Sorry for sneaking this out! I've been gone for too long and I'm trying to get back in the groove. Instead of working on my old stories though, I came up with this. I'm still relatively new to Skyrim, so I won't be doing much justice to Paarthurnax seeing as he slips from one language to another. And also this is a couple months before Ulfric tries anything with the High King.

So hope you enjoy!

The Right Hand:

Those of the Whirlpool Clan

"Arngeir," was the low rumble that met the Greybeard as he made his way to where the immortal dragon lay.

"It is rare for you to call upon us, Paarthurnax," spoke the elder as he bowed before the dragon. "In such times of peace, even with war on the horizon, what is to come now?"

The dragon chuckled, another low rumble, escaping its maws. "There are stories that have been lost with the centuries, I am the only one who truly remembers of them."

Arngeir frowned at what Paarthurnax had said. "What is it that you mean?"

"It has been too long since the time of the Dovahkiin's," Argneir held his tongue at this, knowing that the elder would continue on, "Yes, much too long, but even longer has it been since those of the Whirlpool Clan presented themselves."

There was silence for a few seconds and Paarthurnax spoke again, this time looking at Arngeir, "Times are changing, much too soon, but before anything begins, we must bring upon an old member of the ancient world."

"What exactly -"

"It is a sense of mine, a precaution, one that if I had flesh such as yours would be chilled and prickled to the bone. Something great is upon us and I wish for those of the Whirlpool Clan to be brought once again," Paarthurnax cut in, giving the Greybeard a stern look. "Listen closely, a tapestry hangs in the foyer, the one with a simple, but great spiral painted upon it. Merely slice your finger and press your blood against it and you will be taken to one of the Whirlpool - you are to convince them that they are once again needed here in Tamriel."

"...Is that all that is needed?"

Paarthurnax stayed quiet for a second, before nodding his head.

"They must understand, they are truly needed. Those of Whirlpool must have continued and strengthened their arts, they will be a great asset and help to us here, even if it is only one of them, then so be it, one is better than none."

"I will be on my way then."

"With care, Arngeir."

With another half bow, Arngeir made his way down the mountain path, careful with the Ice Wraiths and clearing the violent winds that kept the master dragon safe.

"If something is to happen, what could bringing these people possibly do to help?"

Author's Note:

So this first set up is done, I'm hoping to come out with the other chapters quick and hopefully much longer. I was thinking of asking you guys who play Skyrim to help come up with a character, but I would think it better for now to use my own character from my own gameplay for now. Maybe if I get to writing another of these, I'll let the readers come up and decide on a character. Other than that, I hope this little snippet has peeked your interests and that you all stay along for the ride!

Until the next time.