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NOTE: I had a strange dream of roaming a hallway because I was following a teddy bear (yeah my dreams are odd) then I woke up and out of random and mostly for fun I created this story. How long it lasts will depend on how popular it gets, so I hope you enjoy it despite my lack of knowledge of asylums or perhaps being a bit jumpy on a few areas when I was writing. Anyway Enjoy!

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The sounds of a clock, it was the only sound in this lonely white room. A girl huddled in a corner peeks over at the locked door, her pale grey eyes filled with a mix of anxiety and wonderment. Beyond this door is something frightening. She thought.

What could it possibly be?

Beyond the door in a long darkened hallway only lighted by the moons glow, there were other doors within this hall. Not just her own. A person within each.

The heavy sound of a door closing filled the hallway, then the gentle sound of footsteps. The jingling sound of keys then possibly a slow and agonizing sound of a door opening and then finally closing.

It wasn't new for patients to laugh. Nor was it strange for them to scream.



Like clock work everyday the Asylum's care went around giving everyone their medication. Still huddled in her corner Esther almost hesitated to look up at the nurse, she was a strong and unkind woman. It was best to be good. So she obediently took the pills, a drugged world was a strange one indeed but she was so use to it now that her mind was clear enough to comprehend what was going on around her in this white yet bleak environment. A few of the rooms ranged from clean to messy since a few patients defecated themselves within the room rather then wait for the toilet, but despite this they all looked the same in appearance since being able to decorate was rare.

This place was a rather unpleasant place.

Even more unpleasant was the breakfast they gave everyone, it was like looking at mystery food if you can even provide it the honor of being called 'food' to begin with. Often Esther refused to eat this junk but sometimes it was unavoidable, not that they cared about their health since they were all low life scum in this building but if Esther didn't eat something she would become weak kneed and her loud stomach came off as annoyance. Once she ate a few bites of mystery food she got up and walked around her room.

Staring at white walls, looking up at a small barred window that offered not much of a view. A stiff, uncomfortable bed. Off to a corner was a small teddy bear. Looking down at him Esther's impassive face didn't speak nor did she think of anything to say, at least not at this moment.

She broke from her trance and looked towards the door as a burly man opened it, "time for the Blue Ward missy" his voice was growling yet dumb. "No funny business as we walk there yeah?"

Esther nodded, "of course Fred".

He almost sneered at the sound of his name. Esther has been here for a while now, so she has come to a point of calling some of these people by given name, she couldn't quite tell if they were annoyed or just didn't care. Either way she followed the man closely as ordered while they walked to the Blue Ward.

Location in this building were named after vibrant colors, ironically enough.

The Blue Ward being a place for patients to do activities like puzzles, read, or other things to keep them busy.

The room itself was a nice size with tables, books on safe little shelves, chairs for everyone to sit in to either participate in a few of these activities or do whatever it is they do that landed them there in the first place. Sometimes those with a good record were allowed outside to do outdoor activities like sports or again sit in silence and do whatever they want as long as it didn't endanger themselves or others. Once Esther was there her eyes looked around and for a moment only offered a small glimpse towards the guards who crossed their arms and frowned in a grumpy manner. They didn't like being here as much as she did.

As usual Esther found herself wandering around, looking at other patients and observing their behavior.

Mary who spoke to an inexistent radio, she was actually really good at the sound effects. Gregory who spoke to the people in the vents. Joseph who had many friends within his head, all of them were interesting to talk too. Henry liked to pretend he was going through military training, he was always off in a corner of them room doing something weird exercise routine, when they were allowed outside he often liked to be the sergeant and make people exercise. There were many more and all of them with different kinds of personalities and problems, some of them were always in their rooms since they were too problematic.

All the patients also had the same attire. Esther herself wore the hospital gown, with sometimes bare feet or wearing flat shoes that were incredibly worn. Her short black hair was disheveled, her skin a bit on the pale side with a strange black tattoo on her wrists, one of Joseph's 'friends' once told her that they looked like an astrological symbol.

4 Vesta symbol that represented the goddess of fire and hearth. Something like that.

Esther sighed. There wasn't much to do at this moment, she would take a nap but her dreams weren't exactly great. They were muddled, directionless, and senseless. Not even on a level of being strangely entertaining, I would think that someone who is completely insane would have very interesting dreams…guess I'm lost on every level. She thought as she tapped her fingers on the table.

For a moment she continued to be lost within her own empty thoughts until she felt a tap on her shoulder, "hmm?"

When she turned to see who it was, she was surprised to see that it was Mary she usually was content talking to the radio. "What is it Mary?"

"Have you seen Anna?" she inquired.

Esther was taken aback, "cant say that I have…"

Anna was one of the problem patients, she was always in her room having fits of mad laughter or screaming till her throat was raw. She rolled around on the ground, would head butt the staff when they tried to medicate her, bite chunks off of their arms and spit at their faces till they finally took the needle to her to make her calm down. All the nurses dreaded going to her room, even the guards were complete wimps when it came to this mad woman. There were a few other ones like that but Anna was the most 'popular'.

Mary looked troubled at Esther's answer.

"Why do you ask Mary?"

The 30 year old looked around the room to make sure they weren't being over heard then Mary whispered. "I think a monster got her".

This came as a shock to Esther, "come again?"

"There was no sound in the room, nothing! Last night a monster killed that poor girl and now these people are covering it up!" her voice held urgency as if she was giving Esther the honor of letting her in on a huge conspiracy.

However Esther really didn't know how to take this. "I...don't understand".

Mary gave an exasperated sigh. "Last night I heard her screaming! It wasn't like how she usually screams, and when it was time for medication there was no fight in the room, they didn't even enter it. I listened closely… but nothing!"

Oh yeah…her room is right next to Anna's.

Ruminating over this Esther suddenly came to a realization that this was indeed strange, Anna was always noisy when she wasn't medicated. Could they have possibly transferred her to a different Asylum? If so then why? Is there a point to such a thing? She was perfectly fine in this one or at least as fine as she could be, unless someone complained about her and they didn't want to deal with her anymore. Mary cleared her throat and looked around the room again then spoke to Esther in a hush tone, "watch your back dear girl…okay?" she gave a kind smile and patted Esther on the head like a mother to a child, then she quietly stalked away leaving Esther still thinking about this entire thing about Anna.

Esther did indeed hear something last night but she didn't think much of it.

But how does killing the insane in cold blood bring satisfaction?

Perhaps that's the point. Nothing made sense.

She rolled this around her head again and again till it was time for a chosen few to see the psychiatrist Dr. Ezekiel Victor, a man who is good friends and younger brother to the head of this asylum Charles Victor. The doctor was much more pleasant then his brother but Esther still found herself less then enthused when she was one of the people who had an appointment with him today, there wasn't much to talk about with him. It was always the same song and dance between them. He tried to pry into the inner workings of her brain and in the end she ended up bored or irritated and he was probably asking for two aspirin once she was gone.

Her fingers tapped on the table as she watched people go to his office then come out looking rather glad that they could go back to their comforts. The sudden sounds of shouting and cursing caused her to wince.

Joseph had gone to the office. As usual his more aggressive personality Jack, the one who had caused him to be placed into the asylum had come out and was now tossing threats out at the guards and the doctor. Needless to say the curses were foul and the guards looked like they were on the verge of beating this man up or do some other aggressive act towards someone who wasn't all there.

For a good thirty minutes everything went from loud to quiet as they put him back in his room. Most likely in a narcotic sleep.

When a guard came up to her she complied to the silent demands his eyes were giving her, she followed closely with the two until she was in the room with the doctor, loyally the two stood near the now closed door so they were ready to spring into action if she did anything threatening. Its been a long time since they had to actually do anything to make her behave so they had nothing to worry about.

"Ah…Esther how are you doing today dear?" Dr. Victor grinned. As usual Esther looked at him for a moment, he appeared to be around 40 years of age with slicked back light brown hair that looked like it would turn blond with time, with a few obvious grey's, a mustache and beard that looked clean and well kempt giving him an almost wise yet kind look about him. His clothes were the usual casual sweater with dark pants and a doctors white coat. All in all he looked like a typical man that you could count on for advice or any sort of information.

"Good I guess, what about you?" her arms were crossed over her chest as she sat down in a chair across from him then she smirked lightly, "guess it would be the same for you seeing as Jack almost got you". The doctor sighed as he stroked his beard lightly, "yes…there will always be bumps in the road when you try to fix problems, but that's for another time…lets focus on you".

Here we go.

He cleared his throat as he prepared to ask her the usual questions. "Has the voice offered any advice to you lately?" he inquired.

Esther shook her head, "since three weeks ago from our last session….no I haven't but I always recall previous words of advice from them".

The doctor smiled, "perhaps we are finally making progress? As I have said that voice is merely your consciousness, not a separate entity, the fact that your voice and its voice are different is a way of how you cope with not having any parents".

"How can I make a coping mechanism when I don't understand the feeling of not having parents? I don't remember them, as I have said its called amnesia. The orphanage as I recall told you how I was found as a child with no memory". It was frustrating that they would forget all of this so quickly, these types of people think you'll easily forget these things yourself but Esther held on to what she knew about herself. The voice in her head was like something from her forgotten past and she would firmly believe in this even in her grave.

"Yes…well that can be a way of coping as well, speaking of which have you spoken to Henry lately? Has he been moving around?" the man was obviously disappointed when the girl nodded.

"I have in fact, and he's always happy to be able to move his legs even though the scenery is exactly the same" she explained to him with an almost smile.

With a sigh he rubbed the back of his neck before speaking again, "you're a little old for that Esther…if only you had grown up you wouldn't be here right now".

"I'm 17 now sir…I have grown up" she said matter-of-factly.

"Then why do you still believe that Henry can move? There's no evidence is there? If you ever want to someday go away from this place and live your life, you have to stop trying to run away, you have to accept everything for what it is". Esther listened to his words but she only shook her head, "I have no plans for my future so I really don't care about staying here until I die" she admitted.

The man leaned back in his chair for a moment before sitting straight again and speaking, "I am very disappointed" he began. "You are the sanest among them all, those night terrors you use to have only happen rarely now, not only that but the child who use to wail and cry, and fight until the staff bled is now all grown up, I still remember the times when I would take Henry away and all you would do is manage to somehow sneak out of your room and take him back. Its still a mystery how you got out in the first place but I refuse to believe that Henry got back to your room on his own. If you can behave well then why cant you do yourself another favor and let me help you?"

She was silent as they both sat there. Yes it would be more beneficial to her to tell a lie so she could get out of this nut house, she could finally be outside and live her life, she could get a simple job and work to earn a living. Maybe even get married to a fine man and have children of her own to care for, a time when she was in a place where people cried and scream for no reason or do some of the most strange things would be completely behind her. But Esther was just to stubborn of a girl to let go of what she knew as the truth, grasping her lost memory was something she wanted and she knew that this man wasn't someone who would properly help. This was a job only left to her. So she broke the silence with a firm answer, "I am behaving…it's a shame that you don't believe me, but it would be an even bigger shame if I gave up what is true". The silence began again as Dr. Victor gauged the situation, he was a stubborn man as well who hated to lose, especially to a wayward girl like Esther. He reached up to massage his temples. "That's a real shame…that's a real shame indeed".

He pressed a button to call the two guards, "we'll cut this session short since I can already see we wont be making any progress".

Esther nodded, "we never have made progress". The guards came in to take her back to the activity room but before leaving Esther had to ask a question herself, "is Anna alright?"

The doctor seemed to stiffen, "why do you ask?"

"Well I haven't heard any noise from her" she replied.

"The staff were tired of her so we have transferred her to a better place where she can get the proper attention she needs". His expression was cool and calm as he answered her.

So she only nodded and allowed herself to be guided back to the Blue Ward.


Lunch came then it was time to hit the showers, Esther was always a clean person despite her current home. Once that was over everyone went back to the Blue Ward, while the staff weren't looking Esther took the liberty to grab a dropped paper clip and hide it under her tongue. Soon enough the sun fell and it was time for everyone to go back to their rooms to sleep. When she arrived to her room she quietly sat in the corner of the room and waited and waited until everything had settled down and the halls beyond the door didn't have people. The guards and other staff were elsewhere, switching shifts to people who normally do the night shift, normally the area where everyone's rooms were are separated from everything else using cell doors. Beyond the cell doors taking a right was the Doctors office, to the left was the Blue Ward, take another right and it took you to the court go to the left and beyond a cell door and a heavy metal door was where everything was much better looking in comparison to the crazy people section of the building. She could vaguely remember that side had nice burgundy carpeting, nice wallpaper, and pretty much a lot of things that made it attractive. A good way to make people think that their crazy member of the family was going to a comfortable place.

After assessing that it was safe Esther took the paper clip from under her tongue. "Ugh! Can a paper clip leave a bad taste in your mouth? I really don't want to think where this thing has been..."

She crossed her legs as she stayed sitting on the ground, with care she started to unbend it and straighten it out, once it was done she looked to it. "What do you think Henry?" her eyes looked to the little stuffed bear that had been sitting in the corner of the room this entire time. Suddenly a stuffed ear twitched and the bear sprung to life as it lifted its head to look to her, then it got up and brushed itself off before wandering over to her. "Do you think you can pick a lock with this?" she inquired.

The stuffed animal nodded before take the straightened out paper clip and hopped into her arms. She got up and walked over to the door, it had a small window with bars on it as well however it was no problem for the little thing to squeeze through. From there she patiently waited for the door to open. It was risky business to sneak out of this room to investigate Anna's room but the curiosity was getting the best of Esther so she had to look.

With a light click the door was open and Henry was ready to lead the way, whatever Esther knew this little guy pretty much knew it as well, it was how he had been able to find his way to her room when she was only 9 years of age. This would come in handy, he could act as a guide for her and warn her if danger was coming.

"Lets go" she whispered. It nodded and led the way to Anna's room, it would stop now and then to peek around corner then it would go into a light sprint again as Esther followed cautiously and quietly. Up ahead Anna's room came into view.

She had almost forgotten one particular neighbor as she approached.

"GAH!" a mans face suddenly appeared at the small window and scared the living daylights out of Esther causing her to take tumble backward, after successfully scaring her the man laughed crazily. With a growl of anger she got up and glared at him, "quiet you!" her voice may have been hushed but they held enough venom to make the man recede back into his dark domain. It took a moment but her heart soon stopped beating in her chest like a drum, but the butterflies in her stomach increased. This had to be a faster trip, a guard may check to see what all that noise was about. Hopefully they didn't hear anything in the first place. Henry hopped on to Esther's hands so it could pick the lock on Anna's door, it took around a minute before it finally made a reassuring click sound. Carefully she allowed the bear to crawl on her shoulder as she slowly opened the door.

It was shocking to see.

Almost beyond words.

Anna's room was in shambles. Padding on the walls were torn, the ground had more tears in it, blood spatters and black dust.

"What the hell happened?" she gasped.

There was no way Anna could do this, she may be able to bite, spit and kick even with her arms bound to her body with a straight jacket but even she couldn't do something like this nor could those bulky guards. "They…look like…blades did this…" she muttered as she stared at the damage.

Her heart almost leapt out of her chest when she heard the distant sound of a door.

I hope this new story will be at the very least a tad bit enjoyable, thank you for reading my other stories as well.