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After the Rain: Confrontation

" head..."

Usagi sat up, the thin sheets sliding off of her body. She cradled her pounding head in her hand and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Where was she? Surely she hadn't been kidnapped...Mamoru...he wouldn't have allowed it. Where was he?

"Mamo-chan?" She called out into the seemingly endless shadows.

Her voice echoed around the room, eventually dulled into silence.

"Mamo-chan?" She said again, this time louder.

She crawled out of the bed, and took slow steps towards a tiny flickering light in the center of the room. She hadn't noticed before, but she was no longer in her fuku, instead a flowing dress of a shimmering white and gold silk hugged her body. She wasn't wearing any shoes and...

Her body stiffened.

The Ginzuishou wasn't with her.

She hurriedly patted every inch of her body, digging her hand into every little fold and wrinkle of the dress, her face getting paler and paler as she hopelessly searched and came up with nothing. She ran back in the direction of the bed, hitting her knees against some sort of nightstand. To her relief, the Ginzuishou sat on the surface of the small stand, winking back at her as if she never had a thing to worry about. She gently scooped it up in her hands as if it were a wounded dove. She wasn't about to leave it here. Her mind was still filled with questions and doubts as to what was going on, and she wasn't going to leave her only source of protection. The flickering light caught her eye again, and figuring that it could give her answers, she headed in its direction, this time walking with a little more purpose.

"What the..." She muttered as her eyes rested on the thing. It was a hologram. A hologram of herself. "No...Neo Queen Serenity."

"Do you like the hologram I had made?"

For the second time, her body stilled.

"Who's there?" She questioned weakly, her voice cracking.

The voice was so familiar, yet at the same time it scared her to death. She turned and backed up slightly, her shoulders coming into contact with the pillar that displayed the hologram. The cool, gentle touch of something so solid and unmoving provided her slight comfort. At least in a way, she knew nothing could sneak up behind her. In her right hand, she held the Ginzuishou firmly; whoever was hiding from her was not going to take it. She heard a loud rustling, a sound so similar, almost exactly the same as the one Tuxedo Kamen's cape made when he would leap from the top of a building down to her rescue. If it told her one thing it was that whoever was hiding wasn't Mamoru, he wasn't here, and he wasn't anywhere close. She was on her own now.

"Where are you?" She asked timidly, although she tried her hardest to sound strong and courageous. It didn't work. She was a sheep hoping to growl like the wolf.

Usagi was greeted with the response of more rustling and dark laughter.

Deciding that she was getting absolutely no where, and being egged on by her inner conscience, she left the safety of the pillar and the hologram, venturing into the vast unknown darkness of which she was unsure how far it stretched. Every step she took was careful, for she gently tapped the floor with the tips of her toes before she placed her whole foot out, and it seemed like hours before she heard anything again. The sound was unmistakable. The faint click of a pair of shoes, heels, against the floor. Was the person in the shadows a woman? But the voice and the laughter had belonged to a man. Were there two people in the room? If only she could see! She absolutely hated how her eyes wouldn't adjust to the dark no matter how hard she squinted or widened them. Whatever would she do?

Click. Click.

The way every sound bounced off the walls and echoed around made it absolutely impossible to tell how close or far the person making the sounds was. Maybe they were behind her, or on the completely opposite side of the room; it was all completely unknown to her. She would kill to have a flashlight. As if it had heard her inward plea, the Ginzuishou pulsed with a dull light for a split second, but it was enough for her to see the outline of a man standing just a few feet away from her. She gasped, startled, and hopped back a step.

"Don't hide from me," she ordered. "I know you're there! Come out!"

And then the little game of hide and seek was over.

The Ginzuishou was plucked out of her hand, her arms bound behind her back, a sultry chuckle filling her ears.

"Should you really be the one making demands?" A voice purred.

Her blood ran cold. This voice, this man...! Mamoru! She knew where he was now! Oh gods, no...

"Where's Mamoru?" Her shaky voice asked even though she already knew the answer.

"You mean Endymion? Dead, just like he always should have been." He paused for a moment and howled with laughter before lowly adding something else. "They're all dead. No one is coming to save you."


She stomped on his foot as hard as she could, the pain and shock causing him to loosen his hold on her enough to allow her to free one hand and punch him in the cheek. She heard a faint crack and he hissed in pain. Usagi silently cheered.

"Don't touch me."

All around the room, candles flickered to life, their flames illuminating the room with a reddish glow. She stood tall, facing the man who cradled his bruised jaw in one hand, and her Ginzuishou in the other. He smiled at her affectionately, as if she were a child trying to stand up to an adult; as if she was powerless and bluffing. Clearly he didn't know her.

"Give me the Ginzuishou!"

"This?" He teased and held her crystal up. "How would it help?"

"I'll show you." She growled.

He put up no fight and tossed it to her. She caught it, held it up, and screamed her transformation phrase.

Nothing happened.

She tried again.

Still nothing.

My brooch...

Of course! That was it! All she needed was her brooch and she could kick this guy all the way into next week!

"Where's my brooch?"

The bright pink object was tossed her way, and relief washed over her as she called out her transformation again and felt a wave of power radiate through her body. Warmth bathed over her every vessel and that familiar power sunk into her veins, giving her immediate strength. She smiled defiantly at the man who stood by watching and doing nothing. She would show him just what she could do! She'd-

All of her power slowly seeped away, and she felt weak once again. It wasn't just a powerless weak feeling, but a physical one. She felt as if all of the strength from every muscle had vaporized. That headache she had awoken with returned, and her knees wobbled, threatening to collapse.

"Remind me again, what were you going to do with those?"

She had no strength to resist him as he retrieved her brooch and Ginzuishou from her hands.

"Do you know why you're so faint and exhausted?" He asked.


He smiled.

"It's because your body has yet to adjust to this planet, and to the Jakokusuishou's power."

This'm on Nemesis?

"Why don't we sit down and have a talk?"

Her body moved on it's own, taking her towards a chair set next to a table. She fell back onto it and found she couldn't move a muscle, forced to stare at the man.

"I am Prince Demando, your highness," he said, introducing himself and he bowed slightly. "If I might say, that dress looks lovely on you."

"Thank you..."

And then he spent the next hour or so filling her in on his plans, desires, history, and worst of all, what he was going to do with her. It felt like an eternity as she sat there, unable to move, forced to look at him and say nothing as he ranted on and on. She was beyond frightened by the time he got to the topic of Neo Queen Serenity.

"I never dreamed she would show herself. The all powerful goddess who lived in that impenetrable castle...Neo Queen Serenity. What a beautiful ruler..."

Usagi took note of how his eyes hazed over as he became drunken with memories and no doubt, fantasies swirling around in his mind.

"But she glared at me with contempt, as if I were not even human. Her eyes rejected me."

Good for her, Usagi thought bitterly. You are far from being human.

"...since that time, I have never forgotten those eyes. I needed to see her again and make her kneel before me. I needed her at any cost, in any form."

She noticed how he approached her, each word paired with a single step towards her. She didn't like where this was going. Her breath was hitched, her heartbeat sent into some frantic, irregular pattern, as he leaned over her, his hands wrapped tightly around the armrests of the chair she sat in. She could feel his breath, warm and damp on her skin, and it smelled strongly of alcohol. It was repulsive and made her want to vomit. Her eyes frantically searched for some way out from underneath him, but deep down she knew there would be no escaping him. Besides, even if she found a way, it wasn't like she could move.

"In any form," he whispered lowly. "I finally have you."

She glared daggers at him, hoping that maybe, just maybe, it would discourage him from making any moves. She was far from right. He tilted her head back to where she was staring right in his eyes, unable to look away.

"Yes, those eyes. The beautiful ruler of the beautiful planet, Neo Queen Serenity. No, Princess Serenity."

She squeezed her eyes shut tightly as he captured her lips in a heated kiss. Inwardly, she sobbed and apologized over and over to Mamoru, wherever he was, that she was kissing another man. Although her mind was completely against it, her body had a different idea, going so far as to gently stroking his covered chest with her fingertips and kissing him back with just as much passion as he had put forth. She hadn't a clue how much time passed before she finally pulled back for air, all she knew was that no matter how much she tried to convince herself that she had hated it, some part of her had actually enjoyed it. Just the kiss, though, just the feeling of soft lips against hers, not him, not Demando. He could rot in hell for all she cared.

She clenched her fist.

Wait! I clenched my fist!

She could move again! Without a second thought, she pushed him away, and delivered a stinging slap to his cheek. She was delighted by how loud it was when her flesh had connected with his; it was her way of knowing she had hit him hard. While he was preoccupied with tending to his already bruising wound, she kicked the chair back and ran for her dear life towards the door. She could get out and she was going to get out, and the mere thought fueled her on.

"Catch her!" Demando snarled.

She giggled, knowing he was just bluffing and trying to scare her. There was no one else in the room, and it was unlikely anyone outside had heard him. She was home free!

"Yes, Prince Demando."

Two men appeared in front of her. The blood drained from her face. Each one grabbed an arm, hauling her up to where her feet couldn't touch the ground. They dragged her back over to Demando, ignoring her screams and pleas and avoiding her kicks. She squirmed and fought their hold, using every last ounce of energy to fight against them, but it was all in vain, and she knew she had lost before they had even gotten within ten feet of Demando. She hung her head, refusing to look up at him, as they brought her in front of him, splaying her out like she was some sort of trophy.

"Release her."

"But my Prince-"

"Do it."

They dropped her and she fell to the ground, for she had no strength to hold herself up. She moaned weakly as another wave of dark energy flowed through her. That, combined with her fatigue, left her powerless and feeble at Demando's feet.

"Leave us." He commanded.

The two men bowed and left the room.

"Now, Princess," he sneered. "I'm going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget."

This will not end well...


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