1: Sweater

It was just a sweater, a damn stupid sweater.

Ran invited Tomoaki Araide again over for dinner, third time this month. Ran's excuse was to repay the debt when he lent her his sweater a month ago. Although he claimed it was not a big deal and she doesn't need to do all these favors anymore, he still ended up sitting right at their dining table, enjoying every grain of rice in his bowl while happily complementing the dishes's flavor.

Conan narrowed his eyes as he grabbed a small bite on his plain rice, observing each and every move that he did. Conan wished he could enjoy his meal, or at least eat something rather than just the rice, but he was boiling in rage when Araide took a piece of meat and gave it to Ran's bowl, with her smiling so sweetly as if they were married like that. It just completely destroyed his appetite.

And halfway through the meal, Ran finally took notice of Conan's bowl of still filled rice and shifted her position towards him. "Conan-kun, are you alright? You didn't eat much at all." Ran softened her gaze, patting his head gently with a worried look. Conan almost wanted to forgive her for betraying him and having dinner with a man, until he shook that thought out of his mind. He was not jealous. At. All.

"I'm fine Ran-neechan."


"Just ignore that brat." Kogoro waved his chopsticks in the air.

"Do you need a check up?" Araide leaned forward, giving a smile.

Conan gave an awkward laugh and shook his head. "I'm fine." His inner-self twitched his eyes. "Don't need to worry!"


It was just a street away, a damn stupid street.

"I'll take you there, after all it's my break now."

"Really? But wouldn't I be taking away your time?"

Araide grabbed his coat and opened the door, shaking his head and added a small laugh. "Talking to you is already a break for me."

Conan shivered at that sort of attempted pick-up line as the two walked out of the clinic first while Araide spoke a few words to his assistant. If they didn't had to wait for that doctor, they could have completed 3% of the distance needed to go to the store. Yeah, their destination was no more than a 10 minute walk and Ran was able to understand which road to take to reach there, but damn, Araide just want to bring Ran over despite her protests.

"Let's go." He smiled as he finally exited the clinic.

Conan gritted his teeth as he followed.

Barely a second later, he spoke again. "I didn't know that bookstore was that popular, you came all the way from Beika to go there?"

Ran smiled and shook her head, "I didn't intend to go there but I heard from a friend that many good romance novel are found there. And since I dropped by to get some medicines for Dad, I thought I'll just go there to take a look."

Araide nodded his head before giving a light chuckle. "Romance novel? That's what you girls like to read isn't it?"

Their synchronized laughter were ringing in Conan's head. Although he was walking perfectly close beside Ran, he could sense a distance, or a gap forming between him and her. It was childish of him to think of these pointless stuff, but he couldn't help it. His chest would somehow hurt a little and he couldn't seem to get rid of the feeling even when he desperately wished it would.

How foolish was his wish. He is in love with Ran, it's practically impossible to feel carefree when the girl he loved was laughing so happily with another man.

But what can he do?


It was just a murder case, a damn stupid murder case.

A dinner between Araide and Mouri, plus a brat with a surname of Edogawa. Alright, his arguments were rather invalid this time. Sleeping Kogoro did rescue the day and an invitation for a dinner was rather appropriate since they wanted to repay the favor for solving that case, although the outcome wasn't very pleasant.

It was a scrumptious dinner at a restaurant. Ran in a nice white dress and Araide in his appropriate suit. That was all that matters. No one cared about some kid who wear a bow tie everyday.

"What a fine couple they will be." Mitsu, Tomoaki's grandmother said in her low voice.

"I did suggest about it on the day they both met." Kogoro laughed loudly.

Conan narrowed his eyes.

"Dad!" Ran exclaimed.

"What? It's time to forget about that boy detective now, what's the point."

"Oh, Ran-san have a fiance you're waiting for?" Mitsu chuckled.

Ran blushed heavily and shook her head. "He's not my fiance! But... I do like him, although I don't know how he feels about me."

Conan lifted his head and stared eye-wide at Ran, his cheeks slightly tinted pink. He didn't expect that answer from her at all. He thought she would just deny, that's it. But she just admitted her feelings right infront of them...

His face was now as red as a tomato.

"His name Shinichi right?"

Ran laughed sheepishly and nodded her head before she raised an eyebrow. "How did you know?"

"Hey, I'm a basketball couch and medic in your school, have you forgotten? People in school often talked about him and you too."

It was a relief, a huge damn relief.

They went home after that, and for once Conan was able to sleep well for the longest time.

Yay! Hope you guys like it! I just love it when the anime or manga shows Conan getting jealous when Ran was with another guy so I decided to make a couple of one-shot on that. Any prompts might help too! Review are very appreciated!