Dreaming of you

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Chapter 6


Leaning against the small, white, counter at Newtons sporting goods store, I gazed unseeingly out of the glass, window, panel which gave me a clear view of arriving customers or any hooligans who tended to trespass and repel any customers. Not that we got many in the first place... Of course, we had the occasional outsider who would drop in to get some last minute camping gear, but apart from that, we were regularly free to do what we wanted.

I sighed as I flicked through the last few pages of my magazine, I hated magazines but Mrs Newton had insisted that I read it since it wasn't particularly busy at the moment.

It was Sunday morning, a day before school started. Mrs Newton had accepted my job request immediately, apparently nobody had actually wanted the job in the first place. She hired me on the spot, obviously eager for someone, other than her son, to accompany her at work.

Mike Newton, her son, was a sweet boy with blonde hair and a baby face with matching baby blue twinkling eyes. He attended Forks high school and was pleased when I told him of my 'new girl' status. He seemed like one of those guys who was overly helpful, I didn't know how I felt about that. I was used to taking are of myself and I hated to think of him following me around like a lost puppy.

I jumped as the door dinged open, the bell signalling the arrival of a customer.

I smiled up at the burly man who had just entered the shop. I froze once I noticed the size of him. He was intimidatingly tall with bulging biceps and curly black hair. His eyes were a strange, striking, gold and he was filled out, but he was far from overweight. He smiled at me before clapping his hands together mischievously.

"Ahh, so the Newtons got a new one, hey? Wouldn't have thought you as an outdoors sort of girl, too pretty." He smiled cheekily, dimples forming on either side of his strawberry, red, lips.

I blushed but nodded my head, pushing my magazine to one side, "What can I do for you?"

He chuckled, "Well, Bella," He started, gazing down at my name tag. I internally cursed at the stupid badge, why post my name to the world? What if he was some sort of stalker? "First of all, I'm Emmett Cullen. You'll probably be seeing a lot of me, or another member of my family, since we go camping regularly."

"Oh, so, your a Cullen, huh?" I asked, biting my lip at my outwardness.

"That's what they've been calling me." He chuckled as if it were some sort of joke.

I held out my hand to him and he took it into his rather large, yet frosty, hands. I shivered at his touch but passed it off due to the drizzly weather, "It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Bella Swan. I've recently moved in next door to you."

He nodded his head, "Yeah, I've seen you around."

We stood silently for a few seconds before I sighed and made my way around the other side of the desk, "Do you need some help or something?"

He blinked, realising where he was and what he needed to do as he'd been unresponsive for a minute or so "Oh, no, I'm fine. I've been here many, many more times then you, so I think I'll get around just fine."

He winked at me before striding off down one of the aisles.

After a few minutes, Emmett called on me uncertainly, "Umm, Bella?"

I strolled down the aisle after him and came to halt next to him, "Need something?"

"Umm, no. I was just wondering how old you were?" He asked, still looking at some sort of flasks.

"Umm, seventeen. Why?" I questioned him. Why would he want to know that? And know, I was definitely rethinking him being a stalker...

"So your in school, right?" He asked, not answering my previous question.

I nodded my head uncertainly.

"Your going to Forks, then, aren't you?" He said, the smile getting wider on his face. Once you got passed all of his beefiness, he was actually quite sweet and childlike. And he didn't seem as intimating as before. One thing was for sure, I liked him much more than Mike. He was too hung up on me, taking in my every move. Definitely stalker worthy...

I nodded my head again, unable to hide the smile that was forming on my face due to his happiness.

"Great," He smiled, if his smile got any wider, I swear it would reach his ears, "I guess I'll see you there."

He walked passed me then, making his way to the cashier desk.

What?! He didn't go to school, did he? He was much too tall, how could that be?

I sighed before making my way after him and scanning his bundle of items through the system. My eyes bugged out at the amount of money this was costing. How in the world did he afford all of this?! He probably wouldn't even use all of it! His parents must have a really good job to afford all of this. It would have taken me years to buy all of this. I wonder how long it had taken his parents, or himself if he had a job, to get all of this money?

- - - -DOY- - - -

Nobody is staring at you, nobody is staring at you, nobody is staring at you. I internally chanted to myself. But of course, I wasn't fooling anyone.

I could just imagine people peeking their heads through their curtains and acknowledging my every move. I disregarded that thought immediately and continued to waddle to the bane of my existence through the torrential downpour in my washed-out, muddy-brown, raincoat. School. My shoes sloshed against the sodden ground, making squelching sounds underneath my soaking feet.

Why, of all days, did it have to rain today?

I huffed as the rain became heavier and I could actually see my breath billowing out of my mouth, my lips quivering as it did so.

Could this day get any worse?

Yes. Yes it could.

Obliviously, I wandered sluggishly besides a puddle forming at the edge of the road just as a car came speeding around the corner; hurtling straight through the puddle. I froze and at that precise moment, due to the horrendous momentum of the stupid, shiny, silver, Volvo, the hood of my raincoat swept over my head, revealing my loosely curled hair, courtesy of Leah, and the beautifully assembled outfit, also courtesy of Leah. She really was a nice girl.

In a flash, the car was hurtling towards me. Or, more specifically, the puddle at my feet.

It dashed through it, not even bothering to slow down, resulting in the muddy-brown water to splash up my jean clad legs.

I near cried at the wintry feeling of it as I soaked through my clothes and drenched my hair. It reminded me of the icy feeling of Emmett's hands, but strangely, his hands were much more frostier. Like solid blocks of ice.

Before I could dwell on this absurd, yet arbitrary, thought, I realised my legs were lugging me forward after the descending car.

I knew it was useless but they weren't getting away with drenching me in filthy water. Already, I was beginning to dislike this forsaken town, all because of a stupid, shiny, silver, Volvo owner...

I gave up once the car had turned a corner, disappearing out of my line of vision. I huffed and continued to tread towards Forks High School, muttering under my breath about 'stupid, shiny, silver, Volvo owners...'

After arriving at school, I made my way to the reception area were a lady, in her mid-forties, was typing away feverishly on her old, rundown, computer.

I cleared my throat to let her know of my presence, "Oh, hello, dear, you scared me there for a minute. I thought you were one of those pesky serial killers that have been about. What can I do for you?" She smiled sweetly at me whilst I gaped in shock at her. Serial killers?!

For such a miniature town, a lot was going on inside it...

I shook my head to clear it and began to speak when I noticed a familiar blonde walk by the office, "Excuse me." I mumbled before leaving a confused woman behind her desk as she stuttered after me.

I had definitely seen this girl somewhere. She had long, wavy, golden hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall. She had beauty, elegance, class and grace and that was usually hard to find, especially at such a young age. Her statuesque beauty was undeniable, she belonged on the cover of a sports illustrated swimsuit issue with her curves, which were all in the right places and piercing golden eyes, exactly the same shade as Emmett's...

I was brought out of my trance when she stopped dead in her tracks, turning slowly and deliberately around to face me, "Can I help you?" She asked in an overly helpful voice.

I gulped before shaking my head rapidly.

"Then back off!" She demanded before flicking her hair over her shoulder and turning on her heels.

After returning back to the reception area and getting a slip of paper for each of my teachers to sign, a map of the school and my timetable, I headed to my first class; English, followed by Government, Trigonometry, Spanish, Biology and last but not least, Gym.

I hated gym, it was just a way to advertise my clumsiness to the world, or showcasing my hidden talent as I regularly put it.

English seemed to pass in a blur, we were learning about Shakespeare and fortunately, I was a huge fan of Shakespeare and the teacher, Mr Burty, seemed taken with me, for which I was pleased.

I sighed with content as I made my way to Government, this day, in fact, was turning out to be an okay one after you got past the Volvo owner drenching me in filthy water.

I shook my head to clear it as I stepped over the threshold of the classroom, it looked like I was the first one to enter the room, apart from the teacher of course.

He looked to be going through a bundle of paperwork as I cleared my throat to let him know of my presence.

Startled, he looked up into my muddy brown eyes, "Ahh, you must be, Isabella." He said in a rather squeaky voice.

I held back a giggle as I replied, "Just Bella."

"Ahh, right, I'll keep that in mind," He winked at me, "You can sit were you would like."

I nodded my head and turned on my heel, taking a seat at the back of the room. Hoping that nobody's prying eyes would wander to where I would be seated. Alone.

The door opened and in walked a petite girl, for which I recognised to be one of the Cullen's.

She smiled politely at me before taking a seat at the front of room. I rolled my eyes.

Of course someone as intimidatingly beautiful as her would want to get full attention and all eyes from the class. She was wealthy, stylish and undeniably attractive although I did not bend that way whatsoever...

I quietly chuckled to myself as the door swung open and in walked the rest of my other fellow classmates. I back-pedalled immediately when I recognised a stunning, bronze-haired, goddess enter the classroom. Raindrops dripping into his eyes from the strand of hair that concealed his forehead.

I couldn't move, feel, think or form a coherent sentence. Just unidentifiable words. Everyone of my senses seemed to have vanished but one still remained; my uneven, frantic and laboured breathing.

I sat at the back of the classroom, hyperventilating and near falling off of my stool as I did so. The room was loosing its colour and began to blur as my head span in circles, threatening to explode. The babbling of voices was diminishing and get more distant every passing second that seemed to drag on. My head fell into my hands dizzily as I tried to focus on the teacher and make sense of what he was saying as he began the lesson. The slam of the door as a late student entered the classroom sent a shock-wave through my quivering body as my arms began springing goosebumps.

The late person, who I recognised to be Angela, made her way towards me before halting in front of me, "Is anybody sitting here?" She asked, her face a blur of tomato red.

I shook my head and groaned at the pain from my forming headache, "No, you can sit there." I slurred, beginning to get more queasier and queasier as she waved a hand across my dazed face, trying, unsuccessfully, to remove me from my trancelike state.

But my eyes were trained on the back of the bronze-haired boy who seemed to be talking quietly to the petite girl for whom he was seated next to. He reached a snow-white hand back and ran it through the strands of his thick hair, withdrawing the hair from his eyes.

Within an instant the world grew ominously dark, like someone had turned the light off, and started spinning in the wrong direction.

Edward, was the last thought that passed through my mind as I felt my body jerk off of the stool, the blackness already taking over me. The sight of Edward in the photo I had hidden inside the draw of my bedroom dressing table was etched into my mind permanently.

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