Chapter 11

Roy looked up at the clock in the clock tower. They were leaving for Hogsmeade any minute, where was Edward?

Alphonse walked over to Roy, "My brother may not make it here today. He's a little under the weather and has to get permission from Professor Dumbledore to leave."

Roy nodded.

Al smiled. "Want to know something?"

"What?" Roy smiled, Alphonse was so innocent looking.

"He doesn't stop talking about you."

"What?" Roy asked, confused.

"Ed, he loves you."

Roy's eyes widened.

"He talks about you all the time when we are together. It's a little annoying actually, but I've never seen him so happy. All I am trying to say by this is please, don't hurt my brother."

Roy looked at Al, surprised. "What?"

"You're a Slytherin and I am just afraid that you are going to purposely crush my brother's heart."

"Alphonse, your brother is very important to me. I would never hurt him."

Al nodded. "I know."

"I even know his secret."

Al's eyes widened. "He told you?"

Roy shook his head no. "I figured it out myself. It's not that hard if you keep track of the lunar cycle and when he is out sick. Even without your reaction for reassurance, I knew I was right." Roy paused when he noticed Edward walking down the steps of the clock tower to the courtyard.

Roy walked over. "Edward?"

Edward gave Roy a sad smiled. He looked paled and had some bags under his eyes. "Sorry, but I have to cancel our date. Dumbledore says I shouldn't be out in the cold fall air like this."

"I understand. I'll bring you back something, okay?"

Edward nodded, "Have fun."

Roy walked with the rest of the students, following right behind Al. He grabbed Al's hand and turned him around. "We need to talk."