Summary: Not-quite-human "Cadet" Nebula Aurora is now stuck in the Delta quadrant at 22 years old. Other problems include a Maquis captain, whose very presence triggers her reproductive phases, being the ships counselor, building a community on a tiny ship and her Aunt Katie who also happens to be the captain. This will cover at least seasons one and two, maybe parts of three…

My Life in the Delta Quadrant: The Beginning

Introduction Part One

I looked in the mirror and sighed. Not quite human, that's what my appearance screams. I mean my body, looked mostly human, tan skin, small stature, to say I was curvy would be a bit of an understatement. Two things were off about my appearance, my eyes were completely purple, everything expect my pupils was a bright purple, and my wildly curly black hair naturally had random streaks of brown, blue, green and bright red. All of it clashed horribly with my icky red starfleet issued cadets uniform. I try to make it better with make up, but neutral colors only tone down all this color so much.

At least after my last internship ends I can at least get out of this terrible uniform, that would be a bit of an improvement. Just this one internship, and my medic training would be finished. Voyager just has to find one maquis ship and bring it back and I could graduate medic training. I would be free of Starfleet. I had already been certified as a counselor, but my goal is to help people as much as possible so I took the extra time for the medic degree. It didn't take as long as it could have to do both because I have an eidetic memory.

My name is Nebula.

I know seriously, that's my name. My father isn't human, he says his species do not have an official name but called them the Astraians after the home system's sun. His mother was called Aurora and so when he arrived on Earth he used her name as a last name. He didn't know which one of his fathers was his biological father, and he had many siblings. My grandmother had 3 husbands.

My mother comes from a space faring family, the Janeways. Grandfather was an admiral and aunt Katie was just promoted to captain. My parents liked to travel as well and they would leave by brother Noah and I behind with my grandparents when they went exploring. They never were away from us long. When we were younger they would take short trips around the Sol System, once we got older they took extended trips and we got to go on most of these trips. Noah preferred to stay on the farm; he liked the simple life, so when we went on these trips I had to put up with his incessant whining. He'd eventually stop complaining after the first few days because he deep down loved all the time we spent just the four of us. I did too. I loved visiting places with my mother and father. My mother was a teacher so she tutored us, and frankly it was the best. We learned in the moment, we learned by doing, we learned from stories. My father would also throw in a lesson about his people every once and awhile just so we would know, he wanted to prepare us for our phases and even made discs for us to keep with us in case we needed the information for our children. My father liked to think ahead and plan for most every contingency; I get that from him. He also hated being in one place for an extended period of time, which is why he left his people to begin with.

My father's species the Astraians are an extremely xenophobic race. Dad said that they had reason to be. In the galaxy we originated from, our species were treated as slaves. Our entire home solar system was taken over by invaders. After a few generations a plague killed off all of the invaders that had colonized our system since they did not share some traits that allowed us to survive. As soon as the invaders were not in power any longer each of the twelve planetary monarchs decided to solve the problem. They new that the invaders' people would come looking for their comrades and they new it took a half a generation to arrive at the system. They decided to build a ship around the largest planet, Furyia which happened to be the least inhabited. When finished the ship was able to house all the members of the species. The ship was able to exist out of normal space, and be cloaked. And that is how they live.

They would stop in normal space to retrieve parts to update and the ships technology but would keep the homeship cloaked and take spaceships to get supplies in nearby systems. It was on one of these supply runs when my father decided not to return, which by his telling no one has willingly done before. He says that since the phases are so painful for us when not around family and the strong desire for a community that has been in our DNA since our beginnings, no one ever wanted to leave, and if they did, they would not leave permanently. They would tell an elder, arrange to blend in with the people nearby and when they were ready to come home they would call. Dad said that while young people enjoyed these excursions they usually came home within eight weeks. At times they visited the home system, which is now a massive burial ground for people who tried and failed to settle the remaining planets. The planet Vesta has a monument questioning were the natives went. My father found that funny. He loved talking about his people; you could tell that he missed them. But he always said he did not regret leaving because he had mom and he had us.

Dad died when I was 16 in an engineering accident on their ship, mom had transported to the surface for repair parts when the accident occurred. My mother was still quite young (33) when my father died. The ironic thing was they had taken that specific trip just a few months after my Grandfather's funeral because Dad wanted to see Mom smile again, and nothing made a Janeway happier than space travel. Losing Dad and Grandpa in the same year was difficult for my family. I missed them both dearly. Dad never found a way to contact his home again, he always wanted us to meet our other half of the family, he never got to tell his siblings and parents that he loved them one last time, they probably do not even know if he is dead.

At the time of my father's death I had already finished my mandatory primary education, I was going to travel with my parents full time until I turned 18 so I would be the same age as most other people that were beginning specialty schools. But after the accident I applied to Starfleet Academy, not because I was as excited about space as the Janeway side of the family, but because it was the best educational institution in the Sol System. All I ever wanted to do was help others in whatever capacity I could so I applied for counseling and medical certification, not only would I be able to help people in any capacity, but it would take longer to finish both, and I would complete my degrees around the time people my age normally would.

Now, six years later I am embarking on my final internship before I'm done. But this would be a more nerve-wracking experience then my previous internships. First thing was my Aunt Katie got her first Starfleet command on the ship I'm doing my internship on: Voyager. I was the captain's niece…talk about under pressure. Oh and the Maqius ship we were after? Apparently my 'Uncle' Tuvok had gone missing while following the ship and doing recon on the maquis… I didn't know the specifics I just knew his disappearance was linked with the Maquis ship. To be honest I wasn't supposed to know that Tuvok was missing, that was classified so much a cadet like me had no business knowing. But it isn't exactly my fault that I have super sensitive hearing…blame my father's side of the family. If you don't want me to hear something make sure I am not in the vicinity. Within earshot for me is like three times farther than for a full human. Aunt Katie was all kinds of furious with me for eavesdropping. I told her that at least I didn't have hearing as powerful as my Dad did, then I would know exactly what was so classified about my favorite Vulcan's disappearance.

Anyway, I have a bad feeling about this final internship. I hope that Tuvok was okay. He became a surrogate father after Dad and Grandfather died and if he died as well, I don't know if I'd survive.

So that stubborn Vulcan better be alive when Aunt Katie finds him. I need to unleash some very human emotions on him for making me worry…

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Update: So its been pointed out to me that I made an uh oh. Nebula is on the science track, but at the beginning I have her in a red cadets uniform. Everyone who knows Star Trek knows science=blue. I think when I originally wrote this chapter I had just watched ST:2009 again and was inspired by the uniforms all the cadets were wearing in the film, even Bones was in a red cadet outfit. I think that with what I envisioned Nebula looking like that bright red uniform would look a little silly on her. really I imagine anything too colorful would. And I needed her to be complaining about how non-human she looked in order to describe her. Her dealing with being half human and half a mystery species to people she interacts with will be a big deal.

Also what is a Mary Sue? Is that like an 'ideal me' character? The way I envision Nebula is totally not my ideal me, and she is probably going to be annoying to write at times, a bit of a spoiled brat, I mean she's the heroine but she's got all kinds of flaws. So if you feel that I am drifting away from Nebula and drifting toward Louisa let me know. I won't get offended. I'm writing this to get better with my story telling abilities I want it to be an okay story and make me a better writer.