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Weevil and Rex pulled me away from the group as we left the room for the duel. I sighed, knowing that it was time to explain my comment from a few minutes ago.

"So care to explain why you made that comment?" Weevil asks "You seemed a bit bugged at Bakura."

"What ever do you mean my dear four-eyes?" I ask in the most innocent voice I can muster.

"Don't play dumb with us Mia." Rex says. "You know exactly what we're talking about so tell us."

"Fine." I say "It all started when I got off of the elevator after my duel. When I exited the elevator something seemed off…" With that I tell them exactly what happened between Bakura and me. As I told them the story their faces kept changing expressions. First it was shock, then anger, after that surprise, to anger once again, until they ended on protective and a bit worried.

"Mia" Weevil started. "I don't want you to go anywhere near that psychopath. He may have some kind of mental illness that could make him hurt you or something even worse than that."

"I don't think that's it." I say, unconvinced of Weevil's story. "It seems as though he honestly believes that he has some connection to this Amunet women he mistaked me for."

"Yeh and do you believe that he's from ancient Egypt to?" Rex asks sarcastically.

"Of course not." I reply. "But there is a chance, however small, that there may be an ancestor of his that once was close to this Amunet. He may have read the stories and, as the ancient Egyptian religion believed in reincarnation, thought that he was the person reincarnated and that I was his ancestor's queen or whatever she was to him."

"Though a possible theory Rex and I both agree that you should stay as far away from Bakura as possible." Weevil says.

"Fine." I relent. "I promise that I will try to stay as far away from the insane Bakura as Weevil does from spiders. Now let's go to the duel. I need to observe my competition."

Rex and I laugh all the way to the elevator as Weevil yells at us in indignation.

"I am telling you I have a perfectly sane reason for being afraid of arachnids." Weevil defends as we step out of the elevator.

"Yeh and that reason is?" I ask, raising my left brow.

"Guys" Rex tries, and fails, to interrupt.

"They capture and eat those poor innocent insects that get stuck in their webs. Just imagine what one would do to me." Weevil says. I don't plan to ever tell Weevil about the acromantula nest at Hogwarts. He would most likely go into a comatose state if I did.

"Guys" Rex says, this time with more urgency.

"Honestly." I sigh ignoring Rex's growing attempts to interrupt, "Weevil the spiders are much more afraid of you then you are of them. You need to get over this fear. It's a preposterous thing to be afraid of."

"Says the girl who started sobbing when we had to go to the top of the top of Tokyo Tower for our 4th grade field trip. "Weevil shoots back "We didn't even get past the first st-"

"GUYS WILL YOU SHUT UP!" Rex shouts, gaining our attention. We turn to face him and he continues. "Thank you. Now turn around and you'll see why I interrupted your insult competition."

We turn around and I can see why Rex wanted us to stop. The duel seemed to already be a few turns in but that's not what drew my attention. Surrounding the duelists and onlookers seemed to be an almost crystal dome that want out to a few feet in front of us. We could see into the duel but I have a feeling that they can't see out. You could make out a field spell on the inner layer of the dome in the form of a bunch of facial features such as eyes, lips, and ears so I assume that whoever played it is the one who caused this.

"Weevil, Rex" I say turning to them. "I want you two to stay on the other side of this what-ever it is. I have a theory and I need to test it."

"Only if you tell us why." They say in unison.

"Well if I'm correct and you know that I usually am, then this dome is being used to keep them in but not us out. That means that I can walk into it but once I pass the barrier, I won't be able to get out. I need you two to wait out here so I have eyes and ears on the outside. The fake Marik and the last competitor are still out here and you can warn them or try to find out what's happening." I explain.

They silently nod and I walk into the barrier. I felt like I was being coated in ice and lit on fire all at once for the single second it took me to get though.

"Wow. That almost beat out the troll as the worst experience I've ever had." I mutter under my breath. I try to put my hand through the dome and just as I expected it felt like I was toughing a hard surface. "Well looks like I'm not getting out of here anytime soon." I wave to where I think Rex and Weevil are and walk over to join Seto and Mokuba near the dueling platform.

"What took you so long big sis?" Mokuba asks when I stop in between him and Seto.

"I'll tell you later." I respond. "But first I have to report something to you two about this duel."

"What's so important that it can't wait?" Seto asks. "I need to focus all my attention on Yugi incase he plays Slifer the Sky Dragon."

My face grows serious "The fact that everyone here is trapped until the duels over." Seto looks over at me with a spark of interest and motions for me to continue. "I don't know what it is but where you see a simple field spell card there is actually a dome that's acting as a force field to keep us all locked inside. From my ability to enter but not exit the dome people I'm able to gather that it's like a door that only locks on one side. If my hypothesis is correct then once this duel is over the area should go back to normal and we'll be able to enter and exit freely."

"Then I guess all we can do is wait the duel out and see if it was worth our while." Seto states calmly.

Mokuba and I share a slightly nervous look and continue to watch the duel.

"Each turn the destiny board will reveal one letter." Bakura says with a dark smirk on his sharp features. "And then, after all five turns past and all the letters are revealed, this duel will end and you'll lose absolutely everything Yugi. And I will gain everything you took away from me."His eyes look over to meet mine "Isn't that right my queen?" He lets out a dark laugh that sent shivers down my spine. Weevil was right this guy is mental.

"Your destiny board dosen't frighten me." Yugi shouts to Bakura. "I'll defeat you well before that message is spelled out in a few more turns. After all it is my destiny to win."

The friendship squad started shouting encouraging words at Yugi but I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Bakura may be off his rocker but he also has to be a strategic mastermind. How else could he only have one duel and still make it into the Battle City Finals.

"This looks bad." Mokuba says to Seto and me.

"This is definitely going to be more interesting than I expected." I comment with a cool facade. Seto taught it to me saying that, and I quote, "My little sister has to be as impenetrable as I am. If not then there would be too many suitors for e to deal with."

Seto just stared off. Probably thinking about those Egyptian god cards that he oh so enjoys ranting about.

Bakura let out another dark laugh. "Yugi, with your evil ghost possessing your monsters and my destiny board on the playing field, you're done. Only four more turns and your victory is mine. Now I play the dark door. With this magic card on the playing field, you can only attack once per turn." Yugi let out a shocked grunt. "Your chances of defeating me have just decreased. And next I'll play earthbound spirit. It won't be around for long" Another laugh is let out, but it softens when he notices be slowly backing away. "I plan on sacrificing it. You see in order to keep my dark sanctuary card in play I need to sacrifice a monster each turn. So be gone."

"Time for me to put an end to this." Yugi says. Though I have no idea why he still sounds so confidant.

"Well then." Bakura says. "You seem to be having trouble making up your mind Yugi. Perhaps you should surrender now."

"Never!" Yugi calls out confidently. "I summon Kuriboh in defense mode. Now my Dark Magician Girl attack his life points directly!"

Bakura is quick to counter. "Dark ghost counter attack." And his counter hits Yugi directly.

"What's going on?" Yugi asks.

"Yugi." I call out. "Each turn his spirit can posses a different monster." What I may not like him after all he's done to my pseudo family but he at least needs to know the card effects.

"Quite right my darling." Bakura comments. Seto, Mokuba, Tea, and possibly even Rex and Weevil let out a growl at that one.

"This is why I tell you not to be nice to people." Seto mutters under his breath.

"And now that your turn is over my destiny board gets another letter." Bakura says smugly.

"Wait." Yugi exclaims as if he's come up with a brilliant idea. "Our duel disks only have five slots. Which means only five magic cards can be I play at once and each of your letters is one magic card. So as long as your dark door card is in play you can't spell out your entire word."

Bakura just grins and replies. "Very observant Yugi. However with dark sanctuary I can play more than five magic cards. In other words even with my dark door magic card on the playing field I can still play all five letters of the destiny bored and finish you off." He lets out an even crueler laugh then before and I grab a hold of Seto's hand for reassurance. At this point I wasn't even caring about how high up we were. "Yugi, your hope of winning this duel is over. In just three short turns you will be finished. Say good bye to the finals."

"Yugi's only choice right now is to find a way to guess which monster Bakura possessed." Mokuba says.

"I don't think Yugi has the power to read minds Mokie." I say. "But maybe he can still pull it off."

"As long as the power of Dark Sanctuary surrounds us I'm in control." Bakura says, bringing me and Mokuba back to the duel. "I summon Sangen, and now I'll sacrifice it to maintain the power of dark sanctuary. Sangen's special ability allows me to draw one more card after it's been sent to the graveyard. Now let's see what you can do. Not much I'm sure.

"You're wrong." Yugi states. "I draw. Gamma the magnet warrior attack now."

"You've triggered my trap card. Dark Spirit of the Silent." Bakura counters. "This card instantly stops your magnet warrior from attacking me." His mouth turns upward in a wild grin. "Did you honestly believe I'd let you attack my life points directly Yugi? Never. And there's more once my trap card stops your warrior from attacking, it forces you Dark Magician Girl to attack."

"No!" Yugi shouts. "If my Dark Magician girl is the one that's possessed and she attacks you then that means I lose more lifepoints."

"You're correct." Bakura agrees. "And she is so say goodbye to 1250 lifepoints. Looks like as you grow weaker, my lifepoints go higher and higher.

(Yugi: 750/ Bakura: 3400) (A/n Sorry I forgot to put them up until now. It won't happen again.)

"I don't know if Yugi can get out of this one."I say

"Don't count him out yet." Seto says.

"Well why not big brother?" Mokuba asks."I can't find any way to win. I think Bakura's strategy is almost airtight."

"Key word being almost." Seto says, not once turning away from the duel. "There are only two ways that he can get out of it. But it's only a matter of if he can find them out."

"All these ghosts and spirits in this duel are freaking me out though." Mokuba states while his ees bug out and he starts to shake slightly. I silently move him into the middle of us and lay a hand on his shoulder in a comforting manner.

"I'm afraid this duel is over." Bakura says. "Too bad. There's no hope left. One more attack to your life points and you're finished."

"I place two cards facedown." Yugi calls in a serious tone. "And end my turn."

"So." Bakura says with cockiness dripping off of every letter. "I see that you haven't yet realized that nothing can save you now. It's merely a matter of time Yugi."

"Wrong." Yugi disagrees. "I can assure you that your evil ghost of dark sanctuary is in for a rude awakening. And once it's gone I will be free to attack you."

"You're no match for the power of my deck Yugi." Bakura assures

"We'll see about that. Yugi says.

"Time is running out." Bakura points out. "Look at the destiny board." The destiny board now makes out another latter to spell fin. "Two short turns and it's all over. I play souls of the forgotten and sacrifice it to keep Dark Sanctuary. It's time for you to try and attack me again…if you dare. But remember, one of your monsters is possessed so be careful. Now make your move."

Yugi adopts a small smile "I'll do it with pleasure. I have a plan to demolish your evil ghost once and for all."

"It can't be." Bakura denies.

"It is." Yugi ensures "And once your ghost is gone I won't have to worry about my monsters being possessed. Say goodbye to your ghost."

"My invisible ghost possesses a monster now." Bakura say. "So why don't you figure out where it is and then destroy it?"

"I don't have to figure out where your dark ghost is." Yugi replies. "I have a card in my deck that can find it for me. And now behold the trap card Collected Power! It forces certain magic cards to focus its effects on Kuriboh. "

'It seems like he's figured it all out.' I think with a curious glint in my eye. 'Now let's see how he finishes him off.'

"So who's in control now?" Yugi asks confidently. "I knew that your evil ghost lived within dark sanctuary. Therefore, I knew I had to play my trap card collected powers because it would force it out of its hiding place and into Kuriboh."

"What do you plan to do?" Bakura questions.

"Simple. Yugi answers, holding up a spell card. "I'll use this. A spell card called Exile of the Wicked which will automatically destroy my Kuriboh." He lets out a small, but relieved chuckle."So Exile of the Wicked destroys my Kuriboh and his Dark Ghost. And now evil spirit of Dark Sanctuary be gone!"

"You may have destroyed my ghost." Bakura starts. "But my destiny board will still destroy you in two turns when it completes its message."

"Don't count on it." Yugi states. "This duel isn't over and it's still my move." Bakura looks up at Yugi with a shocked expression

"Yugi did it!" Mokuba cheers.

"But that doesn't mean much until he can find a way to either get rid of or avoid the Destiny Board. Not to mention he still has to get rid of dark sanctuary." I point out.

"Alright I think it's time to bring back a monster from the graveyard." Yugi says. "I play Monster Reborn. I'll bring back a monster from your graveyard. Dark Necrofear return. So say goodbye to your dark sanctuary. Sense destroying Dark Necrofear released it I knew bringing it back would defeat it." \

Bakura starts to visibly tense. "No!"

Yugi's mouth turns up in a small grin. "And now that dark sanctuary is gone I'm afraid to say that you're no longer permitted to have more than five magic cards being played at a time. This may foil some of your plans. And now I'll attack your lifepoints directly with Dark Necrofear!" Necrofear's eyes dilate and shoot a large beam of light at Bakura. "Alright. This duels almost done sense you've lost more than half your lifepoints."

(Bakura: 1200/ Yugi: 750)

Bakura clenches his fist in determination. "Now I add my fourth letter to the destiny board. The letter A."

"F I N A." Yugi reads. "Your word is final. It's too bad you'll never play the last letter. Look at your duel disk. You have five magic cards in play and you have no room for any others. So if you want to play the last letter of your message you must discard your dark doo magic card and its effect on my monsters, allowing me to attack more than once in a turn. And with no monsters to protect you and only 1200 life points my three monsters would wipe you out in one turn. The decision is yours."

"This can't be true." Bakura says, struggling to find the words.

Seto makes a small noise and Mokuba and I look over at him.

"What Seto?" We ask
"It's not over." Seto comments. "I think Bakura has something else planned for Yugi."

"Now prepare yourself Yugi." Bakura says. "Its y move and this duel is far from over." He looks at his drawn card and start laughing in a completely mental way. "I've done it Yugi. The time has arrived for me to regain my control with this card. It's all over Yugi. The card that I hold in my hand is my key to annihilating you."

"What card have you drawn?" Yugi demands.

"Something that will take all that you have." Bakura states." Its over Yugi. The card I have in my hand will destroy you."

Yugi seems to have grown anxious. He couldn't take waiting it seems and yells "Enough talk. Make your move."

"It's time for you to lose it all." Bakura says, His eyes reflecting madness. "You may have destroyed my dark sanctuary and its magic but that was only temporary. A magic that powerful does not fade so easily. So I summon Jowgen the Spiritualist.

"What's your plan? Tell me." Yugi demands.

"He's going to use Jowgen's effect to destroy Dark Necrofear and bring back his Dark Sanctuary isn't he Seto?" I ask, knowing exactly what this card could do.

Seto only lets out a small nod in conformation.

"By discarding one card in my hand I can use Jowgen the Spiritualist to destroy all specially summoned monsters on the field. So I sacrifice this card to activate Jowgen to do my dirty work for me. Destroy Dark Necrofear."

"You sent dark Necrofear back to the card graveyard." Yugi says, as if trying to take in what just happened. "That means one thing.

"Yes." Bakura confirms. "That means Dark Sanctuary is returning and covering the field with its powerful magic. This will allow me to play the fifth and last letter of the Destiny Board spelling out its complete message. A message that will end this duel and you Yugi. It all happens in just one turn so prepare to say goodbye to the Battle City Finals and so much more. I'd suggest giving up now Yugi. Nothing you do can stop me from completing the destiny board. I shall reveal the last letter next turn and you will automatically lose everything. And sense I must sacrifice a monster to maintain dark sanctuary, farewell Jowgen. I'll set one card facedown and end my turn. Remember y ghost is back to posses one of your monsters."

"I'm well aware." Yugi assures.

"But which one will I choose? You'll have to guess eh Yugi?" Bakura taunts. "But attacking me with a possessed monster could cost you your lifepoints. Choose wisely."

"Fine" Yugi states. "I have no intention of losing I've outsmarted your spirit once before and I plan to do it again. The first thing I need to do is figure out which of my monsters your evil spirit possessed."

"It's your last turn Yugi." Bakura says. "Just one move more and I shall win. You're done once and for all! You can't win Yugi. Can't you see? I have already defeated you. Just make your move so I can end this duel Yugi."

'The only thing Yugi can do to win now is draw his egyptian god card.' I think. 'It's the most powerful card in his deck if what Seto says is true.'

I sacrifice Dark Magician Girl, Gamma Magnet Warrior, and Big Shield Guardian to summon Slifer the Sky Dragon!" Yugi yells

An enormous, blinding white light appears and shoots into the air. Two wing form off of the side of the blimp that reach out much farther than the arena can hold. A red Dragon forms from the light coiling around the blimp several times. It has to be the largest duel monster I've ever seen. Though, for some reason I can't help but think that I've seen larger.

"Yugi." Bakura says after he gets over his shock. "Your Egyptian god card is powerful but it does not guarantee your victory I've come much too far to lose now."

Yugi just smiles "I'm afraid it's over."

"The Ghost of Dark Sanctuary is still wandering the field Yugi." Bakura says, trying to regain control of the duel. "And now my evil ghost it's time to attack. Posses Slifer the Sky Dragon." The ghost was only deflected off and destroyed. Bakura gained a shocked look on his face. "What happened? The ghost had no effect. I can't lose there's too much at stake for me."

You won't win. This duel is over." Yugi states confidently "Prepare to lose."

"This can't be." Bakura denies, shaking his head.

"Slifer the Sky Dragon attack his life points with-"But he stopped. He could feel it also it seems. Something was coming.

Odion walked in at a brisk pace holding the Millennium Rod in his left hand facing us. Following him was a panting Rex and Weevil.

"We tried to stop him Mia but he just shoved us aside and walked through." Weevil says, panting in between each word.

"Yeh I even tried some of my moves, Yah know the ones that end up with Weevil in the emergency room but he wouldn't budge." Rex agreed.

"It's okay guys I don't doubt that he has an important reason for being here." I comment with my eyes narrowed like a hawk.

"Perhaps you want to wait before you attack with Slifer the Sky Dragon" Odion says in a low, demonic voice.

What do you want Marik. Yugi asks with his jaw tight and fists clenched.

"Hey come up here and get a piece of this." Joey shouts so loud it can be heard from the other side of the platform. He goes to attack Odion but is held back by Duke and Tristan.

"Hey you just who do you think you are anyway?" Mokuba asks angrily. "You can't just bust in here and interrupt someone else's duel."

"Wait a second Mokuba." I say. Everyone turns to me. "If he's telling you to stop that attack then there has to be a reason. Maybe we should find out what it is and not just try to obliterate him on sight."

Odion gives a small nod in thanks and continues "Listen carefully. Bakura is now under the control of the Millennium Rod and he will do only what I command him to do."

Honestly if I were anyone else he would've had me hook, line, and sinker. But Rex, Weevil, and I all knew that this wasn't mind control. If it was then he wouldn't have cornered me. This was something else.

"What? How can that be?" Yugi asks. "I thought the spirit of the Millennium Ring was in control of Bakura."

If I had to guess then that's the truth. The real Ryou Bakura is most likely being controlled by a Bakura from ancient Egypt who was trapped in the ring. It reminds me of Professor Moody's class all over again.

"That is true." Odion agreed. "But now I am in control of both Bakura and the Spirit. And now I shall prove it by freeing your friends mind.

Bakura falls to the ground and grads his hurt arm. I felt a flow f negative energy leave and a rush of good energy hit me like a fresh breath of air.

"My arm." Ryou says in a slightly higher pitched voice. "It hurts."

Everyone on the other side start yelling, asking if Ryou's okay.

"Yugi help me." Ryou manages gets out in an almost a whisper." I-I don't know where I am. What am I doing here in this duel?" He pulls up his sleeve and looks at his injury. "What happened to my arm?" He was utterly confused.

Seto nods before I can even ask what I want to. I guess he knows me to well sometimes. I walk over to a slot and insert a special keycard they're only made for employees, and Seto, Mokuba, and I. A ladder appears out of the side and I climb up the stairs which take me next to Ryou. He looks up at me as I bend down next to him.

"Listen." I say as softly as he is. "Though you don't know what's going on I do. I know you don't know me but I'm asking you to trust me okay?"

"I don't know why but I do trust you." Ryou reply which makes me smile a bit.

"I'm not going to lie to you." I start. "The spirit of the ring has been controlling you for a while now. How long I don't know, but at least a few days. You're currently in the Battle City finals on top of a blimp for a duel. Apparently the spirit you have inside of you has some connection with a pre-reincarnation version of me so that's why you trust me and I you if your spirit can be trusted that is. Yugi is going to finish the game with the decision of winning or losing. After that you're going to be brought to your room where your arm will be treated." I don't know why I even cared about this person but I know I have a connection with him and if he's hurt then I need to help him stay alive or I'll never find out.

"This is definitely the real Ryou Bakura." I state to the others. At their confused looks I just say "Trust me. I've dealt with possession before." I was true Harry did get possessed by Voldemort in the Department of Mysteries.

"He's in pain." Odion says, drawing attention back to him. "Without the spirit of the ring he is weak. Therefore, you may want to reconsider your attack. The devastation of Slifer attack could make your friends condition even worse."

"What!" Yugi exclaims

"Would you risk the health of your friend?" Odion asks.

"Only a mere coward would do something like this to win a duel." Yugi says angrily.

"That's a cheap trick Marik." Joey agrees.

"Bakura." Tristan yells to Ryou "Hang it there.

"Yugi." Tea yells.

Odion turns and walks out. Weevil and Rex try to follow but can't make it past the barrier. I'll have to ask Odion how he was able to get through when see him next.

"I don't feel very well Yugi." Bakura calls out to his friend. Yugi and the others turn to him.

"Bakura" Yugi shouts and tries to run to Ryou. Sadly, He's stopped by the Roland.

"Stop." Roland says. "You are not allowed to have contact with your opponent during the duel. Take one more step and you are disqualified."

Stop the duel right now." My cousin says

"Yeh." Tristan agrees. "We have to get Bakura to the hospital now."

"If you don't continue to duel you will forfeit the match." Roland says.

"Don't worry Guys." I say. "I'll make sure he's fine until we can get him to the hospital. Just finish the duel."

"Yugi help." Apparently Ryou's comment got to Yugi and he started panicking a bit.

"Yugi." Seto starts. "I'll make this decision very easy for you. Finish him off.

"I offer you the second warning." Roland repeats. "Make your move or lose your spot in the finals. Now go."

Joey decided that it was a good idea to try and climb up the side of the platform. "Hey buddy! Can't you see the poor guys injured? C'mon what kinda show you guys running' here?"

Duke and Tristan join him and there almost up when Roland looses it. "Get off of there or else you will be kicked off of this air ship and your duel disk will be confiscated."

"What?" Joey yells. "Are you kidden' me? If I come down here he's not the only one who's gonna need medical attention."Luckily Tristan and Joey knock him off of the dueling platform before anyone actually got into a fist fight.

"Then why can Mione be up there without getting in trouble?" Tea asks Roland.

"That's because Mrs. Granger not only owns 20% of Kaiba Corp that was given to her by Mr. Kaiba. But she also has special privileges given to her by the Kaiba brothers. One of those privileges is being allowed to give medical attention to any duelist that is hurt. Now continue the duel."

"Yugi." Seto says. "Do it."

"Please someone help me." Ryou says while clinging onto me. "I don't feel well at all. I must lie down and get some rest. Please."

"Don't worry." I say, trying to console him. "It will be over soon and then we can get you looked at."

Suddenly, a bright light surrounds Bakura. A gust of wind pushed me off of the platform where Rex and Weevil caught me.

"Are you alright Mia?" They ask

"Yeh I'm fine but I think the Spirit is taking over Ryou again." I answer. They look at me questioningly and I say "I'll tell you later."

"I'm back Yugi." Bakura says. The dark energy rolling off of him in waves.

"It's you!" Yugi exclaims.

"That's right." Bakura agrees. "Your friend Bakura, I still need him. So if you plan on using you egyptian god card Yugi. Why don't you use it on me? Now, come one Yugi!"

'Wow' I think. 'Is Bakura actually being protective over his other half? Maybe I judged him wrong. Maybe there's more to both Bakura's then I originally thought

"Alright." Yugi says. "It's time. Now go Slifer the Sky Dragon attack." Bakura let out a small smile, one that didn't have a insane look to it, seconds before Slifer's beam of light hit him.

When the beam of light disappeared and the duel ended you could clearly see Bakura and/or Ryou on the ground with the Millennium Ring next to him.

"Ant the winner is Duelist number three, Yugi Moto." Roland announces.

The arena lowered and as expected everyone except for Seto ad Roland ran at Bakura/Ryou. What wasn't expected was when the Millennium Ring, the Millennium Puzzle, the Millennium Rod, though that was unnoticed by everyone other than Weevil, Rex and I, and weirdly enough my earrings started to glow a bright golden color. The Ring then flew up into the air and started to spin with its spikes going crazy. The spike stopped with all of them facing me and after a brief pause it flew at me. The Necklace landed on my neck and its spikes pierced into my chest, making me emit a penetrating scream. The ring then started to absorb into my skin. The pain was worse than any Cruciatus curse I've ever had to endure. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was shouts of "Get her away fro Bakura." And "Get them medical attention now."