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Right now, she didn't know what to think. Mixed emotions swept through her. What was she thinking, dating this guy if he was just going to hurt her? First, sadness came over her and she cried on the way home. Second, anger, she never wanted to see him again, and she wasn't going to let him apologize. She knew she would see him again, at work. She wasn't ready to see him, yet. She needed some time alone.
A gust of wind made the curtains whip about. The sound waking her up and she went over to close the window when the sound of glass shattering made her jump. She turned around and saw nothing. She must be imagining things.
She closed the window and made her way back to her bed. More thoughts of Shawn filled her mind and a tear fell from her eye.
"Aw, don't cry." A soothing voice said, coming from nowhere identifiable.
Juliet sat straight up in her bed, not completely scared at the sound of somebody in her room at night. "Who said that?" her cop instincts kicked in and she jumped from the bed to retrieve her gun.
"Don't be afraid of me. I won't hurt you." the same voice spoke again. It was so familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on who it was.
"What do you want? Is this some sort of joke?" she stumbled through her words, kind of freaked out that she could not see where the voice was coming from.
"This isn't a joke, no need to worry." the voice was somewhat calming. "I want to show you something."
A young woman appeared in front of Juliet, she wore a simple, bright red dress going down to below her knees. Her hair was brunette and curly, going to her shoulders. Her face, pale. She was also barefoot. She reached her hand out, inviting Juliet to take it.
The sudden appearance of the woman startled Juliet, making her jump back a little, "Who are you?" She wasn't intimidated by the woman. "You look familiar."
The woman dropped her hand to her side, "The names Damiana. Yes, I may look familiar to you. I've appeared in many of your dreams since you started dating Shawn Spencer."
Juliet was taken aback at the statement. This woman was odd, how did she know about Shawn? "How do you know about Shawn? And I'm not dating him."
"I know everything about you, Jules." Damiana smiled, using Shawn's nickname for her, "I know about your family, your friends, your career, your thoughts."
Juliet started feeling a bit spooked, "You're scaring me, and how do you know these things?"
The woman replaced her smile with a frown of hurt, "I don't mean to scare you. I am from a distant universe unknown to human kind. I am here to show you your past, present and future, and help you make the right decision."
"Past, present and future? Like, The Christmas Carol?"
Damiana took a second to consider that, "Yes, actually, much like that. Except I will be here the whole time, and I'm not a ghost." she laughed lightly and held her hand out for Juliet to take, "Now, come, we have many things to see."
Juliet, though she had her doubts, took Damiana's hand willingly. "Where to first?"
"Where else? We are going to July 14, 2006. Ring a bell?"
"Well, that year I was transferred to Santa Barbara. That's all I remember, though."
In a second, everything around Juliet and Damiana turned white. Another second passed, and they were in a small diner. Juliet recognized it immediately. She watched as a young man in a gray jacket and blue jeans, she recognized him as Shawn, walked out of the diner. She saw a young woman with blond hair, sit in the seat the man and previously occupied and she gasped.
"That's me!" Juliet exclaimed, astonished. She went over to her younger self and waved in front of her face but got no response. "Hello?"
A light touch to Juliet's shoulder made her turn around and face Damiana. "I'm sorry, Jules. She can't hear or see you. We are here to observe."
Juliet nodded and stepped back a few steps with Damiana.
"Uh, excuse me you're... you're in my seat." The younger Shawn had returned, now, and was standing next to the younger Juliet.
Younger Juliet turned around to look at Shawn, "Am I?"
"Actually, yes, you are." he responded
Juliet laughed as she relived the memory playing out in front of her. She laughed at Shawn's eighth grade portrayal of her, and her response to it. Oh how she wished she could be the one in her place, saying different things. Sure, at the time she didn't know who the heck the guy was, but if she could just... say something else. Then, she remembered what was going on in real life and frowned immediately. She had almost forgotten.
"I'm sorry, do we know each other?" she heard her younger self say.
"Yes, you're the girl who stole my seat!" he said.
"Are we done here?" she asked Damiana.
"You want to leave already?" Damiana replied, looking a bit sad that she wanted to go.
"Yes... I do."
Damiana sighed before she snapped her fingers and the world around them turned white once again.
The white cleared, and they were 6 years after their meeting in the diner; at the lover's retreat. Shawn was on the bed, unpacking the contents of one of his many bags. He pulled out his DS and Juliet scoffed. He always managed to be a child during an adult situation.
But then, she saw him flip the hand held device over, remove the battery cover, and pull something out.
Juliet put her hand over her mouth as she choked back a sob. He wanted to propose? He did think that's what I wanted. He would do that for me?
Shawn smiled at the ring, but then panicked when he heard their room door unlocking. He quickly put it back in the DS and pretended to play it when Juliet walked in.
"Yes! Bowser is defeated! Mario Shawn is the winner!"
"Shawn, stop playing around, we have to get to dinner with Barbie and Clive." she leaned against the door.
Shawn tsked, but listened to her and put the game back in the bag.
"I'm going to regret this." he drew out as they left the room together.
Juliet looked at the DS half sticking out of the bag dumbfounded. "That's why he was so worried about it being missing. It had... a ring in there." If she had only known. Why had she said she wasn't ready? She was ready. There must have been something was just blocking her from seeing it. Was it the fact that there was still something in the way? Like his fake psychic abilities?
Her mind went back through the moment at the wedding reception.
"Julie? Are you okay?" Damiana asked. "Its okay, no need to cry."
Juliet snapped into the real world and realized she was indeed crying. She wiped her tears quickly and sniffed. "Is this all?"
"Yes, it is. You've seen what you needed to. Now, we go to the present."

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