Author's Note: And we're back, a day earlier than scheduled! Let's kickstart phrase two of the AkaKuro AU Challenge with a huge bang!

Theme: Wedding (Western)

Note: This is actually something like a sequel to the kindergartener AU (Day 9's) which was requested… by almost all the reviewers (most in a somewhat indirect manner). So this is like a "twenty years later" thing, with both Akashi and Kuroko knowing each other since young.

"I'm not so sure about this…"

"What are you saying, Tetsu-kun?" Momoi Satsuki tried to assure him, but that bloodstained handkerchief that she was holding to her nose wasn't helping. "You look absolutely lovely!"

"Momocchi's right!" Kise Ryouta was also beaming, hiding a wide grin behind his hand. "That really suits you! It's like you were born to wear it!"

"Please. You're exaggerating, both of you. And in case you haven't noticed, I happen to be male? Ahh, I wonder how he managed to make me agree to this in the first place."

"There isn't any other guy in the world who can wear something like this and look so good in it! My, even a lady like myself won't look as good as you would."

"Please, Momoi-san, you jest…"

In his twenty-five… no, almost twenty-six years of living in this world, Kuroko Tetsuya had never been so embarrassed before.

"Oi, Ryouta, Satsuki. What's taking you guys so long? He's getting impa— Whoa." Aomine Daiki, who had entered the changing room without even bothering knock, stopped in his steps when he caught sight of Kuroko. "Tetsu, what…"

"Go ahead and laugh."

"That's not the point. You look… great."

"I believe 'great' is an understatement." Kise laughed. "Well, I think it's time we get going. We can't keep Akashicchi waiting forever."



"I'm not going out. Not like this."


"But why, Tetsu-kun?"

"Isn't it obvious? It's not normal for guys to wear this!"

"But you agreed to it, didn't you?"

"Yes, but…"

"It's too late to back out now, Tetsu. Besides, you don't have to worry so much about how you look; you look really good in that. It's the truth. Trust us."

"… Fine."

"Good. Now, let's get going."

Meanwhile, Akashi Seijuurou was about to lose his patience.

He was dressed smartly, in the specially-taliored suit he had chosen with Midorima Shintarou's advice, as he remained seated on one of the large sofas in the bridal shop. The said man was sitting next to him, looking visibly uncomfortable with the aura that his red-headed friend was radiating.

"I'm sure they'll be out soon. After all, Aomine went to fetch them."

"They better, Shintarou. They are aware that I don't like to be kept waiting."

Midorima was about to retort, but decided against it. A single comment was not worth a few years off his life.

"They're coming!" Aomine announced, walking briskly towards them with Kise and Momoi in tow.

"Where's Tetsuya?"

"He's just around the corner," Kise pointed his thumb to the corridor that led to the changing rooms. "Kurokocchi's just feeling a little shy, so give him some time to gather the courage to show his face."

"I'm not shy. This is just plain embarrassing."

"Tetsu!" Aomine sighed, exasperated. "We already talked about this! Come on out already! We don't have all day!"

"I didn't know idiots could be sensible," Midorima muttered under his breath. "My shift starts in two hours."

"I heard that, Midorima."

"Tetsuya, come on out, wouldn't you? I want to see how you look like."

"… Close your eyes."


"Close your eyes, turn around and don't open them until I tell you to. If you can do that, then I'll come out."

"I understand. If it is what you wish."

And Akashi did as he was told. A few moments later, he could hear the soft, distinct clack of high-heeled shoes on the shop's tiled floor. The footsteps were slow, unsteady; the sound grew louder second by second. Somewhere in between, he could hear Midorima's breath catch in his throat and when he shifted his weight… in a somewhat uncomfortable manner? He couldn't tell, but the reaction of his trusted friend made him curious.

"You may open your eyes and turn around now."

And when he did, he was greeted with a breath-taking sight.

Right in front of him was his beloved childhood sweetheart and now bride, dressed in a wedding gown of charmeuse and organza. Along with the dress he also wore a pair of long white gloves that reached past his elbows; and on his head was the veil, pulled back so that his face was not covered. In his hands was a bouquet of white and light pink roses.

"Don't stare at me so intensely."

"Ah, sorry about that. But I can't help it."

"It's because I look weird, right?"

"How can you say that, Tetsuya? You look absolutely gorgeous; stunning, even."


"You know me; I only speak the truth."

"Everyone else says that I look good, but… isn't this weird?"

"Weird? Why?"

"Well, because guys aren't supposed to wear dresses?"

"If you look in retrospect, guys aren't supposed to marry each other in the first place."

"Ahh, well, that's…"

"And besides. You always worry too much. Learn to trust the opinions of other people for once."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"And besides," Akashi took one of Kuroko's hands in his own. "Do you remember that time, when we were still in kindergarten?"

"Please… that was twenty years ago. Why would you bring that up now?"

"During that time, we talked about weddings, didn't we? I did say that you would look pretty in a wedding dress; you know better than anyone that I'm always right."

"That time, you were comparing yourself to me. It doesn't count."

"Oh, so you do remember."

"But of course. Now that I think about it, it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my childhood."

"But it was the childhood we spent together; and this," Akashi lifted Kuroko's hand and placed a kiss on his wrist. "Was what we had dreamed about at that time. Now that this dream is coming true, aren't you happy about it?"

"Well, I am happy about it. How can I not? I love Seijuurou-kun so much."

"And so do I love. I love Tetsuya, more than anyone else in the world. Now stop fretting over little things; and just be happily married to me so we can love each other for the rest of our lives."

Kuroko was going to reply until he heard someone clear his throat, which lead him to remember that they weren't alone.

"I'd kindly appreciate it if you both would leave all this after the ceremony. I swear my glasses were just about to break."

"I agree with Midorimacchi for once. And is that growling I hear?"

"Dai-chan, your stomach is noisy. I know we all haven't had lunch yet, but bear with it, will you?"

"Can't help it. I'm so hungry I could eat a tiger. I wanna grab some grub soon."

"Well, then'; let's all change out of these clothes, get everything settled and go grab a quick meal."

"Yes!" Everyone chorused before moving back to the changing rooms.

"Oh, and Tetsuya?"

"What is the matt—!"

Before Kuroko could finish his sentence, Akashi gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"I'll be looking forward to our wedding. I promise I'll make you the happiest person in this universe."

"Me too… thank you, Seijuurou-kun."

"Come, let's hurry. If we delay, Shintarou might just start complaining about being late for his shift."

And with smiles on their faces, the two disappeared down the hallway, hand-in-hand.

The day that the church bells will toll for them is near.