They say life begins when you reach heaven.

Or should I say ends? Needless to say, my life met both birth and death this year. Only this time, death stayed with me in this foreign land. I think it's safe to say I'm in heaven, for Earth could never be this beautiful and horrifying at the same time.

It's been days since my death, and I get lonelier each day. I am forced to remember things I'd rather forget, and forget things I'd do anything to remember. I look around heaven, waiting for a much needed sign. It would be nice to have someone, or something to keep me company in this limitless paradise.

Day by day, I forget memories I've held on to during my time on Earth. I'm starting to forget almost everything - where I grew up, the first school I went to, my friends… but heaven forbid I forget my name and the moment of my demise. Surely there must be a reason why this is happening, and I am fully determined to find that answer.

I continue my search. I wander around aimlessly, yearning for at least a sign of companionship. 'The gods must be fairly angry with me,' I sigh. This is getting pretty tiresome. I try my best to remember what I would do if I were alive and in this situation. "This is getting pretty annoying, deity. Just tell me what I have to do to attain this famed nirvana." I yell exasperatedly, anxious for a response or whatever it is this 'deity' sends me.


I'm getting pretty annoyed. Attaining nirvana shouldn't be this hard, right? I'm almost entirely sure that there isn't anything I left behind that could be keeping me from reaching eternal happiness.

But then again, we can never be too sure, right?


I shot my head up, a smile spreading across my face. Finally! It's nice to hear my name from another person other than myself. I look around frantically, desperate to see whatever this deity sent me. Yet in a flash, I started to move slower than usual. It's frustrating, really, to not be able to move fast enough. This thing could easily disappear the same way it appeared, and that thought scared me. Oddly enough, everything seems to be moving normally. Why am I in slow motion?

Everything around me started to glow. Have I attained nirvana already? I must've said that out loud, because I swear I heard a low laugh somewhere near. "Hello?" I call out to the mysterious being who laughed at my musing. I turned my around to see a mysterious figure standing beside the apple tree, beckoning me to come over.

"Do you want to remember?"

I gasped. I've heard that deities know everything, but I merely dismissed those rumours as myths. Shocked, I nod my head desperately. "Help me, please. It's been a week since my death, and I have no idea on how to reach eternal happiness. I'm desperate." I hung my head low to show my desperation and need. The mysterious figure shook his head and let out a low chuckle. "That's what I'm here for, you know. You don't have to beg. I'm surprised you don't know. You've been wishing for me for the last seven days!"

I look at the mysterious figure with a grin plastered on my face. "Well, do you plan on introducing yourself? I'm pretty sure you already know me." I walk over to him. Niceties, never forget them."

"Yes, I do," he said, "and I'm not allowed to give my real name." My eyes widen. That took me by surprise. "Can you at least show me your face?"

"Nope, sorry. Diz's rules." The mysterious figure turned around, ordering me to follow him. "Alright, just give me a name. I can't go walking around referring to you as 'Mysterious Figure.'"

The mysterious figure sighed. "Alright. Call me Kai."

"Hi, Kai. I'm Nami-"

"Yes, I know. Now, get a move on girlie. Diz ain't gonna wait forever."