Dreaming of you

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Full Summary- Bella Swan lives with her mother, Renee, in Arizona. Bella has an ability, when she sleeps, she time travels. One night in particular, she travels to the year of 1918 where she meets a certain beautiful green eyed boy, Edward. She doesn't tell him of her 'ability' and they fall fast and hard in love. When Edward dies of the Spanish influenza, Bella is so distraught that she decides to move to Forks where her father, Charlie, lives. She enrols into Forks High School where she meets Edward once again…

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Chapter 1


"Bella Marie Swan, what are you still doing up?" My mother, Renee, questioned me disapprovingly. She was standing in the doorway of my bedroom, her arms folded across her chest and her foot tapping repeatedly on the floor, "You know that you have school in the morning, lights out now."

"Sorry mum, I was just finishing some homework." I apologized, stretching my aching arms out and yawning.

The bed jolted and my textbook landed on the floor in a heap, all of my loose sheets and paperwork spilling out onto the wooden floor.

"It's okay sweetie." She said after collecting all of my assignments off of the floor and placing them in a neat pile on my dressing table.

I lived with my mother, Renee, and her recent husband, Phil, in Arizona. It was a sunny place, filled with beaches, ice creams and blue skies. I loved Arizona, I referred to it as my hometown but of course it wasn't. I was born in the drizzly town of Forks, I hated it there and my mum seemed to agree with me as she fled from there with me when I was just a few months old. My father, Charlie, still lived there though, all on his own, which was kind of creepy considering he was in his mid-forties. I used to visit Charlie all of the time until a couple of years ago, that was when I put my foot down and claimed that enough was enough. Now, we would just go on short vacations that were usually quite warm since I hated the cold and the rain. I detested Forks; it made me feel worse every time I had to go there, knowing that Charlie still had feeling for my mum. He still had their wedding pictures on the mantel piece for goodness sakes!

"Now," She said sweetly whilst tucking the blankets around me, "get some rest, you're gonna need it for school tomorrow."

She kissed me softly on the cheek before making her way out of my bedroom, "Goodnight mum."

"Sweet dreams honey." She smiled before quietly shutting the door behind her so as not to wake her late husband, Phil, up.

I knew her 'sweet dreams' remark was a wasted attempt. I could never have sweet dreams, it wasn't possible for me.

You see, ever since I can remember, I have been able to travel into the past during my sleep. Of course, no one knew of this, not even my loving, erratic, hair brained mother. If anyone found out, I would most likely be thrown into some sort of mental asylum or become a living science experiment. God knows what they'd do to me there…

I wasn't very fond of god; I mean, he was the one who made me who I am to this day, he was the one who ruined any chances I had of a normal life, he was the one who made me believe I was a freak, because that's what I am aren't I? A freak, an outcast…

I quickly wiped away the tears that had formed in my heavy eyes before drifting off to a hopefully dreamless sleep, if that were even possible…

There was a dull throbbing in my head and hushed voices all around me. Someone was poking me in the sides with a pointy object whilst whispering energetically to someone nearby.

"Who is it?" A female asked quietly.

"An outsider." Someone else replied as the object continued to poke me.

I opened my eyes slowly and gazed above me in wonder, the sun was bright and I could barely see anything except the silhouettes of a group of people, all of whom where crouched over me. There was a small boy there and he seemed to be poking me with a stick. I frantically stood up and rushed up to the closest person to me, who happened to be a burley looking man.

"What year is it?" I asked frantically, tugging on the burley man's loose shirt.

He slapped me across the face, sending me flying into a lanky boy. I fell into his arms and span around, intent on finding out what year it was.

"Please, you have to tell me what year it is!" I shouted, not caring about the throbbing in my cheek.

"Nineteen-eighteen." The boy replied, pulling me away from the small gathering of a crowd, all of whom wanted to know who the outsider was…

"Nineteen-eighteen." I whispered to myself, looking down at the ground and daydreaming about nothing in particular. I'd never been to this era before, so I didn't know what to expect.

"What's your name?" He asked me politely.

"Isabella," I replied. I hated being called Isabella so I was baffled that I actually told him that it was my name.

As my eyes adjusted to the blinding light, I realised that the lanky boy who had caught me was, in fact, extremely beautiful with messy bronze hair and piercing green eyes that were looking intently at me.

"Thank you." I said and that's when I noticed the long silvery blue dress I was wearing.

"What am I wearing?" I asked, smoothing out the creases that had formed on it.

"Clothes?" The boy replied, making it sound like a question.

I rolled my eyes, "Obviously, but their hideous."

"You look splendid." He said, looking me up and down until his eyes rested on my face.

"I'm Edward." He said, taking my hand into his large one.

"Nice to meet you, Edward." I said as his lips came into contact with the back of my hand.

"Likewise." He smiled through his unbelievably long lashes.

I swooned and nearly fell back down again, but his steady arms kept me upright.

"Are you lost? Would you like me to chaperone you home?" He asked quickly.

"Umm…I think I'll be okay, I only live around the corner." I lied; it felt so easy lying now, since I had to do it every time I slept.

"I insist." He said, taking my arm and linking it with his.

"Which way?" He asked, already strolling away from the small crowd of people.

"This way." I lied, taking him around a corner.

Since I looked quite rich in these overly formal clothes, I decided that I was going to pretend to live in quite a large house. I'd pretended to live in many different houses before to overly curious civilians, such as the handsome man that was strolling happily with his arm linked in mine.

Every now and then, I would sneak quick glances his way, hoping each time that he wouldn't catch me and make me blush like crazy. But he never did, he just kept walking and smiling at passers-by which he probably knew.

"This is it." I said, unlinking our arms and walking towards the door of a fairly sized house.

"Umm…" He stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand, "this is my house."

My eyes widened in alarm as I processed what he had just said. I had just pretended to an overly helpful stranger that my house was his house…

Things just got a little more awkward…

"Oh, I think I'm in the wrong side of town, you see my house is identical to this one but just on the other side of town." I said, smacking my hand onto my forehead. The overly predictable blush crept upon my cheeks.

"Oh, I see." He said, not meeting my gaze.

"I suppose I better go, my parents are probably worrying about me." I said, turning around and walking away from him.

"Wait," He said, grabbing my wrist and spinning me around to face him, "you're lying to me."

"No, I'm not." I said, creasing my eyebrows in worry.

"Yes, you are. You cannot live on the other side of town with the same house as my own because the other side of town is of a lower class and you certainly don't look lower class to me." He said, his grip tightening on my wrist.

"Let me go!" I shouted, yanking my wrist from his firm grasp and turning on my heel.

"I will not let you go until you tell me the truth." He said, following my footsteps.

I spun around and he stopped in his tracks, "Fine then, I don't live here, in fact, I don't even live in this town! I'm from… another place." I replied angrily.

"Well in that case, I insist that you come inside." He said, showing me his pearly white teeth. How did they get so white in this era?!

I scratched my head in consideration; he couldn't keep me as a slave or anything as I would just disappear as soon as I awoke. It had happened before in another era, a man had tried to enslave me and kept me in a small gypsy carriage, I had always wanted to know what that man's reaction would be when he realised I had escaped…

"I suppose I could meet your family." I said, still unsure.

To be honest with myself, I wanted to meet his family to see where the sources of his good looks came from but I was denying it, thinking that it could lead to trouble in the future.

What would happen if he killed me? Would it all be still a 'dream' or would my human body just disappear? It was all so confusing, but he had been nothing but nice to me so far and I was intrigued by him and his kind nature.

"Well, you'll be able to meet my mother, but my father is busy working in his study." He stated whilst leading me up the path to his huge house.

I just nodded my head, not trusting my voice.

Once we reached the small wooden door, he knocked and looked down at me with a crooked smile on his flawless face.

As we waited for someone to answer the door, I took my time to look at him properly.

He was extremely tall, skinny and… perfect. He had pretty green eyes, odd lengths of a natural bronze hair, a pale complexion but not as pale as my own, his jaw line was perfectly chiselled and his eyebrows were dark and bushy.

He was wearing a loose, long sleeved, cream shirt which was untied at the top, giving me a lovely view of his chest hair, and dark brown shorts because of the warm weather.

"Where about are we?" I asked.

"Chicago." He replied, looking a little baffled as to why I didn't know where I was situated.

"Right." I said, nodding my head as if I already knew.

Just at that moment, the door opened and in it was a small woman with the same strange shade of bronze hair as Edward.

She was beautiful, with bright blue eyes and a creamy coloured complexion. She held a dishcloth in her hands and was wiping her hands on it.

"Hello son, where have you been?" She asked, embracing Edward in a tight hug. The resemblance was clear, she was his mother.

She pulled back and fixed his hair before she noticed me standing there, "Who's this?" She asked, gesturing towards me.

"Mother, this is Isabella, she's a guest and I was wondering if she could come inside?" He asked sceptically as if he already knew the answer.

"Of course!" She trilled, stepping aside and gesturing for us to come in, "I've just finished making tea if you would like to stay, Isabella."

"That would be lovely." I said, smiling at her. She was a small, slender woman with the same shade of hair as Edward, her eyes were a soft baby blue and face was heart shaped and lovely.

"I'm Elizabeth." She introduced herself, shaking my hand.

Before I could even blink, her hand was gone and she was coughing and spluttering everywhere.

"Sorry." She mumbled in between her coughing fit.

Edward was beside her in an instant, patting her back gently and lifting her up into his arms.

"Put me down!" She spluttered, thrashing around, "I'm fine, Edward. Just put me down!"

Edward set her on her unsteady feet before she ran into the other room, tears already making an appearance on her heart shaped face.

"Is she okay?" I asked worriedly.

Edward didn't respond, he just stood there, a defeated look on his face.

"Edward?" I whispered, unsurely.

"She's dying," He whispered back, tears where glistening in his eyes, making them shine like trillions of stars, but he held them back, "she's dying of the Spanish influenza."

"Edward, I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed, embracing him in a bear tight hug, "Isn't there anything we can do, get her some medication or something?"

I hated to think that this woman, who I'd only known for mere minutes, life was ending and there was nothing I could do about it. She seemed like a caring motherly figure as well, the way she had fixed Edwards hair at the door and embraced him as he came home. She was too nice to die, but then again, everybody dies someday but hers was just closer than expected.

"No, it's killing her and there's nothing I can do about it. Do you know how horrible it is, to just sit around doing nothing, but knowing that at any given moment she could drop? Gone forever." The tears he was trying to hold back had slipped over the edge, staining my dress with the saltiness.

"It's going to be okay, Edward." I breathed, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. Sweat was dewing their and I quickly wiped it away with my cold hands.

"Edward, you're really hot. Are you okay?" I asked anxiously.

"I'm fine." He reassured me, "Come on, teas ready, we wouldn't want it to go cold now would we?"

He smiled cheekily before pulling me towards another room; it was fairly sized with a dark wooden table in the centre.

Edward pulled out a chair for me and gestured for me to sit down, I done as he told me to and took a seat before he tucked me in. He then proceeded to sit in the chair opposite mine, just as Elizabeth came in with two plates balanced on each hand.

Her eyes were red and puffy from crying and there was a single tear on her cheek that she had forgotten to wipe away any traces of.

"Here you go dear." She forced a smile and placed a plate full of vegetables and meat in front of me.

"Thank you." I said before she continued to give Edward his and then retrieving hers from the kitchen.

She placed a small wooden bowl in the centre of the table, full of bread. I eagerly took one and proceeded to dip it in the juices from the meat.

"This is divine." I moaned, my mouth was completely full and my cheeks were pushed out.

When they both didn't reply, I looked up to see them gawking at me like hawks.

I impulsively swallowed and took a sip of water that was already on the table.

"Sorry." I muttered, embarrassed.

Elizabeth chuckled, "Don't be embarrassed sweetheart, you must be hungry. Where about in town do you live?"

I wiped my mouth with a napkin before answering, "I'm not from town. I'm just visiting."

She started to splutter again, "What?!" She choked out.

Edward immediately went to her aid, "Get out!" Someone shouted, "Now!"

I looked around me in shock because that voice did not belong to Edward or Elizabeth; it was a man's voice, deep and demanding.

It was then that I noticed a burly man standing in the doorway, he sauntered towards me, his boots clanking on the floor in a slow rhythm, shivers ran up my spine and I cowered away from him in my seat.

"Get out." He spoke with authority; his eyes penetrating my body and making me feel insecure and not at all safe anymore.

I hastily stood from the table, but Edward was by my side in an instant along with his mother.

"Isabella's a guest, father." Edward said, staring at his dad with a deadly look in his eyes, but his father wasn't looking at him; instead he was fixed on me.

"She could have the disease." He hissed, never taking his eyes off of me, it was like if he did take his green eyes off of me, I would suddenly disappear.

"So what if she does, I have it." Elizabeth bellowed, her voice echoing throughout the house.

"Maybe so, but we don't need another now do we?!" He shouted.

I tore my eyes away from Edwards's father and looked towards Elizabeth, her brow was furrowed in hurt at her husband's harsh words and her lips were quivering rapidly. It was like a light switch; before she was bright and glowing and now she was sullen and dim. He was the one that had turned her switch off and I hated him for it.

"It's nice to know that my husband cares for me." She mumbled before fleeing from the room, Edwards's father following after her.

"I think I should probably leave." I said with an apologetic look on my face.

"Nonsense," Edward chuckled half-heartedly, "I'm not going to let you sleep in the streets. We don't have any spare rooms but you're welcome to stay in my bedroom."

I was having an internal battle with myself; If I left, I would just be walking aimlessly around the streets but if I stayed I would have to put up with Edwards father and I didn't want that.

Against all odds, I decided to stay. I wanted to make sure Elizabeth was okay and I honestly wanted to get to know Edward some more even though it may not have been a very practical idea.

"Okay." I gulped.

He led me up to his bedroom before excusing himself to go and retrieve something.

"Here you are," Edward said, handing me a folded piece of white silk once he had returned, "I'll just give you some privacy."

I unfolded the small bunch of silk and realised that it was a long, silky, white, sleeping gown.

I quickly threw it on and looked down at myself, I looked hideous.

There was a soft knock on the door before Elizabeth peeked her head through, "Do you want me to do your hair for bed?" She asked politely, a smile on her petite face.

"Sure." I replied before perching myself on the edge of the bed.

She sat down behind me and started to brush it with a strange little brush that had flimsy little bristles on it.

"I had a daughter once." She whispered from behind me.

"Once?" I questioned.

"Yes, once, she died when she was six years old." She whimpered.

"I'm so sorry for your loss." I said. I imagined the small child to look exactly like Edward; bronze curly hair, green eyes and a pale complexion.

I imagined her small form running around the house, gracing everyone with her joyous laughter and chasing birds in a small field.

After a few minutes of pulling and tugging my hair into a loose plait, she was finished and patted my head lightly before exiting the room.

I sat there in silence for a few minutes, thinking about Elizabeth's daughter.

"Are you ready?" I heard Edward ask from outside the door.

"Yes." I replied.

We started talking once he came back inside, but I was still lost in thought to pay much attention to what he was saying to me.

"Bella?" He whispered, waving his hand back and forth across my face to bring me out of my reverie.

"Oh, sorry. What were you saying?" I asked, blushing immensely.

"I was just wondering if you were tired, you seem drowsy." He said, a look of concern etched on his face.

"I'm fine." I replied, plastering a fake smile on my face.

I couldn't go to sleep, it's not that I didn't want to, but I was already in a 'dream' and it was impossible to go to sleep when I was already sleeping.

"Are you sure?" He asked sceptically.

"Positive." I said, fiddling with his long fingers.

After sitting in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, I looked up and realised that Edward had been staring at me the whole time.

"What?" I asked self-consciously.

"Nothing, I was just admiring your beauty." He chuckled, my favourite crooked smile making an appearance on his luscious lips.

"No one's ever told me I was beautiful before except my parents of course." I babbled.

He tucked a stray lock of hair, which had fallen out of my plait, behind my ear before leaning in towards me.

Our lips were inches apart and my breath was hitching. I'd never been kissed by a boy before, especially not a boy from the past! His breath was minty though; fresh even and I couldn't help myself but inhale his sweet scent.

I chickened out though at the last minute and pulled back.

"I'm sorry." He apologized, not meeting my gaze.

"No, no, don't apologize. It's not you, it's me." I hurriedly said.

It was the truth though, it wasn't him, it was my fault. I didn't know what to do when it came to kissing. I maybe academically clever, but I wasn't boy clever. I didn't know anything about the male species!

We talked some more and got to learn a little more about each other; Edward was seventeen years old and was currently going to one of the top schools in Chicago, he had wanted to be a doctor ever since he could remember so he could help cure sick people, like his mother, as he wanted to make a difference in the world.

But after joking around and learning new things about each other, Edward became tired and we decided that it was late enough to go to bed.

Edward had a double bed and I had assumed that we would be sleeping together in it, but I was wrong.

He got a small blanket from a cupboard and took one of the pillows off of the bed before placing them neatly on the couch in the corner of the room.

"What are you doing?" I asked, already snuggled up in his bed.

"I'm going to sleep." He replied, looking dumbfounded.

"Why aren't you getting in your own bed?" I asked, gesturing towards the empty spot next to me.

He gulped, "Because you're sleeping in it."

"Oh, right. Well, in that case, I insist that you sleep in the bed. It is yours after all." I said, untangling myself from the sheets.

"No, Isabella, please, you're the guest, and you must stay in the bed." He pleaded with me.

"Fine, I'll stay in the bed," I started, crossing my legs and gazing at his relieved face, "but…"

His brow creased and a small sigh escaped his lips.

A small smile played on my lips as I replied, "You have to stay in the bed with me."

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