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Arizona's POV

After a long and odd day I finally get to leave the hospital and go to bed after a delicious dinner. All my thoughts have been stuck on the famous Dr. Boswell after the coffee incident, then running into her to find out that she's the specialist we called in for Tyler's surgery, then going over her strategy. It's built up all this… I don't know… I have this pull to her. I've only ever felt like that when I first met Calliope. Oh God… Callie. How could I have been thinking about another woman all day? I have a beautiful woman who has loved me through the darkest time of my life and then some and I'm thinking about that short shiny blonde hair, radiant green eyes, and that thin but toned body. I need to snap out of it. It's just a crush. It's just a crush. I'm married. Happily married. I move towards the elevator, the doors open to reveal that stunning blonde surgeon leaning against the back wall. I enter the cubicle staying right in front of the door.

"Hey, I was hoping I was gonna run into you again." Lauren breaks the silence.

"Was there a change in Tyler's surgery?" I ask trying to avoid anything that would get me to go back to my thoughts from earlier.

"No." She breathes out with a small chuckle.

"People tell you all the time that you have really pretty eyes?" Lauren casually asks. I feel a blush creep up from my neck and ascend up to my cheeks. "What are they? Hazel? Blue?... They're blue." I can hear the smile in her voice. My body is tingling at her words. What the hell, Arizona?

"I'm married, I'm happily married." Blurting out. "Um, you met her, uh earlier. Dr. Torres. Ortho. Hot, brunette. And uh wow, talk about eyes, pretty eyes. Hers are magical. And uh, and ah, and I'm married." I whip my body around to face her. "Also, I have one leg." I figure she might as well know who she has been shamelessly flirting with all day.

"I know." The elevator stops on a floor. "Do you know how many Arizona Robbins there are on the internet?" She talks two strides to slip right past me. "One." Raising her index finger it really show me, just one.

"See ya tomorrow." I look up to the ceiling then a smile pulls at my lips. Right before the door fully shut an arm pokes through the crack to open the door open up again. Green eyes bore in my blue ones, I take a step back while she steps forward. We're in the elevator against just staring at one another. Her hands move to my hips while mine just lay limply against my sides.

"I'm good at reading people, ya know."

"Is that so?" My eyebrow lifts at her statement. A sense of confidence is flowing through me while her eyes are trying to discreetly scan my body, especially my chest. I blush at her stare but not in an embarrassing way.

"Yeah. You seem to think that you aren't as gorgeous as I think you are. Missing one leg doesn't really change that. I think it even makes you even more beautiful after everything you've been through." Smooth Boswell. I internally commend her for the game she can play. There is no doubt in my mind that she knows how to pick up women. I used to be able to do that also and let me tell you, I mastered it. This talk seems so familiar, a memory is trying to pull at my attention but I shrug it off.

"Nice to know you think so highly of me Lauren." I still got it. A flash of lust passes over her eyes as we are still in a staring match. We've come to stand in the middle of the elevator with the door shut and no movement.

"Who wouldn't? You are the famous Dr. Arizona Robbins who everyone brings they're sick children to come cure. Am I wrong?" I shake my head no. "You are the Dr. Arizona Robbins who is married to Ortho Dr. Torres?" I nod yes. "You are the Dr. Arizona Robbins who happens to be the Head of Pediatrics who survived a plane crash about a year ago and splinted her own leg?" I nod again but tentatively. "Then of course I think very highly of you. Plus I've heard the talk of the nurses around here…"

The talk? What talk? I have no idea what the hell she's talking about. Besides buying the hospital, I haven't had a good enough reason to be a part of the rumor mill.

"Talk?" I question.

"Yeah.. The player Dr. Robbins before she got married. All these nurses still love you even after you've banged them even some of the attendings around here. The talk is good." Lauren's fingers flex into my hips like she's trying to keep herself from doing anything more. Her touch sends me back to a different part of my life.

Being the new kid at school always sucked and it's no different being in a new hospital. I moved here a month and a half ago taking the opportunity to take over Dr. Kingsley, rest in peace. But Seattle Grace is the best teaching hospital and I wanted to take my career to a whole new level.

Anyways, that's not what I'm really focused on at the moment. I'm staring at the beautiful Latina who is sitting at the bar by herself with a dark aura around her. I've heard everyone talk about her. She's Dr. Calliope Torres, ortho surgeon and let alone the best on this side of the country and she's still only a resident. Imagine what she can do when she becomes an attending. Well besides that, the nurses keep mentioning Erica Hahn who supposedly was Callie's first woman but left her without so much as an explanation and phone number over a stupid argument.

Lexie Grey comes up next to Callie who is nursing a rum and coke in between her hands. I see their lips moving then Callie getting up from her chair and rushing into the bathroom. I swore I saw tears welling up in those magical deep brown eyes. I'm drawn to her. It might be the eyes, her mind, the way her hips sway when she moves, that black leather jacket she's sporting. It's like she's metal and I'm the magnet. I open the bathroom and see her wiping her tears away with her hands.

"Hey." I pull her eyes up in the mirror to catch my gaze.


"Ortho, right?" I still ask even if I know the answer already.

"Yeah, right, hi." He voiced is still pretty strained.

"I'm Arizona Robbins, peds surgery. I've seen you at the hospital… Are you okay?"

"Yeah, no. I'm fine… Fine." Seems like she's trying to convince herself more than me.

"People talk. Where we work. They talk, a lot." I chuckle. "So, for the sake of being honest, I think I should let you know that I know things about you, because people talk."

Her eyes finally level with mine. "Oh… You mean." I nod. "Terrific."

"It is, actually, the talk. People really like you over there. They respect you, and they're concerned, and they're interested. They really like you. Some of them really like you. You- You just look upset, and I thought that you should know that the talk is good, and when you're not upset, when you're over being upset, there will be lining up for you."

She snorts at the idea. "You wanna give me some names?"

My feet have a mind of their own and they place me right in front of the ortho goddess. I'm starting to drown in her eyes when my hands come to rest on her cheek and my head leans in to plant a sweet simple kiss letting her know I'm the first one in line.

"I think you'll know." Is the last thing I say to her before I flash my dimples and leave her speechless in that dirty bar bathroom.

"That was a long time ago Lauren. I'm happily married like I said earlier." Coming back from my memory.

"Then where's your wife? Huh? Does she still make you happy? I'm sure I can make you happy. I'm also sure that today is the first time you've really gotten any attention since then. Right? How can your wife not give you that?" She's stumped me with all these questions.

"I'm not sure where she's at. We were getting off around the same time I think." I add.

"So why isn't she with you? If I were her I would never let you out of my sight." Her right hand travels down over my left butt cheek and leaves her hand there while the other caress my right cheek. A small step forward and our fronts are slightly grazing with each breath we each take. I feel my body leaning into her and she meets me half way. Our lips meet in a cautious kiss until she becomes bold enough to push more into me. This feels weird. There is a spark that lights my body for a second and I kiss her back. We keep up in a different type of dance that I'm unfamiliar with. There's something missing. Without even knowing it she has me leaning up against the back wall again.

"Arizona." Lauren whispers out.

Pressing the button of the elevator, the doors reveal Calliope leaning her weight into the wall. Her curls are cascading over her leather covered shoulders. A delicious amount of cleavage is peeking out from her red top. I take a deep breath before stepping into the cart. It's not the first time I've had to be with her since our break up over kids. Neither of us are wrong but we couldn't keep going on as if we were perfect. But she's perfect and I can't give her the one thing she wants most in the world, a child.

I turn to face away from her because all I want to do is tell her I haven't been able to sleep without her spooning me in bed. I want to tell her that I hate eating because I want it to be a meal cooked by her. I want to tell her that I still have make double amount of coffee because I expect to give her a cup in the morning. But I no longer have the right to do that. So I keep myself facing away from the love of my life with the feelings of my heart going through the shredder every second I'm here.

"Arizona…" Calliope's voice puts a warm blanket over the hurt just from her saying my name.

My body twirls immediately to face her. I frame her cheeks with my hands and pull her into me. Our lips meet in a frenzied kiss that makes my head spin. I've missed the way her full lips caressed mine. My bodies pull to her is so strong but when that elevator dings I rip myself away before I say something I don't mean. I turn from her and exit the elevator without turning back.

"I want you Arizona. Ever since you took my coffee this morning, you're all I've thought about."

"Lauren… Please."

"Please what?"

"You don't- I'm married. I shouldn't even be thinking about considering sleeping with you." I try to stop this. Kissing her is bad enough but I shouldn't even be thinking about that.

"Come on. We're more than just doctors, ya know? We're hot and we're sexy. Callie isn't going to find out. Sounds like you need to let loose and so do I. This doesn't have to be anything if you don't want it to be." Lauren is laying it on thick. Where have I heard that before?

Mark and I have been getting along pretty well lately. Even though, we spend most of our time cooking together it's still a good way to set our differences aside. We're going to be raising our daughter together so we have a lifetime of being together. Why not actually like each other? It's worked out well. We're fighting less which probably is less stressing on Calliope. Mark isn't that bad of a guy either. He's actually pretty funny and I can see where Callie sees the good in him. If he didn't give off that macho bravado to every woman he saw than we wouldn't be so repulsed by him. I chuckle at the thought while I throw in some ingredients to our dish as Mark washes off a few utensils.

Calliope strides into our apartment with, what looks like, pizza and beer.

"Hey! You brought pizza?" I ask confused.

"No! Pizza? I made coq au vin."Mark whines.

Callie sets the beer and pizza down on the counter then rounds it to open the garbage shoot. Her hand comes up to our pan of coq au vin and dumps it in the garbage.

"What are you- Nnnno. What are you doing?!" I wail.

"My coq au vin!" Mark says with a horrible French accent.

Callie holds out her index finger to shut us all up. "Mark. I love you. I love how great you are with our daughter. I love that you and Arizona are friends, but you, you need to leave 'cause tonight I'm gonna eat pizza and drink beer in bed with my wife and tell her all about the neck I just built and then we're gonna have lots and lots of sex." I tilt my head a bit because she's so sexy when she's bossy. Callie continues on her rant, "Okay? We're great parents, but, we're more than just mommies and daddies. We are hot and we are sexy" While sending a smoldering look my way. "And your new hobby? The hollandaise and the short ribs and the [mockingly] coq au vin? It's getting in the way of our sex lives. So, please. Start having sex again. Okay? But, not tonight. Cause tonight? You're babysitting."

Mark puts his head down, "Can I at least have a piece of pizza?" Callie grabs him a piece out of the box then hooks her thumb towards the door.

"That was incredibly hot." I tell my wife when Mark leaves. She breathes out a sigh of relief then kisses me quickly and her hands find my ass, as usual. We laugh at situation but quickly head into sexy mode.

I don't realize the elevator door opening again. Lauren's lips are back on mine and I open them slightly for her tongue to enter my mouth. Her hands are roaming over my clothed body while I'm trapped between her and the wall. A moan slips but I'm not sure if it came from me or not. A presence washes over me. Her touches aren't loving or soft but strong at the same time, they're lustful and frenzied and not at all what I crave. My eyes open to stare into heartbroken brown eyes. At first it doesn't even register in my brain that I'm staring at my wife until a tear streaks her cheek. I rip myself out of Lauren's grasp.

"Calliope…" I whisper.

Lauren turns at the name, "Dr. Torres…" More hesitantly than anything.

A flash of black hair whips around as I see my wife run out of sight. I wish I could run after her. What have I done?


"Don't." I say with venom. She knew I was married. She knew that I have one leg. She knew that I only liked having the attention that wasn't pointed at my leg. I walk out trying to see which direction my wife ran through. My head swivels trying to figure which way until a voice cuts through my panic thoughts of what I'm gonna say to Callie.

"She's out by the entrance." Bailey informs me.

"Thank you Miranda."

"Arizona." I halt at the sound of my name. "I've only ever seen her stand out there like the way she is right now and I'm hoping to everything holy it's not for the same reason as before."

"She saw me in a compromising position with Dr. Boswell. So is it that the same reason?" I have no reason to lie to Bailey. She'll find out anyways even if it's not from me.

"I hoped I was wrong. I don't know how she's going to come back from this." Bailey walks away from me. I power walk towards the main entrance when I see Callie standing outside in the pouring rain. She's drenched from head to toe. I drop my bag on the floor and pull my coat around my body. What do I say to the woman I love the most in the world that I just cheated on her? Even if she saw me already.

"Where's Sofia?" I ask.

"She's with Meredith and Derek tonight. It's Thursday. It's Zola and Sof's weekly sleepover."

"Right." I'm stuck. "Callie…"

"Did you only kiss her?" Her voice monotone.

"Uhm, yes."

"Did you initiate the kiss?"

"It's was half and half." Her shoulders rise and fall at the answer then she turns a faces me. I've never seen so much hurt in someone's eyes. I did this to her. How much more can I hurt her?

"Did you want to sleep with her?" Her arms cross around her as if she's trying to protect herself.

My heart races at this question. I told Lauren I would consider it. I have to be honest. She caught us, there's no reason to lie now. "Yes, but I wasn't going to." I look back at the eyes of my wife to see something missing that I always used to be able to fish out. I don't know what's missing but whatever it is, it's gone and I have no idea how to get it back. We stand there staring at each other until she breaks the silence.

"Let's go home." She tells me. I go back inside and grab my bag and follow her lead. We don't speak our watery walk home. Then entering our apartment she doesn't say anything to me. I hear the shower start while I just shed my clothes and change into pajamas. I get lost in my thoughts of tonight. After the plane crash I didn't think I would ever feel like myself again. The former self where I crapped sunshine and rainbows and was all about being perky. The former self who told Callie's dad that I was a person who protected the things she loves and that I love his daughter. The former self who is a good man in a storm. If I were to look at a mirror right now I wouldn't recognize the person staring back at me. I'm not a cheater but that's who I am right now. I have an amazing wife who has done nothing but everything I've asked of her. I asked her not to run and she hasn't. I've given her every reason to leave me but she hasn't. When am I going to be worthy of her? About an hour has passed and Callie still hasn't come out. I walk towards the door.

"Callie?" I raise my hand to the door knob. No answer.

"Callie, are you okay?" I wince at the stupid question. "I mean, I know you aren't okay but you've been in there a long time." I crack open the door with a heavy stream of steam leave the room. The steam is so thick that I have a hard time seeing where I'm walking. I slide the shower door open to see Callie curled up in the shower floor. I reach in to feel the water and retract my hand back fast because the water is scalding.

"Oh God, Calliope." I turn off the water immediately and try to wrap a towel around her body. She follows my movements while I dress her in a loose tank top and shorts. Her skin is a shade of bright red from the water. I get her to get under the cover while I crawl in behind her. I don't think I have the right to hold her but I do anyways. Her skin is still hot to the touch but I hold on for dear life because I'm at a loss. Eventually we both fall asleep.

It's been a few days since the Lauren incident and she hasn't come around me since then besides Tyler's surgery. That went on without a hitch and he should look like any normal little boy as her grows up. She should be leaving today but who knows with the huge storm taking over Seattle. Callie still won't speak to me. She has been on mute besides at work or if anything that has to do with Sofia. Not that I blame her but I want to fix this. I want to try to figure out how to fix what I've clearly broken. Callie's everything and I've jeopardized it by one moment of weakness and lust. I need some insight.

"Dr. Bailey, may I have a word with you?" I ask at the nurses' station.

"That depends Dr. Robbins, is this about a patient?"

"No, it's about a personal matter and you know what it is."

"I'm not getting involved, so no."

"Bailey, you're the only one that knows, please." I beg.

"Fine. Let's go into a conference room."

We enter the one down the hall. I draw the blinds to give us privacy from the roaming eyes and curious ears of the staff. I sit across from Miranda trying to grip of what's left of my life.

"Have you talked to her?" I ask.

"I've tried but she won't talk."

"At all?"

"Nothing. But I do have some things to say to you."

"Bailey… I don't need to hear it. I know what I've done."

"No! I don't think you do."

"Please don't Miranda."

"Stop speaking and sit there a listen! Callie, she's your wife! I've watched her through the worst times of her life but besides the plane crash, I didn't think there was anything else that could potentially break her. But even through all those times, she never broke until now. What do you think Mark would say to you if he knew you did this to her?"

"Hey! That's not fair! Do not bring him into this."

"He was her best friend. Tell me Arizona. What would he say to you? Because I want to tell you that Callie has done nothing but try to make you happy since you came back from the plane crash. She has put herself on the back burner because if your world doesn't spin, hers doesn't. So…"

"He would tell me that I'm the biggest idiot on earth! That he would gladly punch me in the face but can't because I'm a woman and the mother of his child, but Callie would kill him if he laid a hand on me. That I've been selfish and I just loved being hit on for once! That I didn't think about Callie in all of this. That I took advantage of her big heart…"

"She doesn't realize how good she is."


"It's what Mark told Jackson before he went into his coma. I think he's right. Callie doesn't realize how good of a person she is."

I take in everything Bailey has said to me and it doesn't help but make my stomach churn and twist all at once. I can't take back what I did but my wife deserves better-

"Robbins!" I turn my head to watch Alex Karev bursts through the conference room door to interrupt me. His eyes look like they're about the bulge out of his head with fear set deep.

General POV

Down in the ER everything is hectic more than usual with the storm that is making things difficult. The power going in and out from the lightening and the generators having to rebut every piece of technology is no doubt driving the doctors and nurses insane. It's ten times the amount of patience that's needed for a day like today. The darkness coating over the city of Seattle with no warning of when it's going to hit it's hardest.

"Dr. Wilson make sure that you get her up for an x-ray. I'm sure it's a normal break but we need to make sure that it didn't knick the median or ulnar nerve to her wrist. But why would that be a problem?"

"Uh, it would cause problems in her recovery and the potential issues of not being able to feel through her wrist to her fingers." Jo answers correctly.

"Good, now what else?" Callie directs.

"With the nerve being damaged she would have a hard time not being able to control her movements, making easy movements like flexing and extending the wrist a difficult thing to do. If it's the median nerve she could run into having carpel tunnel."

"And what is it she loves to do that would make this hard on her life as of now?" Callie raising her eyebrow at her intern.

"She's a volleyball player, position being an outside hitter. She's ranking number 3 in the country with her season just ending. But her wrist needs to be in full order to play summer ball." Jo says.

Callie's pleased with the answer and gives her a nod. "As an outside hitter you flex and extend your wrist a great amount of times and if either one of those nerves are effect from this break then it'll affect her chances of playing college ball and she's only about to be a junior." Jo adds.

"Good work Dr. Wilson. Now go take her to x-rays, bring the scans with me after you come up with her best possible treatment, then page me and go over what you come up with." After a nod Jo leaves the room with a small smile knowing she's working under an ortho god.

Callie heads to the nurses' station to finish signing off on charts while she has some free time. Her head has been buried in the sand since she caught Arizona in a hardcore make out session with Lauren. The pain etched in dark eyes haven't been focused on much besides work and her daughter. The hospital staff has been trying to stabilize as many patients as possible so more of the most critical patients can be attended to. Her mind doesn't seem to leave the vision of the elevator and what she saw. Arizona begged her not to run but yet Arizona ran the farthest from her. Do she keep chasing after the love of her life when she isn't the one her wife wants chasing her?

A crack of lightning and thunder roars through the hospital walls to silence the commotion. It's deafening and calming all at the same time. It seems to reflect on the storm that's equivalent to what is brewing within Callie. She's lost on how to handle this situation. The power goes out again and the generators turn the lights back on for the hospital. Who can work like this?

Blonde hair that's not Arizona catches Callie's attention. She follows Lauren's movements around the trauma area. All hands are on deck with this storm is forcing Callie in the same vicinity as the woman who turned her world upside down. She moves flawlessly in the ER but there's a loud cracking sound that isn't lightening. Her eyes shift up to the ceiling then to the woman who is walking through the middle of the ER to head to what looks like the supply closet.

Lauren walks out of the supply closet with an arm full of syringes, gauze pages, and compressions wraps to restock the emergency carts when another crack sounds through. She looks up to the ceiling to see something break through the rafters. She drops the items and brings her arms up to brace herself from the impact of the crash but that's not what happens.

Callie sees the rafters giving way. Not even realizing who is standing under those rafters she runs across the ER and launches her body as the ceiling collapse under the pressure of the giant tree outside that just got hit by lightning ripping the shaft of the tree off the trunk to fall onto the ER ceiling. The debris of the ceiling and the tree landing on the body of the famous ortho surgeon as the craniologist skids to a halt while she opens her eyes to realize someone just saved her. She shifts onto her knees to try to see through the clouds of dust from the debris.

A flow of dark hair peaks out from a part of the tree and rafters that Lauren doesn't recognize. The face of this mystery woman is turned to the side. The murmurs of people around the blonde woman trying to check if she's alright but she shrugs them all off to help the woman under all the debris. Crawling her way next to the woman, she pushes away a lock of dark hair. That's when she recognizes who it is. A gasp falls from her lips and falls to her bottom then back away from the woman to back herself into the nearest wall. A man in matching dark scrubs comes to her side to see if she's injured. She looks to the man to realize it's Alex Karev.

"Dr. Boswell, right?" She nods. "Are you alright?" She agrees again.

"Yes, I'm fine. Someone pushed me out of the way. You need to find Dr. Robbins Alex." Lauren informs the attending.

"What? Why?" Was it a kid that pushed you out of the way?" He starts to scoot towards the fallen tree and debris. A hand on his forearm stops him from moving.

"No. It it it was Dr. T-T-Torres, Alex. F-find ." Lauren stutters out. Alex opens and closes his mouth multiple times before her searches for the same dark hair she found. He shifts and sharply inhales as he connected the same dots she did to figure out who it was. He shuffled onto his feet looking down on her then booking it out of the ER. The sound of patients terrified, screaming children, doctors and nurses trying to calm everyone and do some damage control resonates through the walls.

Arizona's POV

"Alex? What's wrong?" I force out. He opens his mouth for words not to come out.

"Out with it boy!" Bailey snaps him out of his stupor.

"We need to go down the ER. Right away. Come on." He grabs at sleeve of my lab coat trying to get me to stand up but I don't budge. He's freaking me out but won't give me any details at all.

"Woah. Alex, tell me what the hell is wrong?"

"It's Callie, Robbins. She needs you now. Let's go."

I don't need to be told twice to be up on my feet. My body takes all that it can handle and starts to take the stairs down to the ER with Bailey and Alex hot on my heels. The chaos in the ER is due to a fallen tree in the middle of ER. It's pretty spilt with debris everywhere but everyone looks okay. My eyes scan the room to try to find my wife but I don't see her anywhere. Finally I spot Lauren sitting against the wall. I head over to her and she looks up at me when I reach her.

"I'm so sorry Arizona. I didn't know. I didn't know. She came out of nowhere. I didn't know it was her. Oh God. Arizona, I'm so sorry." She rambles on.

"What the hell are you talking about? Where's Calliope, Lauren?" Panic starts to rise in me.

I turn to see Alex kneeling with Bailey next to him by the tree and fallen rafters. I slowly make my way over to them and my body freezes at the dark tresses that I know that are my Calliope's. They move away from her and help me situate myself on the floor. I push hair away from her face to see her completely knocked out. I've never seen her look so peaceful since the past couple of days.

"Calliope, baby, please wake up." I stroke my hand across her cheek. The whole left side of her body is jammed between the floor and the tree. Lying supine, I feel for her pulse at her carotid artery. The pulse is there but weak. Her face has some lacerations; it's like the car crash all over again. Every part of her body from what I can see is swollen, even down to her fingers. Tears well in my eyes staring at the battered body of my wife. The sobs behind makes me realize that there is someone else around. I crawl across the floor to face Lauren. She looks at me with watery eyes and anger sets in my veins. I grab at her scrub top and slam her upper body in the wall.

"What the fuck did you do to her?!" I scream.

"Arizona…" Bailey tries to pull me off of her.

"No! How in the hell is she under a fucking tree?! Tell me right now!" I can't help but blame her.

"I was in the supply closest getting things for the emergency carts. There was so much noise from the storm that I hardly realized the tree hit the roof. I was standing under the rafters and I thought I was going to be under all that but then I got launched. When I pulled my arms away I was across the floor. I had no idea how I got out of the way until I came around and saw her hair. I-I looked at her face and grasped who it was." Tears streak her cheeks and eyes shining apologetically. I could care less.


"Arizona. Please." She reaches for my hand.

"NO! Leave me and my family the fuck alone. I was trying and making up for the hurt I put in her but then she caught us kissing the elevator. She hasn't spoken to me and it's killing me. But the hurt I feel is nothing compared to the pain I set in her eyes. I drained the life away from her. So leave please." By the end of my speech I beg for Lauren to leave and leave for good. She stands and looks over her shoulder before exiting the ER. I turn back to my unconscious wife.

"Arizona, I'm gonna go get Hunt and Derek and everyone on deck to see if we can get her out from under there." Bailey informs me.

"Okay, I'll stay here." I lay myself out right next to Callie. "Will you get me a pillow Karev?" He doesn't protest and does what I ask. When he brings it to me and lay my head on the pillow and scoot my body forward as much as I can to Callie. I take her arm and wrap it around my waist. I caress her cheek while I know endless amounts of tears are escaping my eyes.

"Baby, I need you to wake up. I am so incredibly sorry. I don't deserve you but you're still here. I need you to wake up Calliope because I need to apologize to you about everything. My moment of weakness is no reflection of your unconditional love for me." I hiccup through my words.

"You know Mark would kick my ass for what I did, not that I blame him. He's right. I never thought I would admit it but he is. I've let you forget how great you are. Your big heart lets you believe that you aren't as amazing as everyone, especially me, see you to be." I brush back hair from her forehead and lay a lingering kiss there.

"When you make it through this, I'm gonna try to be worth your forgiveness. I'm going to do better for us. You've been my good man in a storm and I better start acting like it. I need you to wake up. Sofia needs you to wake up. Sofia needs her Mami, Cal. You always say that Sofia has this special smile just for me but she's you honey. She's the mini version of you and she's everything I love about you. But I need you." My eyes flick down to her full lips. There's a small cut on her top lip. I lean into her and lay a soft kiss on the lips I've always craved. There it is. I sigh.

"When Lauren and I kissed, there was something missing. I couldn't place my finger on it until that kiss right there. There was no love or the fairytale feeling that comes over me when we kiss. It's weird but you make my world freeze, the music starts in the background, sparks fly. It's that moment in every Disney movie I've ever forced you to watch. You have that over me. Please come back to me Calliope. I love you so much. I know you don't believe me but I'm so in love with you. Wake up and let me prove it to you. I know I asked you not to run so please don't break that promise now." The sobs wrack my body now. I don't realize the people starting to hover around us. It's only Calliope and I laying there. I can't let her die here.

"Our friends, no, our family is going to save you. You hear me? They're coming. They are." I don't know if I can survive living this life if she doesn't wake up. How much more tragedy can her body handle? My body is pulled away from my wife then a swarm of the best surgeons, who are our friend, take over where I've been at. I pray to a God I don't believe in to make sure my Calliope lives, my daughter's mother, my wife to live.

A cough pulls my head away from the pillow. Callie is trying to fight through the pain to open her eyes. When brown eyes lock onto my blue ones, I don't hesitate to attach my lips to hers. I feel her kiss me back. I pull away to stare at her face.

"Arizona… I love you but but I'm not g-good enough for you. I'm s-s-still going to fight for y-you." Callie forces out through shallow breaths. Owen yells at me to get out of the way but my hand only tightens around Callie's hand. Derek is trying to do his neuro exam while Bailey and Richard stare at her abdomen, Cristina going over possible heart issues with Owen taking in the trauma to her body. I see Calliope go unconscious again.

I'm taken away from my wife when the start triage on her by Karev. "Calliope, please live for me." I'll beg if I have to. Just please don't take her from me.

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