To say it had been a long day would be a huge understatement. It had been a long week. They had been out hunting and had just gotten back to what Dean liked to call 'The Batcave.' Which of course is not what it was. But he had spent a week in a crummy motel. Something he did NOT miss one bit. But he did miss having his own room and a shower he didn't have to share.

As he started the water and stripped down he couldn't wait to just relax and let the warm water cascade over him. Once he had stepped inside and as he felt the water touch his skin a slight moan escaped his lips. It just felt so good. Then he felt a pair of hands on the front of his chest causing him to jump a bit.

He heard Sam's laugh and relaxed a bit "Damn it, Sam."

"I thought you heard me. Sorry."

"What do you want?"

"Well...I'm in here for a reason."

Dean turned to face his little brother, catching the hunger in his eyes. The hunger of lust and sex and everything else. His eyes lingering on Sam's chest and travelling down a bit to see how hard he was causing him to swallow the large lump in his throat.

His breath hitched in his throat as he felt Sam grab his cock in hunger causing him to shutter. They hadn't have sex in a week due to the job they had been on. The feeling of Sam's hand on him was causing him to close his eyes and enjoy the sensation it sent up his spine.

He barely had time to speak a single word before he felt his whole body be spun around and being bent over. Using the wall as support he was already breathing heavily, his legs shaking in anticipation. He wasn't sure if Sam was going to be easy or rough but, he was already planning his revenge on him. He felt Sam spread his legs wide enough to rub himself against him.

"Sam." Dean struggled to say


"Stop teasing me."

Pushing the head of his erection into Dean's tight hole, Sam smiled "Oh, I'm teasing now?"

"Damn it, Sam!"

Sam laughed a few times trying to make Dean think it will be a few minutes before anything happened. But he abruptly thrusted forward into Dean, earning a loud moan and grunt mix from him. He reached forward to stroke him between his legs as he thrusted in and out, his speed picking up. Using the wall as support, Sam thrusted deeper into Dean. Hitting that special area that his brother loved so much.

"Sam.." Dean kept repeating as his breathing picked up and his body began to tense.

"Fuck, Dean."

Before either could say a word Dean felt his release spurt all over the shower wall and into Sam's hand as he felt his brother come inside of him. Sam pumped a few more times, riding out his orgasam before slowing down. Dean was slumped against the wall as the water fell over the both of them.

"I'm so paying you back for this."

Sam laughed as he slowly pulled out of Dean, a sensation running through his body as he felt his cock spring free. Turning his brother look at him he hungrily kissed him. A kiss full of passion. As he pulled back he looked Dean square in the eyes, a smile playing on his lips.

"Bring it on."

And with that, Sam climbed out of the shower, wrapping a towel around himself feeling so smug. And Dean just leaned against the wall, feeling more tired and worn out but, Sam did say bring it on. And this was one thing he was going to win.