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Welcome to LoveMeet, the most popular dating site used in the US today!

I had spent about half an hour creating my profile and filling in
all of the information about myself. My profile reads:

Name:Layla Grey, Age 26
Currently Resides:Algonquin,Liberty City,USA
Occupation:Club Manager/Right-hand Woman at Tony's Maisonette 9 & Club Hercules
Fav. Radio Station(s):Liberty Rock Radio & Electro Choc
About Me: I'm just your average 26 yr old woman looking for a nice guy to find love with. I
currently help manage my best friend Tony's two clubs here in downtown Algonquin in Liberty City.
I love going out and having a good time. I'm very sociable and I don't bite...hard. ;) So drop me
a line sometime.

I really hope this works. I've been so lonely for too long. Work has had me so busy and tired to
actually even try to pick up guys. But now that I've gotten into the swing of things I would like
to start looking for a guy to stay steady with. Ahhh how I love dating. I miss it.

"Layla hunny!" I hear Bernie call from the other room. Bernie is my other gay friend besides Tony.
We live together.I guess you could say I am closer to him than I am Tony.
Tony seems to have always been kind of bipolar so he tends to piss alot of people off often...including me. I love Tony,
but his anger issues still get the best of him AND ME. Bernie and I tell each other EVERYTHING whether it's problems at work(Bernie is in real estate),
relationship problems, or just rating guys on their looks.
"Yeah?" I call back.
"We need to hurry and go! The park is gonna be packed later!"
"Alright, I'm coming!" I yell back. We're going jogging like we always do in Middle Park. There's going to be a
festival this weekend which will start to move in around noon so to avoid the crowd we have to be ready to leave by 9AM.
We head out the door and get into Bernie's white sentinel. Bernie is driving. We got there at about 10 minutes after 9
since we live fairly close here in Algonquin. I haven't always lived in Algonquin. I left Alderny to live with Bernie
just about a year ago.
"Oooohhhh look at that Mr. Hottie Pants!" Bernie says motioning towards the guy jogging past us as we get out of the car.
"Yeah, it's always nice to see handsome men who work out and take care of themselves." I said."I'd say hmmm...maybe
a 7.5 on the scale?"
"Yeah, that sounds about right." We both giggle and then begin our morning run. We finished at about a quarter after ten.
"I'm starving!" says Bernie.
"Me too," I say. "Let's go get some froyos with mini fruit salads on the side."
"Oooohhh hunny, that sounds so delish right now!"
When we arrived at Lily's FroYo Shop and sat down with our food, I decided to check my LoveMeet messages on my phone.
I had two date requests. One from some 60 year old sleazy little nasty, -INSTANTLY DECLINED- and one from a guy named
Paul. He was actually sort of decent looking, age 25, from Dukes in Liberty City. I held the phone up to show Bernie and
asked, "Maybe a 6?"
"OH HONEY NO! HE'S DEFINITELY A -2! AND HE'S FROM DUKES! That should be a clear sign already to stay away! You don't need trash!"
"Yeah, maybe you're right. But, not all guys from Dukes are trashy. I mean, hey! At least he's not from Bohan!" I said.
"Hunny...I'm just gonna pretend you didn't say that.." Says Bernie. I laughed.
We both finished eating and went home.
I know Bernie may be right that I shouldn't settle for trash, but I've been lonely for so long that I'm starting to think
that I might just have to take whatever I can get...

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