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Hermione was sitting on her bed at home reading one of her many strategy books. Fifth year had just come to pass and she had been studying new spells and hexes all summer, so to any person looking quickly at the book wouldn't find it very strange. What would be found strange however, is the fact that the book wasn't for magic. It was a strategy for a popular trading card game, Duel Monsters.

In the beginning of summer last year her parents had gotten her a pack of the cards and she had been hooked. She made her own deck and entered local tournaments. Along with the cards, she had also gotten a pair of earrings from her parents. They were gold hoops with a triangle in the center. Engraved into the triangle was a 3-D Eye of Horus. They were said to belong to an assassin in ancient Egypt around 3000B.C, when the nameless pharaoh ruled but, not much else is known about them. Still, there was a war going on in the wizarding world and she had felt bad for 'slacking off' in her studies. That was of course, until she realized the tactical aspect of the game. She stopped for the school year and focused solely on magic, but when away on breaks it was one of her main hobbies.

Now back at home for the summer she had spent most of it either studying her magic, ("It's always better to be over-prepared then not at all." She had said), or preparing for the battle city tournament that will be happening soon. She had entered and qualified for the tournament only a few days ago, with her parents' permission of course, and was going to fly out tomorrow. She was fluent in Japanese from when her and her parents lived there from age's five to eleven when she had gotten her letter so she would be able to fly alone to Japan and communicate without any problems.

She was going to stay with one of her best friends, Weevil Underwood, for the tournament. Weevil wasn't as mean of a person as most people think when they first meet hm. The truth is that Weevil was bullied for a long time and keeps up an icy and evil mask to everyone except her and their other best friend, Rex Raptor. He underestimated himself and doesn't normally cheat in tournaments; if he can help if, but he lives on his own and sometimes has to if he needs the money to keep his apartment.

Rex Raptor was a different story. He was always cocky about everything, especially his dueling skills. Not to mention he was a huge bully. So when Hermione decided to knock him down a couple of pegs when she found him bullying Weevil, they slowly became friends. Eventually, the three were inseparable.

Hermione's POV:

"Honey, it's time for dinner." My mom calls up to me.

"I'm coming." I yell back down. I grab my belt with my deck attached to it and went down stairs for dinner. I keep my deck and earrings on my person at all times. Usually, at Hogwarts I kept my belt under my uniform with my earrings attached the belt loops. I have absolutely no idea why, but I can't help but keep them with me.

I sat down at the table and as we were eating my dad brought up the tournament.

"So, honey, are you excited for the tournament?" My father asks.

"Very." I say. "It will be wonderful to see Weevil and Rex after all these years. Even though I still talk to them, through letters and on the phone it will be great to see them in person. The tournament will be great also. England's beautiful, but it doesn't have as many great duelists as Japan. Not to mention all of our close family lives in Domino. Which is where the tournament is being held." Yes, my family is Japanese. Our family is only half English and I happened to acquire most of my traits from that side.

"Make sure you see your cousin Tea while you're down there." My mother reminded me.

"I know mom. I was planning to do that after the tournament starts." I answer. My cousin Tea is the only person in my family that's close to my age so we ended up becoming very close to each other. Well, that and the fact that I am one of the few people, even in our family, that know how to tune out her friendship speeches that she enjoys saying so much.

"Good." My dad says."But what if your school mates see you on the television? The tournament's being shown non-stop on almost every station."

"Dad," I start." Just because some of them are muggleborn like me doesn't mean that they watch this. Besides the only person that would recognize me even with my differences is Harry and he told me he doesn't want anything to do with muggle things, including the television. Not that I can blame him. Plus. He's staying at the Weasley's house for most of the summer and the only reason they would have a television is for Mr. Weasley to tinker with."

With that we finished dinner and headed off to bed. I couldn't wait to be in Japan. There I could be me. Not the perfect Gryffindor that my parents, the teachers, and everyone else wished me to be. Tomorrow I can stop hiding behind the study-obsessed mask I always wear. Tomorrow I get to be the Slytherin that the sorting hat knew I was.

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