Luis drove Layla back home after their date.

"So...your roommate...he's gonna be okay, right?" Luis asked.

"Oh, yeah. He's fine. He's all drama."

"Yeah, I hear ya. Reminds me of Tony."

Layla giggled. "Yeah, I get that vibe from him as well."

The two stood there for a moment at the door to the apartment as they talked. Then it was silent. They just looked at each other, smiling.

"Well then," Layla said, breaking the silence. "I guess I'll see you later. Thanks for taking me out. I had a lot of fun."

"Yeah, I had fun too. We should do it again some time."

Layla then leaned in and kissed Luis on the cheek. A huge grin came across his face as Layla disappeared into her apartment.

"Bernie! I'm home!" Layla exclaims.

-no answer-


-still no answer-

"Bernie where are you?"

Layla walked into Bernie's bedroom to find a note on his bed.


Since I was not invited to your little outing with your sexy Latino man, I have decided to have a little fun and find a boy toy of my own! So I am heading to Hercules hunny child! And I'm not coming back until I find the man of my dreams! Don't come looking for me, because you're NOT INVITED!

-B /3

'Whatever Bernie' Layla thought. He has always been trying to 1up her as if it would make her jealous.

"Oh well, Bernie will be Bernie..." She said to herself.

As Layla woke up the next morning and rolled out of bed, she remembered the time she had spent with Luis the day before. A huge wave of happiness took over her. She really had a great time yesterday. She already wanted to go out with him again already. She just couldn't wait to see him. Layla sat down in the dining room for some cereal. After a few bites she started to wonder why Bernie wasn't up yet. He's usually the one waking her up in the morning for their daily aerobics routine. She finished her cereal, walked up to Bernie's bedroom door and knocked. It's safe to knock just in case he might have brought someone home with him. There was no answer. She knocked a few more times and still no answer. She then decided to just go in. She walked in his room to find it empty. "Bernie didn't come home last night?", She said to herself. She decided to just wait. Maybe he spent the night at some guy's place. But Layla felt like he would have texted her or something. She decided to text Bernie.

Where are you?


Layla went out on a jog by herself. Time had passed. She called Tony and talked to him for a bit. Right after she hang up, her phone buzzed, meaning she had received a text. She quickly picked up her phone to see who it was.

I've been thinking about you a lot. Let me know when you're free to hang out again. :)


Layla found herself smiling really big as she read his text. She texted back:

I will be sure to let you know. But I'm a pretty busy gal, you know. )


Layla set her phone back down on the coffee table and sat on the couch. She started to think about Bernie again. She checked the clock. It was 7pm! She then began to get really worried. "This is not right" she thought. She knew Bernie loved to party and go out all the time, but he would have at least called or texted her back by now. Something about this felt very eerie...

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