Graduation passed but there were few smiles to be shared when a certain name was called and no one was there to gather the diploma. We all knew what had happened, we had all been there, seen it firsthand. But that time had long since passed; it was almost a year ago.

It was now September and I sat in my new college dorm room, alone. I had never been assigned a roommate so I had the place to myself. To be honest, I was quite glad of this fact. I didn't have to deal with some sloppy roommate or be yelled at for studying all night or get frustrated with them playing video games all the time. This was good for me, to be alone. Ed and Eddy had gone off to community colleges back in our hometown, and all the friends I had known at Peach Creek High were all in different directions. I rarely stayed in contact with any of them. The few people I talked to on a daily basis was Eddy, Nazz and Nat from time to time.

I stared out the window. People walked in the court yard while others laid in the grass and tanned, books and papers spread out around them. It was a very beautiful day, the sun was warm on my face and there wasn't a cloud in the bright blue sky. It made me think of how beautiful that day was before—

I stopped myself and got up from my desk chair, slamming my hands onto the desk to try and clear my mind. I grabbed my backpack from the back of my chair and made my way out the door. The hall was crowded with obnoxious Freshmen who through a football back and forth. I ignored them as they ran up and down the hall, some even calling to me. I pulled my door shut and made sure it was locked before walking to the door opposite mine and disappearing into the stairwell. I didn't want to deal with jocks. I just wanted to get to class.

I sat in the second row, not too close, but close enough to hear. The subject, Chemistry. By far the subject that got on my nerves the most. It was the subject I had been studying with him and Nazz just a couple weeks before things went downhill.

But I learned a lot about myself after the incident. I learned that I can stand up for myself and that I don't need someone protecting me from jocks. I found the spirit and will to fight back. Sure, I still loved studying and I truly loved being in school. But with a different schedule every day, and one that wasn't as full as I would like it to be, I had plenty of time to sit and think of green.

"Kevin," I remember my voice perfectly. The tone, the pitch, the way my tongue flicked across the roof of my mouth.

"E-Edd," Kevin coughed and blood dripped down the corner of his mouth.

It was chaos that day. Not only was Kevin shot in the chest, but a second gun shot rang out. By the time my eyes finally found the bullets target, he was lying in a giant mass on the floor. Justin had taken his own life. But why shoot himself after aiming in my direction? Had he planned to see me in the afterlife where I would be his for the rest of eternity? He had to be joking. The only person I wanted to be with was Kevin.

Kevin laid still on the floor in front of me, his head resting in my lap. People screamed to call '911' and for everyone to hurry out of the building. But my feet wouldn't move. The only thing I could do was sit on my knees and gently stroke Kevin's face. He looked innocent, like the whole thing was stage—like he was sleeping.

When paramedics came I was pulled away from his side. I screamed and kicked and reached out for him but they took him from me. I felt alone as I stood next to an ambulance that still remained in the parking lot of the school, giving check-ups to all the students. I had had a blanket wrapped around my shoulder and I held a warm cup of tea in my hands. But I didn't want either object.

"This one's dead," one paramedic said as he helped load a black body bag into the back of another truck just across the way. "Poor kid took his own life before he even had a chance to live."

"My son, where is my son," a man pushed his way through the crowd towards the principal. Fear and pure sadness were the only emotions on her face. Her entire being screamed something was horribly wrong.

"Mr. Miller if you would just stay calm," to principal motioned for the man to take a seat on the end of the medical examiners truck; the end of the truck his dead son laid in. I couldn't see her face but I knew she was explaining to him the situation. Her hands moved about as she talked and the look on the man's face only worsened. He cried for his son. Just as I cried for Kevin.

I felt empty inside the moment the doctors told me that Kevin had fallen into a coma and they weren't sure when he would wake. They told me he was stable, but that didn't help. Kevin was gone, he wasn't able to stand by me or hold my hand or kiss my lips gently. Would Kevin ever come back?

I dragged my attention away from reliving the nightmare to the papers in front of me. Again. I had doodled Kevin's name all over my papers. If I didn't concentrate I was going to lose my scholarships. I quickly erased Kevin's name, rested my chin on my hand, and looked forward towards the chalk board. Electron Configurations.

Class ended and I took my time gathering my things as the rest of my classmates seemed to race out the door. This was the last class I had today. It was going on four o'clock.

"Maybe I will just head back to the room and go out for dinner around the usual time," I thought to myself as I got to my feet and swung the bag onto my back.

I really hadn't changed all that much. I still had schedules and made sure everything was tidy, I took care of little cactus Jim constantly, he was the only one I could tell everything to. Germs were a no-no, like always. The only part that had really changed was how I looked at myself. I was a nerd, I agreed. I liked studying and working hard in school. But I decided that since Kevin wasn't around I wasn't going to let people walk all over me. I should have decided that long ago. Even if Kevin was still around, shouldn't I be strong for myself?

The walk back to my dorm was a long one. I was in no hurry to get anywhere. This allowed me more time to think. In the beginning I had been going to see Kevin every day. But as school got closer to finals and I had finally heard from college about being accepted, the free time I had to go see Kevin dropped drastically.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I was quick to check it.

From: Nazz

3:56 pm

Hey Double D, have you heard anything about Kevin recently?

I let out a heavy sigh when I saw it was just Nazz. Every time my phone went off I always wanted it to be from Kevin or his doctor. I wrote her a quick reply stating that I hadn't heard anything in the last couple of weeks. She was quick to respond.

From: Nazz

3:58 pm

Okay, I was just checking, dude. You just got out of your last class, right? You should be heading back to your dorm room?

I tilted my head. Strange, Nazz usually never questioned my school routine. Since she knew I did everything the same way everyday. Why would she ask me such a question? I gave her a quick reply stating 'of course, it's part of my routine'.

She didn't reply right away, strange for Nazz. But it was always possible that she got distracted. I shoved my phone back into my pocked and walked in the side door to my dormitory and started up the steps to the third floor. My room was a corner room which meant I got two windows with a great view of the school. One window was on my side and the other was on the side of, whoever would be eventually moving in.

My phone vibrated once more and I checked it before opening the door into the main hall.

From: Nazz:

4:03 pm

Let me know how things go!

Let her know how things go? Let her know how what things go? I put the phone back in my pocket and came to the conclusion she must have meant to send that to someone else. I pulled my key from the very front pocket of my pack and went to-

Strange. The door was open just a bit. I pushed on the door and slowly looked inside. Boxes were stacked everywhere on the "untouched" side of the room. I knew I wouldn't be able to go a whole semester without a roommate. There weren't many boxes and it hadn't looked like the person moving in had started to unpack anything or not. Curious though, how I hadn't gotten a notification about someone moving in with me. Weren't they supposed to tell people if you were getting a new roommate?

I pushed the door the rest of the way open and closed it behind me. I waited for a second before pushing away from it and heading towards my side and my bed. Someone was in the room, in the other closet. I could hear them. I should be polite and say something nice. At least do introductions. Yes, introductions.

"S-so I have a new roommate," I felt shaky. It had been a while since I had spoken to someone new. "I hope we can get along."

"Don't worry," I froze and I felt my knees turn to jelly. "We already get along just fine. Don't we, Dweeb?"

I couldn't stop the tears that gathered in my eyes as I turned to face him. "K-"

He smiled, radiant like always. "Hi, Edd."

I pushed away from my bed as fast as I could and flung myself into his arms. He wrapped both arms around me and pressed his face into my neck. We stood like this, both of us crying and saying each-others names as if it were all a dream. I didn't want to let him go, too afraid that if I did he would drift away again.

He was the first to move. He stood up straight but he didn't take his hands from me. "I've missed you."

Kevin was crying. Now that certainly was a sight. "What are you doing here?"

"I applied to this college when you did. One of the members of the audience on Homecoming night was a talent scout. He offered me a full scholarship to whatever university I wanted to go to. So long as I keep my grades up and can continue to play football."

I pressed my face to his chest, "you're real."

He gently tugged on my beanie. "Still wearing this, huh?"

I didn't move. "You can take it off…if you want to."

I could feel him smirk as he looked down at me. That was a good feeling. Knowing that Kevin was all right and here in my arms. We would be going to school together again! We would be together, again. And no one knew us here. A fresh start.

His hands slid under my hat until it was no longer there. His fingers kneaded gently at my scalp and I couldn't help but think how good that felt. My eyes flickered to his. Green. That shade of green that doesn't exist anywhere else. It was mine, he was mine, he was here.

He pressed his lips to mine and I felt everything bad disappear from my shoulders. Even the fact that Kevin was shot. I gasped and pulled away from him. Kevin was shot! And in a coma. How on Earth can he be here all right?

"What," he tilted his head to the side and gave me an adorable smile.

"Your wound. The coma. How are you able to be here?"

Kevin chuckled, pulled his shirt over his head, and sat on the chair that went to his desk. "The wound has completely healed, it doesn't hurt anymore." He pointed to his left shoulder. "As for the coma, I woke up about a month ago. The doctors kept me there to make sure that everything was all right. I kept begging them to let me out so I could come to school. They finally agreed last week. And since then I have been packing. Nazz helped buy me a plan ticket. Nat pulled some string to help me get a room with you. That rich little bastard."

I laughed. "Still the same Kevin. But I can't believe you went through so much."

He held out his hand for me and I quickly took it. He pulled me into his lap and wrapped an arm around me. "I'm sorry, Edd. I didn't plan on leaving you for so long."

"I understand, Kevin. You can't really plan for those things."

"Edd," his eyes met mine once again. "I love you. I'm sorry for making you wait."

"It's quite all right Kevin. I don't mind waiting, as long as you are the one I'm going to get."

He chuckled, "what happened to my shy little Edd?"

I shrugged. "Somewhere between you getting shot and being told you were in a coma, he kind of disappeared. I've done a lot of standing up for myself. As much as I want you around to protect me, I have to be strong on my own, too."

He smiled. "I'm glad."

His free hand slid up the inside of my shirt, his fingertips gently trailing along my skin. I shivered. It had been a while since I had felt Kevin's touch. I tried to remember it, but somewhere along the way, just remembering wasn't enough. His finger flicked across my nipple and I jumped and couldn't stop the noise that came from my throat. I had forgotten I made those kinds of sounds.

"Did you play with yourself while I couldn't play with you?" His hand lifted, my shirt lifting with it, exposing my peeked nipple.

I stared down at him and his lips closed around it. My entire body melted as his tongue teased the small pink flesh. "N-no."

"No what," he asked, nipping gently.

I gasped, "I-I didn't t-touch myself."

Kevin's eyes darted to mine and he looked shocked at my answer. But once my reply sank in, a smile crept across his entire face and it didn't take him long to tease other parts of me. A hand was in the front of my pants, his mouth was on my chest, while his other hand teased my backside. His finger pressed against the small hole and I arched my back at the feeling, pressing my chest against his mouth. His thumb pressed against the tip of my length and I rocked my hips against him. A second finger slipped into my backside and I moaned as he moved them quickly, spreading his fingers ever so slightly to stretch me. It felt weird, his fingers moving out of sync.

"You're already so wet," he smirk, taking his hands from my pants. He quickly undid my belt and made quick work of the zipper and button. "Stand up."

I quickly stood and pulled my pants and boxers from my bottom half. He pointed to the shirt and I was quick to remove that too. By the time I looked back at him he had his length in his hand. He was looking me over, biting his lip and probably thinking of what he was going to do to me next.

He shifted to a box beside his chair and pulled out a small black square and a tube of something. Lube? He tore open the packet and slipped on the condom before opening the tube and covering his length in it.

"Come here," he held his hand out for me again while the other smeared the clear gel over his length. "I don't think I can wait my longer."

I took his hand and he quickly pulled me back into his lap. I was red in the face, I knew it. My breathing had picked up and I was excited. Excited that Kevin was alive and that he would soon be inside me. When did I start thinking things like this?

"Tell me if it hurts," he said, rubbing his length against my backside.


And with that he was inside me, pushing deep inside me. I felt amazing. As if all of my troubles had fallen away. At this moment Kevin and I were the only two people on the planet. It took some hard thinking to remember that I had to keep the moans to a minimum because we were in a dorm room.

I held him close and he moved faster and deeper inside me. His mouth attached to my nipple again and I was in pure bliss. Before I knew it we were standing and spinning. My back pressed against something soft and Kevin stood up straight. He had laid me on the bed but hadn't stopped moving. He grabbed my thighs and pounded harder against me. I had to place my hands over my mouth to stop myself from calling out his name and letting the neighbors know what was happening in the room. My eyes were glued to his face. He looked to be enjoying himself as well. He grunted and pushed deeper still.

"C-cum," was all I could manage to say before Kevin pushed hard and deep inside me, grunting hard. We came together.

He laid on top of me as we panted together. He was right, that didn't last long. We had both been craving each other. He wrapped his arms around me and looked into my eyes.

"I love you, Edd."

I smiled and pressed my lips to his, "I love you, too, Kevin."

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