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The Black Order. A religious organization funded by the Vatican, that works towards defeating a creator known as the Millennium Earl, a being who uses tragedy against humanity to create Akuma. Esther had the pleasure of seeing one of those things, she also had the pleasure to learn what role a Soul Broker serves, parasites who only want money. These things were something she had learned as she walked through a Gate, and met with the guards at the door. I will never cease to be amazed will I? She thought as she nodded a greeting to the men. "You will learn more from Chief Komui" the Finder told her as he continued to lead the way.

The place is indeed huge, making the Asylum look small in comparison.

There was also nothing like finding yourself surrounded by people to make you realize that you might not have enough social skills to hold your own. I'll figure something out…I always do. Taking in a couple of breathes she prepared for whatever is to come if preparing was even possible in this new found world. So far though this place didn't seem so bad, in fact she thought perhaps she could become comfortable here, still I'll be on my toes. Outside appearances weren't something to go on.

"You'll get your own room, but before that they need to get some papers done as well as determine your innocence's synchronization with you in Hevlaska's Chamber" the Finder explained.

Esther blinked, "Hevlaska?"

"Yes she is also an Exorcist but a different kind from yourself and the others, she is the Holder of the Cube. She stores unused pieces of innocence as they wait for their accommodator and she can determine your synchronization rate with your innocence. Basically that's how bonded to the innocence you are, the higher the number the more successful activation and use of abilities is".

It was a lot to take in but she accepted what she was hearing. I wonder if a certain number of sanity is required, although I learned not long ago that I've been sane for a long time.

Henry pat her on the cheek as if to comfort her in all her broodings about her past, with a smile she pat him on the head.

"Life…will be interesting to say the least" she remarked.

The Finder turned to her, "hmm?"

"Its nothing. By the way what's your name?" she inquired.

"Owen Ganns" he bowed a little, "it's always a pleasure to see an Exorcist".

She bowed a little back out of politeness however she was still a bit iffy on the entire Exorcist thing even with the words she had said previously to Marcus. Life had led her to question the existence of a god leading her towards a lack of religion which might be more then just frowned upon now that she was a part of a 'Religious' organization. Adding emphasis to the word for effect. After introductions she continued to follow Owen until they made it to Chief Komui's office.

I think I might…lose it in this room. Despite where she had been living for years, one can say she can be a bit OCD, causing her to do her best to be cleanly. This office, on the other hand was a bit of a wreck. Papers everywhere on the ground to the point she could only take a wild guess as to whether or not the floor had a carpet. The desk was in the same condition with papers stacked high, along with books and a stamp that indicated things to be approved.

Standing there were two people. A tall man who appeared to be Asian descent, with the shape of his dark eyes that had glasses and dark hair, he was also wearing white clothes with a beret. Nearby was a woman who looked rather serious in expression with short curled hair with a tight looking skirt and double breasted jacket along with what looked like a pendant attached to a standalone stiff collar, she guessed that this woman must be this man's assistant.

Finder Owen stood back while Esther proceeded forward. The man smiled, "hello you must be Esther, pleased to meet my name is Komui Lee" he said with a friendly smile.

"Nice to meet your acquaintance" she said with a nod, "so…did a tornado hit this place?"

Komui was taken aback then chuckled, "uh…well".

"His office always looks like this, he keeps procrastinating in cleaning it as well as paper work" the woman said in a serious tone. "I'm his assistant Brigitte Fey by the way".

"Oh come on I've been pulling all nighters for days now!" Komui complained in a melodramatic tone.

However the woman only sighed exasperatingly at his words as if she were dealing with a child.

Komui went back to grinning as he looked to Esther, "anyway usually we'd take a look at your innocence in the examination room but we'll hold on that for now since…you know". Esther felt thankful for his consideration. It wasn't like she would be a phobic when it came to needles or medicine but still she really still wasn't in the mood to be examined especially if it was her wrists being examined.

For a couple of minutes Esther answered a few basic questions, since the Asylum's records were pretty shaky she had to assure that everything they had on her was correct so all records were accurate when it came to a surname she answered firmly. "A friend said Esther Night sounded like a good combination" she replied.

"Alright, now lets head over to Hevlaska's chamber to determine the synchronization rate of your innocence". She followed Komui as he led the way to this room, assistant Fey also tagged along quietly.

As they walked along Komui spoke, "the Order is quite large. There's three sections to the science department, which is new in our old headquarters there was only one. There's also private residences, the cafeteria, training facilities, lounge area, a library, medical ward and many other different places" he explained. "You'll be assigned as General Cloud's pupil, she will train you in combat and how to use your innocence".

Esther tilted her head, "is there a schedule of any sort?"

"You can ask General Cloud when you meet her and once your trained enough to be able to hold your own in battle you will be given missions. Other then that not really. Everyone has a different schedule around here depending on what their duties are, in my case I don't get any sleep" he went back to a dramatic tone on the last bit as if to solicit some pity.

She only chuckled lightly in amusement, he was an adult but rather silly.

Afterwards he explained a bit more about innocence. The Great Flood scattered all the pieces around the world all 109 pieces to be exact and it was also up to the Order to collect them all as well as the Heart an innocence that was the strongest among them. If it came into the hands of the Order they could possibly win on the other hand if the Millennium Earl got a hold of it he could destroy it thus destroying all the pieces in the process. So far there have been pieces of innocence destroyed when they killed a few Exorcists, around six including a General who also carried a few extra during a journey to find new Exorcists. All in all she had been glad that Bookman had shortened the explanation a little since it probably would have been a lot to take in all at once. Now she was a bit more prepared for the unexpected.

When they arrived to Hevlaska's Chamber she had to stop and admire the size and the odd sense of pride as well as elegance held within it when it was built for this Hevlaska person.

Esther looked away from the new sights and went back to following until they came at the edge of the path which seemed to be like an elevator of sorts as it moved further in. When they stopped she could see what appeared to be curtains of sort along with lights keeping the room lit, making it feel rather calm and serene.

As noted to herself when she determined that she would always be surprised she could say that seeing Hevlaska was a surprise.

She, if that is what this being truly is. Was like a huge spectral being enveloped by light, who gave off a rather kind and gentle air almost as if she could be a mother figure of sorts, her voice was even soothing. "You…must…be…Esther" she paused now and again but that didn't bother her.

"Yes I'm Esther Night". Her heart felt fluttery as if she were nervous.

"Its…nice…to…meet…you". It looked like she had many hands that were like ribbons of light as they went over to Esther and gently picked her up, though she felt nervous she definitely wasn't afraid of what was happening after all this being showed no aggression. "I…will…now…determine…the… synchronization…with…your…innocence".

Their foreheads touched gently as Hevlaska started.


She pulled away once the final verdict was determined, "your…synchronization…rate…is…68%" she said as she put Esther back down on the ground.

"Understandably low since you had no use of it for most of your life other then allowing him to move around" Komui stated as Henry set himself on Esther's shoulder.

"It's…rather…odd…" she began. This brought everyone's attention to her.

"It's…almost…as…if… your…innocence…is… incomplete, it's… here… yet… elsewhere. When… you… find… the…missing… pieces… it… will… be… complete…and…perhaps…stronger".

These words were rather ominous in nature. Her innocence was incomplete? Is that why it remained inactive and why she had trouble with moving Henry on critical moments? If so then what happened, maybe when I find my vagrant memories I will be able to figure that out as well or is it more complicated then that? Esther felt completely lost on the matter, already a new mystery has been stacked on her plate and she had a feeling that she would run into many more to complicate her mind and twist reality around her.

Trial after trial without result. She thought with an annoyed sigh.

"That's rather odd, definitely something that hasn't happened before. Since its late I wont do it tonight but…" he looked over to her quizzically until she shrugged.

"Tomorrow should be fine for medical examinations, cant say I'm afraid of such things as long as there's no scalpels involved. Besides I would like to know in detail what that means". Once that was said Komui nodded.

"It will only be a few scans and tests" he assured her.

Hevlaska although her facial expression were hard to see, Esther had the feeling she was being apologetic. "Didn't…mean…to…trouble…you".

Esther could only smile. "No trouble, at least I know a bit more about myself". On another note Esther could aim towards optimism by thinking of this as a lead, if her innocence being incomplete impedes her then all she needs to do is work harder so she can go out on the field to start her journey of some sort of inner discovery. Though for all she knew she could find something here. My family could have been involved in the Black Order for all I know, if I meet enough people my features could be recognized by someone. If they aren't involved with the Black Order then I guess I'll just have to find someway to make my brain tap back.

She turned her attention back to asking questions about this place and the people. "If I may ask, why do you look like that?"

"When…I… became… the… accommodator… of… the… cube… my… body… became… enveloped… in… innocence, since… then… I've… been… with… the… Order… since… it… was… built… one-hundred… years… ago…" she replied.

One-hundred years? She thought with slight shock. She almost wondered what Hevlaska looked like when she had a human form.

"It… is… always… nice… to… see… new… Exorcists, Esther… Night… may… you… have… Gods… divine… protection".

Can you feel bad for not having the same beliefs as others? All around the world everyone believed in a unique and different God, some only have one while others had hundreds. For people like herself though she had none, but nonetheless it felt good to hear kind words from someone. From here on out she would have a lot of people depending on her to do a good job once she was trained, and they would all have some form of faith in her not to fail or die to early on the battlefield. In turn she might have to depend on others as well despite her feelings of cynicism. Esther would need all the luck she could possibly muster up for the life ahead of her.

"Thank you, its great to be here" she said.

With all important matters completed and a few others left for tomorrow Esther was led to her room for the night so she could get a good rest before starting a busy day tomorrow of getting to know the other Exorcists and looking more closely at this place so she would get lost or anything of the sort. When she said her good nights and entered a room that was now her own she could only stand there for a minute to take it all in. No longer was she surrounded by white, following a strict schedule or being punished for idiotic things. In one way she was free but not free of obligations. Helping save the world was probably the biggest obligation anyone could ever shoulder, failure means the world is thrown into the Three Days of Darkness and millions of people die. She groaned, feeling aggravated.

For now she would just have to concentrate on learning about the innocence and hopefully one day herself.

Tearing away her attention from duties she had to admire the room. A nice looking desk, a comfortable chair sitting near a window that had a beautiful view of the forest, nice looking carpeting that felt nice as she touched it with her fingers, a comfy bed that felt absolutely heavenly as she sat down, her own bathroom that had a nice tub, heck she could even admire the wallpaper. "This is mine" the words felt strange on the tongue but no less satisfying. In here she could sleep take a nice hot bath after a busy day, and do whatever activity she wanted when she didn't have anything else to do.

"I think there's a town on the other side of this island, I wonder if I can visit there…I hope so, I'd like to buy a few things" she said to herself. The first activity that came to mind was sewing and some other things she managed to sort of learn while in the asylum although she might be a bit rusty.

She looked over to Henry who seemed to be enjoying himself as he bounced on the bed, taking her shoes off and putting them off to the side she plopped down on the bed and stared at the ceiling for a moment

Then she rolled onto her stomach to stare at Henry who stared back. "They all seem nice thus far…" she muttered. "Though I have a feeling its only just begun when it comes to what they will tell me when it comes to this place…"

Esther got up and got ready for bed.

Turning off the lights and drawing the blankets over her head. They were so fluffy and comfy like a mothers embrace as they would say, they even smelled nice. Fresh and delightful to the nose.

Her eyes traveled to the window. The moon shone brightly casting shadows on the carpet and slightly illuminating her new room, no bars…only comfort.

She thought back to her years in the Orphanage and the Asylum. Feeling betrayed by people who were supposed to care about her, not understanding anything, so she resorted to fighting until her body hurt. Bruises sprinkling her flesh along with cuts and blood, fresh bandages on her wrists causing her to cry all over again until she was all dried up. At some point she could have given up and told lies in order to survive, but all she wanted to do was see tomorrow and get back up on her feet to move forward again even if people beat her back and down. Even if she mourned the deaths of those she had come to call friend.

Life was a fight. Didn't matter if you are a 'civilized' species or not.

With all these thoughts swirling around in her head she couldn't really say when it began but her eyes became wet and blurred as tears rolled away from her eyes. The more she tried to calm herself the worse it got, until they turned to heavy sobs. Grieving over a past and hoping that she could find a better future even if it might be an impossibility.

She sniffled and continued to cry, after a minute she felt Henry sit on the pillow and lay his body on her head as if he were hugging her.

Then she fell into a peaceful sleep.


A small girl around the age of five or six wandered into the room of an inn her and her sister were staying in for the night. As she entered her ears picked up on music, a rather lovely tune being performed by violin. Sitting on a comfortable chair was her sister who appeared to be around 25 years of age more or less, the little girl walked all the way in and closed the door behind her.

"What's that Dinah?" she inquired to her older sister.

Dinah smiled broadly, though she always seemed to smile. A lovely smile that often contained joy as well as mischief. "Its called 'The Devil's Trill', a rather lovely piece is it not?" she replied.

The little girl hummed before sitting down and opening up a book to read, despite her age she was actually quite the advanced reader.

Although they looked a bit different it was obvious that they were related. Dinah was a tall elegant woman with a mesmerizing set of pale gray eyes that could catch the moons light just right, with straight and long black hair as well as fair skin as fine as porcelain on a priceless doll. She also wore the most fashionable of clothes, as of now being a simple white gown to sleep in.

Her sister on the other hand had her black hair braided back in a fishtail style, her grey eyes slightly duller but with the same porcelain like flesh, often wearing simple casual clothes many children wear nowadays.

"So when will we meet her again?" the child inquired.

Dinah took a sip from a cup of tea, "don't know Hanna depends on many things, but I'll keep an eye out".

Hanna nodded and went back to reading.

The sisters of Mnemosyne shall await, for now.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.


The Devil's Trill was created around 1713 by a man called Giuseppe Tartini, even to this day performing the song is demanding to play since its in G minor.