"STUPIFY!", yelled Harry pointing his wand at a Death Eater. They were all in the entrance courtyard of Hogwarts, battling Voldemort and Death eaters.

It was the final battle. Ron ran out. "Expeliurmus!", he yelled disarming another Death eater.

Inside the castle, Dean, Luna and George dueled with more Death eaters.

A Death eater pointed his wand at Harry.

"Avada...", he started when...

"Pertrifcus Totalas!", yelled Hermione, she paralyzed the death eater. Hermione panted, she was VERY pregnant. "Hermione!", yelled Harry fearfully he ran over and held her.

"I told you to stay in the Great Hall with Mrs. Weasley and Ginny!", said Harry as he stroked her hair and her swollen stomach.

"Harry we face fire together remember?", cried Hermione. Harry sighed softly, for a moment he remembered when Hermione first told him she was pregnant.


Harry had woken up early in the tent, they were camping in the forest. Still struggling to destroy the horcrux, Harry set the locket on the table.

He was about to go outside when he heard Hermione moaning from her bed, like she was in pain kind of moaning.

Harry felt worry, he walked in to check on his girlfriend. Hermione was laying down in the bed on her side, slightly curled up her hand clutching her belly.

"Mione? Honey, whats wrong?", asked Harry worriedly. "My belly hurts", admitted Hermione, she sounded so cute the way she said it but that didn't shake Harry's worry.

He gently placed a hand on her stomach. "Maybe because we've barely had any food", said Harry worriedly.

Hermione groaned and sat up, she suddenly paled. "Harry I think I'm gonna be sick...!", cried Hermione very suddenly, Harry quickly grabbed a bucket and Hermione threw up.

She panted finishing looking white as a ghost. Harry got her water and stroked her hair. "Harry...", she said after a few moments of silence.

Harry looked at her worried. Hermione suddenly pulled her wand out and gently tapped her stomach with it, Harry watched confused.

A blue glow came from Hermione's wand. Hermione's hand covered her mouth in shock. "Harry...!", she cried.

"What?", asked Harry worriedly. "Harry...I'm pregnant", cried Hermione. Harry's eyes grew wide. He felt a mixture of worry and happiness.

His precious beautiful Hermione, pregnant with a little baby growing inside of her. Yet at the same time Harry felt worry.

A horrible vision in his head showed a very pregnant Hermione being tortured or killed by Voldemort. "Oh Hermione...!", said Harry he hugged his now delicate girlfriend gently.

It didn't take long for Hermione to start showing, by the time she was 4 months her stomach was swollen, and kicking started at 4 months and a half.

Harry would cuddle her in bed every night, rubbing her belly gently and sweetly talking to her as she smiled and sometimes giggled.

Hermione showed such a sweet motherly side Harry never saw before. They knew it was going to be a boy, and Hermione was set on a name, Sirius James Potter.

End of Flashback.

Suddenly Voldemort pointed his wand at them. "AVADA KEDAVRA!", he yelled.

Harry pointed his wand and their spells connected. "Get back!", yelled Harry, and Hermione backed up.

Their spells connected. Hermione panted watching with Ron, Neville and others.

"Why do you live Potter?!", yelled Voldemort. "Because I have something worth living for!", said Harry, Hermione felt her heart touched.

"A mudblood is worth living for?!", laughed Voldemort. "YES SHE IS!", yelled Harry, his spell suddenly began to overpower Voldemort's.

'I'm going to live with her. I'm not dying today, I'm going to go on with Hermione. She's going to have the baby and we'll be a family. I'll be there with her. I won't let her have and raise a baby on her own. I'm going to walk out of here with her, we'll get married and have even more children', Harry thought to himself.

His spell kept overpowering Voldemort's. 'I won't ever leave her, ever! I won't die, I'll live for her. Hermione...you're the reason I still live', Harry kept thinking.

His spell then overpowered Voldemort's, the Elder wand flew out of Voldemort's hand and into Harry's. Everyone starred in shock.

Voldemort slowly began to turn to ashes, vanishing in the wind and sunrise. Everyone was dead silent, trying to come over the shock.

Everything seemed on fast forward since Harry, Ron and Hermione arrived to Hogwarts for the final battle. Destroying the last horcruxes, the fire in the Room of Requirement, the duel against the death eaters.

And so many people lost. Lupin, Tonks, Snape, Fred, Lavender, so many people. After this day nothing would ever be the same again.

Suddenly, before anyone could react, a Death Eater raised his wand to Hermione. It happened so fast, he didn't say an incantation outloud, but a green light shot out.

"HERMIONE!", yelled Harry he pushed her out of the way and got hit by it. Everyone gasped in shock at how fast it happened.

The Death eater smiled evilly, grabbing the Elder wand and leaving. "HARRY!", screamed Hermione, her scream breaking the silence.

She rushed over to his limp form, his eyes closed. "Harry! Oh god please no!", cried Hermione tears flooding.

"Please! Wake up!", sobbed Hermione, she held his body sobbing. Ginny rushed over to comfort her pregnant friend.

Hermione cried in Ginny's arms shaking. Suddenly, after many minutes Hermione looked to where the Death Eater took off.

She suddenly felt extreme hatred and bitterness. He just took away her love. Hermione got up, her wand out and took off after him.

"Hermione no!", yelled Ron worriedly but she was already out of sight.

Hermione ran through the woods, she saw him. He was about to disapprant but she grabbed him and they disappranted together to a different forest rather far from Hogwarts.

"STUPIFY!", yelled the death eater but Hermione dodged. "You're not worth it", he sneered and started to run off.

"FIGHT BACK YOU COWARD!", yelled Hermione dangerously. She raised her wand and said a spell she thought she would never use.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!", she yelled, it hit him before he could dodge and he lay dead. Hermione panted, in shock. She stood there.

Even though she got revenge, it wouldn't bring Harry back. Hermione fell to her knees dropping her wand. She panted and hugged herself crying.

"Harry...", she sobbed. Hermione couldn't fight the tears that kept filling her eyes and flooding out. She had lost him.

Memories flooded her brain. "You are brilliant Hermione, truly". Harry's voice echoed in her mind.

She remembered how happy yet worried he was when she told him she was pregnant. All the memories kept flooding her mind.

All the way to the end. Suddenly Hermione heard a twig snap. Hermione stood up to see she had been surrounded by five wolves.

They all snarled showing their teeth. Hermione began running, leaving her wand behind.

She ran further until finally she tripped and her head hit a rock. She suddenly felt unconsciousness taking over her, her mind felt blank.

As her eyes were barely open, in her blurry vision she heard the wolves yelp and saw a light and two people. With that Hermione closed her eyes falling into unconsciousness.