Jake was searching through the library, trying to find the appropriate part of the nonfiction section. He wanted to find out about learning disabilities, see if he could find anything out for Ryder. He didn't really know where to look though.

He wasn't really sure why he was even doing this. There must be better ways to spend his time. But the others all had football practise at the moment. Jake had been suspended for the next two weeks, and coach wouldn't even let him practise. And Jake was gonna hang out with Ryder this evening. So waiting around was best.

And he'd kinda figured that he might as well use the time to help Ryder out. Because he was starting to realise that he would do anything for Ryder. He knew the guy beat himself up about his intelligence. Maybe if Jake found the answer, he would accept that he really wasn't dumb.

As he rounded a corner, he spotted Kurt Hummel hunched over a desk. His attention was focussed intently on the work in front of him.

Jake had always thought that Kurt was super weird. How could a guy actually be interested in other guys? But he was starting to suspect that maybe he could see the appeal. Because he was starting to have some really weird thoughts about his best friend. But that didn't make him gay, did it? He really hoped not.

But if he wanted to be sure, the best way to find out would be straight from the horse's mouth.

Casting a quick look around the deserted library, Jake approached Kurt. 'Hummel, can I talk to you?'

Kurt looked up in shock, quickly covering what he was working on. All Jake could see was a flash of colour. 'If you must.' The tone was meant to be disinterested, but Jake could hear the nerves creeping through.

'You can't tell anyone about this, ok?'

Kurt seemed incredulous. 'And who would I tell?'

'Yea, whatever. Anyway,' he took a deep breath to prepare himself. 'How did you know you were gay?'

'I just did.'

'That's not very helpful, Hummel.'

'Ok, fine. When all the other little boys wanted to hold hands and kiss girls, I didn't. I wanted to do those things with boys instead. That's how I first knew.'

That wasn't really helpful either. 'Well, what if you were a teenager, and you thought you might be gay. What would you do?'

'You realise this conversation is ridiculous, don't you?' Jake shrugged his shoulders. 'I don't know. Find someone to experiment with, I guess.'

'Ok, right, um, thanks, then.' He started to slowly get up.

'I guess you're welcome.' Kurt looked up suddenly. 'But I saw you shoving your tongue down Kitty's throat the other week. I'm pretty sure that means you're not gay.'

'Yea, well, the label's not that important.' As Jake stood he towered over Kurt. 'And so you know, if you even look like you're going to breathe a word of this to anyone, I will locker slam you every day for the rest of your life.'


Jake and Ryder had spent about half an hour working on homework, which was kinda a record for them. Now, they were lying across Ryder's bed, in opposite directions.

Ryder was just starting to wonder if Jake had dozed off when he spoke. 'It fucking sucks how neither of us get any action, even though we're super popular.'

'Yea,' Ryder agreed. 'I mean, I could probably get with Celeste, but I'm not sure any amount of action would be worth having to deal with her crazy.'

Jake laughed. 'I know what you mean. I used to put up with Kitty's crazy, and I didn't even get anything for my efforts.'

'I think the problem is just that girls are bloody insane.' Ryder felt Jake move at that. He glanced down to see that he was sitting up now.

'Yea.' He seemed to be being careful to appear nonchalant. 'It would be so much easier if you could just rely on your bro for this kinda thing.'

Ryder could feel hope rising in his chest. He had suspicions he knew where this was going. 'What do you mean?'

'I dunno, like bros with benefits. Y'know, making out and helping each other get off.' Ryder just held himself really still, not daring to believe it. 'Actually, never mind, pretend I never said that.'

Ryder really didn't want to do that. He pushed himself into a sitting position as quickly as possible, scrambling his way towards Jake. He didn't even give himself time to think before he was smashing their lips together.

It took Jake a moment to respond, but when he did – fuck. His tongue was instantly in Ryder's mouth, forcing its way in. The kiss was kinda aggressive, but so, so, so hot. Jake was moving his way forwards now, driving Ryder backwards. He let himself fall back down onto the bed, Jake hovering above him. He had suspicions he was gonna be getting off in a matter of minutes.


When they entered Ryder's room, Jake was pushing him up against the door as soon as it was closed. This was kinda their thing now. In fact, the past couple of times, they hadn't even studied at all.

And ok, maybe Hummel was right, maybe he wasn't gay. But even still, he had found the answer he was looking for. Because doing these things with Ryder was absolutely amazing. It was much better than having to put up with the dramas of girls. Even if that whole conversation had just been an excuse to get the experimenting started.

Jake was holding Ryder's hands above his head with one hand, the other gripping at his hip. He was trying to work at setting their hips into a rhythm, but it was kinda hard to focus when Ryder had his lips attached to his collarbone.

As Ryder nipped at his neck, Jake let out a low moan. Seriously, he couldn't believe how good Ryder was at this shit. Sure, he'd had expectations, that was half the reason for this anyway, but Ryder blew all those out of the water.

Jake let go of Ryder's hands, using his now free hand to grab at Ryder's hair. He tugged him away from his artwork, rejoining their lips in a kiss that was all teeth and tongues.

Fuck, that was good.

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