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On with the chapter!

Jack whirled around to see a boomerang flying through the air and Pitch had to throw up all wall of sand as the boomerang almost struck him.

A familiar looking Pooka burst through the double doors, followed by a Cossack, a golden man and a colourful fairy. As soon as that happened, the nightmares reared and dashed around the hall, making everyone scream in terror.

"Listen up! Everyone into the Court Yard now!" Bunny called, as kids ran past him quickly. Bunny then started to throw egg bombs at them while Sandy slashed his whips and they started to disappear at an alarming rate.

"Jack!" North called, running up to the albino as he slashed a nightmare or two along the way.

"Good to see you North!" Jack said with a smile.

"Oh Sweet Tooth, I've missed you!" Tooth said; hugging him like a small child while Ron and Star held back laughs as they watched Jack's cheeks burst bright blue.

"Tooth, not in front of my friends!" Jack hissed in embarrassment and Sandy pulled her away with a smirk on his face.

"Oi! Where'd the rat bag go?" Bunny called as he hopped over, throwing one more bomb as he came.

Everyone turned to the head of the hall but only an unconscious Umbridge and a few teachers were there. He was gone. "Must've snuck off in all the action. Sly and sneaky…well played" Star said, rubbing her chin.

"Yeah, it's weird how much you and Pitch are alike like that" Jack said with an eye roll, which then resulted in him hopping up and down while clutching a foot.

"I am not sly and sneaky, I am cunning and crafty!" Star said folding her arms.

"Well whatever you are, it's amusing to watch" Bunny said with a snicker at Jack's humiliated face.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were stunned at the people before them. "Wait… are you Santa?" Hermione asked.

"The one from the Muggle legends?" Ron asked in amazement.

"Yes, that is me! This is Bunny, Tooth and Sandy" North said, as he introduced the others, who gave smiles to the trio.

"So now what?" Tooth asked.

"I'm going after him. If I find him, I'll find Voldemort" Harry said firmly.

"Are you sure that's a good idea mate? Taking on one is bad enough but both of them?" Bunny questioned.

"Good point" North muttered, tightening his grip on his sword.

"Hey, I'll go too!" Jack said, leaning on his staff.

"I'd rather skip the chance of danger and retreat outside and watch the nightmares if they come back" Delyth said.

"I thought you hated going outside" Star interrupted.

"I do but it will be less painful than meeting up with the Dark Lord" Delyth said, who then scurried outside and followed the others students.

"Sandy and I will go with her and watch the students too" Tooth said with a nod from Sandy as they followed Delyth out the door.

"You'd better go too" North said to Star, who instantly shook her head.

"Seriously? You'd think I'd miss this out? Count me in!" she declared.

"Me too!" a voice called.

Jack turned to see the familiar face of Neville Longbottom coming up to them. "Neville?" he asked.

"That's right! I'll get the chance to run into Bellatrix Lestrange and avenge my parents" he said bravely.

"Alright! Looks like we're going to London right?" Ron said.

"I would rather go alone. I've caused you guys enough trouble" Harry said firmly.

"You can't do all of this by yourself. You don't know Pitch like I do. I can help and so can the others" Jack said to him.

"He's right mate" Ron and Bunny said at the same time, in which they then cast amused glances at each other.

Harry gave a smile in response to that. "Okay then. Bunny and I will call the Minister and get them to London and this woman locked up" North said, looking over at the teachers.

"Okay, but how do we get to London from here?" Hermione asked.

North smiled at that as he pulled something from his red coat and threw it to the floor. Jack smiled as he recognised the snow globe portal and saw the faint image of a black tiled room, with fireplaces and a huge golden statue.

"This will take you where you need to go but be careful!" North said.

"Aren't I always?" Jack asked and Bunny cast him a glare.

"I haven't known you as long as them but do you really want us to answer that?" Star asked him. Everyone let out a chuckle at that comment as they were about to jump into the portal, Bunny stopped them.

"Wait! You're going to find them in your uniforms?" Won't they drag a little?" Bunny asked.

"Good point there" North agreed.

"Actually, they're quite comfy" Jack argued back and the two guardians looked at him as if he had two heads. Jack saw their looks and dropped his eyes a little so he was giving the 'So-what?' look. "Don't judge me, I've been stuck at this school for a year, I'm bound to get used to it!" he said defensively.

"Alright. Instead of rushing to change, use this!" North said, pulling something out of his pocket and throwing it at the small group, minus Jack who was already changed. Something smoky blew up in front of them and they coughed for a fair while until it cleared away. They then looked down at themselves to see that they were wearing the clothes they had worn last.

Ron, Hermione and Neville were in sweaters and jeans, Harry was wearing a red t-shirt, jacket and jeans, and Star was wearing a pink cupcake t-shirt, black leggings with pink legwarmers and a purple tutu.

"Nice" Star commented as she stuck her wand inside one of her legwarmers.

"Could use with a bit less smoke though" Ron said, swatting his hadn in front of his face.

"Wishy woshy, you're all set, now get going!" North instructed.

One by one, they all lined up and jumped into the portal one at a time and Jack was at the back of the line. As Jack was about to jump, North placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Look out for them" he said and Jack nodded.

"I'm a Guardian. It's my job" he said with the signature Jack Frost grin, before he jumped into the portal which vanished behind him.

So there we go! So I know that Luna would go with the Ron, Harry, Hermione and Neville but I had a PM off someone who said that Star should go with them. I won't make her a Mary Sue I promise. Jack will of course be the major attentioner here along with Harry obviously.

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