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When Bill and Sev got home, Bill immediately plopped onto the couch. Sev came down beside him. Bill moved closer to him until he was snuggled up in his side. He draped his arm around the sleeping body of his lover. 'I hope Harry has both of them by the end of this.' He looked down at his lover.

His head was snuggled under his neck with a smile playing at his lips. His body was plastered into his side with his arms around his midsection, holding tightly like he was afraid he might lose him. His knees were draw up to his chest. Severus charmed off his shoes and socks and changed him into his blue night clothes.

He picked him up bridal style and carried him over to their master bedroom. He carefully lay him down on the bed and changed his own clothes into black and golden PJ's. He slipped into their bed. Bill shifted automatically towards him and rested on his chest. Sev enveloped his arm around the others waist and both fell into deep, needed sleep.


Harry was curled up with Remus on the couch in the hospital room awake. Remus was running his fingers through his hair and whispering loving words. The door opened and Bill and Severus walked in. They both smiled at the scene and shut the door behind them. They walked towards the coffee table and lay the contents of their pockets on the table.

There were multiple tiny thick books, a small tea set and a suit case. They unshrunk the objects and handed the suit case to the two men. "We stopped by Grimmauld Place and gathered some clothes for all of you. We thought you might like some tea and Bill brought some older volumes that help with darker and more complex magic." Bill already had his head in one of the volumes while comparing them to his notes.

Harry carefully got up and opened the suit case and pulled out something for both him and Remus. They changed and drank tea with Remus. Both glanced at Sirius' bed at times but tried to focus on conversations between them and Severus. They drank their tea in comfortable silence.

"I've got it! Why didn't I think of that before!?" Bill screamed, breaking the silence." Harry and Remus looked with anticipation. "Well? What did you find?" Harry asked excitedly. Bill pulled his notebook out and gave it to Sev.

He mumbled to himself silently reading it. He paused and smiled towards his lover. "You idiot..." he said good naturedly. Harry started to fidget. "Will someone tell us what's going on, please?" Sev smiled at the fidgeting teen and explained that Bill had found a counter curse inside another counter curse that immediately removed all blocks, curses and bindings. Their faces all shown in happiness.

They all got up from the lounge and made their way to Sirius' bed. He was stiff and dead looking, which scared Harry. He had sweat on his lips and on his brows. He was pale and his hands were cold. Bill moved his hands above Sirius and started muttering in Latin the counter curse.

After 30 minutes of Bill muttering the counter curse and sweat poured off of Sirius and Bill, Sirius eyes started to move. Then his hands twitched and toes wiggled. Harry and Remus both grasped his hands. He held theirs tighter.

Slowly opened his eyes and hissed at the brightness of the room. He looked over to Remus first and smiled his charming smile. Remus smiled back and brought Sirius hand up and kissed it. Sirius looked over to Harry slowly. Harry tensed and looked away. 'I knew it didn't work,' he thought sadly, 'I don't want to see hate and disgust on his face again...' He looked down and started to pull his hand away.

But Sirius held it even tighter. Harry looked up and saw that Sirius was also smiling at him! He squeezed Sirius' hand back in return and smiled a 1000 watts smile. He slowly leaned down and brought his face closer to Sirius'. He gave Sirius a questioning look. Sirius just smiled back. He broke the gap between them and gasped at the softness of Sirius lips. Sirius took that to his advantage and slipped his tongue into Harry mouth.

They fought for dominance but Harry eventually lost. Sirius ran his tongue across his gums and teeth. Harry smoothed along the other tongue and moaned at the taste. They both pulled apart gasping when the heard the silent growl coming from Remus. Remus sat down on the bed and Sirius pulled Harry down too. He shared lazy kisses back and forth and kisses each other's necks, leaving dark hickeys and bite marks.

At the end of the session, they were all panting and rock hard. Harry put his hands on Sirius' chest and slowly slid them down towards his man hood. He tweaked a nipple and pinched another. Remus was lazily kissing Sirius' neck and face. Sirius let out a groan and Remus let out a growl. Remus licked Sirius' mate mark and whispered, "Mine..."

Harry continued his journey downwards and played with the waistband of Sirius' pants, slowly dipping his hand underneath and rubbing the prominent damp, pointed area. Sirius hissed as Harry also attached himself to Sirius' neck. Remus and Harry shared a wet kiss and continued traveling and marveling in the expanse of Sirius' shirtless body.

Sirius had both hands on Remus and Harry's clothed hard-ons. He was slowly rubbing his thumb over the heads, receiving moans and grunts. They all froze as they heard someone clear their throat. Harry turned a shade of red and hid his head in Sirius neck.

Severus was grumbling about 'we never did that in public, Bill' and Bill was smiling largely at the three men in the bed. "I think me and Sev have fixed our 'problem'. We'll just be leaving. Have fun." He said fun with a smirk and pulled a still grumbling Sev with him out the door.

They all shared a look and laughed at how draw to each other they were that they had completely forgotten that there were other people in the room. Their laughter slowly died to silent giggles. Harry looked up at Sirius and asked silently, "'re not mad at me anymore?" He had a slightly hopeful look in his eye but also a hesitant one.

Sirius looked down at his pup; he knew that Harry had been at the Dursleys for most of his life. He suspected that, of course, with the beatings came the low self-esteem and the flinches. He was saddened that his Harry had to trek through that by himself.

Harry was worried about the long silence. He glanced over at Remus. Remus' eyes had turned yellow. He was feeling the pain of his youngling, and if Sirius did not accept him there was going to be trouble with Moony. He was looking at Sirius and noticed he wasn't ignoring Harry, he was starring off into space and by what Remus smelt he knew Sirius was thinking about Harry at the Dursleys.

Remus looked back at Harry with a sad smile. "I think Sirius might be thinking about your time at the Dursleys. He's not focussed on anything in the room and he's sad." Harry looked slightly relieved that Sirius was probably not going to reject him. Harry slowly shook Sirius. "Sirius? Are you still mad at me...for liking you and Remus?" Harry didn't think that Sirius could hate him after what had just been interrupted minutes ago.

The reply he received was the most wonderful news he'd ever heard. "Of course not pup," Sirius said wide eyed. "We've wanted you since the moment you moved in. We already knew that you liked us." At Harry's shocked look he said, "Didn't Remus tell you that werewolves can smell scents and emotions?" Harry slowly took his eyes from Sirius to Remus. "What kind of emotions can you smell exactly?"

Harry was becoming nervous. "If he can smell scents and emotions, then he's probably known every time I've masturbated or even felt anything towards them. What if he's felt my insecurities and doesn't think I'll be a good mate?!" His inner dialogue was noticed by both men and Remus smelt the nervousness and insecurity coming from Harry. He sighed, "Harry, we don't think any less of you just because you liked to jerk off thinking about us or had certain feelings around us. I can tell you now that all my senses are much more advanced than the average human or wizard."

Sirius looked at Harry's disgruntled. "Harry if you have any questions you can ask them." Harry scrunched up his eyebrows in thought. Sirius thought the actions was adorable. "Remus, you said before that I'll most likely be the submissive. What does that mean exactly?" He didn't want to seem stupid in front of his mates, but he was curious about what the difference was.

Remus hesitantly answered, "You see youngling," trying the new name for Harry on his lips, "in a pack there are usually three main positions. There is the Alpha, the leader and more dominant; the Beta, considered second in command and a lesser dominant; and the Omega, the smaller and more submitting type." Harry made a face, he was much too stubborn for that. "You see pup," Sirius continued, "subs can get their pack mates or mates to do anything for them. Also, crying is the best way to get in or out of situations."

Harry's eyes had a mischievous glint. Remus smacked Sirius over the head and groaned, "Great job Siri, you just gave our youngling a way of getting anything he wants." Sirius flustered, "Just thought I'd try and console his poor soul that he wasn't considered underestimated. Right pup?" he winked at Harry, who let out attractive giggles. Harry's face slowly took a more serious slant.

"Sirius do you want to know why you were acting like you hated me." Remus was surprised that Harry started this serious conversation, "Do not underestimate our youngling," Moony's voice sounded from mind. Sirius looked at both his mates, "Who did it? Was it Ginny?" Harry turned onto his back and looked up to the white ceiling. "We think that Ron and Ginny were working together. I told Hermione that I was gay and liked both of you, I guess he overheard us because we forgot a silencing charm."

His face looked shadowed with grief. How could Ron do that to him, didn't he want Harry to be happy after all that war? "Maybe not, Ron's always been jealous of the-boy-who-lived and of my money. And he's dropped our friendship more than a handful of times."

Sirius looked pissed, "Ron the idiot that could even cast a patronus properly did that to me?" he asked incredulously. Remus looked thoughtful, "Now that I think about it after lunch he started to look a little off, could have been given liquid imperious." Everyone shuddered. All had either witnessed or felt its actions. "Do we know if that bitch went to Azkaban?" Harry and Remus looked at each other. "I didn't think to ask, but we can floo Kingsley later and ask for a report." Harry said.

Remus pulled Sirius and Harry closer to himself; Moony was starting to feel very defensive for his pack. Harry let out a content sigh lay his hand across Remus' chest and held Sirius' hand. He snuggled into the warmed provided by Remus. He couldn't believe that he was actually here, with Remus and Sirius, and that they were all mates. He felt like it was just a wonderful, bitter sweet dream. Juat waiting for it to end and to wake up in his room at Grimmauld, alone and feeling for both the men he was sharing the bed with.

Sirius and Remus watched as their little mate nodded off to sleep, adorably snuggling into Remus side, making little noises and trying to get comfortable. They shared fond smiles as he finally fell asleep, looking much like the little kid he never had time to be. They took their eyes off Harry and back to each other. Sirius brought his face closer to Remus' and gave him a soft peck on the lips. Remus couldn't help but shiver. They put their foreheads together with their eyes closed and reopened them and smiled brightly at each other. They finally had Harry after everything they still had their little mate.

Remus silently whispered to Sirius, "Harry has a little surprise for you once we're home. I think you'll love it and so will Padfoot. Moony was howling once he saw it." Sirius face took on a very hyper look he sent at Harry and Remus chastised, "Only if you're good Pads. You let him sleep. Just wait tomorrow when Bill comes to check you over and then you can see the surprise." He kissed Sirius once more before the both joined Harry in dreamland.


When Severus awoke he found Bill between his legs stroking his morning wood. He smiled down at his lover. He moaned as Bill slid his thumb over the head. "Bill..." he breathed out. Bill bent down and licked from the head to the base and brought his balls into his mouth and swallowed. Severus started to pant, "Yes, fuck Bill!" Bill slowly started to suck on the head of his cock. He tongued against the slit causing Severus to moan. He ran his long fingers through Bill's red hair. Bill started to suck farther down onto his shaft almost taking it to the base. Severus started to pant and thrust softly into Bill's throat. He could just see the outline of the head beside Bill's Adam's apple.

He started thrusting faster down and put a hand against Bill's throat and moaned as he felt the head of his cock pass down Bill's throat. He silently heard Bill start to gag, but just alittle, he'd taught Bill a lot and one of those things was deepthroat and how to sit through Severus fucking his face aggressively. He pushed down Bill's throat and held Bill in place. Bill started to swallow around his cock, doing amazing things to the head of his cock. "Shit Bill," he moaned out, " your throats so tight. Fuck, just like that."

He let Bill pull back and take a gasp of air. He was pulled back down onto Severus' cock and did a repetition. Severus started to thrust harder and faster until he held Bill down and came deeply down his throat. Loudly gasping out, "Bill!"

Severus melted back into his pillows getting his breath back. Bill kisses his way back up Severus' chest. "Morning love." he greeted softly. Severus smiled faintly. "I'm sorry Sev, but we have to go check on Harry in an hour okay?" Severus look back down to his lover. Bill sounded pained, not just from deepthroating Severus. His brows scrunched up in thought and asked softly, "Bill? Is everything okay." Bill looked away from Severus and slowly slid away and off the bed. "Yeah, yeah," he tried to say nonchalantly, "I think it's just a bug." He turned and walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

Severus sighed. Bill had been acting strangely at the hospital too. He knew there was something wrong with Bill, he just hoped it wasn't fatal. He just found Bill at the last battle, he wasn't gonna lose him now. They'd both been glancing at each other in Order meetings, but nothing was seriously happening. Only Bill was there when Severus was caught with Nagini and Voldemort. Once Nagini had left with Voldemort he'd ran to Severus side. He was misty eyed and was frantically saying, "Severus cannot go! Do you understand? You're gonna be fine. I'll bring Poppy, just wait."

Severus had promptly shut him up by bringing him into a kiss and gasping out, "There's a vial of anti-venom in my pocket." Bill had immediately taken out the vial and helped Severus. They pulled each other into a breathless kiss and had returned to battle. After the battle they'd confronted the Weasley tribe and announced their relationship. They were excepted with open arms and hearts.

Severus came out of his daydream hearing Bill throwing up. Sighing, he slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom and knocked on the door. "Bill, please open the door for me. I'll get you stomach potion to help your 'upset stomach'" he added with air quotes. Bill silently went to the door and firmly turned the handle. He gloomily looked at his lover, "If you could Sev, please." Severus took in the condition his lover was in. He look ghostly pale and shaky. He raised an elegant eyebrow, "Will you tell me why you have been throwing up and been having morning sickness?" His demeanor was arrogant but his voice showed his worry for his lover.

Bill looked away from Severus but said, "I know what is wrong...but...but I don't know if you'll want to here it, you've never seemed interested in...them." He stated in a dejected tone. Severus was starting to get worried now. He pulled Bill into his arms. "Love, whatever is wrong we'll handle it together. I love you." Bill tucked his head into Severus' neck and breathed in his scent. He moved out of Severus' arms and looked deep into his eyes and said, "Are you sure you want to here this. might leave." He sounded like a frightened child and Severus just wanted to take him back into his arms.

"Bill...Please just, tell me what's wrong. You're not...Are you...Is it something fatal?" Severus just had to ask. Bill's lips quirked, Severus was not one for stuttering. "No love, I'm not dying. Just promise you won't leave us when you find out?" Severus looked sharply at his lover. "Us? Who's 'us'?" Bill's eyes grew wide and started to tear up. "Severus please you must understand! It's probably a mistake anyway. Spells don't always work." He started frantically. Severus put his arm on Bill's shoulder, silencing him. "Bill...are you pregnant?" Bill let a tear slip down his cheeks. He shut his eyes, as if in pain. He started to shake more. "He's gonna leave me now. Please don't leave. Please..."

Severus was patiently waiting for Bill's response, he figured Bill was pregnant because of that pained look and wondered where this insecurity came from. Bill slowly reopened his eyes and silently whispered out, "Yes. Yes Severus, I'm pregnant. I'll leave as soon as I finish packing-" He didn't complete his sentence as he was pulled into a hard kiss by Severus. The kiss both left them breathless and wanting for more.

Severus slowly said. "Bill, I never want you to leave my side. If this is our child I will love it with all my heart. If you want to keep him, I want you to tell me right now." Bill's eyes opened wide and smiled. "Sev, I want to have this child with you." Severus slowly slid to one knee and took out a little square box. Bill's eyes, if possible, grew wider. "Sev..." he questioned silently. Severus took a deep breath and took Bill's hand in his. "William Markus Weasley, will you marry me?" \

Bill gasped into his other hand and asked, "This isn't because I'm pregnant is it?" Severus shook his head, "I was planning on doing it tonight in a restaurant in Paris, but it felt better doing it now because I already have it with me, you won't think I recently bought it." He smiled again and asked, "Will you marry me, Bill?" Bill smiled tearfully and said, "Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I love you." Severus put the golden ring on his finger there were small diamonds sunken into it, it looked very sparkly. They kissed passionately. They made their way to their rooms and got dressed with kisses and hugs every once in a while.

They stood hand in hand in front of the floo and slowly stepped into it headed for their Harry and to share the great and wonderful news. \


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