TF FanFiction 1.29-F-La Fin
2Cent of Eternity (Fuji PoV)

o( _ )o Wee~! Here's the last chapter of my 2Cent project... Tezuka-sama's return to Fuji-sama is the beginning of the perfect couple's happily ever after~ The song used is 'Come What May' from Moulin Rouge (I just sooooo love this song, that it kept playing inside my head even in my sleep *dreamy sigh~*). Oh, but unlike the previous chapters, I kept the lyrics as they are, and used the same song for both finale.

I guess I should also take this as a chance to confess... Some of you, dear readers may have noticed some inconsistencies between the chapters of this project... this is because I didn't write the chapters in chronological order, and is actually written like this: first '(ch.2) Realization', then '(ch.4) Homesickness', then '(ch.1) Drunkenness, followed by '(ch.3) Leaving', then '(ch.6) Eternity', and finally '(ch.5) Yearning'. So I apologize should there have been any obstacle in your reading pleasure. -.-"

Thank you for staying with me thus far, and I dearly hope that you enjoyed this project. I'd really appreciate receiving reviews, comments, and constructive criticisms from you guys. I helps me know which area I should improve on, so that I may be able to serve you with better projects in the future.

Now, without further ado, please enjoy [and read it's mirror chapter TF FanFiction 1.30 (2Cent of Eternity - Tezuka PoV)] ~! \(^o^ \)

Disclaimer: ... A dream is a wish your heart makes...

TF FanFiction 1.29
2Cent of Eternity (Fuji PoV)

The most awaited day had finally arrived!

The day couldn't have been brighter than the brightest of Fuji's days, because today is the day that Seigaku's esteemed Buchou will finally be back... The day that his ideal rival will grace the tennis courts once more... The day that his best friend (other than Eiji =P) will return by his side... But most important of all, the day his precious lover will be back in his arms - that deep sexy voice, those striking russet orbs, those firmly ward possessive touch, everything his own.

=[O Never knew I could feel like this
=[O Like I've never seen the sky before

So without further delay, the Tensai fixed himself up - uniform, bags, form, perfect smile in place, and a piece of toast to go - and went as fast as his nimble legs could carry him to Seishun Gakuen. He didn't mind that he couldn't meet Tezuka at the airport (reason being, it's their family's time to be together after so long and he didn't want to intrude... well, plus the fact that his arrival is in he wee hours of the morning), knowing well that Tezuka would immediately head to their tennis court soon after he had settled back his home. And with that in consideration, he most certainly didn't want to be late on this very special day in their life.

=[O Want to vanish inside your kiss
=[O Every day I love you more and more

It wasn't long before Oishi and Eiji arrived and opened the club room. They were chatting excitedly as the other regulars and members arrived and changed into their jerseys. Fuji joined-in occasionally - a joking threat or plain sadism of a point or two - on the lively conversation. Really, everybody is just as jittery as he was! Who wouldn't, ne, this is Tezuka they're talking about!

=[O Listen to my heart,
=[O Can you hear it sings?
=[O Telling me to give you everything

Before they became a couple, Fuji was contented with being 'just a friend'... being by the megane's side... being the closest person (besides his loving family) who understand Tezuka even without the assistance of verbal words but a look, a nod, and a very rare and almost invisible smile... That was enough for him. Back then, he didn't want to be selfish, and tie the tousle-haired boy with his feelings. Even if his heart wanted more, Fuji tried very hard - even though his disarming smiling mask concealed every effort perfectly - to supress everything inside... That is true, until that fateful night when a spiked punch spewed everything bare...

=[O Seasons may change,
=[O Winter to spring,
=[O But I love you until the end of time

Fuji would never dare say he regretted their eventful first night. No, rather he appreciated (not that he is 'for' minors drinking alcohol) the "help" in boosting his confidence into admitting his uncontainable love for Tezuka, which surprisingly - or not - bore positively for both of them. The Tensai couldn't be happier knowing the he is loved for so long and so deeply by the person (besides his own family) he loved the most. And knew the first second their lips met that he would love and cherish Tezuka with all his heart...

=[O Come what may

=[O Come what may

=[O I will love you until my dying day

That day created the milestone that made everyday of his life brighter... Life became heaven on earth! But why does it have to be so near the day he must part with his prince? It was only for a while... a month or so... There were nights he couldn't sleep, could barely eat (yet he has to), but his mind is always filled with thoughts of his love. Family, friends, academics, extra-curriculars, and even in tennis, he could feel his lover's presence... It was advantageous that he was adept in multi-tasking and a naturally born Tensai, because missing his beau was driving him into a 'needy angel' inside, even if all everyone can see is his well-composed for and deceiving smile.

~{O Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
~{O Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace

It doesn't matter anymore, Tezuka is coming home very soon... Kunimitsu is coming home to Syuusuke~

+{O Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste
~{O It all revolves around you

And no second sooner the door to Seigaku's clubroom swung open, and a celestially radiating light flashed in, revealing a lone figure they all long to see... Tezuka Kunimitsu's back!

+{O And there's no mountain too high
+{O No river too wide

His dashing knight, so handsome, so regal, so real! The rest of the regulars instantly flocked around their beloved Buchou, only Fuji remained steadfast beside he lockers. It's not that he wasn't elated... He is! So much excitement and happiness is raging all over his lithe form, yet his smile beamed calmly but more genuinely.

The picture was perfect - blasted that Fuji didn't have his camera with him at that particular moment in time! It would definitely have been one of his most prized treasure... To have Tezuka smiling amidst the affectionate welcoming arms of their friends... And those warm embers, how dearly he missed them...

+{O Sing out this song
+{O And I'll be there by your side

It wasn't that Tezuka was ignoring their teammates, but he knew that the sparkle in those golden orbs and that heart-stoppig smile was specially directed to him. It was a gesture of the megane's yearning, a telephatic signal of how much he missed and love the Tensai. Fuji's smile brightened, as his sapphire glistened in revalation. He didn't want to cry, but tears began cascading down his porcelain cheeks... Tears of Happiness.

+{O Storm clouds may gather,
+{O And stars may collide

Their teammates noticed the intimacy of their gazes, and freed the captain for the lovers' much needed privacy - leaving the two inside the closed doors of their clubroom.

=[O But I love you
( ~{O I love you )

The tennis bag lowered by the bench under the sealed window, before the prince paced forward. Tezuka's steps were silent yet solid... slow but determined... It resounds of unspoken but meaningful feelings.

Fuji stood still, as if tempting his lover closer to him. The tears had subsided, but his gaze remained enamoring... spark of challenge... gleam of affection... glittering of love that can no longer be contained.

=[O Until the end of time
( ~{O Until the end of time )

And when they finally stood face-to-face with each other, the feeling cannot be explained - no, that wasn't it - no words can explain the engulfing attraction and electrifying familiarity pulling their hearts into one beat.

+{O Come what may

+{O Come what may

+{O I will love you until my dying day

Arms wrapped protectively and lovingly around the perfect couple... Everything felt right once more... Tezuka and Fuji knew they were back to where they belong - they are back in each other's arms.

~{O Oh, come what may,

+{O Come what may

Their intensity never waning in their eyes, as the distance slowly... most pleasurably so slowly... decreasing... Inch by inch... Closing the space between them, until their bodies are closely pressed against each other...

Tezuka's long fingers tenderly caressed the Tensai's face, as his other arm pulled his lover possessively closer to himself...

Fuji's smile softened in cherubim blush, as his slender arms laced seductively around his Buchou's neck...

+{O I will love you

~{O Oh, I will love you

Time seemed irrelevant then, as everything in their surrounding blurred into nothingness, and all they could perceive was each other...

~{O Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place

"Tadaima, schätzen," Tezuka's deep husky voice entranced his lovely angel's entirety.

"Okeiri, mon chéri," Fuji's bellan whisper penetrated his regal knight's form into submission.

+{O Come what may

The momentary pause as their lips lingered a breathe apart a second longer did nothing but increase the desire ever more passionate... Within that almost invisible instant the reunited couple bask in their emotional truth - devotion, rust, security, respect, and the most fulfilling of all... Love of Eternal Spring~

+{O Come what may

When their lips met, passion greeted their hearts afire! All the suppressed longing, yearning, drowned their hungry heart more than satiated could define in that one euphoric kiss... So sweet... And hot ... And completely mind-blowing!

+{O I will love you until my dying day

Practice could wait a few more seconds, ne? Because this is just as important - if not, more - as tennis... This is moment that will forever pave their love life together... This is the perfect kiss that sealed their vow of faithful devotion to each other forevermore, far surpassing even as time ceases to exist.

"Aishteru, koibito~"

And the perfect lovers, Tezuka and Fuji, are finally home within each other's heart... ^_~