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"blah" normal talking

blah thinking

"blah" Bijuu/Summon talking

blah Bijuu/Summon thinking

BLAH! sound effects

"blah" flashback talking

blah flashback

It was warm sunny day, two figures were running among the branches of the trees. Both of them no older than 6 years old. One dressed in a gray shirt with navy blue cargo pants with a shuriken pouch on his right leg. The other wearing a purple shirt wearing black cargo pants with a shuriken pouch on his left leg. (kudos to those who already figured out who these two are)

"Do you see them" the one with the gray shirt asked

"No, no signs of anyone being through this part of the forest either" the other answered. The two rested on the branches of the tree, listening for anything out of the ordinary, as the wind blew at them.

NOW! the two instantly leaped off the branches, onto the ground just before the branches were pierced with kunai with explosive tags attached to them.


"That was close" the two said.

clap clap

The two turned around to see a ten year old blonde haired boy with whisker marks wearing black cargo pants with bandages wrapped around his right leg, a dark blue shirt that had an orange stripe on the side, he was also wearing a black trench coat with orange flames on the bottom.

"Hi big brother" the two said

"That was good work, Ranmaru, Yukimaru, you were able to dodge the explosion in time" Naruto stated making the kids blush at the praise.

"Come on, we should be getting back, it's about lunchtime" said the blonde

"Okay" the two six year olds said and followed Naruto back to camp.

"Hey Ranmaru" Naruto said getting the child's attention " How are you doing, you know. Getting used to walking"

"I'm fine. I'm glad Lady Tsunade was able to fix my legs" Naruto smiled at the comment

"Yeah it was great, Grandma Tsunade fixed your legs." the blonde stated

"It's been 3 months since we last saw her, Shizune, and Tonton. I wonder how they're doing" Yukimaru said

"She's probably gambling" naruto said

"Yep, gambling" the six year olds said in unison, as the three walked into a clearing, where the rest of the group was.

"Oh, I was just about to go get you three" Hinata said as she spotted them. Hinata's hair had grown to the middle of her back and she still wore her blue color contacts to hide her byakugan. She still kept the sunglasses that Naruto got for her 2 years ago. She now wore a lavender jacket with a dark blue t-shirt underneath and she wore black cargo pants. She kept all of her weapons in her shuriken pouch, she kept her medical supplies in her jacket.

"I doubt you would have to go get them, once they smell food they'll start stampeding towards it" Guren said. She still wore her hair in a pony tail, she wore a kimono style camellia shirt with navy blue cargo pants.

"Guren" Hinata scolded

"Come on, Hinata, don't deny it" a mint haired girl stated. Fu's hair had grown past her shoulder blades, she wore a fishnet shirt over her white tank top, she wore a white skirt with a slit on the side with black leggings.

"I agree with Fu" in a swirl of sand a red haired boy appeared. Gaara no longer carried around his gigantic gourd, he now had a regular sized gourd that contains all of the sand, thanks to Naruto's knowledge of fuinjutsu. (I'm terrible at describing what Gaara is wearing, but Gaara is basically wearing the clothes he wore at the chunnin exam.)

"I second that statement" a white haired boy said as he emerged from the woods with an armful of firewood. Kimimaro wore an over-sized white t-shirt so he could fight with his bloodline limit, he also wore gray cargo pants he kept his weapons and first aid kit in the pouch that was attached to his right hip.


"Now, now, let's all settle down, even if it's true" a certain feminine looking boy stated as he walked into the camp with a certain white rabbit in his arms. Haku was wearing a dark blue kimono style shirt with a gray undershirt and was wearing gray cargo pants his medical supplies were kept in a pouch that was on his left hip, his weapons were kept in a pouch on his right hip.

"At least act like you don't agree would ya" the blonde sighed

"Come on, lunch is about ready to eat" Hinata stated as she served them cup ramen.

"Awesome! Ramen!" Naruto yelled as he accepted the cup and immediately chowed down.

"Seriously if we didn't force you to eat your vegetables, you would have eaten ramen for the rest of your life " Guren sat down and accepted the cup ramen.

"Ramen is the food of the gods!" the whiskered blonde yelled

"Says the one who practically inhales the stuff" mumbled Haku as he ate his ramen.

"Did you say something Haku" Naruto asked

"Me? uh nothing" Haku went back to eating ramen

"The only reason we're eating ramen is because Naruto won a years supply of ramen in a raffle" Kimimaro said

What are the chances of him actually getting the ramen, he must have some kind of devil's luck, the white haired boy thought

"Come on, ramen isn't that bad" Naruto said

yes it is! thought a certain fox

"It's to late to take anything back, so just eat the food" Fu said while eating her ramen

"Yeah, we can't exactly be picky about food, while we're traveling on the road" Gaara commented


"That was good" Naruto exhaled

"You could at least say excuse me" Guren stated


"excuse me" Naruto said after the second burp causing the others to sigh.

"Remind me again, why you like this guy" Guren asked Hinata.

"Guren" Hinata scolded

"I would also like to know" Fu stated

"Fu! Not you too!" Hinata cried


Everyone turned to see Ranmaru and Yukimaru wiping their mouth.

"excuse us" they said in unison


"OW! WHAT DID I DO!" Naruto yelled while rubbing his face

"You're corrupting Yukimaru and Ranmaru is what you're doing!" Guren screamed while being held back by both Haku and Hinata

"This sure is weird group isn't it" Kimimaro stated

"Yeah, but there's no where else I would rather be" claimed the red haired jinchuriki

"Yeah, me too" he replied as they watched the group fight

"We should probably stop them before it gets out of hand" Kimimaro stated as they saw Guren trying to stab Naruto with a crystal kunai while being held back by Hinata, Haku, and Fu.

"Yeah we probably should" Gaara said and then opened his gourd and commanded the sand to apprehend Guren.

"Guren calm down, killing Naruto won't set a good example for Ranmaru and Yukimaru" Gaara stated

"Fine" she said then Gaara released her from the sand. The group then started to clean out the campsite and started to get ready to leave.

"Hey guys" Naruto said getting everyone's attention, "I've been thinking maybe we should start a village"

"A village?" they repeated

"Yup" he said

"And why would we do that" Haku asked

"I don't mean right now, I mean when we get tired of travelling we can find a place of our own and make a village. Our own ninja village." the blonde stated

"No offense Naruto, but we're not much of a village, we're just a group of kids" Guren replied

"Then we'll get more people to join our group" he said

"More people?" Yukimaru and Ranmaru said

"Yeah, people like us" he said

"Like us" Kimimaro said

"People that are treated as trash" Naruto stated

"people that want love" Gaara said

"that want a place to be accepted" Fu added

"that want to be noticed" Haku inquired

"that want to find their reason to live" Kimimaro said

"that don't want to be weak" Hinata said

"that want to be praised" Guren spoke

"that have nowhere to go" Ranmaru smiled

"that have nobody else" Yukimaru finished

"A village for those who are outcasts and have nowhere to go" Naruto stated, "So whose agrees with me"

"I'm in" Guren said

"We agree" Haku and Hinata stated

"Us too" Yukimaru and Ranmaru said Gaara and Kimimaro nodded in agreement

"YATTA! Hey can the name of our village be ramen?" he said

"NO!" they all yelled

meanwhile in an unknown location

"Lord Orochimaru, Jugo has escaped!" stated a man

"Leave him be, I already have all the data I need" said a snake-like man.

"But lord orochi-" the man was interrupted

"Are you going to disobey me." said Orochimaru

"No, lord orochimaru, I'll leave you alone now my lord" said the man and he left. Little did they know that someone else took the chance to escape as well.

whiteicewolf: Thanks to all of the people who waited patiently for this story to come out, just so you know Naruto, Hinata, Gaara, Fu, are 10 years old. Haku and Kimimaro are 12 years old, Guren is 14 years old, Yukimaru and Ranmaru are 6 years old.

and this is the list of people who are going to join the group







Shion (from shippuden movie)

Amaru (shippuden movie)

Sora (from anime)

Hotaru (from anime)


I would also like to know which one of these characters would you like to join the group first. VOTE NOW!

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