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Chapter 2

"Dude, no!" Beca looked mortified at the thought of drinking the 'blood' of the sisters before them. Aubrey didn't even get the chance to snap at her before Chloe assured her it was merely blood-coloured alcohol. Still, she took a small taste, before it was passed down the line where others took tentative sips.

"You are all Bellas now." The screams and shrieks were deafening in the echoing theatre as various girls jumped up and down, hugging near strangers. Krystal and Beca were no exception, the excitement contagious.

"To celebrate the inauguration of new members, all of the acapella groups have a communal bonding night at the outdoor theatre." There was a mixed response to the announcement.

"That sounds kind of lame," Beca admitted. Aubrey was miffed, yet Chloe was quick to swoop in to divert another possible fight.

"Don't worry, it's totes fun."

She winked.

Beca had no idea what to expect, so she was admittedly surprised to see the party-like scene, as it seemed like the Barden Bellas were the last group to arrive to the bustling atmosphere. She recognized quite a number of students from the audition site, and others she assumed were just along for the free booze.

"I don't even know what I'm doing here," the brunette admitted aloud, in slight disbelief. The Australian blonde smiled in response.

"I still can't believe they let my sexy fat ass in!" Beca had to laugh at that- at least not all blonde acapella girls would be a nightmare.

She turned around to speak to her room mate (there had been no time for congratulations from the time the two had been 'kidnapped' to the completion of the cult-like ceremony), but found her already headed down the steps with a few other girls towards the beer keg. It was fine, as Beca would have most of the year to have conversations with the girl.

"Becaaa!" Said girl cringed as she heard the drunken cry of her name. "Do my eyes deceive me?" Nope, they don't. She tuned out most of his words, noticing his obvious state of inebriation.

"Wow, you're pretty drunk right now." (He denied it) "I doubt you'd pass a sobriety test right now." Beca pushed him lightly, watching him sway backwards before returning to his original position.

"I'm going to get you a drink- you've gotta get on this level." Jesse gave no room for discussion as he sloppily stepped over the stone seats to get her a cup of who knows what.

"Beca!" Her name seemed to be a really popular phrase, (was her last thought) before a tipsy redhead ran into her, taking her hands as she pressed herself extremely close. "I'm so glad you decided to audition! I was really worried you wouldn't, but then you did!" Chloe's face came impossibly closer. "I know we're gonna be really fast friends!"

"Well, you saw me naked, so..." A quirky, flirtatious wink, which Beca would not have done if she didn't think the co-caption would forget it by morning. She could nearly taste the hard alcohol from Chloe's breath when the older girl had spoken.

"Let's get you a drink!" Chloe exclaimed, as if an imaginary lightbulb had gone off. She looked at Beca with wide eyes, and Beca felt guilt rising up as she struggled to answer.

"I- well, someone is already getting me a drink..." Chloe's grip loosened as she nodded in understanding. "But I'm pretty sure they're too drunk to remember, so yeah, let's go." It wasn't a lie that she thought Jesse was quite intoxicated (Chloe too, but details), though she imagined he would probably return with good intentions met with nothing.

"Yay! I'll mix you up some of my special jiggle juice!" The redhead lifted her arms and shook her hips to accentuate her point. Beca grinned slightly awkwardly, torn between letting out a laugh or feigning excited interest. She opted for silence as she allowed Chloe to take her hand and lead her towards the drink table.

"Since there's around ten of us," Amy began, "there's a good chance that one of us is a lesbian." Aubrey nodded, indulging the interesting freshman. "My money's on 'Black Beauty'."

The two blondes turned to see Cynthia Rose and Stacie refilling their drink cups while making small talk, as well as the blatant ogling from Cynthia Rose towards Stacie's chest. Aubrey agreed with her companion's reasoning.

"Hey guys." Krystal walked up to the pair, her hand clasped by another slightly taller Asian girl. Fat Amy mumbled something about not seeing that one coming, as Aubrey greeted her new favourite freshman. "This is my friend, Sulli."

The tall girl smiled brightly, her eyes disappearing prettily and her mouth stretching to show straight, white teeth. "Hi, I'm Krystal's friend from Korea!" she introduced brightly.

"And does your friend go to Barden too?" questioned the Australian.

Krystal shook her head. "Nope; her English isn't too great- she's just here to visit and see how the college world of acapella parties." Sulli said something to Krystal in Korean before Krystal nodded. "We're gonna go dance, see you guys around!" She led herself and her friend towards the other dancing bodes, hands still held.

"Maybe I was a little off in my calculations," Fat Amy admitted, "though I really did not see that one coming."

"See what coming?" Chloe and Beca took up the space where the two Asian girls had been. It was slight deja vu as the two held each others' hands as well.

This did not escape the larger blonde. "Oh nothing, just thinking about the economical state of Tasmania," she lied easily. Fat Amy looked to her side at the Bella captain who seemed to have not been bothered at all by the over friendly displays between female friends.

She shrugged. Maybe it was just an American thing.