Great news for those of you who have asked about physical copies of Dangerous Recipe!

The writers/copyright holders of Red Canyon have granted me copyright permission to pursue publication of Dangerous Recipe! I had to sign a whole contract and everything. It's the real deal! :D One of them even read my work and critiqued it! You guys have no idea how nerve wracking that was to wait for feedback from THE CREATOR OF MAC.

Since some of my dear readers aren't on Tumblr (and I hate posting news alert or author's note disappointing empty chapters) I've created a Facebook page for the series. Search "The Dangerous Recipe Series" and like the page for easy news updates on Dangerous Recipe's publishing progress! Plus after one of the writers gets back from her trip to CAINVILLE we're going to get some answers in the Red Canyon fandom in an interview type thing I'll be posting. Including a possible date when more region 1 dvds of Red Canyon will be available. I know some of you ladies have been waiting to get your hands on one for a long time so stay tuned!

In the mean time enjoy the spooky Halloween Mac & Krystal oneshot I posted in the Dangerous Recipe holiday specials fic!