Ichigo had been listening to Mayuri ramble on for hours. He wished that the Shinigami would just shut up and remove the piece of machinery attached to Ichigo's forehead that prevented him from sleeping. He felt as though he hadn't slept in eight days and that he was going to be sick from five cups of coffee that had been forced down his throat.

Closing his eyes, Ichigo continued to listen to Mayuri's babbling. Though now his eyes were closed, he couldn't see that Mayuri had picked up a remote.

Ichigo screamed as every bone in his fingers, legs and feet shattered. Everything broke at once and felt worse than the time he'd broken his knee cap falling down the stairs. Anger began to bubble in Ichigo's chest, but the pain kept it suppressed, at least for now.

'Feed me your anger Ichigo,' he could feel the breath on his ear from Shirosaki's sultry purr. Ichigo hissed as another wave of pain shot up his spine, but he swallowed back his anger and pushed Shirosaki as far back in his mind as he possibly could.

"That was good, wasn't it?"

Ichigo fell for Mayuri's taunting. "Go to hell!"

Mayuri grinned. "Your temper sure has risen."

Ichigo let out a beastly scream containing all of his emotions: pain, suffering, loss, depression, worthlessness... hate, anger, bloodlust and rage. Ichigo's eyes, his usual brown swirling in gold, shot Mayuri a nasty glare that had even the mad scientist's hairs standing tall. Mayuri pounded his hand against the switch beside him and stepped back in fear.

The switch Mayuri hit caused a strong burst of electricity to crack through the metal slab beneath Ichigo. Ichigo screamed again, nothing but pain in this one.

Everything came to an abrupt halt. Ichigo's eyelids were half closed, his chest heaving from exhaustion and his body exhausted from the pain. His brain couldn't form any means of logic and left Ichigo at the mercy of whatever Mayuri had to say...

Or maybe, whatever Shirosaki had to say.

'Now's your chance Ichigo. Give up the crown, accept me or Mayuri will pound you until there's nothing left. Everything you love will be gone, and you'll drown in your fears.'

"I... can't..." Ichigo whispered out of Mayuri's ear shot.

Shirosaki ran his fingers over Ichigo's eyes and slowly shut them. He closed Ichigo's lips, then pinched Ichigo's nose shut and hissed, 'I warned you what would happen if you continued to be arrogant. Now I'll keep my promise.'

Ichigo's eyes shot open. He struggled against the restraints and whipped his head back and forth, but nothing would supply him with any more oxygen. Just as Ichigo passed out, Mayuri brought another needle to Ichigo's skin.

This time the liquid was black. It entered Ichigo's body and turned Ichigo's skin white, despite the opposite color. It raced throughout his body and turned everything white before the content of the needle was ever completely injected.

Ichigo's muscles loosened, his eyelids fell closed and his lips pressed themselves together. All machinery and equipment seemingly rolled off Ichigo's body and hit the floor with a loud clatter. His shihakusho and hakama grew across his legs, arms and torso, restoring themselves to a time where they weren't torn.


A white skinned and black nailed hand appeared around Mayuri's throat. Before choking him, the arm attached threw Mayuri back into a table. "Interesting?" Ichigo spoke, Shirosaki the one in control, "I was just about to say the same thing."

Ichigo woke to darkness. He sat up, his scenery that of familiar sky scrapers yet inverted in color. Ichigo was quick to realise this and almost immediately his hand shot to his chest.

"I don't know if you haven't noticed yet."

Ichigo's heart skipped a beat. Shirosaki's fingers ghosted across his neck and he found himself melting to the touch.

"I'm not heartless Ichigo. I have no hole."

The gentle touched turned painful. Shirosaki took hold of Ichigo's chin with a deathly, inhuman grip and threw him into a building.

As the dust and debris began to fall, Shirosaki began to shout. "You're so naïve! You never once took time to listen to me! NOT ONCE!"

Ichigo's eyes widened and only grew wider as Shirosaki flashed away only to reappear in front of him.

"I'm going to make you suffer," Shirosaki promised. He slowly dragged his finger down the center of Ichigo's torso, stopping purposefully before the orangette's pants. "It could have been much easier Ichigo, much easier... But you wouldn't listen, would you? Could've had yourself a horse..." Shirosaki slowly brought his sword to Ichigo's arm. "But now you've got yourself a King." And he thrust his blade through Ichigo's flesh.

Mayuri trembled beneath Ichigo's eyes, though he masked his fear with a successful smile.

Ichigo tongue, shockingly blue in color, ran along his upper lip as a grin curled up the tip of his lips. His sword, Zangetsu, materialized on his back, covered in a thick layer of black bandages.

"Welcome to this world, my-"

"Yours?" Ichigo laughed, his voice empty and echoing slightly. "You say I belong to you? No... I belong to none, that is the point of being free."

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