TF FanFiction 1.30-T-La Fin
2Cent of Eternity (Tezuka PoV)

o( _ )o Wee~! Here's the last chapter of my 2Cent project... Tezuka-sama's return to Fuji-sama is the beginning of the perfect couple's happily ever after~ The song used is 'Come What May' from Moulin Rouge (I just sooooo love this song, that it kept playing inside my head even in my sleep *dreamy sigh~*). Oh, but unlike the previous chapters, I kept the lyrics as it is, and used the same song for both finale.

I guess I should also take this as a chance to confess... Some of you, dear readers may have noticed some inconsistencies between the chapters of this project... this is because I didn't write the chapters in chronological order, and is actually written like this: first '(ch.2) Realization', then '(ch.4) Homesickness', then '(ch.1) Drunkenness, followed by '(ch.3) Leaving', then '(ch.6) Eternity', and finally '(ch.5) Yearning'. So I apologize should there have been any obstacle in your reading pleasure. -.-"

Thank you for staying with me thus far, and I dearly hope that you enjoyed this project. I'd really appreciate receiving reviews, comments, and constructive criticisms from you guys. I helps me know which area I should improve on, so that I may be able to serve you with better projects in the future.

Now, without further ado, please enjoy [and read it's mirror chapter TF FanFiction 1.29 (2Cent of Eternity - Fuji PoV)] ~! \(^o^ \)

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TF FanFiction 1.30
2Cent of Eternity (Tezuka PoV)

The long flight was undeniable tiresome, but as he took his first step out of the plane the weariness instantly vanished... He is back in Japan!

Amidst the catching ups and small talks as his settled back in his own room, Tezuka thought of how he couldn't have asked for a better family than that of his own ever supportive and understanding famiglia... No matter what feats and achievements come his way, Tezuka knew that no comfort could ever replace the warm hug of his loving mother... no praise could ever amount to his respectable father's hand on his shoulder... and no remedy could ever secure him like his wise grandfather's smile...

He was happily content. That was irrefutable, that is... until he met an angel named Fuji...

=[O Never knew I could feel like this
=[O Like I've never seen the sky before

He knew that he could take a leave today and just opt to go back to school tomorrow, but that would be going against his own moral. And so, with a 'little' help from his father and grandfather on convincing his mother, Tezuka, now clad in his Seigaku jersey, and hurried off towards Seishun Gakuen.

He had missed school, his friend's, but most importantly he missed the most precious gift he had ever received in his sixteen years of living... Those sharp azures, his soft melodic voice, his gracefully elegant form in tennis, his soft genuine smile... All of this solely his own, and he was determined to regain it all back.

=[O Want to vanish inside your kiss
=[O Every day I love you more and more

All the longing is in the past now, and his coming back to where his heart truly belong... with Fuji. The road seemed longer when he walks alone, and this made him realize further that he could no longer take another day without even a simply hug from his beloved.

His arrival to school was greeted with much enthusiasm from the student body, as well as, the teachers, and he reciprocated their gestures with assurance and appreciation. The feeling was very welcoming, but still he knew there was something - his only one - lacking... Thus, hastened his steps towards the tennis clubroom, as his mind seemed dead-on replaying their 'love montage'.

=[O Listen to my heart,
=[O Can you hear it sings?
=[O Telling me to give you everything

At first, he thought that he was drawn to the boy, because they were total opposites... like yin and yang. He (very) rarely shows expression, while Fuji always smiles. Tezuka enjoys the rules, while the Tensai is very fond of being the exception. The Kaichou is one for seriousness and goal-orientedness, while his Tenshi is one for the thrill and free-spiritedness.

Yes, they were opposites, and as sciences dictates: opposite attracts... He thought it was just his own determination in pulling out the full potential of his ultimate tennis rival, but somewhere along the time they spent together, he realized that what he felt was something more that mere attraction...

=[O Seasons may change,
=[O Winter to spring,
=[O But I love you until the end of time

And that fateful drunken night... Tezuka faintly blushed at the memories that came flooding back (not that he could forget their first time together - he couldn't forget his lover's moans even if he tried O.O=) Admittedly, it was not like him to get careless and neglect to notice that some kyohai's have spiked the punch... But - just this once - he had to give it some credit for giving him the courage to... to be true to his own feelings, which unexpectedly - or not - bore positively for both of them. And no matter how out-of-character it is of him, Tezuka couldn't be happier knowing the his loved is honestly requited by the person (besides from his own family) he loved the most. And knew the first second their lips met that he would love and cherish his most Fuji with all his heart...

=[O Come what may

=[O Come what may

=[O I will love you until my dying day

That day created the milestone that made everyday of his life brighter... Life became heaven on earth! But why does it have to be so near the day of his rehabilitation? Why of all the days they have together does it have to be that late? No, he kept reminding himself that it will only be for a while... a month or so... And with a the technology, they could always find a way to get in-touch = as long as they don't let their guard down!

He recalled the nights he couldn't sleep, could barely concentrate on his tasks (yet he has to), but his mind is always filled with thoughts of his beau. Academics, extra-curriulars, medication, and even in tennis, he could swore he could feel his lover's presence by his side, cheering him on. Good thing that he has great control over his emotions and he could process at least ten thoughts simultaneously, because being far away from Fuji was making him all 'sappy' inside, even if his expressionless stoic mask remain firmly in-place.

~{O Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
~{O Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace

But all those doesn't matter anymore, because this respectable Buchou's back home... Kunimitsu is coming home to Syuusuke~

+{O Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste
~{O It all revolves around you

Well, this is it... He inhaled a deeply and slowly exhaled, the he turned the knob and opened Seigaku's clubroom door. The scenario seemed to stand still for those few silent seconds, before his teammates rushed to him in merry welcome. The looks on their faces, their expression, their antics, their noises... Under normal circumstances he would have hollered a number of laps for being them being idle, nevertheless he greatly missed them all. Tezuka couldn't help but smile at all this childish hubbub. He is really finally back!

+{O Sing out this song
+{O And I'll be there by your side

But amidst the chatters and excitement, there was something missing... Someone truly very dear to his heart... His angelic lover, who was watching him from far inside.

Fuji's sapphires were open, fully revealing his emotions - how much he longed and care for the tousle-haired boy; all the over-whelming joy of seeing his beloved back safe and sound. Oh, how Tezuka missed those breath-taking gems, glistened with crystalline tears cascading down his soft and flawless cheeks. Tezuka's ember orbs softened endearingly as it embrace the unspoken promise within those cosmic azures.

+{O Storm clouds may gather,
+{O And stars may collide

Their teammates noticed the intimacy of their gazes, and freed the captain for the lovers' much needed privacy - leaving the two inside the closed doors of their clubroom.

=[O But I love you
( ~{O I love you )

The tennis bag lowered by the bench under the sealed window, before the prince paced forward. Tezuka's steps were silent yet solid... slow but determined... It resounds of unspoken but meaningful feelings.

Fuji stood still, as if tempting his lover closer to him. The tears had subsided, but his gaze remained enamoring... spark of challenge... gleam of affection... glittering of love that can no longer be contained.

=[O Until the end of time
( ~{O Until the end of time )

And when they finally stood face-to-face with each other, the feeling cannot be explained - no, that wasn't it - no words can explain the engulfing attraction and electrifying familiarity pulling their hearts into one beat.

+{O Come what may

+{O Come what may

+{O I will love you until my dying day

Arms wrapped protectively and lovingly around the perfect couple... Everything felt right once more... Tezuka and Fuji knew they were back to where they belong - they are back in each other's arms.

~{O Oh, come what may,

+{O Come what may

Their intensity never waning in their eyes, as the distance slowly... most pleasurably so slowly... decreasing... Inch by inch... Closing the space between them, until their bodies are closely pressed against each other...

Tezuka's long fingers tenderly caressed the Tensai's face, as his other arm pulled his lover possessively closer to himself...

Fuji's smile softened in cherubim blush, as his slender arms laced seductively around his Buchou's neck...

+{O I will love you

~{O Oh, I will love you

Time seemed irrelevant then, as everything in their surrounding blurred into nothingness, and all they could perceive was each other...

~{O Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place

"Tadaima, schätzen," Tezuka's deep husky voice entranced his lovely angel's entirety.

"Okeiri, mon chéri," Fuji's bellan whisper penetrated his regal knight's form into submission.

+{O Come what may

The momentary pause as their lips lingered a breathe apart a second longer did nothing but increase the desire ever more passionate... Within that almost invisible instant the reunited couple bask in their emotional truth - devotion, rust, security, respect, and the most fulfilling of all... Love of Eternal Spring~

+{O Come what may

When their lips met, passion greeted their hearts afire! All the suppressed longing, yearning, drowned their hungry heart more than satiated could define in that one euphoric kiss... So sweet... And hot ... And completely mind-blowing!

+{O I will love you until my dying day

Practice could wait a few more seconds, ne? Because this is just as important - if not, more - as tennis... This is moment that will forever pave their love life together... This is the perfect kiss that sealed their vow of faithful devotion to each other forevermore, far surpassing even as time ceases to exist.

"Aishteru, koibito~"

And the perfect lovers, Tezuka and Fuji, are finally home within each other's heart... ^_~