Hi everyone! I'm TitaniChipmunk as a lot of you may know and this is fanfic about Tarzan and Jane's relationship. I have already written most of the story and I'm going to continue posting this story only by popular demand. Once I get 10 favorites AND followers for the story I'll post the next chapter. I always love reading what people say about my work so reviews might encourage me to lower the standards a bit maybe even to only 5 favorites, but that is ONLY if I get 5 reviews with in the next week or so. Now here is the thing, I don't want to come on the computer and have a bunch of reviews saying "Please update," or "I'm just posting this because I want you to update," or even "this story is awsome". Please, please, please tell me WHY you like the story. That's enough for now, so sit back, relax, and happy reading. Enjoy the story!

Jane saw the parrot fly up into the trees as Tarzan approached her. She groaned. "Is Jane sad or angry?" asked Tarzan. "Well, Tarzan I'm neither sad nor angry. I'm frustrated".

"Tarzan not know frustrated".

"Frustrated is the feeling you have when something doesn't go your way."

"Oh. Tarzan think he know what you mean by frustrated. Tarzan's stick between legs sometimes goes up while he's with Jane and it makes him frustrated that it will not go down no matter how much he-"

"Alright, Tarzan!" Jane blushed and put her hands up to stop him. "That's a lesson for another day?"

"What does Jane get frustrated about?" Tarzan asked innocently.

"Well, you see this drawing?" said Jane. "I want to finish it, but I can't because the parrot that I want to draw flew away."

Tarzan studied the drawing. "Jane does not need to be frustrated about that," Tarzan said. He suddenly grabbed on to a vine a few inches above them. "Come with Tarzan. He take Jane on journey".

Jane grabbed on to Tarzan's waist and he pulled them up the vine inch by inch. She felt very comfortable with her arms around Tarzan. It made her feel happy and free. His warm body took away any frustration she previously had. How could a man be capable of such wonders?

Suddenly, Jane looked down and suddenly noticed how high up they were. She clung to Tarzan as her feet dangled down below his body. They were dangerously high and her body was swaying from side to side! What if Jane lost her grip and fell to the ground? Her body was shivering all over and Tarzan noticed.

"Is Jane alright?" He asked stopping and looking down. "Tarzan," Jane shuddered. "How far up are we going?"

"Why does Jane want to know?" asked Tarzan. Jane didn't want to embarrass herself in front of Tarzan. "Everything is fine," she said. "Just keep going up".

"If that's what Jane wants," Tarzan said as he began to continue climbing.

Oh, how high they were going and how the swaying increased. Jane looked up at Tarzan to try to take her mind off things. That helped a little but she still was terribly frightened. Finnally she couldn't take it any longer and started to weep.

How will Tarzan react? He has already asked her if she is alright. Will he take crying as an emotion that shows that everything is fine, or will his instincts tell him something is wrong? 10 favorites AND followers until the next chapter OR 5 INTERESTING reviews and 2 followers or favorites.