Chapter 1

Everyone in the great hall quieted down when Dumbledore stood. "This year we have an exchange student from Durmstrang. He has been placed within Slytherin house. Please show him the proper Hogwarts hospitality."

Many of the students clapped.

"Alright. Dinner is served." Dumbledore clapped his hands and food appeared and filled the table.

Alphonse nudged his brother, Edward, in the ribs.

"What Al?" Edward asked as he waited from his cup to fill with pumpkin juice.

"That's the guy." Al said gesturing with his head toward the new exchange student.

Edward turned to look; he first noticed the black and green cloak that announced which house he belonged to. The teen had short, black hair and had a semi-tan complexion. Edward returned to his dinner, he didn't care. As a Gryffindor, he knew that the Slytherin would most likely be a jerk, just like the other Slytherins. Edward ate with his house and returned to the rooms to sleep and prepare for the beginning of the semester.


Professor McGonagall was five minutes into her lecture of transfiguring when the new Slytherin student walked in. He flashed a dazzling smile to some Ravenclaw girls.

"If you are done strutting like a peacock, can you take a seat so I can continue my lecture Mr. Mustang."

"Sure. Sorry about being late, I got a little lost." Roy smiled and sat next to a Huffelpuff girl. He smirked and she blushed.

"Get your stuff Mustang. You need a place to learn, you are having too much fun."

Roy sighed and stood.

McGonagall pointed to a desk beside a blond, whose hair looked almost golden.

Roy looked and saw that she was in Gryffindor, Roy smiled. At least McGonagall had nice taste in women. Roy walked over and sat beside her.

"Maybe Mr. Elric can teach you a thing or two Mr. Mustang."

Mr. Elric?! Wait… that means that she is a…? Roy face palmed, the witch had tricked him.

Edward rolled his eyes, to him, this guy was an idiot.

"Now, as review from last year, we will be transfiguring rats into teacups without reciting a spell." McGonagall passed out rats.

"This is so pointless." Roy muttered as he quickly transfigured his rat, without any problem. Roy looked over to Ed and saw that he too already transfigured his rat.

As McGonagall helped others, Roy sat bored. He looked at Edward and noticed him constantly reading.

"Whattcha reading?" Roy asked, bored of being silent.

"It's nothing." Edward said and closed the book.

"What? Is it naughty?" Roy smirked.

"No!" Edward said a bit too loudly, blushing when some students turned to look at what caused his outburst. "It's not important." Edward whispered.

Roy looked at the cover. "You like alchemy? Isn't that a muggle concept?"

Edward nodded. "It's a combination of science and magic. It's actually really interesting. My father was an alchemist." Edward paused, he was babbling to a Slytherin. He opened his book and continued to read.

Class continued on and the two didn't speak to each other very much. They were constantly being paired up though. They were paired in defense against the dark arts, divination, charms, and care of magical creatures.

Roy walked in for the final class of the day for him, potions with Professor Snape. Roy walked in and was immediately assigned to sit beside Edward and smiled. "What a coincidence."

"Yeah. It's wonderful." Edward said sarcastically as he tied up his long hair, making it into a bun. "Do you have the same schedule as me or something?"

Roy took out his schedule and Edward looked it over.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Roy had hour long sessions in transfiguration, defense against the dark arts, divination, charms, care of magical creatures, and potions. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, He had 45 minute sessions in ancient runes, muggle studies, arithmancy, herbology, astronomy, and history of magic.

"This is my schedule class-by-class."

"I guess we better get to know each other then."

Edward sighed.

"You don't like me." Roy said.


"Can I ask why you don't like me?" Roy asked.

Edward wanted to say that because Roy was Slytherin and he was Gryffindor, they were destined to fight, but that sounded very petty. "I don't get along with most people." Edward answered, it wasn't a lie though. He didn't socialize much, besides with his brother and their childhood friend, Winry from Huffelpuff.

"I've heard you called only Mr. Elric. Do you have a first name?" Roy asked.

"It's Edward."

"Like that vampire in those muggle books?"

Edward laughed.

"No. Talking. In my class." Snape said as he walked up behind the two.

"Yes sir." They said in unison.

Roy waited till Snape walked away. "So, your 16 huh?" Roy asked, knowing he had just asked a dumb question. Everyone in their grade was the same age.

Edward shook his head. "I'm only 15." He whispered.

"What? Really?"

"Yeah. I jumped a year."

"So you are like more than super smart, you are a genius."

Edward smiled. "You can say that."

"Mr. Elric and Mr. Mustang." Snape called aloud.

"Yes sir?" They asked, not liking the sound of their names being called.

"Report to detention after class. You will have plenty of time to talk as you clean the bottoms of the cauldrons."

"Yes sir." They sighed.