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Harry moaned to the feeling of the second finger filling him. The moan was silenced by the velvety dick in his mouth. He continued to suckle on his dick as Sirius started thrusting harder. The fingers were taken out, which caused Harry to make a sound of disappointment. The man lubed up his cock and positioned himself at Harry's entrance. "Are you ready Harry?" the voice asked. Harry couldn't respond, instead he moaned louder, causing Sirius to thrust deeply down his throat, momentarily choking him. Remus slicked up his cock once more before he started to push...

That's how 18 year old Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, awoke. He was covered in sweat and was panting like he had run a marathon. 'Why couldn't I wake up after he was in me?' he groaned to himself after his dick gave a throb. He put his hand down his boxers and gripped the shaft and started to move his hand up and down. He used his other hand to fondle his sac and rub around his hole. He imagined it was Remus and Sirius doing these things to him. He started to move his hand faster and put a finger in his mouth and started to suck on it, moaning in want for the two men. Pre-cum was starting to roll out of the slit and slid down onto his hand, making it easier to move. He thrust up twice before bursting cum all over his stomach.

He came down from his high feeling mournful. They would never want him, they had each other. When he first moved into 12 Grimauld Place a week ago with Remus and Sirius he never thought that they were together. Yet, the moment he caught Sirius with his tongue down Remus' throat he knew he had no chance. Saddened with that thought, he quickly put on a fake smile and cleared his throat to get their attention. They had explained to Harry that they were together since Sixth Year and that Sirius was Remus' mate. Harry still had a fake smile on and said that it was fine and he understood that they were in love. He excused himself and went upstairs to his bedroom and cried until he had no more tears left. Now he knew he had no chance. They're mates, they had each other. They would probably be disgusted with him and kick him out. He washed his face and joined them for dinner acting as though nothing was different, besides the fact that his heart was blasted in a million pieces.A week later and everything was the same. Though one night Sirius forgot to put up a Silencing Charm and Harry heard every squeak of the bed and every bump the headboard made against the wall. He had masturbated along and came as he heard Remus howl out his release. Then, he started to cry through the night passing out from exhaustion.

He let a tear slid down his cheek. 'If only things were different.' He thought wistfully. He grabbed his wand and scrougified himself before slipping back into unconsciousness.


That's how he awoke the next morning. He slid out of bed and grabbed his wand and wandered out into the hall. He mutely climbed down the stairs. He noticed a burning smell. Thinking it was left over Death Eaters, he scurried down the stairs and into the kitchen. He didn't expect to see Sirius sitting on the floor in the middle of the kitchen, in clad boxers, covered in soot, and rolling around laughing his ass off. He came out of his reverie when Remus walked into the kitchen, also in clad boxers. He glanced at the kitchen, then at Harry, winked, and yelled at the top of his lungs. "SIRIUS! WHAT IN GODS NAME ARE YOU DOING?!" Sirius immediately stopped laughing and slowly twisted his body around to face them, his face showing his nervousness. "Um…Moony…I…well…" "Yes?" Sirius glanced at the both of them then mumbled "I was trying to make breakfast, before the whole thing blew up." Remus and Harry looked at each other, then to Sirius and started laughing comically. They had tears rolling down their cheeks and holding their stomachs. "Yes. Laugh at me trying to make both of you breakfast. Ungrateful." He said good naturally. They sat down at the table as Sirius called for Kreacher. "Yes?" "Clean this up and making us breakfast." Kreacher mumbled curses under his breath before popping away.

Sirius gave Remus a kiss on the lips, missing Harry's pained look, and asked "Harry you look exhausted. Did you have another nightmare?" Remus looked troublingly at Harry. "Cub you could come to us for things like that. We'd like to help you." Harry looked away from them and glanced toward the window. "It was nothing. Honestly," he added when they looked doubtful. "We could get Snivellus to make you a Dreamless sleep." Sirius offered. Harry looked back at them and noticed that everyone was still in boxers. He started blushing "It's not nightmares." At that Sirius leered at him "Was it a naughty dream, then? Filled with topless women?" Remus hit Sirius on the back of the head, missing Harry's uninterested look. "Leave him alone, it's his dreams Sirius." Harry looked gratefully at Remus. "Harry was it about-"At that moment Kreacher popped back laying the food out onto the table which Sirius to immediately dig in.

Remus turned to Harry "Cub did you know your birthday is in two days?" Harry was shocked he'd forgotten his own birthday. He was so caught up in his misery about Remus and Sirius that it was thrown from his thoughts. "I forgot! Gods, I need to go plan who I'm inviting!" Remus chuckled "Sirius and I already did that. What do you want for your birthday?" 'Both of you' Harry thought sadly. "Um…I don't know, surprise me?" Sirius looked up and grinned widely "A surprise, eh? We'll see how that goes pup."

They all ate breakfast talking about who they had invited and what was going to happen. If they noticed Harry starring downwards when they stood up, they ignored it. Everyone left to go back to sleep (it being 5am). Harry dejectedly walked back to his room, looking back and watching as Remus and Sirius walked into their room hand in hand and shut the door.

In the room, Remus quickly cast a Silencing Charm and pushed Sirius up against the door. He kissed his lips, licking at them begging for entrance. Sirius sucked the organ into his mouth. Remus moaned and thrust against Sirius' hip. Sirius put his knee between Remus' legs and rubbed causing him to thrust down on it. Moving his mouth away to take a breath, he kissed down his jaw towards the place where the neck and shoulder meet. He kissed the mark that showed that Sirius was his mate. Sirius shivered at the feeling, he loved it when Remus paid attention to that area. Remus nibbled on the mark and murmured "Mine," in Moony's voice. Sirius tilt his head to the side, showing his submission to his alpha. Remus kissed down his chest licking and nibbling on the pointed buds. He dipped his tongue into his navel, the muscles quivering under the wonderful feeling. He licked down to the dark spot on his boxers and licked over the material. Sirius grasped Remus hair thrusting. Remus pulled the strap of the boxers down and took the head into his mouth sucking hard. "Oh Gods…Moony…" he groaned, "Fuck Moony, just like that." Remus pulled the boxers down fully. One of his hands fondled his balls, while the other was stopping Sirius from coming. He tongued along the prominent veins on the shaft before taking some of it into his mouth, moving up and down. Sirius fisted Remus hair harder before pushing him down fully on his dick, taking it to the back of his throat easily and started to hum. Sirius was shaking from how bad he wanted to cum. "Please Remus-Gods Moony, more! Ah!- let me cum!" Remus let go of Sirius cock and continued to clasp his balls rubbing back and forth. He hummed as Sirius fucked Remus' mouth. "Ugh, like that Moony? Me fucking your face? Gods you're perfect." Remus hummed again. "Ah! I'm gonna…gonna…HARRY!" he screamed as he came deeply down Remus throat.

Remus stood up and kissed Sirius chastely on the lips softly. "Don't worry Sirius; I smelt his arousal while we were eating this morning. He loves us too, Padfoot." Sirius looked up into his amber eyes. "I hope so Moony. I feel like jumping him all the time…What would Prongs and Lily say if they saw us?" Sirius looked down, but right away Remus lifted his chin and kissed him lightly, "They would be happy that it's us and not somebody else. We talked about this Padfoot. We both love him and he loves us." "I know Moony but he always looks so sad when he sees us together. I don't want to cause him any pain." Remus looked into Sirius' eyes, considering whether to tell him his hunch. "Sirius…I think…I think that Harry may be my second mate, but I'm not certain. I'll be able to tell on his birthday." Sirius looking surprised and elated that Harry may be their mate. "Remus that could be his surprise gift! If he's your mate we tell him, if he isn't we get him something with Quidditch!" Remus agreed. Together they climbed into bed snuggling down, both wondering if Harry could be their mate.

In the meanwhile, Harry had been in his room trying to sleep when he started to hear Sirius moaning and Remus (Moony) growling. His eyes filled with unshed tears. He wondered if they weren't putting Silencing Charms on purpose. Trying to make him uncomfortable, so he could leave them. He silently cried listening to his loves orgasm. Tears pattered down his cheeks and onto his pillow. He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep anymore. He got up and put on a pair of sweats. He turned to his mirror and looked at his scars. Some of them were from the war but most were from his Uncle Vernon. During the summer of his Fourth Year, he had used a knife and carved 'POOF', 'FREAK' and 'WHORE'. The last one was done before he was taken to Headquarters for the first time. He always used glamour charms to hide all the scars he collected from his uncle. The ones he got from belts, spoons, pans, and many broken bones. He sighed. 'They won't want a freak like me. Uncle Vernon was right.' More tears poured down his face. He turned and walked out of the room.

He went down stairs and sat in front of the lit fireplace reading. Ever since moving into Grimauld Place with Moony and Padfoot he wanted to become an animagus. He went through the Black Library on the third floor and found a book that guaranteed that the reader may become an animagus after 3 weeks. He'd been reading for 2 weeks now and he kept having a vision of a type of dog-like creature. He was sure going to surprise Remus and Sirius. He flipped the page and continued reading.

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