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Harry, Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville disappranted in the Hogwarts Entrance courtyard where they would meet Hermione.

Harry looked around pacing, his heart racing in his chest. "I talked to the people who have her. She lost her memory two years ago", explained Ginny.

"They treated her like a daughter which is good", said Ginny. Harry continued to pace. McGonagall, Mrs. Weasley, George, Hagrid, Bill and Fleur, Dean and others waited as well behind Harry.

Harry's heart raced in his chest, he was breathing heavy. The tension could be felt in everyone. Ginny was also breathing heavy.

Ron looked around for them while Neville looked anxious too.

The wind blew gently, and suddenly two people walked into the courtyard. Emma and Hermione walked forward.

Hermione looked so different, he hair still brown and bushy. She looked at everyone, knowing them all. She then made eye contact with Harry.

Both of their hearts raced. Hermione panted tears forming. Harry's eyes grew wide he began running over to her.

"Hermione!", he cried. "HARRY!", cried Hermione, she ran into his arms, he caught her and hugged her lifting her up off her feet.

Everyone clapped for them. "Oh Harry!", cried Hermione, as soon as she reached his arms all her memories returned.

The day they met. "Holy Cricket! You're Harry Potter! I'm Hermione Granger". She remembered when Harry saved her from the troll.

"HERMIONE, MOVE!", in the memory Harry saved her. She remembered when they became friends, when they were together after the chess match.

"You'll be ok Harry, you're a great wizard". "Not as good as you". "Hermione, you all right?" "Never better".

Hermione remembered their second year when they embraced, their third year when they traveled back in time, riding Buckbeak.

Their fourth year, fifth, sixth, seventh, everything came back. "Oh Mione!", sobbed Harry holding her close. "Harry!", she cried, she was still crying herself.

Harry lifted her more and kissed her. Hermione returned the kiss deeply, missing the taste of pumpkin pie. "Oh god Hermione, I've missed you so much!", said Harry. "Harry...! Oh Harry...", cried Hermione clutching his shirt.

Emma smiled. "Harry, there's two other people you need to meet", said Hermione. Harry blinked. Hermione looked over to see little Sirius and Rose walk over.

Harry felt his heart sink...twins. "Oh Hermione...", said Harry numb from shock. "Sirius, Rose. Come over here", said Hermione.

The twins walked over cutely. "Mommy who's this?", asked Rose. "This is your daddy", replied Hermione.

Harry knelt down to their eye level. Both toddlers hugged him then. "I knew it!", said Rose sounding like Hermione.

Harry smiled and he looked like he might cry again. Hermione smiled. They walked inside the castle, all the students and staff had a huge Welcome home party for Hermione.

"Hermione we missed you so much!", cried Ginny hugging her. "We thought we'd never see you again", said Ron.

"We knew you'd come back", said Neville. Hermione smiled. "Oh, Mione", said Harry he handed her her wand.

"Harry! You kept it!", cried Hermione. "Of course I did Mione", smiled Harry. Hermione nuzzled into him.

"Oh Hermione, I'm so glad for you", smiled Emma. "I do have a real mom but Emma, you are more than welcomed to visit. You'll always be my second mom", smiled Hermione.

Emma smiled touched. "Emma, thank you. So much for caring for her", said Harry.

Emma smiled. "It's no problem, she's such an angel", said Emma. Hermione blushed. "Yes she is", agreed Harry.

After the Welcome home party, Harry, Hermione and the twins went to their new home in Godric's Hollow, where Harry's parents used to live, the roof repared.

"Mommy it's pretty!", said Sirius, Harry holding Sirius's little hand, Hermione carrying Rose who had fallen asleep.

"It really is", smiled Hermione. They walked inside, upstairs was five bedrooms. Hermione got Rose in her bedroom and Harry got a now falling asleep Sirius in his.

The two went down to the living room, the fireplace lit. Harry wrapped his arms around Hermione. "Oh Harry...", cried Hermione.

"Harry, I love you so much. I love you more than I can say", cried Hermione. Harry smiled and stroked Hermione's bushy hair, so glad he could gaze into those chocolate brown eyes again.

So glad he could touch her soft hair and delicate skin again, to hear her angel voice. To look into her beautiful face.

Harry hugged Hermione. "Face fire together, right?", he said softly. Hermione smiled. "Together", she said and she kissed him deeply.

" does a third child sound?", whispered Hermione into his ear. "Well, we'll see what we can do about that", smiled Harry.

He kissed her neck as she moaned softly. Harry then once again pulled Hermione into a loving embrace and kissed her lips, tasting pumpkin pie.

This time it had a slight bittersweet flavor. Their reuniting was truly bittersweet. Hermione stayed in contact with Emma and Carder, and evenutally found her real parents.

After she and Harry were married and Hermione gave birth at home to another baby boy, Albus. All was well.