"I don't remember much after the facility sank. I wanted it to remain that way; I wanted to remain dead, but someone brought me back to life. I… There's nothing I can do to repay that man. The man without a face… or a name." Piers pinched the bridge of his nose, lights from cameras were flashing in his face, many news anchors wanted a word with the soldier, but he needed his rest. Doctors and nurses quickly escorted the press out of his room as his eyes shut and he fell into a deep slumber.

Piers Nivans was no longer suited for battle in the BSAA. With a missing arm and various scars on his face and body he wasn't suited for much. He had no family or anywhere to call home. For now, the man was hopeless, or so he thought.

"I know this man." A woman's voice was heard outside of his hospital room. Piers' eyes felt like weights that simply could not be lifted as he listened in to the younger female. "I met him briefly in China. I've read his story and quite frankly we could use him in our field. He was injected with the antigen no? Who's to say he won't make a full recovery? The BSAA has given up on this man far too soon." She peered her head in, knocking lightly on the door.

Piers adjusted his eyes on the woman, he was blind in one eye but he recognized her. She seemingly winced, as she looked him up and down. "You're that woman that was with Mr. Kennedy, right?" His voice was hoarse and weak as she grabbed him some water.

"Yes, Helena Harper. I'm with Secret Service… I've recently come across your file and… we're working on new bionic arms for our armed forces. I think you might be interested in trying one." She raised the cup to his face, delicately bringing his chin up to take a few sips. "Take all the time you need to make a decision. We'll be here waiting. As for now, I just wanted to come in and say hello." She half smiled at him. A genuine, caring smile that he hadn't seen from any of the new faces of the BSAA that came in to visit him.

"You're a real hero, what you did for your captain. I can't say I'd do the same because I've never been in that situation. It must have been a terrifying ordeal." Helena hadn't noticed her hand on Piers', until she looked down. There was something about this man that intrigued her, and it wasn't just his heroic nature. He had a sort of kindness about him that made her feel warm. She didn't want to help him just because it was her duty; she truly wanted to see him happy again.

"Heh, what would you do with someone as hideous as me? I'm useless." Piers clenched his jaws, brows furrowing in frustration at the woman. "Are you… toying with me? There's no way I can work again. Look at me!" He pushed her hand off of his, scowling and seething with anger at this point.

"Not with that attitude you won't. I have faith in you though. Please, give me… uh, the secret service a chance. There's so much potential in you, Piers. I can see it." She gave the man some space and decided to lean back in her chair. Perhaps she was too personal, but she wasn't used to being so cold; not after what happened to her sister. Helena stood up, taking in a deep breath before she placed her card on the table beside him. "Just give it a thought, okay? Rest up and you better believe you'll be seeing me again." A smirk appeared on her face before she left the room.

"The hell is up with that woman? She won't take no for a goddamn answer." Piers murmured to himself, rolling over in his hospital bed so that his right arm could reach out for the card. "Harper… " His eye scanned the card, looking her name over for a moment. A smile appeared on his lips before he dozed off once more, the morphine drip finally taking its toll on his body.