and tasting each other is always the best. It doesn't matter which of them are on the receiving end of things, it's about the connection.

"Are you close?" Edward asks roughly, his hands coming up to toy with her nipples. Bella can see the tremor in his hands and knows he can hardly think straight at the moment. His hands always look so large against her body, rough against her delicate skin, and she craves the feel of his callouses against her sensitive flesh.

Bella's thighs shake, her stomach quivering as she leans in to get the perfect angle. She's so close and she can feel Edward's cock surge in her hand. "Come, baby," she whispers, her body clenching around the toy as she snaps her hips forward, hearing Edward's wanton groan when his release pulses over her hand. Bella throws her head back, her body spasming as she comes, too until she collapses onto Edward's chest, gasping at the intensity of her pleasure.

Edward cups her cheek in his hand, staring into her eyes. His voice is quiet and hoarse with emotion when he speaks. "I love you, Bella."

Bella's smile is joyous as she stretches up to kiss him. "I love you, too, baby."

Notes: So, we each wrote half of this. Can you tell which of us wrote which part? And what did you think of it?

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