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The group of travelling children were now resting in their hotel room. Hinata and Haku reading their medical books, Guren was reading her earth jutsu scrolls. Yukimaru, Ranmaru, and the rabbit Yuki were watching Jugo talk with the birds that were on the windowsill.

"We're back" Fu said as she, Gaara,and Kimimaro entered the hotel room with food supplies.

"Where's Naruto?" Hinata asked

"He's out buying metal, he's thinking about forging more weapons" Fu yawned.

Naruto was now holding a box filled with metals and was heading back to the hotel room.

it's not the best, but it'll do for now, Naruto thought as he walked passed the different people. He abruptly stopped.

Hey brat! Why'd you stop Kyubi said. Naruto looked at the bustling crowd of people on the street.

"Nothing, probably my imagination," he then turned around and headed back towards the hotel room.

"I'm back" Naruto said as he entered the room.

"Big brother" Ranmaru and Yukimaru said in unison

Those two are getting more in-sync everyday, he chuckled as he set the box down.

"They didn't have a weapons shop, so I just got some metal from a blacksmith, it's not the best, but it's pretty good quality"

"Good, we're spending enough money on your ramen purges as it is" Haku stated

"Well ,sorry that I enjoy good food" Naruto answered.

"Enjoying food is when you savor it. Not devouring up to ten more bowls of it" Haku replied.

"Everyone's entitled to their own opinions" the blonde retorted

"Since we're on the subject of food. Who wants to eat?" Guren asked as she stood up.

"We do" the youngest two children stated

"So ramen?" Naruto suggested

"NO!" came the reply of the others

After having a thoughtful discussion of what to eat. The discussion consisting of Naruto and Haku fighting about ramen and money. So after all of that they decided to settle for a barbecue restaurant.

"I still don't see why we couldn't go to a ramen shop" Naruto mumbled as the group waited for the meat to cook.

"Naruto", Haku said looking at Naruto, he had a cheshire grin and looked about ready to kill a person. "Say anything about ramen again, and I will cut off your private parts" Naruto shivered along with all of the other males that heard that promise.

"Haku isn't that going a bit overboard" Fu said she was then met with Haku's cheshire grin and shivered in fear. "Fu don't push me"

"Haku, that's enough, let's just get back to eating the barbecue" Hinata said

"Um, guys" Kimimaro said making everyone look at him.

"The meat is starting to burn" Gaara stated.


"Kimimaro, Gaara, why didn't you say anything before" Naruto said while trying to save a piece of meat.

"You didn't ask" they said in unison causing others to sweat drop.

"You guys really need to work on your social skills" Guren muttered. The rest of the group nodded in agreement as they finished their meal.

"Aah that was good meal" Naruto said as he stretched his arms while walking with the group. He felt a tug at his shirt, he looked to see Ranmaru.

"Big brother can I have the frozen stick thing" Ranmaru pointed at a vendor who was giving a popsicle to a kid.

"You mean a popsicle, sure"he said


"Huh, why not?" Naruto looked at Guren

"It's almost nighttime and there's no way Ranmaru is going to finish the popsicle when it's cold" she reasoned

"Ah, come on, don't be a wet blanket" he replied

"Guys how about we go over there" Jugo said as he pointed at a dango shop.

"That sounds good" Haku said, not to mention it would prevent a fight between Naruto and Guren.

"Tch, fine" Guren said, and then everyone entered the dango shop and then ordered a table and some sweets.

"Yummy" Yukimaru and Ranmaru said in unison while they ate their dango.

"These are good" Haku said while taking another bite, "Do you guys like them"

"Sweet" Gaara, Kimimaro, and Jugo said monotonously causing the rest of the group to sigh

Great now there are three of them, Fu thought, when she felt a chakra signature.

"You guys feel it don't you" Naruto whispered, everyone nodded in agreement

"This chakra is strange" Hinata said

"Shall we get ready to fight" Gaara asked, Naruto shook his head no

"There is no need to make a scene. The person hasn't done anything let's just go back to the hotel" Naruto then stood up and paid for the dango and left with the rest of the group.

After getting to the hotel and putting Ranmaru and Yukimaru to sleep they all had a group meeting.

"What are we going to do?" Haku asked

"Nothing" Naruto said

"What?" the rest of the group said.

"If that person was after us then we they would have already contacted us, but they show no signs of acknowledging us whatsoever" Naruto explained

"It could be a trap" Gaara said

"Even so, what should we do" Kimimaro asked

"Let's leave it as it is." Hinata said

"What?" the group said in unison.

"Like Naruto said, the person shows no signs of interest in us, plus we are low on weapons so we shouldn't be meaninglessly use them until necessary. So let's all just get a good nights sleep. Naruto can put up some security seals in our rooms just in case." Hinata said

"Sounds good to me" Fu said.

"That is the only thing we can do now" Jugo said

"Then it's decided. Now let's get ready for bed and I'll put up the security seals. We'll leave first thing tomorrow" Naruto said as he got up to put up the privacy seals and everyone else getting ready for bed

the next morning

Our group of ninjas were currently leaving town.

"Man, this blows. I was looking forward to a couple nights of sleeping on a soft bed" Fu whined

"Stop your whining you're not the only one suffering here" Naruto replied

"Anyway where are we heading" Kimimaro asked

"Southwest of here is the Land of Rivers, if we head further south after that we can get some good quality metal since they trade metals and goods with the Land of Iron." Hinata explained

"Now that I think about it the Land of Iron is pretty close to the Land of Rivers." Ranmaru said, "Since they are so close to each other shouldn't they have the same resources, and if so why do they trade with each other"

"It's what they can make with the metal that they trade with each other" Naruto said

"What they can make with it" Yukimaru repeated

"Weapons, right" Jugo asked

"Correct" Naruto said

"But shouldn't there be a lot of blacksmiths in the Land of Iron," Ranmaru asked, Yukimaru nodded in agreement.

"True, there are blacksmiths in the Land of Iron that can make weapons like kunai and shuriken, but in the Land of Rivers they have a village called the Takumi Village or The Village of Artisans. They have the ability to create special weapons through certain methods of forging and heating the metals. The Land of Iron and other ninja villages have trade pacts with the village to get those weapons," Naruto explained

"Naruto aren't you reading a scroll about how to forge a special sword?" Gaara asked

"A special sword" Kimimaro repeated, Naruto nodded.

"The sword is called a zanpakuto, the size and shape of the sword will be based on the wielder. Since a zanpakuto is the reflection of the wielder's power and soul. There can never be two identical zanpakuto. Plus the zanpakuto will only work and use its power for its wielder."he further explained.

"So zanpakuto have their own specific look. It's nice but wouldn't that be able to let others identify us by our weapon" Hinata asked

"That's the thing zanpakuto in their primary state look like regular katanas" Naruto said

"Primary state?" Jugo asked

"yeah, when the wielder receives a zanpakuto, the zanpakuto has a soul and a name. The primary state is when the sword is ordinary and there are no defining features showing that you are not really fighting to your potential, the next stage is when your zanpakuto gains a specific form, it is when you are able to hear the name of your zanpakuto spirit, and the last stage is called bankai, I don't really read much about it, but it's when you are able to fully use your zanpakuto's power to the fullest. If you are able to control your chakra, your zanpakuto will be able to return to its primary state until you call upon its other form" Naruto explained.

"Wow there's a lot to zanpakuto are there" Yukimaru said, Naruto nodded

"That reminds me, Hinata aren't you studying a new technique" Guren asked, all heads turned to Hinata.

"Yeah, it's called the Thread technique" Hinata said (Just so you know I got this from an anime/manga called Get Backers, it's not my idea)

"You read about it from the scrolls, right" Fu asked, Hinata nodded,"What's the thread technique anyway?"

"It's a secret" Hinata smiled evilly

"That's not fair, we want to know" Naruto whined

"You'll find out you just have to be patient" Hinata replied

"Aww, c'mon!"

After entering into the Land of Rivers and walking for a couple more hours they finally decided to rest.

"Thank goodness" Fu said as she sat down in the shade of a tree.

"Let's rest here for awhile, there should be a town a couple miles from here" Haku said.

"Yukimaru, Ranmaru, can you go get some water from the river, it should be to the east, not far from here" Hinata asked as she handed them some canteens.

"Okay" they said as they grabbed the canteens.

"Be careful you two" Guren said

"We will" they said as they left. Once the two were out of sight, the groups expression became serious.

"We know you're there how about you come out" Naruto said

"Heh, I thought you guys didn't know" a voice came from the shadow of the trees.

"It would be nice if we were to talk to a face instead of a shadow" Gaara said.

"Fine" the person then stepped out of the shadows, revealing himself

"You've been following us ever since we left town. Why?" Kimimaro asked

"I believe you know a certain someone that I am looking for" the person said

"Who are you?" Fu questioned

"Isn't it considered bad manners to ask a person to introduce themself while you have yet to introduce yourselves"

"You've been following us the entire day, bad manners should be the last thing on your mind" Haku stated.

"Fine, I'll introduce myself" he said

"It is a pleasure to meet you, My name is Suigetsu"

Ranmaru and Yukimaru were currently at the river filling up the canteens with water.

"That should be the last of it" Yukimaru said as he filled up the last canteen. He stood up and saw the Ranmaru was looking upstream.

"Ranmaru, what's wrong, we have to get back to the group" Yukimaru said

"There's something up the river" Ranmaru said,"I'm going to go check it out" and ran upstream

"Ranmaru wait!" Yukimaru yelled as he went after him.

"Ranmaru, we should get back, the others might start to worry" Yukimaru said as Ranmaru continued to look around.

"In a second, I'm pretty sure I saw something" Ranmaru said

"What could you possibly have seen, there are boulders everywhere, are you sure it wasn't just a bird" Yukimaru said while walking around and then tripped, "Ow" he then looked to his right.

"Yukimaru, are you okay" Ranmaru ran over to him.

"I think I found what you saw" Ranmaru looked to where Yukimaru was pointing and saw an unconscious boy behind a boulder

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