And here we are. The final chapter. :/ I had a blast writing this little story. I really did. :) Warning this chapter might be a little lame, but it's the best future I could think up. lol Also, it might be a little sad. I warned ya! lol ;)

This time, the white stayed for just a moment longer before Juliet could see things around her.
She saw a very much older version of herself... and she look very depressed. Older Juliet had faint wrinkles on the sides of her eyes and mouth, her hair was just starting to gray, and her clothes looked a bit dirty. She was slouched over a desk, twirling her pencil pointlessly. But what caught Juliet's attention the most was the dark bags under older Juliet's eyes.
She looked at Damiana, "This... is my future? How far in the future is this? What's going on? What am I doing?"
Damiana shook her head, dismissing the questions, except for one. "This is, I'm sad to say, your future without you know who."
Juliet's eyes widened at this statement, "What?" She said in a quiet whisper.
Movement from Older Juliet caught Juliet's attention once again.
She watched as her older self grabbed a nearby pillow, sank into the couch and brought the pillow close to her chest as she sobbed into it.
It brought a few tears to her own eyes watching this. She had absolutely no idea what was going on. Why was she crying?
"Please answer me when I ask, 'what's going on?'" Juliet pleaded.
"Take a look at what she was writing over there." Damiana nodded her head toward the desk.
Juliet walked over to the desk and reached for the paper with words scribbled on it with her fingers, bringing it closer so she could read.

April 10th, 2031
In my life, I've had many happy moments. But I haven't had a single one in so many years that I've lost count. I miss Shawn, I never should have left him. Now he's gone and it's my fault! My fault! My fault! I just want to be in his arms and watch a silly 80's movie no one remembers with him. I want to laugh at his jokes. But I can't do any of these things. I missed my chance, and now I've paid dearly for it. The man I love.

She put it back and turned to Damiana, "What happened to Shawn? Where is he?"
"A few years before this, he went walking to clear his head. He was going to take a trip around the world, and get his mind off of you. A robbery took place at the bank and he was there when it happened. They started killing off hostages and... he was one of the unlucky ones..."
"No... no! That can't happen! Where was I!?"
"You were still mad at him for lying to you, you were at home, taking a few days off."
"I wasn't there to save him? No!" she was in tears at this point. The thought of losing Shawn was unbearable.
"Take me to a better future." Juliet demanded.
Damiana sighed, "I can't, it's time for me to go. It was nice spending time with you, Juliet."
"What? No!" But Juliet's screaming and yelling was muffled over the the ringing that filled the air. Swirls of white filling the room and eventually the entire room.

She was kicking and screaming and was awoken from what was the most realistic dream by a light touch to her shoulder
Her eyes fluttered open and she saw Shawn. She threw her arms around him.
He was in shock, but that didn't stop him from returning the hug.
She pulled away and looked into his eyes, "What are you doing here?"
"I... came to get my things, assuming you weren't going to want me here anymore. I was just about to leave with my bags, but I heard you screaming and I panicked. So here I am. Whatever it was, it wasn't real, just a nightmare."
"A nightmare I never want happening. Where are your things, now?" she said, trying to avoid the subject of the dream.
"Down the hall next to the door." he told her. Based on the scared look on her face, he knew the dream wasn't a good thing to keep talking about.
"Bring them back here, you're not going anywhere, Mr. Spencer. You are staying here with me. You want to watch The Breakfast Club?"
Shawn was in a state of pure shock and confusion, "What?"
She smiled at his confusion, "Do you want to watch The Breakfast Club." she repeated.
"I thought you weren't going to want to see me again. I thought I wasn't going to... get you back. I-"
She silenced him with a slow, gentle, single kiss to his lips.
She pulled away slowly and watched him as he recovered. "Love you." he finished his sentence.
"I love you, too, Shawn. I will never, ever leave you."
He smiled, "I'll get the movie! And pop the popcorn! And get the blankets!" His voice trailed down the hall as he walked out the room to do the aforementioned.
"Thank you, Damiana." she smiled to herself. She knew this was the right choice, and she was never going to change her mind. Shawn was hers, and she couldn't be more happier.

Thank you so much to everyone. :) You guys keep me motivated. :)