Yeah so this is gonna be a Harry Potter crossover with Rise of the Guardians. I am not the world's biggest Harry Potter fan; I'll admit that because my heart is attached to Rise of the Guardians. My friend actually inspired me to write this. Mainly because she was pestering me to write about something she understands, since all of my stories she doesn't really get and I have to explain to her what they are about. But Harry Potter she completely understands so I hope this pleases her. If it doesn't… well… tough. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy guys!

Up in the school of Hogwarts where the owls were circling the huge turrets of the castle, Professor McGonagall was walking about in the Main Hall, waiting for the Head Master. She was worrying. There had been lots of Death Eaters around and according to sight seers; they had some sort of creatures formed out of sand with them. It seems that the Death Eaters have a new ally. Who that was remained unknown. The other teachers were on precautions too and the ghosts had been alerted to keep an eye out.

The big double doors opened and McGonagall whirled her head round to see Dumbledore walking in with a concerned look on his face. "Oh Albus! What is happening?" McGonagall asked worriedly, her expression terrified.

Thankfully the new school year hadn't begun yet and it was going to start in three weeks. There wasn't much time; they had to keep their students safe. "Minerva, it is as I feared. The Death Eaters are launching more attacks and the Dark Lord is on the move. His powers are returning" Dumbledore said.

McGonagall gasped and grasped the man's arm. "Oh no, what shall we do? We can't call up people from the Ministry and have them around the castle! That would alarm the students and the Ministry are already trying to keep people calm from last year!" she said and Dumbledore bowed his head.

The death of Cedric Diggory had been a terrible shock to all of them and he was dearly missed. Harry was the most scarred out of all of them as he had watched Cedric die right in front of his eyes. Not to mention that the Dark Lord had risen right in front of him too.

Now Dumbledore was quite powerful but with the Dark Lord on the move and his powers growing, Dumbledore was at a huge disadvantage. Not only did he have to be at Hogwarts but he had to deal with the Ministry snooping around too.

"Plus, isn't that woman from the Ministry coming to teach here? Professor Dolores Umbridge?" she added and Dumbledore nodded.

"Ah yes but even with her here, I fear that the school will not be safe" Dumbledore said solemnly. This had popped up right out of the blue as the Ministry wanted Umbridge to keep an eye on certain students but they said no names although it was pretty obvious.

"What must we do?" McGonagall asked and Dumbledore stroked his beard. There was only one thing they could do. He then started to retreat back out through the double doors and McGonagall stared after him. "Where are you going?" she called but Dumbledore didn't turn round.

All he said was, "To visit some old friends."

So... how was it? Sorry it was short though. Good? Bad? This is my very first crossover so I hope it WAS okay. If any of you have seen my previous work, you will know that I am in love with Rise of the Guardians like I have said above. If there are any errors concerning this crossover, please let me know and I will change it immediately. Okay, I will give you all cupcakes in the next chapter ! Bye for now!