Weeks had gone by since Merida and the young lords had tamed their dragons. They had spent the majority of their time bonding and learning how to fly, which most of them seemed to get the hang off. As promised Merida had convinced her father to let the dragons out of their stables.

Fergus was a little hesitant at first, but seeing how easily his daughter managed to deal with Sorcha, who was one of the deadliest dragons known to man, seemed to ease him a bit. At first it was very awkward. People were nervous about having dragons soaring around freely.

But they were slowly starting to get used to them. The dragons helped with numerous chores around the town. Hunting, fishing, blacksmithing, and even small every day activities like hauling supplies around town. There had only been one incident when a guard stepped on Hookfang's tail, but no one was seriously injured and they agreed to let it slide.

Bart and Craig had formed the quickest bond. It wasn't really hard to please the Gronkle. A rub on the stomach and a few rocks to eat kept him happy. Bart also figured out that he seemed to have a personal liking for haggis.

Boyd didn't really have trouble getting along with Cinaed. Though it was curious as to who was looking after whom in their relationship. The main problem came from learning to fly. It was difficult for three heads to coordinate their flight patterns. Eventually he seemed to get the hang of it, and was soaring through the sky with the others.

Ian had the most difficult time adjusting to his dragon Ninian. It wasn't like they didn't like each other, but it just took him time to get used to even having the animal around. But eventually he started to become more comfortable around him. He and Snotlout were always competing in both combat and dragon riding, and their dragons seemed to pick up on their competitiveness.

The worst however was probably the boys. Apparently Hiccup had made some deal with the triplets, and before he knew it they were whizzing around on the same dragons as Fergus. It wouldn't have been so bad if they were regular dragons, but these were pretty much their dragon counter parts. Whizzing around, screaming.

When they weren't spending time with their dragons, they were spending time training for battle. Everyone had improved greatly, even Hiccup. They had also gained quite a few fans. The younger kids always came to see them practice and ride their dragons. They had even joined in on training every now and then.

Which was why a group of young girls were crowded around Astrid and Merida, who were showing them how to properly wield a sword. "You want to make sure you have a firm grip on it, otherwise your opponent will be able to easily disarm you." Astrid explained.

"An be sure te make yer stance firm. Most of yer opponents will outweigh ye, so ye need to be able te stand firm when they parry or try te push ye back." Merida said.

The girls all nodded and mimicked their stances. Meanwhile the boys were sparing with Snotlout, Hiccup, and Ian. Ian and Hiccup watched while Snotlout was sparing with the rest of the boys. Despite him being twice their size, he didn't hold back very much. Just enough to actually harm them.

Gustav was currently charging at him with a training sword in hand. He jabbed at the older boy who easily blocked with his own sword. "Hah!" Gustav swung as hard as he could, but Snotlout easily parried. He then swung at Gustav who managed to block, but was send stumbling back.

"Not bad kid." Snotlout said twirling his own training sword in his hand. "But why don't you try this one on for size!" He said charging forward. Gustav barely managed to hold to his sword as the older Viking kept swinging away at him.

With one large swing Snotlout knocked the sword out of his hand, and it landed behind him. He looked panicked. "Ye have te hang on te yer weapon lad." Ian said shaking his head.

"Alright Gustav, you're unarmed. You have to think on your feet." Hiccup said.

Gustav and Snotlout circled around one another. He noticed Gustav eyeing his sword. "Don't try it kid." Snotlout warned. Gustav ran towards him, and Snotlout jabbed at him. Gustav however ducked and rolled past him. He grabbed his sword off the ground and turned back around just in time to parry.

Ian whistled while Hiccup clapped his hand. "Very nice. Extra points fer style." Ian said.

They heard giggling and Gustav looked over to see some of the younger girl watching him. He blushed slightly and smiled back, looking at one girl in particular. Snotlout smirked before placing his foot behind Gustav's and then pushing him over. He fell to the ground, and then found a sword pointed to his neck. "Don't get distracted."

The girls once again giggled and Gustav blushed, this time out of embarrassment. Astrid rolled her eyes. Even when training these girls were thinking about boys. "Alright girls, we've done enough for now, why don't we pick up later today. We'll practice some archery."

"Aye, by tha time ah'm done with ye, ye'll be able te shoot tha wings off a fly." Merida said confidently. The girls all nodded and began waking off.

A few of them stayed behind and were muttering something, and then the girl Gustav had been staring at broke from the group and walked over towards him. He quickly scrambled to his feet and tried to regain his composure. "Oh, hey Aileen, hah."

She smiled. "Hey Gustav. Ye looked pretty cool jist now." She said. He scratched the back of his head nervously. "Ah saw yoo with yer dragon the other day. Ah was wondering if ye could show introduce me te him… or her. Ah can't really tell em apart yet."

Gustav looked stunned for a second, the Snotlout slapped him in the back of the head. He shook his head and then "Uh, yeah! I can introduce you to him, sure!" He turned around and then took a deep breath, and then yelled out. Aileen looked totally confused.

A few second passed before a large shadow appeared over them. Fanghook landed down beside the two. "Nice Monstrous Nightmare call." Hiccup said nodding.

Gustav patted Fanghook's snout. "Yep, this is Fanghook. Cool isn't he?"

Aileen walked forward and patted him. "Wow. Ah only ever seen the small baby ones up this close. Me ma will nae let me near the bigger ones. She says they're dangerous."

He waved his hand. "No way. Monstrous Nightmares are tough and fierce, but they're totally tame." As if to disprove his point, Hookfang landed down looked irritated. He glared down at Gustave and Fanghook who lowered his head at larger dragon's stare. "Oh, Hookfang. I didn't mean to call you."

Hookfang snorted sending a puff of smoke in his face. Aileen took a step back. "Tha one looks mean." She muttered to Gustav who was wiping the soot off his face.

"Alright Hookfang, let's leave the little runt alone with his girlfriend." Snotlout said signaling for his dragon to follow him. The two of them blushed but said nothing. Hookfang followed his rider to the mess hall.

"So, you want to go flying?" Gustav asked.

"Can ah?!" She asked excitedly.

Hiccup quickly cut in. "Whoa there, hold on a sec. I'm not so sure that's a good idea. You've never been flying with another person before."

Gustav gave him a pleading look. "Oh come on! I won't do any crazy stunts. I'll keep it safe, I promise." He said before looking over towards Merida. "Besides, she used to take the princes with her before they got their dragons."

Merida grew wide eyed. "Wait a minute! Where are those wee devils?!" Three blurs rushed by and they could see the triplets speeding by on Bing, Bam, and Boom. "Hey! Ah told ye te stop doing tha!" She shouted shaking her fist.

Hiccup chuckled at the sight. "Alright. But remember, no crazy stuns. A quick fly around the town, that's it." He said.

"Got it." Gustav said before jumping onto Fanghook. He held his hand out and helped Aileen on. She wrapped her arms around him and he stiffened. "O-okay. Let's go." He said before Fanghook took off into the air, joining the triplets in their flight.

Hiccup watched as they flew up higher and higher. "I pray to Odin he doesn't make me regret this." He said turning towards the others. "So, what do you guys want to do now?"

Ian yawned. "Not sure. Where in the hell are the others at? Ah never thought ah'd say this, but ah actually kind of miss Boyd and tha twins. They're crazy sure, but at least they keep things interestin'."

"Tuff, Ruff, and Boyd went on a hunting trip with Lord Dingwall. Fishlegs I think is in the library helping Bart with his accent." Astrid explained.

"Good. Maybe at least we'll start te understand tha big oaf." Ian said stretching his arms. "Ah jist wish if these Vikings were going to invade they would do it already. Ah'm getting bored."

"Do nae be so eager fer war young ones." They turned and saw the queen approaching. Everyone but Merida quickly bowed and greeted her. "Yer fathers may have told yoo stories aboot their victories and glorious moments in war, but it's unlikely they mentioned the many losses we suffered as well."

"Ah did nae mean it like tha my queen. Ah spoke out of boredom an foolishness." Ian said.

"Don't worry. Ah understand ah know how the young mind works. Ye are jist eager to prove yerself. But believe me, if ye do see battle, yer perspective will change." Eleanor said. "If we're fortunate we can find a way te avoid this war altogether."

"I don't think that's going to happen your majesty. Even if by some divine intervention we managed to come to some sort of agreement, Alvin is called treacherous for a reason." Hiccup said. "Not to mention he has Dagur with him, who is just itching for a reason to fight."

Eleanor sighed. "Ah know. Ah suppose ah'm jist hoping fer the best. The only thing we can do is pray that everything works out." She said beginning to walk off.

Gustav and Fanghook flew through the air, while Aileen held on tightly around his waist. The triplets flew beside them whizzing around them. "This is amazin." Aileen said enjoying the view.

"Yeah, never gets old." Gustav said. "Want to see the ocean view?"

"Are we supposed te fly out tha' far?"

He smirked. "We'll stay near the shore. It'll just be a quickly fly by." She looked up in thought for a moment, and then nodded. "Alright, let's go Fanghook!"

The Monstrous Nightmare dived downwards and headed towards the docks. The princes followed after them. As they got closer, they saw a large cloud of fog out in the water. "Heh, wha's tha?" Aileen asked.

Gustav sighed. "It's probably those Smokebreaths again. Hiccup already gave them a bunch of Gronkle Iron to make their nest. Why can't they just stop causing trouble?" He said as Fanghook flew down towards the cloud. "I'm gonna send them back. Guys, mind helping me clear the fog up?" He asked looking to the triplets.

They nodded, and the dragons approached the cloud and then slowed down. Fanghook gave his wings one mighty flap, and send a huge gust of wind forward. Bing, Bam, and Boom screamed out sending sound waves. The fog was sent away, and replaced with the sight of ships, at least a dozen of them.

All of them instantly froze. Looking closer they saw that the ship was full of Vikings. Gustav recognized the flag as the Backstabber tribe's symbol. "We've been spotted! Take them out!" One of them shouted. Multiple arrows were suddenly sent flying towards the kids.

"Hookfang! Move!" All of them quickly began maneuvering around, dodging the rain of arrows sent towards them. "Up! Up! Everyone up!" They all flew upwards managing to get out of range of the arrows.

"Their attacking!" Aileen said not believing her eyes.

Gustav felt his hands shaking. This was it, the start of the war, and he was the first line of defense. He took a deep breath and tried to think. He then turned towards the princes, who still wore stunned looks on their faces. "Um, Hubert, take Aileen back and go warn the king!"

The brothers snapped out of their daze, and Hubert flew forward. Fanghook leaned over and caused Aileen to go tumbling onto Hubert and Bam. Aileen quickly balanced herself as they took off. "Wait ah second?! Wha' are ye doing?!" She yelled worriedly.

Once they were away a safe distance, Gustav gulped and looked down towards the ships. He then turned towards Harris and Hamish. "You guys should head back too, I'm going to buy some time for the army to get ready."

They both looked at one another, and then turned back towards him, with determined looks on their faces. Gustav knew that letting the princes risk their lives was probably stupid, but honestly he was just glad he wasn't going in by himself. "Okay guys, let's go!"

The three flew down towards the ships. Once they were in range, more arrows came flying towards them. They once again began maneuvering around dodging the arrows. "Fanghook, fire it up!" The dragon reeled back and then shot a blast of fire at the mass of the lead ship. The blast easily put a gapping hole in the mass, and cause it to fall. The flaming mass fell back and landed on one of the other ships.

Harris and Hamish flew down and Bing and Boom yelled out, sending sonic blast towards the sides of one of the ships. As they flew closer to it, the intensity of the blast increased, and the ship soon tipped over. One of the ships fire a large boulder from a catapult. The boulder headed right for Gustav and Fanghook, and he didn't see it coming.

The brothers turned and had their dragons scream towards the boulder, tipping it away enough to miss Gustav. "Thanks!" He said before flying down towards another ship. "Get ready Fanghook! Fire it up!" He jumped off Fanghook's back and onto the ship. He kept running towards the other end of the ship, dodging every Viking that had tried to strike or grab him.

Fanghook lit his body on fire and then smashed through the ship. Gustav reached the other end of the ship and Fanghook burst out just in time to catch his rider before he hit the water. They flew upwards and Gustav laughed. "I can't believe that worked!"

He stopped laughing when screamed filled his ears. He looked down and saw the ship was on fire. There were people down there, burning alive. He felt a chill up his spine. He did that. He had killed, and was killing, all those people. He steeled his nerves. He had to do this. If not, they were going to do the same to him, his family and friends, and everyone else.

Harris and Hamish upturned another ship, and were working on a third. More arrows were flying towards them, but they soar out of the way as quickly as possible. One of the Vikings turned towards the leader of the attack. "Sir, what should we do? Our cover is already blown. Should we just retreat?"

The leader balled his fist up and turned towards him with fury in his eyes. "I will not retreat from mere children!" He shouted. "I want them shot down, now!"

Another boulder was fired, and Gustav quickly urged Fanghook to move. They did, but the boulder hit Fangwook's wing. Gustav was knocked off his back and the two fell towards the water. Hamish and Harris moved to catch Gustav, but more arrows were fired and they found themselves dodging for their lives.

Gustav braced himself the impact, but suddenly felt an arm around his waist. He looked up and then saw Snotlout who was flying on Hookfang. "Snotlout!" He looked over and saw Bart and Craig who had caught Fanghook and were carrying him back to shore.

Snotlout set Gustav behind him. "Don't worry, I think he's just a little shaken." He said. "So, you took out four ships by yourself. Seems like you really were learning from me."

"Yeah, leaning how to be reckless an stupid!" Astrid said flying beside him.

"Sometimes reckless is good." Hiccup said joining the two. "Still, we'll take it from here Gustav."

Merida flew up beside her brothers with a frown. "Are ye two crazy?! Ye could have gotten yerselvs killed! Mum is gonna punish ye for weeks!" The two looked down nervously. Merida would get angry at her brothers from time to time, but she rarely got furious with them. Only when they put themselves in danger did she really let loose on them.

Ian flew up beside them. "Do nae be two hard on em. They did nae do anythin' ye wouldn't have done yerself." He reasoned.

Merida sighed. "Ah suppose yer rite. But mum will still kill ye." She said before turning around on Sorcha. "Ye two stay up here. Let's finish these lot Ian."

They flew down towards the remaining ships who started to fire at them. Ian flew down and Ninian flew down towards one ship, and Ninian shot acid at the mass. It quickly melted through, the mass fell over landing on another ship. "Nice one!" Fishlegs said as he and Meatlug flew down and smashed the remainder of the ship in half.

The ship with the catapults was about to fire again, but Snotlout flew down towards it. "Alright, let's fire it up!" He yelled smirking.

"Hey!" Gustav shouted.

Hookfang shot out a blast of fire, setting the top of the ship ablaze. Merida came down behind him and Sorcha charged some lightening. She blasted at the flaming ship, and once the lightening hit the ship exploded. There were chips of wood and amour flying everywhere. "Whoa…" Merida said amazed.

"Fire and lightening combo! Gotta remember that one princess!" Snotlout said excitedly.

Astrid and Stormfly land on another of the ships, and the latter flung her tails cutting the ropes of the sails and causing them to fall. They turned around and shot a blast of fire, sitting the front half of it ablaze. Astrid spotted the leader on the ground rubbing his head, and smiled. "Stormfly, fetch."

The dragon leaped forward and grabbed the leader before taking off into the air. "We're gonna bring this one back to the king, you can handle the rest without us right?" She asked.

"We got it!" Hiccup said sailing down towards the last two ships. "Toothless, let's take em out." They dived down and Toothless fired two plasma blast from his mouth, blowing huge holes in both ships. They quickly began sinking into the water.

They heard a loud horn go off, and everyone turned around to see the boats of the clans approaching. Fergus whistled at what he saw. A dozen of the enemy's ships completely destroyed, by children. "By god, those creatures really are amazin'." He then looked up and saw Harris and Hamish. "Bloody hell! Boys, get down here!"

They quickly flew down to the ship, and Fergus snatch them off their dragons before they could even land. He pulled them into a huge. "Ah was worried te death when Hubert came back without ye." He said before setting them down. He turned towards the others. "Ye all head back te shore. We'll pick up tha survivors an take them te tha dungeons."

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