A/N: It's been a while since I've posted anything onto here... This has been on my mind for a while! I'm not too sure how to continue this (if I should), so if anyone has ideas I would love to hear it. Or it can just be a directionless one shot of random meddling.


Aubrey's hand shot out to grab Chloe's arm in a vice-like grip. "I've found her."

Chloe turned to look, and initially missed Aubrey's intended target as her eyes drifted over to a petite brunette whose darker style caught the redhead's interest instead. Shifting her glance again, she could tell what had Aubrey so enthusiastic.

A tall Asian girl was walking casually through the quad, a bored expression adorning her face as she passed booths with little interest. She was very pretty, and definitely fit into Aubrey's ideal Bella mold. The girl was dressed plainly and casual, yet she held herself confidently in a way that had Chloe feeling she would adjust well to the stage.

"Would you be interested in joining our acappella group?" With a beaming smile, Aubrey held out a flyer to the girl. Her smile barely flinched when she noticed the smaller (and more interesting, Chloe personally thought) brunette halt by her side.

Aubrey's flyer was taken by the first girl, and with a smile Chloe happily handed one to her companion as well. The two girls paused to take a look, though it was hard to read their expressions.

Chloe decided to add, "We perform covers from songs without any instruments. It's all from our mouths!" The smaller girl smiled awkwardly, muttering under her breath.

"Our repertoire includes synchronized lady dancing to Mariah Carey chart toppers," Aubrey continued. "We perform around the world and at national championships."

Perhaps it was something in the second pitch that caught the Asian girl's attention. "So it's like... an all female singing group?" The two Bellas nodded vigorously, Aubrey subtly moving to block the sight of the Treblemakers performing some ways behind them.

"Cool, I guess I'll check out the auditions." Chloe could nearly feel Aubrey's ecstaticity oozing from her as the duo turned to leave.

"Wait- how about you? Won't you help make our dreams into reality?" Okay, so that last part was a little extreme, paired with the look Chloe sent her. But they needed all the girls they could get, she reasoned to herself.

"Thanks, but it's kind of lame... and I don't even sing," she finished, almost amused at the less than veiled hostility Aubrey was directing towards her. "It was nice meeting you guys."

As the pair finally left, Aubrey let out a deep sigh, though the tension remained in her shoulders.

"We better pray to the aca-gods for a miracle."

As if having her father barge into her room while she was sleeping wasn't bad enough, he held the bribe of her dreams over her head as he played her into his college ideals. Beca understood how lucky she was; some kids had to pay an arm and a leg to afford tuition whereas she received free boarding to boot. It wasn't her fault she had a professor for a father.

Beca had no thoughts about acapella (despite her room mate promising to attend auditions), at least until she decided to take a late night shower. Needless to say, she probably lost about five years off her lifespan and would never feel safe washing herself again.

The redhead (with the really nice body, she thought self consciously) decided to just happily barge in and demand a serenade, which promptly turned into a surprisingly pleasant duet. Or at least it was, until a random frat boy interrupted, shocking the brunette into a stupor before realizing they had left.

She told herself that it was due to her father's influence that she would attend the auditions. Beca was too lazy to search for something else (an internship at the radio station didn't count, and she probably wasn't able to join the other Barden DJs) and grudgingly decided to attend the acapella auditions.

An hour late.

"Hi, my name is Krystal, and my hobbies include dancing and acting." Aubrey hadn't been this enthused since a girl named Stacie came up previously (though her audition had been less than stellar...).

Krystal had a distinctive voice and quite a range as well, her head voice was clear and enchanting. Aubrey almost shed tears as she realized that it wasn't the end of the Bellas just yet.

The Korean girl would be the last of the auditions, to Chloe's disappointment. She really thought that she and the brunette had clicked; after all, how often was it that two voices harmonized so perfectly? (The acoustics were lovely too- she often liked to sing in the showers at times of the night where no one was usually around.) (Chloe was also entirely unbothered with the fact that she had intruded on the unsuspecting freshmen while nude.)

"Okay!" Aubrey shuffled the audition papers she had received, quite chipper. "That seems to conclude the auditions for th-"

"Wait!" Chloe nearly stood up in her seat, spying a small girl awkwardly hovering at the side of the stage. "There's one more!"

Beca eyed the audience nervously as the redhead gestured enthusiastically for her to come onto the stage. She obliged, nearly snorting at the unamused blonde next to her. That nearly made the whole trip worth it, just to piss her off.

"I didn't know we had to prepare that song..." Krystal hadn't said anything about the auditions when she learned that Beca wasn't interested, merely practicing on her own time. Having only read the flyer long enough to discern the location and time of the auditions, Kelly Clarkson's song was the furthest from Beca's mind.

"That's okay! Sing whatever you like." The brunette tried to avoid looking at the ginger who was practically glowing (and Beca would probably glow too, though moreso in embarrassment than anything).

"May I...?" Beca hesitantly poured the pens out of the plastic cup on the table, before placing it down in front of her. She began to clap a rhythm and sang.

Chloe was beaming with delight. Aubrey was conflicted, acknowledging that the alternatively styled girl could sing and potentially look the part of a Bella (if she were to remove a few layers of eyeliner and take out those ear monstrosities).

Krystal merely pulled her room mate to the side afterwards, "You are so gonna teach me that cup song."