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Susan's children for this 'verse were first introduced and Barbara and Ian were reintroduced in two other stories in the Forevermore 'verse. For those of you who are not that familiar with Nana Prentice, you might want to check out Nobody Expects Nana's Inquisition. It is extremely relevant in explaining some very peculiar behavior coming from Nana in this story.

This is the most Timey-Wimey story that I have ever done so please forgive me if any time traveling mistakes are noticeable, I did try my best to fit in some of the guests arrival as closely to canon as I possibly could and like any fan, I tweaked a few things here and there to fit the story. Also, as I stated in another story, I'm not at all good with wedding vows so the actual ceremony will be more of a description of the emotion than actual words.

I'm really proud of this story as it's the first time that I've written so many companions from all of the different eras. It may not seem as though I spent as much time with each companion's reunion with the Doctor as I should have, seeing as he does love them all so much, but there was only so much I could think of and the current draft finished at over 30 pages as it was! That may not be a lot for some, but for me it was plenty! I hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you did. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in relation to Dr. Who.


It was mid-morning, cool and brisk, yet with the promise from the weatherman to warm up steadily throughout the day. And it was the perfect weather; note the Doctor and Rose as they stand outside the TARDIS gazing at the chaos around them, for their wedding day.

Jackie had truly outdone herself, and so had Pete's wallet. Although Pete was doing quite well with his new energy drink, Loca-Cola, both the Doctor and Rose had insisted that he not go for broke in paying for the wedding. So before Jackie even had the chance to spend one single cent, Rose had given her a tour of the TARDIS and several of its rooms that were overflowing with items and knickknacks just perfect for a wedding. Well…at least in the Doctor's eyes.

The street is lined with various tables as far as the eye can see, some of them furnished with the finest décor that money can by and others not so much. Those tables are the Doctor and Rose's favorites. Never one wanting to be found monotonous or boring, the Doctor had offered his services in regards to all of the floral arrangement, especially since he knew the perfect person to help him, a former companion and botanist named Peri Brown.

Jackie was dubious at first when he presented the idea so readily, she was unsure what the Doctor considered a proper floral arrangement seeing as he was an alien and it didn't seem that he was even capable of proper, at least in any body that she had met. However, once she met Peri and discussed exactly what had been envisioned for the wedding and reception, Jackie was quite content and extremely relieved as everything quickly fell into place.

The flowers that had been chosen varied from every size, color and fragrance imaginable, and although most of them were off-world as opposed to out of this world, they were still exquisite to behold. At this point is where the Doctor came in with his own ideas.

He rarely carried Earth money, had never seen the need for it really, but he still wanted to do his part and contribute to the design scheme around him. Knowing how important the flowers were, at least to Jackie, he searched and scoured his TARDIS for the perfect vases and containers for all of the flowers that were to be placed on each table, and creative they were.

He had utilized French horns, champagne buckets, punch bowls, umbrella stands, ceramic garden fountains, spice racks, tea pots, vintage handbags, and even half of a drum. The Doctor had also brought out several ornate vases, all from the Ming Dynasty, but those had almost instantly went missing but were also very quick to reappear in both parlors belonging to Jackie Tyler and Nana Prentice.

A swift buff and polish with the sonic later and soon each container was arranged just so on each table and was overflowing with floral arrangements to the point that you almost wondered if some of them were physically moving off of the table. Jackie wondered more than most.

And even though a few of the guests and employees of the crews that were setting up the festivities found it a bit odd and out of place, it seemed just right for the Doctor and Rose.

It had to be said, that Jackie had listened, actually and truly listened to each and every idea and concern that the Doctor and Rose had for the wedding and reception, and combined with their ever constant desire of wanting to help people, she came up with a brilliant idea. Even the Doctor had to admit to it, although not out loud.

Jackie had went to her friends and family, as well as business contacts that both she and Pete had made while starting his business, and they had went out and hired concession vendors to provide the catering for the reception, all with the exception of the cake. The people that had been hired had fallen on hard times and while she was grateful for the chance to help them obtain work, she was also thankful that they were excellent culinary artists in their own right, even if their fine fare came off of a cart.

Once everything was set up, the Powell Estates would appear to be hosting more of a street fair than an actual reception but to the Doctor and Rose, that was the best part. The food would be good, the atmosphere fun and festive and it would give everyone a chance to feel as though they could kick off their shoes and relax and just enjoy the day.

The Doctor wraps his arms around Rose from behind and draws her tight against him as he leans down and inquires, "Are you ready for the big day, Rose Tyler? Are you prepared to become my wife again in all the trappings that human tradition will allow?"

"Honestly?" returns Rose as she stares back at her husband before kissing him softly. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

To Be Continued…