Drum roll please...I present...'What Crazy Ass Takeo Saw in His Room That Day' by Ladie in Lace. Just kidding, that is not what it's called. It's called 'Somewhere Hotter' actually, the only chapter to ever have a real name. Well, epilogue, whatever. Any who, here you go my lovely humans, insane Takeo Kobayashi's POV.

Takeo grinned as a small female nurse secured the leather straps around his wrists.

"You remind me of my wife you know." he said silkily, causing her to glance at him for a brief second. Takeo's smile widened.

"Want to hear a secret?" he whispered as she secured his leg tightly. She glanced upwards once again, but said nothing. Takeo leaned forward as far as he could go.

"I killed her." he whispered. The nurse didn't react how he had wanted, however. She was unfazed.

She's gotten used to dealing with people like me…

Crazy people, right? But I'm not crazy; I just have inhumane hobbies is all. It's not my fault society doesn't accept them…

Takeo snickered as the nurse's smooth dirty blonde hair cascaded over his face as she began securing the strap holding his head to the chair.

"I don't know if anyone has ever told you this, but your hair smells beautiful." he purred. She didn't even look at him.

Oh, how the courting of women has changed. You pay them a compliment, and they don't even say thank you. What is this world coming to?

Takeo hissed as she secured the restraint on his waist tighter than he would have liked. He glared at her, and she smiled.

"Oops." she said smugly. She then turned and stood beside a rectangular machine about her height with a few glass tubes attached to the side. The tubes were filled with poisonous looking liquid.

Takeo glowered at her. She glared back as she shoved an IV-like tube into his arm. It stung.

If only you knew what I could do to you. That would wipe the smug look off your rotten face.

Takeo turned his head to look through the window.

His eyes widened when he saw them enter the viewing room.

His toys had come to see him off.

There they were, so beautiful, so perfect, and so rare. Takeo sighed when he thought of what they could have been. They could have been his trophies, his lovely statues. They could have been a part of his collection in the basement. They would have forevor stayed young and beautiful in his private collection of toys.

Stupid, so stupid, how could they have been so dimwitted? Why didn't they just allow me to save them, save them from the world?

Takeo snickered.

Of course the electrocution and death would be painful, but it is a small price to pay for eternal beauty and youth…even if you are dead.

I wonder what they will do with all my trophies from the basement. Bury them? I hope not. I miss them all already, if only I could have said goodbye to them all…

Takeo began to grin as he watched the twins speak to a large guard.

At least I got to see them once more.

Kaoru and Hikaru turned and watched him through the glass. Takeo loved it; he loved the attention from the twins. He loved that they were watching him, taking him in.

And he took them in as well. He looked at their beautiful golden eyes, their soft orange hair, and their flawless porcelain skin. They were like gods.

Every curve and bump on their bodies, every feature, was absolutely perfect.

The thought of them made him want to purr.

Takeo caught Kaoru's eye and grinned wider. Kaoru was his favorite.

There was something different about Kaoru, something that set him apart from Hikaru. It was his innocence. Hikaru was older, tougher, and stronger. Kaoru was softer, younger, and less exposed. He was sweeter. Takeo was drawn to that.

Takeo loved innocence. And he loved destroying it.

It's too bad I didn't get more time with Tama. The kill would have been so much more delightful if I could have choked him, if I could have felt my fingers around his neck, if I had seen the light leave his eyes…

But no, he got away before I could see him die, the little tramp. How dare that trash run away with my most beautiful prize? How dare he touch Kaoru with his dirty hands?

That useless, disgusting, ungrateful-

Takeo's smile faltered as a flicker of movement caught his eye.

He looked to the corner of his room, where he had seen something move, and his eyes widened in horror.

No. No. There is no way. It is not possible. IT ISN'T POSSIBLE!

Takeo had prepared himself for death! He had forced himself to stay calm, to accept it! He was going to die peacefully, strong, and brave!

But what Takeo saw was going to crumble his calm and composure.


He stood there.

He stood there as he had stood before him when he was alive. He looked real as could be.

He didn't look like a ghost, no he looked normal, clad in black as he always had been.

But there was something different.

Takeo couldn't place it…

He's smiling.

Tama doesn't smile.

Takeo gasped as his son stepped a little closer, Tama's smile fading a little.

Tama's dead. He isn't there. I am going insane, that's all.

Tama brought one hand up to his own neck and pointed one finger.

He isn't real.

Tama pulled his pointed finger across his own throat, making an obvious statement.

'You are going to die'

Takeo lost it. He screeched at the top of his lungs in fear, fear of Tama, fear of death.

His carefully built up composure crumbled like a brick wall, allowing all of his panic to escape. Takeo screamed and pulled at his restraints. They wouldn't budge.

He looked up, searching for a way of escape, hoping that his hallucination of Tama had vanished.

Tama hadn't disappeared. In fact, he had been joined by others.

His other prizes.

They watched him as he struggled, their perfect faces emotionless. He had gotten his wish. He had seen them all once again.

"Goodbye." Tama whispered. Takeo screeched. His son was beside him, staring at him with large blue eyes.

"This isn't goodbye! I'm coming into your world soon enough." Takeo hissed at Tama as the rest of the boys surrounded his chair, their once wonderful faces horrifying him beyond belief.

Tama chuckled softly and shook his head.

"Sorry dad, you're not coming with us. You're going somewhere a little…hotter."

Takeo screeched and closed his eyes as his vision began to fade.

Darkness took him.

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